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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Aithne Jarretta's, CONCENTRIC CIRCLES.

Happy Monday! The work week starts off right here at A Writer’s Mind with my .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Grab a hot cup of java and enjoy. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over the super talented Aithne Jarretta.

Clearwater, Florida, United States

Once upon a time Aithne Jarretta tripped upon a ley line. Actually it had happened before, but she didn't realize the ramifications until later. She brushed the incident aside and climbed into her car. Real life was the important factor at the moment. However, those RL moments wove into meeting new friends--the kind most people never see and definitely don't chat much about. Those friends came with persistent voices. Eventually Aithne brought them out of the closet and politely called them Muses. They became her virtual traveling companions and still journey with her today. Author: Concentric Circles, Wyndy: In a Heartbeat, Kissing Santa, Claire: the Lost Fae (coming soon) Flash Fiction: Flashpoint & The Match Maker


Shayla Brinawell comes from a fragmented family. Fearful of the dangers her daughter could face, Shayla's mother raised her to deny and hide her magical gifts. Shayla is about to have her world turned upside down and every other which way. Witch way that is. She must come to terms with her magical destiny in hyper drive.

Meekal Chilkwell has always known his life purpose. To protect the magical and healing waters of The Chalice Well located in the shadow of the great mystical Tor in Glastonbury, England. A new danger has arisen. One that threatens not only the Chilkwell family, but also the non-magical world.

Shayla & Meekal join together in order to conquer Syther the Quitch, an evil wizard bent on spreading darkness.

Excerpt from Chapter Eight: Death Knell

After eating, Shayla and Meekal walked through a hidden panel in the library to an upper room serving as an oversized closet. “This is where we store the linen and paper goods for the guests who stay at the manor. It’s mostly Mari Bree and Harry who use this secret passage.”

Meekal closed the cupboard door they stepped through and a mythic shroud surrounded them with a sense of the past.

Shayla studied the drawers and doors built into the wall on either side. A chill traveled through her. “Kal?”

He motioned to the wall beneath a small leaded window. “Yeah, this is where two monks stayed. Their cots were there. The cupboards are a later addition.”

The window let in a sliver of distorted moonlight, casting them in silver.


“Aye. Come this way,” Meekal whispered, wrapping his fingers protectively around hers.

Next, they stepped into the upper hall. Plush carpet padded their footsteps as Shayla followed Meekal past portraits, artifacts and live plants adorning the upper hall.

He led her to a narrow stairwell at the far end. The first surprise Shayla received was this stairwell was an optical illusion. Three pie-shaped steps turned to the right only to end in a black wall carved with a door. Close inspection revealed the illusion.



“This way,” Meekal said, mischievously. He moved his hand forward to the shelves that graced the end of the hall next to the fake stairs.

The oak shelf boasted several figurines: a unicorn, a wooden box carved with runes and a Crusader helmet. The helmet was made of steel with narrow eye slits on the crossbar of the symbolic cross of the Crusades. Fleur-de-lis terminals embellished the sacred symbol. Meekal’s finger glazed over the brass cross, following its shape. “Pernicious.”

Shayla’s brows rose sharply.

“No one will ever guess that’s my keyword,” he said, while he readjusted the helmet’s position on the shelf. “Even Harry doesn’t know it. Follow me.”

Shayla stepped through the doorway that opened. “Why doesn’t Harry know? I thought he's your best friend.”

“His twisted sense of protecting me. We hang out elsewhere when we’re together. Stubborn prat. Anyway he prefers the Tor or Harry’s Pub when we take time to socialize.” The book shelves swung closed behind them, latching with a soft click.

“Pernicious was the Raven Prince. He was Fyr’s da and the person who sent Black Bry to Glastonbury. You’ll learn the history later. Perhaps Fyr will tell you.”

“Okay,” Shayla said, dragging the word out as she focused on the thickly carpeted narrow stairs wending upward. They stepped into Meekal’s room. His upper floor bedroom spanned the full size of the manor. The steps carried them up to the middle of the chamber.

The bed dominated the right side, its presence powerfully bold due to four posts rising almost to the pitched ceiling. The ceiling, marked with both heavy wood beams and modern skylights, crowned with everything with perfection. “Wow.”

Purchase your .99 Cent Ecopy of CONCENTRIC CIRCLES at Amazon

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Covers It! Eliza Knight's (Annabelle Weston), WICKED WOMAN

I hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous weekend so far! As some of you know, I run regular author features at A Writer’s Mind. One is called Monday Covers It. During this particular feature, some of your favorite writers pop in to chat about the ‘story’ behind their covers.

As the .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG EVENT is currently running during the week, this time I’m hosting a Sunday Covers It feature!

It’s my pleasure to welcome over the very talented 'duo' Eliza Knight & Annabelle Weston to share the details behind their latest title, WICKED WOMAN.

The floor is yours, Eliza and Annabelle…

“Along with my cloak and dagger writing partner, we’ve penned a few tales under the name Annabelle Weston. WICKED WOMAN, is our first western historical erotic romance in our DESERT HEAT series (SCANDALOUS WOMAN & NOTORIOUS WOMAN releasing this year!)

The cover for WICKED WOMAN was made by one of the cover artists at Ellora’s Cave, but we hoped that they would do exactly what they did! We wanted the cover to really display the story, so while enjoying the story, the reader could look at the cover and see the town, see the hero and heroine. The background is a saloon—and our hero is a saloon dolly out for redemption. Our hero is tortured cowboy seeking revenge on the man who killed his brother. It just so happens that the same villain who has tortured our hero has also stolen all the savings the heroine put away to start a new respectable life. The colors are warm and inviting, reminding you of a desert town, and sultry at the same time. With the hero’s chest exposed, and the heroine wearing a risqué corset, her long legs exposed, you know you’re in for a very sexy treat.”


There are some things a man can’t walk away from. Nathan Bender is on a quest for vengeance. What he finds is sexy saloon-dolly O’Dell Murphy. She holds the information he needs—and becomes a temptation he can’t resist.

O’Dell longs for a respectable life outside the saloon. When the man Nathan is searching for steals O’Dell’s savings, she has no choice but to go after him.

Torn between passion and revenge, Nathan reluctantly accompanies O’Dell through the Sonoran Desert. There are some things a man can’t walk away from—and Nathan is finding it’s not revenge that binds him. It’s O’Dell, and the wicked, sinful pleasure she provides.

Reader Advisory: This book contains violence and a brief depiction of rape.

What they’re saying about WICKED WOMAN.

4 Stars from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Annabelle Weston's latest Wicked Woman is definitely a story worth reading from beginning to end. I love that you have Nathan Bender, who in his whole life has never picked up a gun, but is now determined to use one at any cost. Then you have O'Dell Murphy who even though is a whore by profession, she is more of an innocent woman at heart. Together these two prove to one another that what they really need is love, not vengeance. Annabelle Weston shows us that even though vengeance might bring peace to someone, it can also lead to something like love when it comes to Nathan and O'Dell. All in all, Wicked Woman was a fun read, making me wonder how O'Dell can convince Nathan she is the only woman he needs in life. I loved it and can't wait for more.

Read an excerpt HERE.

Purchase your copy of WICKED WOMAN at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Visit Eliza Knight’s Website.

Check out Annabelle’s News Blog.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! A PATH NOW TURNED by Carrie James Haynes.

I’d like to welcome author Carrie James Haynes to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL! Enjoy yourself over the next several weeks as authors share their latest, greatest and very affordable titles.

Carrie James Haynes- Using a pen name for the first time in her writing career, Carrie James Haynes is excited to publish her first fantasy saga, Whispers of a Legend. Shadows of the Past is the first in the series and if free most sites. With the release of THE PATH NOW TURNED the legend continues. She is excited about Whispers of a Legend, an epic fantasy filled with adventure and romance.

Carrie has two of books under Jerri Hines published by Wild Child Publishing, Dream Walker and Patriot Secrets. She also has a historical romance series with Whiskey Creek Press, Tides of Charleston. The Judas Kiss, the first in the series, was released on January 15, 2012. It will be followed by The Promise, May, 2012, and Another Night Falls, September, 2012.

Today Carrie will be sharing her latest .99 Cent release, Whisper of a Legend. Part two: THE PATH NOW TURNED

The Legend Continues...

The legend, they say, is whispered within the winds along the magnificent Preda Mountain Range, the words and deeds never to be forgotten of the Time of the Nuxvenom, a time when the Sordarins crushed the impending threat, the dreaded Asmeodai, and once more Scarladin was safe. The mighty Sordarins, rulers of the sky! No, the Sordarins have slept well over the years secure in their knowledge the Great One watches over them, knowing the legends holds a mighty warrior will emerge if threatened again, born with a destiny only to defend their world. But subtle changes have emerged. Little by little fear beings to resurface that their world, their very existence is once again threaten. They look to the skies anxiously awaiting their warrior; questioning perchance if the Great One has forgotten them. I know this how? For I am the one born to defend their world. I, Kela Calledwdele, was born a Euchoun. I am their warrior.

So starts this epic fantasy...Whispers of a Legend saga. Kela Calledwdele was born with a destiny, a Euchoun with only one purpose in life...to protect. Torn between two worlds, Kela soon discovers she is the hope of both. Now she must find the courage to face the destiny fate has dictated to her.

Kela has always known what path in life she would follow. She was born a Euchoun. Half Witheleghean, a passive peaceful race where magic runs freely and the other half, Sordarin, a valiant warrior race of hawkmen who rule the sky, she knows well her parents gave the ultimate sacrifice to give her a chance to live. Yet, in so doing, they have left Kela unprepared to face the dangers that await her. Her instincts are to protect and in this she does, but in so doing it leads her into a world where she knows not whom to trust. In time her power matures and grows stronger when she bonds with a Sordarin warrior, Cono. She learns well why she holds the power. An evil as no other before, Asmeodai, has emerged but all is not what it seems as a dark cloak encompasses her family. Betrayal, distrust, treachery leaves Kela alone. She is torn by her desire for Cono and the purpose, the path, she has been given to follow. And when another emerges within her world, one who seemly wants only to help her along her path, she is pulled further away from her Sordarin.

Having proven her ability during the Payelaga Desert battle, she believes herself ready to follow her destiny beside her warrior. Fate has another path for Kela. When she discovers all she has long believed is not as it seems, the betrayal leaves Kela torn by her desire for Cono and the path she has been given to follow.

The Path Now Turned is the second installment of the Whispers of a Legend saga. Follow Kela's battle to embrace her destiny. Whispers of a Legend follows Kela along this conflicting path, where as a young woman unsure of her ability and her confidence in facing the challenges before her to where she emerges as a strong leader who learns to lean upon her own strength, to stand not behind, but side by side with her warrior.


For the first time since the assailant a smile crept on my face at my impulsive sister. Sareta flung herself over the barrier and hugged my warrior. His reaction I couldn't see with his back to me, but I saw Sareta's and...Amicia's who suddenly came into my view.Her face. I needed nothing else to know, even from the distance I stood. She glowed as he bowed his head to her. He must have said something for she blushed, prettily. I stared in disbelief. Sareta grabbed Amicia's hand and squeezed it excitedly when Cono withdrew. My attention turned from my warrior to Amicia whose eyes fixated on my warrior. Sareta leaned into her giggling in a fashion, turning to another near by, saying something that all laughed. But Amicia was in love with my warrior...Her eyes lifted upon him, but mine lay upon her. The whole of my bearing stiffened.Engrossed in my thoughts, the figure in the sky shadowed over me without reaction until the fluttering of his wings blew around me. Taking a few steps back, Cono landed beside me. His bold eyes caught mine. Irritation dissipated with each step he took toward me.

His lips on one side lifted in way one might considered a smile. His broad shoulders glistened in the sunlight with the sweat he had exerted. His wings flexed. The shadows flying above us softened the sharp planes of my warrior’s face. His hand reached for me. I gave no resistance, uttering only under my breath.

“You were to come to me this day. I waited…then I saw this celebration in the…” Others words hung in the air for he said nothing.

Ignoring my ramblings, his arm rounded me pulling me to him. His hand caressed my face, tenderly, passionately. I felt I couldn’t breath. He bent his head and kissed me, fiercely. The power flowed between us. I leaned into him, accepting him, wanting what I wasn’t sure, but I opened myself to him, heart and soul. His mouth wandered over my lips, cheeks, brows and throat.

“Kela,” he uttered, his voice rasping my name. “I love you, Woman. With everything in me. You are part of me.”

In some dim recess of my mind, I suspected all a dream. In hypnotized fascination I said nothing. He ran his hand through my hair, freeing the bounds that held it. Falling down long passed my waist, his fingers lost in the mass of tangles.

His eyes blazing, he tightened his hold. His mouth claimed mine once more. Flows of warmth filled me, gasping as his lips burned a path down my cheek to the sensitive part of my neck. I arched back, baring my throat for him, lost in a sensation that dealt not with reason but want.

“Cono,” I whispered in a low drawing voice. His hand rounded me, pressing me against his leather bound chest. Between the material of my gown, his hands cupped my breast, sending me into a spasm of pleasure, robbing me of all reason.“We can’t,” I uttered, though my body betrayed me. With reluctance, he broke from me. His hand lingered on my face.

“I’ll wait only until I get you back to my barrack. No more separation. Not now.”

Exhilarated! Words I had only dreamed of escaped his lips. “I have no say?” I teased.

He laughed and drew me into his arms again. “Tell me, my Euchoun. Tell me you love me.”

Visit Jerri Hines (Carrie James Haynes) Facebook Fan page Novel Works and Castles in the Air Blog.

Purchase your copy of THE PATH NOW TURNED at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Paty Jager's, FOR A SISTER'S LOVE & more.

Welcome! Today launches A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Over the next several weeks a variety of talented authors will be stopping in to share their latest, greatest and wonderfully affordable tales.

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over author Paty Jager.

Wife, mother, grandmother, and the one who cleans pens and delivers the hay; award winning author Paty Jager and her husband currently ranch 350 acres when not dashing around visiting their children and grandchildren. She not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

Paty is a member of RWA, EPIC , and COWG. She’s had eleven books and a short story published and is venturing into the new world of self-publishing ebooks. Her contemporary Western, Perfectly Good Nanny won the 2008 Eppie for Best Contemporary Romance and Spirit of the Mountain, a historical paranormal set among the Nez Perce, garnered 1st place in the paranormal category of the 2011 Lories Best Published Book Contest.

You can learn more about Paty at her Blog, Website and Facebook. Also follow her on Twitter @patyjag. 

Paty will be sharing a few of her .99 cents titles today…


Lorelei and Maggie Holmes make a desperate vow to reunite after an Indian raid on their wagon train leaves them orphans. Eight-year-old Lorelei is taken in by an impoverished family headed to a Colorado mining town and ten-year-old Maggie finds herself on the way to Portland, Oregon to live with a woman widowed during the Indian attack.

Ten years later, Lorelei’s adoptive father gambles away her birth mother’s locket and her only connection to her lost sister. Believing she needs the locket and to find Maggie, she sets out after the gambler and ends up in the company of a citified lawyer searching for the same man.

While cleaning a hotel room, Maggie discovers her mother’s locket in the possession of a gambler. Fear for her sister increases Maggie's determination. Never one to give up, she dogs the gambler until he agrees to help her find her sister.

Two sisters, two adventures, will they find one another or will the men helping them be their destinies?

Purchase your copy on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords or Nook.


An impetuous Pinkerton agent is out to prove to a righteous US Marshal that she's the best "man" to complete the assignment and the only "woman" who can capture his heart.

Mae Simon is on her first assignment as a Pinkerton operative and determined nothing will stand in her way of accomplishing her task. When the simple assignment turns into a murder and kidnapping, she has to stop hiding behind her disguises and trust a man she’s betrayed.

U. S. Marshal Beck Harlan can’t afford to befriend anyone. Not with a vengeance seeking outlaw killing off his intimate acquaintances. Yet, he falls hard for the French prostitute he talks into being an informant, not realizing she is a Pinkerton operative after the same man.


He spun her and lowered his head, covering her mouth with his—just to keep her quiet. She stopped fighting. Her body went lax, and he molded her soft contours to his, drawing out the kiss. His heart hammered in his chest. Her arms entwined his neck. His hands roamed up and down her clothing. There were no restraining garments underneath. Only thin fabric between his skin and her round bottom. He reached around to the front and cupped her breast. She was a hand full.

Her palms flattened against his chest, and she pushed out of his grasp. He let her go physically, but his mind was back kissing her.

“Monsieur, you have not paid for that privilege!” Her golden brown eyes lacked the scolding of her words. He peered down at her moist lips and wanted to drag her back into his arms. He hadn’t needed a woman in some time, but this woman…lured him.

She spun away and stepped toward the door. She couldn’t leave. They still had to talk. He stepped around her, blocking her exit. His arms crossed over his chest to avoid reaching out to her again. Staring down at the top of her head, he waited. She slowly lifted her chin and stared at him.

“I must find Sally.” She raised her hands as though to push him aside, then dropped them to her hips when he didn’t budge.

“I just need a few minutes of your time.”

She held out a hand, palm up.


“You, monsieur, wish my time. You will pay for it.” She wiggled her fingers.

He narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know what game this woman played. A moment ago she’d participated in a steaming kiss just as much as he had, and now she wanted paid for her time?

“Now listen here, I’m not paying to talk to you.”

“But, monsieur, you did more than talk when you,” her face blushed prettily, “dragged me into this room.”

“I only did that to keep you from screaming.”

“Screaming? I did not scream.” She cocked her head to one side as though sizing him up.

“You were about to.”

“Non. You took lee-ber-tees.”

He ran a hand over his face. Was she about to scream or did he take liberties? Now, he wasn’t so sure he didn’t kiss her because he’d been thinking of it all night as she flirted with Lamont.

That was the cold water he needed. Knowing she’d been with Lamont moments before.

“I need you to do me a favor.”

There she went with the palm and waggling fingers, again.

“I don’t need that kind of favor.” He pulled his badge out of his vest pocket. “I’m a U.S. Marshal.”

Her eyes widened, and her full lips formed a perfect ‘O’ before she uttered in her breathy sigh, “But monsieur, surely I have done nothing wrong.”

PURCHASE your copy on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords or Nook.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling all Authors!

Hope everyone's having a super week so far! I posted about this awhile ago but wanted to remind everybody that my next blog event starts tomorrow. There's still space available if any authors would like to join. Just follow the instructions below.

The event will promote authors who offer .99 cent titles. Even if you offer more expensive books I ask that this go round you stick to promoting only your super cheap tales. Is there a genre preference? No. All goes. Even erotica.

EVENT TITLE: .99 Cent EBook Winter Blog Festival

If this is something you’d like to participate in please send the following information directly to me and I’ll email back which days you’ll be featured.

CRITERIA: You’re welcome to feature two .99 cent titles. Please include brief bio, blurbs and one 500 word excerpt (you choose which title). Include purchase links and website link. Covers for tales should be attached to email.

Contests are not mandatory, but if you’re interested in hosting a contest mention it when you contact me.

All information should be sent to Sky@Skypurington.com with the words, WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL in the subject heading

Blog event begins Wednesday, January 25th and will run Monday-Saturday of each week. Features run for two days.

Thanks so much!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Want to know my Secret?

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a bit since I posted. My family needed me this week and as I’m sure you can understand, they come first.

I have all sorts of wonderful things to share with you but figured that stuff could wait. I’d rather chat about what’s on my mind tonight. It’s something I think all of us can benefit from.

What’s that you ask?

The power of positive thinking. I know, sort of cliché but you know what… it’s a cliché topic that doesn’t get old. At least not in my book. It absolutely astounds me how simply changing the way I think can change everything around me versus everything around me changing the way I think!

Here’s the thing… I haven’t always been a positive thinker. Not really. I believe I tended to focus on the negative before the positive despite my best intentions. Strangely enough, my perspective started to change last year a few months before my Dad passed away. Yep, I know that sounds weird but my cousin turned me onto a fantastic book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you have not read this book, do so. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

This book helped me look at life differently and essentially helped me to start thinking differently. The cool thing about it? Something bad happens to me now and it doesn’t feel like the end of the world. It’s more manageable. Essentially, the book focuses on the Law of Attraction. As far as I can tell, it works. Even if it didn’t, I feel I’m a better person for having read it. Fellow author, friend and extremely positive person, Alisha Paige, read The Secret as well and agrees, two thumbs up!

Even better, it’s brought positive people into my life. Some were old friends I reconnected with, others are new friends. You know who you are. Much thanks to each and every one of you. Not only were you there via text and email every day Dad was in the hospital at the end but you’ve leant me so much encouragement in my writing career that it’s humbling.

So to anyone who might come across this post, if you’re having a bad day… STOP right now! Sit back, clear your mind and focus on what you’re thankful for in life. Focus on what makes you feel good. Skip the dreaded bad seed mojo and breathe in some fresh, I’m-gonna-turn-this-day-around air. I would’ve sounded silly to my own ears a year ago but no more. Quite frankly, I think I’ve been more successful because of my new attitude and the wonderful and very positive support system I have.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Muses and Highlanders. YUMMY Combo. TAKE it? Or leave it.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend! I’ve been busy working on my latest paranormal novel. But my Highlanders are always on my mind.

Highland Muse is FREE today at Amazon. If you enjoy 16th century Scottish Highlanders combined with a bit of Greek Mythology, namely those nine Muses of Inspiration, this tale might be for you.
It’s all about Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, falling in love with a Scottish royal. Go figure! But she did. This story’s full of drama, humor and true love. I had such a blast writing it. Then again, I wrote it alongside eight other talented authors. Yep, that's right. It was originally part of a fabulous anthology called Song of the Muses. I listed all the authors original to the series HERE. You should certainly check them all out. Well worth it!

Alright. Back to Melpomene and her hero, Rowan. Here’s an excerpt from their tale...

She felt warmth and safety, skin and life. Melpomene cuddled closer and relished the near vacancy of power, the freedom of similitude with a mortal and the departure from constant obligation. She stretched her limbs, languid in movement and enjoyed the feel of muscles used, relaxed then awoken. Such unusual bliss, such humanity!

Could it be? She'd slept? Indeed! Her eyes shot open and her gaze crashed into Rowans. He was clean shaven now. His icy green regard registered shock. It appeared they were equals now. Both caught off guard by the upper gods, made to discover together.

Nude and entwined with his body she pulled on vast experience and maintained a level of calm she didn't feel. "Are you comfortable?"

"What do you think?" His gaze slid the length of her then returned sharply to her face.

He lay with a goddess. Nothing could be more desired by mankind. She arched a brow. "I think you're privileged."

A crooked grin slashed his features but didn't quite reach his eyes. "Aye, lass, I've been told that before."

She was not amused. Did he think she'd cower? Play the shy maiden? No, she'd play the temptress. Her Highlander wouldn't rise to the bait. Not yet. She ground her belly against his arousal.

Rowan's hand shot to the side of her neck. His eyes turned to verdant flame. "Do you offer yourself so freely?"

Yes, freely, she did. But he would not take it. This she knew and regretted. But how she liked to tease and enjoyed the feel of his length along hers. "Have I not made myself obvious?"

"Aye, you have." His hand left her neck and entangled in her hair. He moved over her and stared down intently.

What was he doing? Would he really take her now? He had to know that if he did, it would be different with her, that his heart would become involved. Had he come so far? Was he ready to move on? She spread her thighs and ran her hands over his broad shoulders, down his muscled back, closed her eyes and willed him closer. Her voice was thick and strained. Need devoured all. "Love me, Rowan."

"Oh, yes, love her, Rowan!" Dionysus cried. Eager clapping resounded and giggles surrounded them.

Rowan rolled off her and sat up, clearly aggravated, though not as shocked as she'd thought he would be. It seemed he was getting used to the peculiarities of the gods. His voice proved husky when he spoke. "It seems you like to interrupt these moments." Rowan pulled a blanket over his lap.

The exuberant deity sat on the end of the gigantic bed thoroughly enjoying himself. He took a swig from his golden cup and grinned widely. "Please, pay us no mind. Continue what you were doing."

His women meandered around, mostly on Rowan's side of the bed, casting lustful invitation his way.

Melpomene sat up slowly and did not hide her nudity. "What brings you to us now, Dionysus? I could only assume it's to offer me answers."

Dionysus' wicked grin gleamed in the firelight. "Answers?" He looked to his women who offered evasive shrugs in return. "No, I came to watch procreation and enjoy my wine."

SKY HERE. Did they or didn't they 'have a little more fun' in front of Dionysus? For me to know and you to find out. *winks* Scoop up your FREE copy of Highland Muse at Amazon. Click HERE.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Astronomer's Corner. "El Gordo" Like DARK MATTER?

Welcome! As many of you know, I’m an amateur astronomer and downright space junkie. I simply love everything going on 'out there'. Without doubt, I’m an avid stargazer, telescope intact. As many of you also know, I have an Astronomer’s Corner in every Newsletter. And, on occasion, love to share news blurbs here at A Writer’s Mind.

This past month has introduced a few stories of interest (well, more than a few but I’ve only so much space. *winks*)

I scooped up one reported story of interest and shared it today. Seriously, it's WAY cool. *wide smile*. Yeah, I know, I’m weird. Go with it.

Reported by By Charles Q. Choi , SPACE.com Contributor Space.com

SPACE.com – Wed, Jan 11, 2012

AUSTIN, Texas — The largest cluster of galaxies seen yet in the early universe, a giant that astronomers have dubbed "El Gordo," could one day reveal secrets about the invisible dark matter that fills the universe, researchers said.

El Gordo — which means "the fat one" in Spanish — is officially known as ACT-CL J0102-4915 and "is located more than 7 billion light-years from Earth, at a time when the universe was half its current age," study co-author John Patrick Hughes at Rutgers University told SPACE.com. The universe is about 13.7 billion years old.

The monster galaxy cluster has mass about 2 quadrillion (that's 2 followed by 15 zeroes) times that of the sun, making it "the most massive known cluster in the distant universe."

A galaxy cluster behemoth

Galaxy clusters form through mergers of smaller groups of galaxies. These events depend on the amount of dark matter and dark energy in the universe, and thus could shed light on these enigmas. Dark energy seems to make up 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe, and is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe. Unseen and as-yet-unidentified dark matter makes up about 23 percent of all the matter and energy in the universe — scientists know it exists because of the gravitational effects it has on galaxies. The regular matter that makes up humans, planets and stars constitutes only 4 percent of the universe.

El Gordo was discovered using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory in space and the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile. Its Spanish nickname is a nod to the Chilean connection.

The scientists detailed their findings today (Jan. 10) at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society here during a presentation that included a separate announcement of the discovery of the most distant galaxy cluster ever seen in the early universe.

El Gordo, a hot galaxy group

Gas in El Gordo can reach super-high temperatures of nearly 360 million degrees Fahrenheit (200 million degrees Celsius), based on X-rays collected by Chandra and the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile.

"This cluster is the most massive, the hottest, and gives off the most X-rays of any known cluster at this distance or beyond," said study lead author Felipe Menanteau of Rutgers University.

This heat, as well as the fact that galaxies within the cluster are concentrated in two distinct groups, suggests El Gordo is the site of a violent merger between two galaxy clusters.

"Galaxies are moving within the cluster at speeds of typically 3 million miles per hour," Hughes said.

Although a cluster of El Gordo's size and distance is extremely rare, it does fit within the standard Big Bang model of cosmology. This suggests the universe is composed predominantly of dark matter and dark energy, and began with a Big Bang about 13.7 billion years ago.

"Gigantic galaxy clusters like this are just what we were aiming to find," Hughes said. "We want to see if we understand how these extreme objects form using the best models of cosmology that are currently available."

Future research can seek to model how dark matter separates from the gas in El Gordo, Hughes said. This could yield key details about dark matter's nature.

SKY HERE. Very cool, right? I mean…dang! Can you even imagine? I’ve got another ‘make-you-look-twice’ story coming soon. Did you know Earth might have TWO moons?

That topic, however, will be saved for the next ‘Astronomer’s Corner.’ *grins*

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's time for authors to FEEL good.

Have you ever just done something because it FEELS good?

My husband grumbles at me constantly because of my ‘do good’ habits. Not because he disapproves morally (he's a great guy) but because…well…it’s money.

So what do I do? What have I done? Within two week of selling well at Amazon I have faithfully made a point of hitting every contender in the top twenty of my category (more if I could) and ‘liked’ then ‘tagged’ them. Why would I do such a silly thing when they’re my competition?

Why not?

I detest the cut throat world that the publishing industry has become (or became years ago) The I’ll-shove-you-aside-to-better-myself attitude is not what it’s supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be about writers sharing wonderful stories with the world.

It's about the author 'touching' the reader somehow. And as far as I've seen far and wide, every author 'touches' at least one reader. That's the whole bloody point! I believe that every author deserves a chance, as does the potential reader. As you all know, it’s something I promote avidly at this blog.

So yes, I’ve played Secret Santa, but I suspect many others have as well.

If you have a second today, take a step back and consider promoting authors in your genre or perhaps others.

Trust me, it will feel wonderful! You might be surprised.

To all my readers. You know I love you. Stay tuned, my .99 cent Winter Festival starts in a few weeks. Tons of great deals to be had. I already have a fabulous group of authors and a super line-up of books for you. *smiles*



Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you an Author? This Might Interest You.

~.99 Cent EBook Winter Blog Festival~
Calling All Authors

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful new year so far!

This winter I’ll be cozied down writing my latest novel. I figured while I was doing that my blog should continue promoting authors and their incredibly affordable EBooks. This will be one of the simpler events that I host as I’m determined to get this book written by the end of February.

The event will promote authors who offer .99 cent titles. Even if you offer more expensive books I ask that this go round you stick to only promoting your super cheap tales. Is there a genre preference? No. All goes. Even erotica.

EVENT TITLE: .99 Cent EBook Winter Blog Festival

If this is something you’d like to participate in please send the following information directly to me and I’ll email back which days you’ll be featured.

CRITERIA: You’re welcome to feature two .99 cent titles. Please include brief bio, blurbs and one 500 word excerpt (you choose which title). Include purchase links and website link. Covers for tales should be attached to email.

Contests are not mandatory, but if you’re interested in hosting a contest mention it when you contact me.

All information should be sent to Sky@Skypurington.com with the words, WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL in the subject heading

Blog event begins Wednesday, January 25th and will run Monday-Saturday of each week. Features run for two days.

Would you like to share this with other authors? Click HERE then click the 'Forward to a Friend' option in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks so much!


Friday, January 6, 2012

The King's Druidess- BIG Kingly Delicious News!

Today, ALL DAY, The King's Druidess (The MacLomain Series- Prelude) is FREE at Amazon!!!

A little taste of what you can expect...

His rage was a thorough thing.

Erc tore his crown from his head and removed the cloak of his kingdom. He handed them to Cormac as he led her into the cover of an oak grove. The moon was no more so he flicked his wrist and drew forth his magi. Green flooded the tree trunks and the leaves overhead encaged them.

Beyond aggravated, he said, "Tell me, Druidess. What purpose do you serve here?"

She pulled her arm free. The tiny bells interwoven in her braids tinkled at the movement. "I serve you, my king."

He sat her on a wide log and paced. "No. You served me in the stones as was foretold. Why have you come for this celebration of mine in light of such a thing? What do you seek, Chiomara?"

He caught the slight flinch of her expression. "I come only because I was called here. No more."

"By whom were you called?" He continued to pace.

"Fionn, leader of the Fianna. I can tell you no more."

He ignored the heat rising in him, the pure lust and desire he felt at her closeness.

Erc stopped and looked down at her. "An unusual creature brings you to my wedding, Druidess."

She merely nodded.

“What am I to make of this? Of you?” She blinked at his words. He fell to his knees in front of her. "It is too much for me to bear you being here, Chiomara. Why do you torment me so?"

Her hands shook as they rose to his face. "Your torment is my torment, my king."

He took her hands and held them over his cheeks. "But you will not leave? You will stay and watch me wed another woman?"

She leaned over and cradled his head. "There is no other way."

“This is wrong,” he murmured. But even as he said it, Erc grabbed Chiomara and brought her down onto him. "You torture me, Druidess."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed him to cradle her in his lap. "Your wife will please you."

He stroked her soft hair, inhaled her sweet smell. "No one will ever please me such as you have."

Chiomara ran her fingertip over his lips. "My touch can be replicated if you will only allow it."

Erc shook his head and kissed her finger. "No woman will be a part of me such as you are."

"You know naught what you speak of, foolish king."

He brought Chiomara to the floor of the forest and covered her. "My need for you surpasses my foolishness. Will you have me again, Druidess, or will you deny me?"

Her lips parted but no words came forth. He filled her lack of response with his kiss. When alas he drew away, Erc asked again. "Will you have me again?"

Sky here. That's it for now folks! Hope you enjoyed. *grins*

Click HERE to download now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Five Years Later. My Cover Artist ROCKS...then SHOCKS!

We’re into the first week of 2012 and I’ve so many things to be thankful for.

First and foremost, my amazing and beyond talented cover artist, Tamra Westberry. We’ve worked together now for five years and she still totally amazes me with her talent. More than that, she 'wows' me with her everyday attitude. No matter what's going on, she is a nice person! And it’s probably because of her attitude and willingness to work with authors, that I will always consider her not only a friend but my all-time favorite cover artist. Trust me, combine politeness, a good business mind and pure talent with simple kindness, you’ve got someone worth cherishing.

That said, I’ve big news.

And it all revolves around Tamra Westberry.

Did you hear the BIG news??? (It's not really Shocking as my title implied. Got your attention though, eh?) Tamra Westberry is up for Best Artist at Preditors & Editors in 2011! I’m not surprised in the least. She is unbelievably talented. Have a quick second?

Please vote for her HERE.

ALSO, I have a cover up for Best Ebook cover at Preditors & Editors. One, of course, created by Tamra Westberry herself!

I remember when I first told Tamra how I envisioned the cover for The King’s Druidess (The MacLomain Series- Prelude). How I almost saw her mouth drop open via email at what I wanted. See, I sent her some pictures to work with, others she’d have to implement. The most important picture was that of a girl (stripper) most definitely dancing around a pole and a man (most definitely from a naughty picture) and told her… this needs to look whimsical. As if both characters desire one another but can’t quite have each other. I need Ireland, ancient times… pagan times.

I think her jaw still dropped open based on the pictures I sent. *grins*

Two days later, the cover for The King’s Druidess showed up in my ‘In Box’.

WOW! Did she hit the nail on the head or what??? Using a tree from her backyard she got rid of the naughty pole. With a ghostly fog, the king became a man whom overlooked his love. Tamra did something truly AMAZING. So much so, that her cover for The King’s Druidess has been a best-seller at Amazon for over three months.

Really look at it. Pure talent. Love her!!!

Learn more about Tamra Westberry at TaraWest.com
I’ve never had a book cover in the running but this one is phenomenal and I’m so thrilled. It would mean the world to me if you could swing over and...

shoot me a vote HERE (The King's Druidess- The MacLomain Series-Prelude)

Thank you so much!

~Sky xoxo

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I’m looking forward to another wonderful year here at A Writer’s Mind. With some fantastic features coming up as well as some hot writing topics, it should be a blast. I’m sure everyone’s wondering who the grand winner of my What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree blog event is. Well, the winner has been drawn by my six year old son. Congratulations AmyJo!!!! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

I hope everyone enjoys a truly fabulous 2012. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!