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Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! A PATH NOW TURNED by Carrie James Haynes.

I’d like to welcome author Carrie James Haynes to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL! Enjoy yourself over the next several weeks as authors share their latest, greatest and very affordable titles.

Carrie James Haynes- Using a pen name for the first time in her writing career, Carrie James Haynes is excited to publish her first fantasy saga, Whispers of a Legend. Shadows of the Past is the first in the series and if free most sites. With the release of THE PATH NOW TURNED the legend continues. She is excited about Whispers of a Legend, an epic fantasy filled with adventure and romance.

Carrie has two of books under Jerri Hines published by Wild Child Publishing, Dream Walker and Patriot Secrets. She also has a historical romance series with Whiskey Creek Press, Tides of Charleston. The Judas Kiss, the first in the series, was released on January 15, 2012. It will be followed by The Promise, May, 2012, and Another Night Falls, September, 2012.

Today Carrie will be sharing her latest .99 Cent release, Whisper of a Legend. Part two: THE PATH NOW TURNED

The Legend Continues...

The legend, they say, is whispered within the winds along the magnificent Preda Mountain Range, the words and deeds never to be forgotten of the Time of the Nuxvenom, a time when the Sordarins crushed the impending threat, the dreaded Asmeodai, and once more Scarladin was safe. The mighty Sordarins, rulers of the sky! No, the Sordarins have slept well over the years secure in their knowledge the Great One watches over them, knowing the legends holds a mighty warrior will emerge if threatened again, born with a destiny only to defend their world. But subtle changes have emerged. Little by little fear beings to resurface that their world, their very existence is once again threaten. They look to the skies anxiously awaiting their warrior; questioning perchance if the Great One has forgotten them. I know this how? For I am the one born to defend their world. I, Kela Calledwdele, was born a Euchoun. I am their warrior.

So starts this epic fantasy...Whispers of a Legend saga. Kela Calledwdele was born with a destiny, a Euchoun with only one purpose in life...to protect. Torn between two worlds, Kela soon discovers she is the hope of both. Now she must find the courage to face the destiny fate has dictated to her.

Kela has always known what path in life she would follow. She was born a Euchoun. Half Witheleghean, a passive peaceful race where magic runs freely and the other half, Sordarin, a valiant warrior race of hawkmen who rule the sky, she knows well her parents gave the ultimate sacrifice to give her a chance to live. Yet, in so doing, they have left Kela unprepared to face the dangers that await her. Her instincts are to protect and in this she does, but in so doing it leads her into a world where she knows not whom to trust. In time her power matures and grows stronger when she bonds with a Sordarin warrior, Cono. She learns well why she holds the power. An evil as no other before, Asmeodai, has emerged but all is not what it seems as a dark cloak encompasses her family. Betrayal, distrust, treachery leaves Kela alone. She is torn by her desire for Cono and the purpose, the path, she has been given to follow. And when another emerges within her world, one who seemly wants only to help her along her path, she is pulled further away from her Sordarin.

Having proven her ability during the Payelaga Desert battle, she believes herself ready to follow her destiny beside her warrior. Fate has another path for Kela. When she discovers all she has long believed is not as it seems, the betrayal leaves Kela torn by her desire for Cono and the path she has been given to follow.

The Path Now Turned is the second installment of the Whispers of a Legend saga. Follow Kela's battle to embrace her destiny. Whispers of a Legend follows Kela along this conflicting path, where as a young woman unsure of her ability and her confidence in facing the challenges before her to where she emerges as a strong leader who learns to lean upon her own strength, to stand not behind, but side by side with her warrior.


For the first time since the assailant a smile crept on my face at my impulsive sister. Sareta flung herself over the barrier and hugged my warrior. His reaction I couldn't see with his back to me, but I saw Sareta's and...Amicia's who suddenly came into my view.Her face. I needed nothing else to know, even from the distance I stood. She glowed as he bowed his head to her. He must have said something for she blushed, prettily. I stared in disbelief. Sareta grabbed Amicia's hand and squeezed it excitedly when Cono withdrew. My attention turned from my warrior to Amicia whose eyes fixated on my warrior. Sareta leaned into her giggling in a fashion, turning to another near by, saying something that all laughed. But Amicia was in love with my warrior...Her eyes lifted upon him, but mine lay upon her. The whole of my bearing stiffened.Engrossed in my thoughts, the figure in the sky shadowed over me without reaction until the fluttering of his wings blew around me. Taking a few steps back, Cono landed beside me. His bold eyes caught mine. Irritation dissipated with each step he took toward me.

His lips on one side lifted in way one might considered a smile. His broad shoulders glistened in the sunlight with the sweat he had exerted. His wings flexed. The shadows flying above us softened the sharp planes of my warrior’s face. His hand reached for me. I gave no resistance, uttering only under my breath.

“You were to come to me this day. I waited…then I saw this celebration in the…” Others words hung in the air for he said nothing.

Ignoring my ramblings, his arm rounded me pulling me to him. His hand caressed my face, tenderly, passionately. I felt I couldn’t breath. He bent his head and kissed me, fiercely. The power flowed between us. I leaned into him, accepting him, wanting what I wasn’t sure, but I opened myself to him, heart and soul. His mouth wandered over my lips, cheeks, brows and throat.

“Kela,” he uttered, his voice rasping my name. “I love you, Woman. With everything in me. You are part of me.”

In some dim recess of my mind, I suspected all a dream. In hypnotized fascination I said nothing. He ran his hand through my hair, freeing the bounds that held it. Falling down long passed my waist, his fingers lost in the mass of tangles.

His eyes blazing, he tightened his hold. His mouth claimed mine once more. Flows of warmth filled me, gasping as his lips burned a path down my cheek to the sensitive part of my neck. I arched back, baring my throat for him, lost in a sensation that dealt not with reason but want.

“Cono,” I whispered in a low drawing voice. His hand rounded me, pressing me against his leather bound chest. Between the material of my gown, his hands cupped my breast, sending me into a spasm of pleasure, robbing me of all reason.“We can’t,” I uttered, though my body betrayed me. With reluctance, he broke from me. His hand lingered on my face.

“I’ll wait only until I get you back to my barrack. No more separation. Not now.”

Exhilarated! Words I had only dreamed of escaped his lips. “I have no say?” I teased.

He laughed and drew me into his arms again. “Tell me, my Euchoun. Tell me you love me.”

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Colleen Connally said...

Thanks so much for letting me share The Path Now Turned. Love your Winter Blog Festival! What fun!

Sky Purington said...

It's a pleasure, Jerri! This book is totally up my alley. :-)