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Friday, February 26, 2010

Paranormal Romance Month-Skhye Moncrief chats about Forbidden Eternity

Welcome to Paranormal Romance Month! This week I’m thrilled to be interviewing author Skhye Moncrief. Skhye will be chatting about her latest release, Forbidden Eternity. For a chance to win a copy of Forbidden Eternity and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press be sure to leave a comment!

Forbidden Eternity

In present-day Scotland, a shape-shifting shaman and a Druid embrace the forbidden to safeguard history from renegade gods bent on sabotaging history by kidnapping the Goddess of Time.

A woman Cochise despises is his only hope for a future. He has no choice except to swallow his pride and protect Druidess Mairi from a man who is blackmailing her into breaking time-travel Code by kidnapping her sister. But his presence tempts Mairi into risking her sister's life in falling in love. A fairy hairball and a pack of Hell Hounds force the duo to hide on an astral plane where there is no resolution beyond facing their FORBIDDEN ETERNITY.

SKY: Skhye, it’s a pleasure to have you visit. Thanks for joining me this week!

SKHYE: Absolutely no problem! Anything to visit with my friend.

SKY: I just started reading, Forbidden Eternity. Well written, thoroughly engaging and sensuous, I can tell already it’s a winner! Let’s hit the ground running, Skhye. If you could introduce this story with three ‘make us want to know more’ words, what would they be?

SKHYE: Who stalks her?

SKY: To the point. Nice! Already, we’re in Scotland. Is there any better place to be? As everyone knows─ I’m hero hungry. This time it’s all about sexy, shape-shifting shaman, Cochise. Dish up. Tell us what makes him so sizzling hot!

SKHYE: Just some lingering image in my mind of the actor Jay Tavare… But you ask for more.

Cochise lost all will to stop. The music throbbed. The Druid danced around him, rubbing her curves against him. She wanted him. He went rock hard.

What else could her behavior mean? Even though darkness shrouded her innocence, Brave Woman wouldn’t beg him to dance if she didn’t trust him.

She faced him, snaking her hands around his rocking hips, staring at his groin. She threw her head back, turned, and pressed her rucking ass into his groin.

The babe didn’t seem so innocent anymore.

She raised up on her toes to press her lips to his.

Hot need jolted him from lips to loin. He leaned down without drawing her against him and thrust his tongue between her soft lips. She sucked it deeply inside her warm moist mouth.

The only thing that could feel any better would be him ramming inside her. Claiming her. He struggled to keep his hands off her.

Gods, he didn’t want to lose control. How often did a man get a chance with a woman who was attracted to him? A woman he wanted? He would take her to the brink of her sanity. Make her beg for him to throw her on the bed. Then he would show her what a red man had to offer.

Her warm mouth slid away and she spun around him like a phantom, shaking her hips along with his. He was so damned hard he feared he would explode in his pants.

She edged up behind him, spooned him while never missing a beat in the music, and egged him on by pressing her round breasts into his ribs.

SKY: Wow! You just handed me ‘sizzling hot’ on a platter. Thanks! Every hero adores his heroine─ or maybe not. There’s friction between Druidess Mairi and Cochise at first. If Mairi could pop her head into this interview, what defining moment would she say started to thaw her heart toward Cochise? Was it something he did? Something he said?

SKHYE: Just relating to his cultural heritage. Mairi’s not stupid. Druids aren’t. If they were, they’d never survive time-traveling through history. So, she’s got this soft spot for Native-American cultures. She already knows much about him just in her interests.

SKY: In every great story there is a setting that stands out above all others. What would you say that is in Forbidden Eternity? Give us a glimpse of what you consider is by far the most enticing backdrop in this story.

SKHYE: [The astral plane, the place he doesn’t have to share with anyone, a place of questionable existence…]

“Shift, Skin-Changer. Crawl atop her and breathe her spirit out through her nose. Take her essence inside yourself. Guide her to the Light.”

Why did he think the task easier said than done?

The old woman blinked, her eerie eyes disappearing momentarily.

Something about her reaction sent a deadly wave of dread through his spirit.

Could he trust the Goddess of Shape Shifting? “If you’ve lied to me, for any reason, you know I will never trust you again.”

Bheur nodded. “You are my only hope, Caointeoir. The only hope of The People. All of humanity.”

Famous last words.

A chuckle lodged in his throat.

What luck he hadn’t been handed a contract to sign before being put to duty. He evoked the tingling in his chest, fell onto his paws, and hopped onto the bed.
Mairi slept like a snug child between his paws.

Good. He didn’t want her to see him this fricking vulnerable. Great Spirit just slit my jugular and let me bleed to death. He edged up to place both front paws by her head.

Without the sock, she would have been angelic in the faint silver light.

“That’s it, Caointeoir. She will exhale. Then you must inhale her spirit.”

Back-seat driver. He eased down to touch his nose against hers. She wiggled her head as if something tickled her in her sleep. His scent still clung to her mouth after she fed her hunger with their kiss. He leaned closer, sniffing her lips. The reeking dog smell hung over them like the smell of electricity right before a downpour.

Gods, she was beautiful. And so easily his. Right there. Ready for the taking. After all, Arthur said to do anything necessary. If he took her maidenhead, bound her spirit to his for eternity, they could dispense with sharing his sanctuary. But taking a woman who didn’t want him was like rolling in a cactus bed. Bad news. Especially when nobody he knew owned tweezers. And Brave Woman had been begging for Jamie.

Her hot breath stroked his whiskers.

Need shot through him.

Again the beautiful babe, sock gag and all, made him rock hard. She could be his with the swipe of one claw the way she lay helpless beneath his muscles and beating heart. But he wouldn’t muddy his history with another black mark. Not one more stroke. Although, all he could think of was stroking. Right into her maidenhead.

She wagged her head beneath him.

“Hurry, Caointeoir. She awakens.”

Mairi’s eyes flitted open. Her gaze cut through night’s darkness, locking on his. Panic flickered in the murky blue orbs. Her eyebrows squared. He didn’t move, waiting for her to breathe.

Shit, exhale, woman.

Mairi’s arms jerked. She was coming off the bed. She inhaled sharply, staring him down. He waited for her exhalation. He had to be ready.

Her breath knifed out of her like she no longer recognized him.

Jamie. She just wanted Jamie. Damn the pale ass could have her. He caught the first of her warm tickling breath and sucked the vapor into his lungs.

Her gaze widened as if she realized what took place. But he kept breathing the misty heat inside himself. Her spirit filled his lungs.

Refreshed him.

Cloaked his spirit.

Made him ache to fall on top of her.

He wanted to roll onto the bed. Mix her essence deep into his spirit. Mingle with her to the point she could never escape his body.

Gods, he felt whole.

Mairi was magic.

He would have gasped at his work save for risking the loss of one atom of her being.

Her eyelids closed. Her breathing ceased.

“She is asleep,” Bheur’s words seemed to draw near, then pull away like they were spoken through a wall of water. “Guard her well. I will summon you back when ‘tis safe for her return.”

No problem. Hot Babe’s spirit was better than Grandfather Peyote. He tried to climb over her but toppled onto Mairi’s arm, closed his eyes, and concentrated on his body.

Grandmother Earth to take me.

Grandfather Sky whisper all into existence.

I welcome the darkness of the Creator and shake free of this body to Journey into the Light.

The Light was close in the darkness. So close. But he didn’t want to let Mairi go. Didn’t want to stop feeling complete.

Grandmother Earth fell away in the shadows of what was. He floated up to the heavens. Toward the Land of Many Lodges, the pleasant place he yearned for but could never reach until death. The essence around him grayed, lightening until the point when the Light brightened to welcome him back to his pool and meadow. A special place he had never found where living humans wandered.

Something stirred in his lungs like a tickling breeze. The tickle strengthened to a miserable itch. Bile threatened to surge from his gut.

Gods, he needed to retch.


Cough his heart out. He couldn’t lose his charge in passage. Would she know how to find her way back to her body? Where was the watery surface’s mirrored sheen? He peered upward, slapping a hand over his mouth.

The Light intensified but had yet to ripple with penetrating sunbeams the way it did when he approached his sanctuary’s threshold.

A chilling bile surged through his chest.

He was going to puke.

Now, the question, my friend, is where do you think this place is?

SKY: We’re almost out of time. As I’m sure everyone is eager to know─ what’s next, Skhye? Have you other releases due out soon? Are you writing anything right now?

SKHYE: SWORDSONG will be available June 25th. I’m waiting to hear back on another Time-Guardian submission, a novel with a Nordic hero.

SKY: Thank you so much for sharing, Skhye!

SKHYE: You’re very welcome. And thanks for raking me o’er the coals, my friend.

SKY: Chuckles. Anytime!

It’s not over yet! Here’s another taste…

Excerpt: Enter the Hell Hounds...

The God of the Sea and Bheur worked together to make Mairi's future unbelievably confusing.

Black Elk opened the door. Four enormous blonds stood in the porch.

How had they all fit into the doorframe? She couldn’t see anything beyond their heads and shoulders.

“Sister.” The closest one nodded.

They all looked like brothers, not twins, yet slightly different. All had shoulder-length wavy white hair brushing their black leather jackets. They probably hid red eyes behind those sunglasses. The Hell Hounds. “Do come in and sit down, gentlemen.” She waved into the sitting room. “Bheur’s grandsons are welcome in my home.”

The four men’s cheeks split with wide grins. Black Elk shot her a chiding look.

What could a lass do? The Goddess left naught to the imagination. The men were here. Black Elk would just have to get used to the situation. Five guardians would certainly prove better than one. She stepped back, permitting her guests’s entry.

Black Elk acquiesced in silence. The pale-skinned blonds barely fit through the doorway.

They were a wee bit taller than the Native American. But Gods tended to be quite tall regardless of their ancestry. A Sister just needed to learn how pure a godlings’ fairy blood was. Legend rumored that too much animal or human blood in the mix could affectively dilute a godling’s powers. “Would you care for tea?”

The men milled about the room until two sat on the sofa, the broadest-shouldered man on the loveseat, and the fourth in the wingback chair. They looked odd with sunglasses on inside the house. Were they hiding something?

“Do you have any beer?” the huge one timbered from the loveseat. “‘Tis been so long since I’ve had a good drink topside.”

Topside? They looked too large for submarine service. They certainly referred to the Underworld. “Aye. We keep a few around for our gentlemen visitors.”

All four grinned. She turned to the kitchen. Black Elk stood in the kitchen doorway like a man intent on forbidding her from pleasing the Gods.

By the God-dess-Spirit, hopefully he wouldn’t make a scene. “Please, let me pass,” she whispered.

He blinked at her slowly, turned his body sideways, and followed her to the refrigerator.

What was her guardian’s deal?

Cold air tumbled across the floor as she opened the icebox. Beer bottles clanked on the bottom of the door. She bent to collect four.

Black Elk leaned over the bottom door’s top. “Don’t you think it a bad call in getting your guards drunk?” he muttered.

She hadn’t thought of that. “You’re not drinking.” She flashed him a smile.

His disgusted glare snuffed her breath. So did the way his muscles bulged along his arms where he leaned over the door. The man was spectacular. And she knew it wrong to lead him on, how she would hate herself for hurting him in doing so. But his lips were so incredible. And that kiss. All she could ever dream of was one more kiss from him. And, perhaps, all he needed was one more kiss to calm his nerves in place of a beer.

Those astounding lips were so close. Her gut melted into syrup, flip-flopping and twisting like butterflies batted around trying to escape the goo. If the door hadn’t blocked her body from his, she would have crawled into his arms. Thrown everything away on this strange halfling who had shown up on her doorstep hours ago.

“Are you all right, Sister?” one of Bheur’s wee lads bellowed from the other room.

Black Elk sighed. “You’d best liquor up the circus clowns.”

Anything but kiss a halfling.

“I’m coming.” She strode around Black Elk’s perky arse to the living room clutching the chilly rations.

The closest man in the chair smiled, reaching for a cold beer. “I’m Srón, Sister.”

He must be the expert tracker with a name like nose. At least, he didn’t have a long wicked rat-tail. “’Tis nice to meet you, Srón.” She nodded and handed the man on the loveseat a beer.

“I’m Sully.” Another brute flashed a stunning grin.

Of course, a goddess of prophecy would have a son with hawk eyes. “Nice to meet you, Sully.”

He arched a snowy white eyebrow at her. A hint of flirtation hid in the action. He thrust his thumbnail beneath the bottle cap and popped off the top with an unwavering grin.

Goddess, help me. They were barbarous godlings. She turned to the couch.

“I’m Marfóir.” The tallest man nodded and pointed beside him. “This is brother, Éag.”

The shortest one among the albino huddle was called death? How bizarre. No wonder the two sat together on the couch. Death and Killer were a pair best left to themselves. “Nice to meet you lads.” She handed over the beers and wiped her clammy hands on her shorts. “Are you hungry? Do I need to kill a few of the neighbor’s cows for supper?”

The foursome threw their heads back, hooting. Just thugs laughing like Vikings. Her gut sank at the strange scene in her front room. But then, the crones visited just this morning after a shape-shifting dragon dropped by and left Mr. Mourner to enchant her. She turned back to the kitchen where Black Elk leaned in the doorway.

He met her gaze and smacked his lips as if he pondered welcome to the Outer Limits.

Apparently, Gaelic wasn’t taught wherever or whenever the Orders educated him. Or he would have donned a stern glare. Nose. Hawk Eye. Killer. Death. Everything flew right over his head.

“I’m ready,” someone bellowed.

Glass clanked on her mother’s coffee table. She spun to find the men chugging on the bottles like they inhaled water in a desert. The man with the widest shoulders, Nose, stood.

“Ready for what?” she asked. The Goddess only knew.

“We’re off for the hunt.” The man nodded.

The albino bikers rose, ambling carefully toward the door around the coffee table as if the dark wood were a thick wedge of broken glass. Hopefully they weren’t setting out to kill the few cows needed to feed them.

“What are you hunting?” She feared the answer.

Killer walked straight toward her and leaned down close. So close she thought the man’s blood-red lips would latch onto hers. She doubted a knee to his leather-cloaked groin would make a difference. Somehow she stood her ground.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Black Elk step out of the doorway.

“I thought I’d find the bastard who was harassing you, Sister.” Killer’s voice timbered like a drum echoing inside a barrel.

Black Elk claimed a spot beside her.

“If you don’t mind,” Killer grumbled, turning to face her guardian. Although the blond was a head taller, Black Elk warned him with arms crossed over his own muscular chest.

“Nice kitty,” Killer thundered and thrust a thumb toward Mairi. “Anything happens to the priestess, and I’m coming for you.”

“Let’s go, Marfoíre,” Nose boomed. “His scent’s all over her.”


“Talk about a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and telling others to leave you alone until you're finished. Ms. Moncrief has created a story unlike any other. It's the best when it comes to spine-tingling suspense. Her words are so visually written. I didn't feel like I was reading at all, I felt like I was living the story myself. The story is dynamite; it explodes off the pages and leaves you breathless for more. In the future, I will be more than excited to see a new release from Skhye Moncrief, not including what I'm ordering from her backlist!” Best Book of the Week ~Tulip, The Long and Short Reviews

Purchase Print Copy through Amazon. Click here.

Purchase in e-format:

Kindle. Click here.

Sony e-reader. Click here.

Purchase through Wild Rose Press. Click here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Forbidden Eternity and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press!


Jaclyn Tracey- Contest Winner

I’d like to once more thank Jaclyn Tracey for joining me this past week. I had a blast! Eden’s Black Rose sounds fantastic! It’s time to announce the contest winner. This week’s winner is….Mary Ricksen. Congratulations, Mary! You’ve won a free copy of Eden’s Black Rose and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to swing back in tomorrow as I welcome author Skhye Moncrief to Paranormal Romance Month!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Jaclyn Tracey- Eden's Black Rose

Welcome to Paranormal Romance Month! This week I’m thrilled to be featuring author Jaclyn Tracey. Jaclyn will be discussing her latest release, Eden’s Black Rose. For a chance to win a copy of Eden’s Black Rose and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment!

Eden’s Black Rose…

Dr. Serina Spencer is a young enchantress with hidden talents that she’d like kept that way. While walking home from her place of employment, she inadvertently wishes for a man to show up on her door stoop, alive, in one bloody piece, betrothed to no one and interested in anyone other than himself for a welcome change.

Serina finds out the hard way it’s not what you wish for, but how, when a young man gets delivered to her door ravaged by a vampire. After years of hiding her powers from the world Serina is faced with a choice, use them or lose the one man that can make her dreams come true.

Lucian St. James is not your typical royal heir to the throne, wanting nothing to do with his heritage until that option is stolen from him. Awakening in a bloody carriage with a gorgeous green-eyed beauty buried within his loins he finds out fast all things are not as they seem. Countless lies have been told, family members murdered, and now Lucian and Serina find themselves in the centre of a macabre plot to knock out all heirs to the throne beginning with him on his honeymoon.

SKY: Welcome. It’s beyond super to have you visit this week, Jaclyn!

JACLYN: Thanks, Sky. I’m so excited to be here. I appreciate the opportunity. It’ll be nice to get to know you better and chat about my new book, which just got released Feb 19th through The Wild Rose Press. I’ve been following your blog now and you always have interesting topics and people dropping in.

SKY: Hands down, Eden’s Black Rose looks like the sort of read I won’t be able to set aside once I start. Sizzling hot! Let’s dive inside. Off the top of your head, which character did you enjoy writing about the most and why?

JACLYN: Do I have to pick one? This motley crew still holds my brain hostage and if I single anyone out, well, the others, they tend to get snooty. But between you and I Lucian is my love. He was the first thing I woke up to every morning and who held me captive in my dreams all night. His personality got me. He is strong willed yet sincere and loving and a joker. Pretty much what I would die for in a man. And I must confess I loved him so much I gave him an identical twin to hang out with. Two gorgeous men… ponder that idea for a moment or two. I have. More than once!

When I first began this journey Lucian was going to be my villain. That lasted about a day. He started talking to me and hasn’t shut up yet! I gave him one scene in the book that went against his character and literally, that night I dreamt of him and he threw me down the stairs telling me he would never do what I had written. Ok, so without further ado I got out of bed, turned on my computer and rewrote the scene.

SKY: Love it. Lucian sounds perfect! I already want to meet him, smiles. Royal heir to the throne, Lucian St. James definitely has me intrigued. What I really want to know is─ what would you say is his sexiest, ‘man of the year’ moment in this story? Think outside the box…give us your gut response.

JACLYN: Lucian is all about making people smile. His sense of humor rules him even when he tries to pull off being serious. There’s one scene where he and Serina are about to consummate their relationship, but company pops in and Lucian is left hanging… literally. He’s not afraid to make fun of himself.

A taste of Eden’s Black Rose…

Lucian’s intention? To ravish every inch of the woman from her thick, auburn hair, to her sparkling eyes, and those full, firm creamy breasts! And her mind. He loved her mind. She was brilliant, caring, compassionate, witty, desirable….

He closed the distance. His hands on her face, he tilted her chin to gaze into her eyes. He ran his fingers through her silken locks, and tugged her head back, exposing the luscious line of her neck. With only the warmth from his lips on her neck, her body stiffened with anticipation. The pulse beneath her skin raced as he kissed her. Had he not been so intrigued with every aspect of making love to this woman, the idea of her pulse should have bothered him. He’d touch on that subject later.

Until it, her scent, and the little thump-thump—thump-thump—thump-thump, ate at him and consumed what was going to be his first erotic moment of his life.

“You know, M’lady being a vampire may not be such an awful fate for you if I actually end up becoming one. I love the reaction I get when I kiss you here.” Lucian kissed her neck. “And here.” He kissed her cheek. “And definitely here.” Lucian covered her breast and lapped at her nipple. He nibbled harder, flicked his tongue around her areola and suckled drawing her ripeness out. “Just think what would happen if I held special powers as you do and nibbled here?” He slid his hand between her thighs and pressed into her mons.

Serina moaned beneath his lips.

“Trust me, Lucian, you are special.” The only thing that took a second or two to register was the fact he’d said something about a vampire. She couldn’t quite recall if he said he was one or if he wanted to be one. At that point, she didn’t care. She really didn’t. If he did turn, she’d find a way to follow him—to the gates of the graves if that’s where they ended up. Serina lapped at his nipples, now firm from her ascension and the tastiest little treat she’d had in her mouth, thus far.

Positive her knees were about to give out from under her, she slid her hands down and held onto his tush. She teased him as she slid her fingers between his cheeks, pinched him, patted him lightly and moved lower. When she grasped his sacs, their squishy texture hardened.

“Everything turns to stone when I touch you.”

“Everything but my heart.” Lucian kissed the tip of her nose then crept back to her collarbone.

With his erection pressed against her stomach, firm, thick and hot little tremors sprinted through her as Lucian’s lips worked their magic. “You’re going to leave one of those little marks on my throat that tells everyone I’ve been up to no-good, Lucian.” She leaned backwards with a little moue.

“No good? And here I thought I was being so very good.” He mimicked her pout. “I like the mark I’ve given you. I think it’ll be one of many. The rest, however, will not be open to public viewing, luv.” He slid his hand between her thighs again, and weaved his fingers through her Cresson of dark curls. A warm moist invitation awaited him. When he ran his index finger and middle finger over her mons and pinched her little nubbin, her teeth clamped down harder than vise grips onto his nipple. “Ooh!” An intense thrill settled in his groin.

He caressed her womanhood, stretched her, searching for that spot deep within her that would assuage the blissful pressure in her. From her body’s reactions and the gentle groans she whimpered, he knew he’d discovered something.

Her muscles tightened and gripped his fingers. Tenderly, he eased two fingers inside her. He didn’t want to hurt her when he entered her, knowing this would be her first time… his too.

Serina didn’t look hurt. Her smile reeked of shameless satisfaction. He continued to slip his fingers in, out, around, and over that one soft little fleshy nub that left her body trembling in his arms. Lucian thrust his tongue into her while his fingers caressed her private lips. Exact opposites on each end of her body.

About to lift her, movement through Serina’s window caught his eye. His dream of their first joining and his erection shattered. “Do not hesitate, and run for cover.”

“Huh? What?” she asked one step away from a trance.

“We’ve company in about ten seconds. Move your dainty little arse unless you want Duncan viewing it.” One moment Lucian had Serina beside him and the next, he stood alone naked in her parlor. “Where are you?” he hollered.

“Upstairs, hurry.” She giggled. “Oh that was close.”

Lucian skulked into her bedroom and plopped down atop her bed. His long face made Serina bite the inside of her cheeks. “What’s the matter, M’lord?”

“You have to ask?” He motioned to his naked body. “All my things are in a heap on your floor. Not to mention, we didn’t…”

“We will when the time is right and not before. Let me cover meself and I’ll go get your knickers.” Serina kissed Lucian softly before she headed out. “I rather fancied that down stairs, M’lord. Thank you.”

“Lucian St. James, at your service! Before I forget, Serina, tonight is the dinner I asked you to attend.”

Sat with his hands strategically cupped across his loins Serina had all she could do to not go to him, remove his cover and finish what they began down stairs.

“You will turn many a head with your beauty and elegance, Serina.”

She choked on laughter. “You too shall turn many a head if I don’t go retrieve your clothing.”

Teasingly, he flashed her a quick peek of the remainder of his withered shaft. “You think?”

“Oh, Lucian!” Serina bent to kiss him one last time because he looked too handsome in only his birthday suit. “After supper tonight, don’t forget you owe me dessert. You are my dessert.” She bit him lightly and walked out of the room.

SKY: Wow! Delicious excerpt! I too love a man with a sense of humor. Is there any better kind? Though I adore the heroes…every hero has his leading lady. Dr. Serina Spencer is a woman with secrets. A woman with powers, Serina has to come out of the rhetorical ‘enchantress’ closet. If we had the chance to meet her outside of the story, what would she share about what she’s endured in Eden’s Black Rose? Smiles, no worries, we don’t expect you to give away the story!

JACLYN: Serina went from never having sex to never having enough. Her husband’s charms have turned her into a nymph, which she is rather comfortable with. Serina went from being an only child to belonging to a family that loved and accepted her for who she was without consequence. Oh, hold that thought. Allow me correct myself. There were repercussions. When one enters in a family not only do you get your lover but their baggage and honestly who has more skeletons in their closets than the Royals? Skeletons~ the walking dead… Then there’s Serina’s mother. This little hag is not going to be voted soccer mom of the year knowing her daughter called the Sorcerer’s Squad ( a group of nefarious villains hell bent on extinguishing anything they deemed fit) on her. Her black potions may smell like Eden but the everlasting effects taint all Serina loves. Her mom has more secrets than the government does trying to cover up UFO’s and who killed JFK combined. Here’s one scene with Serina and her not-so handy work. Oh, did I mention she is not the best at casting spells? Never quite go off as they should:

“What do think you’re doing?” she shouted.

“I want you...” Lucian fumbled as he attempted to secure her hands.

“’Tis good to want, Lord St. James. It gives purpose to a person. Now let me go,” she yelled. “I’m going to check on Raven.” Serina kicked her way free, stomped out of the room and down the hallway.

“She’s not in there, and I’m not deaf,” he mumbled. “Just a wee inebriated.”

The spare room was found vacant. She tramped back to her bedroom. Hands on her hips, she demanded, “Where is she then?” to a second empty room. “Lucian?” Serina spun around. Before she had time to think, Lucian had her over his shoulder, securing her with his hand pressed hard into her bottom as he headed back for the bed.

“You’re insane if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking,” she screamed.

“What?” Lucian scratched his nose with his free hand. “I was last night when I walked out and left you. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“No you won’t because I’m walking out on you—just as soon as you put me down.” She punched at his backside.

“Bloody bugs are out.” Lucian tightened his grip on her bottom while she tried to wrangle herself free. “Physics, my wild rose. Pure and simple. I am bigger and stronger than you.” He slapped her little bum.

“Did you ever hear of David and Goliath, you big oaf? Did you just attempt to spank me?” Serina squirmed unsuccessfully.

“I will if you want me to.” Lucian secured her legs and whipped her around to his chest so she lay in his arms.

He gave her a brilliant grin, one she wanted to knock off his face if she could just get free. He proceeded to toss her flat on her back and cover her with his two hundred-forty pounds of dead weight.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Lucian,” she warned. Lucian’s mirth only enraged her more. “I mean it. Let me go.” Serina began to cry. “Please, I don’t want you…” She never got the chance to finish her sentence, like this, drunk.

Lucian covered her mouth with his hand. “Shush! You don’t mean that.” About to cover her lips with his, Lucian stopped and studied her two heads and four wild, ferocious eyes. “I would never hurt you. I just want to kiss you. Trust me… that’s all that could happen right now. I only want to tell you I am sorry I left you last night. I wanted you to want me for me. Pity was plastered all over your pretty little face.”

Serina pushed at his chest, grunting. “Get off me! I need to find Raven.”

“She’s with Duncan at Molly’s. Whatever you did to her helped. She’s back to her old chipper self and spry as the kitten in your kitchen playing with the mouse. Nor did she try to kill herself. Seems she reached for the soap and the blade fell from the window sill and since she doesn’t get on well with blood she passed out.”

“Please get off me? I can’t breathe.” She lied through clenched teeth.

“Not so fast.” He dipped his head towards her, testing the waters. If she truly didn’t want him, he’d know soon enough, when she clobbered him. “Serina?” From behind sealed eyes, tiny water droplets ran off her cheeks. Drops he’d caused. “I’m going to kiss you, just once, and then I’m pretty certain I’m going to pass out.”

“As you wish, M’lord.” Serina was finished fighting both him and her head. Her heart would win this round. Being stubborn was one thing. Being stupid was not an option. When his lips covered hers all her anger, self-doubt and lack of self-esteem disappeared. He moved her to unchartered territories. She’d never lay beneath a man before, and she found this divine until his tongue dragged across her cheek and left behind a slippery cold trail. Then his head bumped into hers, and she heard him snoring—that fast.

“Oh bloody hell. He’s got me pinned beneath him. This is not happening.” Serina took in slow, deliberate breaths of air. With only her fingertips free to move, she twirled them in an upward motion and envisioned a gentle wind to lift and carry Lucian to the other side of her bed. Short of breath and anxious when nothing happened, she spit out, “Any day now!”

Lucian’s snoring intensified, sounding like tiger purring in her ear.

Swearing and thoroughly upset she tried a second time. “Winds of change, pick up your pace. Place Lucian St. James into outer space.”

Everything happened so fast Serina didn’t have time to react. She blinked and Lucian spun horizontally above her, in a cyclic fashion. First, his head whipped past her, then his feet, then his head again, and he kept going like her victrola at nauseating speed.

Fully awake, he screamed for his life, “M’lady, I beg of you, stop this,” as he grasped at air.

“There’s a slight problem, Lucian,” Serina yelled, “I’ve never done this incantation before. They rarely work as they should. Case and point, of course, being you.” She tried to duck seeing him coming directly towards her.

Lucian latched onto Serina as he circled. Now they were both caught in the windstorm within her bedroom. Lucian’s feet slammed into Serina’s coat-rack. Splintered.

Serina’s nightdress caught her oil lamp and tore it from the dresser. There would be no more flicker from the shattered rubble.

“You have to stop this,” he screamed petrified.

Without giving it another thought Serina spit out, “The eye of the storm, a twist of fate, land us inside my garden gate.”

Inside one second, outside the next, and falling fast towards thousands of thorns and roses.

“Hammock,” Serina bellowed a split second before they ruined her precious flowers. Never mind looking like a pincushion, the flowers came first. Serina had her priorities.

Serina shoved back her hair from her eyes and caught her breath. “Wow! I’ve never done anything quite like this before. What do you think, Lucian?” Serina asked exhilarated. “Lucian?” She tapped his cheek.

Lucian attempted to focus.

“I can explain,” she said. “You’re not hurt, right?”

Lucian stared in disbelief. He did however, find he fancied the position in which they landed. Serina was buried under him for a second time this morning with her legs spread to both sides of him, and her nightdress scrunched beneath her hips.

“Do you want me to tell you what happened?”

“Serina, after the past two days there’s nothing—absolutely nothing you could say that would surprise me. The cat’s out of the bag. I tried with the ignorance card pretending not to notice a few things, like the way Raven miraculously stopped bleeding last night or this feeling I can’t shake that you were—are still inside of me. And the funny thing—I’m quite sober now, thank you. I can’t even blame this on the wine or the whiskey or the scotch I got into last night thinking my sister attempted suicide after we were both attacked by vampires. This little excursion through the air was fun. We’ll have to get a magic carpet the next time though. Duncan told me I should, by all rights, be popping up daisies, yet here I lay! Not that I mind this position.” Serina opened her mouth to speak, but he placed his fingers to her lips. “Just tell me I haven’t lost my mind. We’ll go slow. I’ll swallow one dose of your reality at a time, Dr. Spencer. Fair enough?”

Serina nodded. “Fair enough. Can we go inside and sit down?”

Lucian bumped noses with her. “Just don’t point at me or say anything that rhymes.” He winked, but he was dead serious.

SKY: Another spectacular look inside Eden’s Black Rose. Very nice! We met the hero, met the heroine. But I want just a wee bit more, sly grin. We writers, by trade, love the art of description. Would you share one, even two paragraphs if necessary, about the primary setting for Eden’s Black Rose that you found especially gratifying to write?

JACLYN: This story takes place in London in 1896. I found digging up snippets of history rewarding. And for me to say that is something. Never considered myself a history buff…ok, I still don’t but it was fun learning about the fashions and the homes and how they traveled and who had the things we take fore granted daily, such as refrigerators, electric or gas or running water with an inside loo! I went to my aunts home in England a long time ago and her bathroom was outside and her source of heat was a fireplace you had to put coins in every so often to keep the house warm. Her place was built around the time I wrote my book around. Needless to say it left a lasting impression. My sequel to Eden’s Black Rose has one little scene in it about such things. As any author will tell you, my heart is on every page of this book. I gave Serina my mom’s green eyes and Lucian my husband’s silvery~blue twinklers. Each character in here has a name of a family member of friend I know to personalize them. The date 1896 is my anniversary jumbled from 1986. The title came from 2 places. Eden is what my husband engraved in my wedding band and the black rose is my mother’s china pattern, to which I had tattooed on my back with my cross hidden in the roses. Father Butler, a quirky little priest who you’ll get to know a lot better in the sequel is my father. His mannerisms, his smile, everything. I had to find a way to immortalize him, because I couldn’t lose him.

I wrote one scene that takes place on a train. It’s probably my favorite scene in the book because there’s action going on in every nook and cranny of the caboose. Almost all my characters are jammed into this room and getting tossed around with the same enthusiasm as the WWF wrestlers going at each other. Here, heroes are made and others are lost.

SKY: Time is flying by. I won’t keep you much longer. As I’m sure everyone is curious…what are you up to now? Have you another story you’re currently writing? Another release due out soon?

JACLYN: I have submitted 2 sequels to Eden’s Black Rose that are both currently being reviewed. I am hopeful to hear some good news soon…

Eden’s Sins picks up literally the same day Eden’s Black Rose ends. The reason? When I first wrote this both these books were one giant door stop. 1400 pages. Needless to say I never picked up a writer’s guide or researched what publishers wanted before I submitted my work. I have learned everything about this craft the hard way, but then is there any other way?

Eden’s Sins introduces you to my 2nd favorite heroine, Jovan. She is a bold, brassy beauty with some of her own powers. She is Lucian’s identical twin ~ André’s lover. Lucky bitch is all I can say. Sorry. She and Serina butt heads at first until they realize they’re playing for the same team.

The story brings some closure to Eden’s Black Rose.

Eden’s Charms is flat out my favorite so far This book introduces you to Savanah St. James and Ethan Kitt. The story takes place in my home town, Saratoga Springs and also in New Orleans. Savanah is Andre and Jovan’s daughter. I brought this book to current day since vampires are immortal and witches have longevity as well. They say opposites attract right? What can get more opposite than a Yankee/Sox relationship? Vlad Dracula also gets a little publicity in this book too since Savanah and her uncle Julian stole all his belongings for their museum exhibit. This romance is everlasting. My 4th Eden’s Enchantment which is about Serina’s daughter Elyza and my 5th book Eden’s Obsession are on my computer awaiting my Muse to recoup and start writing again. They’re both about 1/3 of the way through their journey.

SKY: It’s been a blast having you! I totally connect with your sense of humor. Thanks so much for sharing, Jaclyn.

JACLYN: Sky, thank you so much for this time and allowing me free reign to babble about my work. You are a gracious host and I appreciate this. When I get my blog a little better organized I’ll have you over for the week as well. I’d also like to thank those of you who have purchased my book. Please let me know your thoughts ~ whatever they are. Promise I’ll get back to you.
I’m easy… to find:



I’m also on Face Book ~more I should be, under Jaclyn Tracey Buy Link- http://www.thewildrosepress.com/edens-black-rose-paperback-p-3896.html

Purchase E-format: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/edens-black-rose-p-3880.html?zenid=68821e7c444e244005db6b41c55b506f

I have to share this, Jaclyn. You’re hot off the press and have an incredible review already!

5 stars*****

Great Read!! I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a page turner and keeps you wanting more!! It is very exciting and quite spicy in parts. I will definitely suggest this book to my friends.

Jenilee Shear

Thanks again for popping in everyone. Doesn’t Eden’s Black Rose sound like a top-shelf read? Don’t forget. You must leave a comment by 12 PM EST February 26th for a chance to win a copy of Eden’s Black Rose and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press!


Faith V. Smith- Contest Winner

I’d like to thank Faith V. Smith for visiting this past week. Dunbar’s Curse sounds exceptional! It’s time to announce this week’s winner. Drum roll please…Congratulations, Nancy J. Cohen! You won a copy of Dunbar’s Curse and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to pop in tomorrow as I welcome author Jaclyn Tracey to Paranormal Romance Month!


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Paranormal Romance Month- Faith V. Smith

Welcome to Paranormal Romance Month! Happy Valentine’s to all. This week it’s my pleasure to have author Faith V. Smith visit. Faith will be talking about her next release, Dunbar’s Curse, which will be available on March 19th. Interested in a chance to win a free copy of Dunbar’s Curse and a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press? If so, be sure to leave a comment!

Dunbar's Curse

A Vampire with morals and a
Doctor who's afraid of monsters.

Dr. Hope Morgan is having erotic dreams. The man who makes her burn with desire is only a figment of her imagination—or so she thinks until she meets him at a party. She fears she is losing her mind and flees the handsome stranger but finds she can’t get him out of her heart.

Miles is over four hundred years old. A bit long in the fang department to fall in love. But when the child he once rescued grows up into a beautiful and sensual woman he can’t keep his heart or desire under control. He moves Heaven and Earth to protect her when Hope’s life is threatened again, but wonders who will protect her from him.

SKY: Welcome Faith, so good to have you!

FAITH: I’m thrilled to be here, Sky. I love vampires and being able to share a little about Dunbar’s Curse is a treat.

SKY: No doubt about it, Dunbar’s Curse sounds exceptionally tempting. Tell me, what inspired this story?

FAITH: Simple and poignant. I was at a vampire ball in 2003. After going outside for some air, I found myself enthralled, by the Kansas skyline. Right then and there, the first paragraph was born.

SKY: When she meets the man who haunts her scorching hot dreams, Dr. Hope Martin fears she’s losing her mind. She flees. What brings them back together? Does he seek her out? How does Hope feel when she sees him again?

FAITH: It is not nearly as prolonged as you might think. After all, Hope was the child he saved and protected decades ago, and now, she is the woman he’s fallen in love with. Don’t get me wrong, he never thought of her as anything but a precious child until she was in college. That’s when he realized she had not only stolen his heart as a child but also as a woman. He catches up to her quickly after she runs. But should he tell her what he really is? Or should he wipe her memory clean after their encounter? The battle within his mind is impossible. I think the better question would be, “Can Hope deal with him being a vampire?”

SKY: Well said, you have a good point and one, I’m sure, that is better left for the readers to discover! Miles, four hundred year old vampire, is my favorite sort of hero. Handsome and immortal! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, “Can I have a little taste of him?” Grins. Share. Make our mouths water for Miles!

FAITH: Arrogant, sweet, humble with a dusting of insecure. Miles is the sort of old fashioned vampire who believes women should be protected. That said, he’s also a man whom inspires a very distinct response from a woman. Can you imagine a mix of the two─vampire, formally man─who curls your toes, takes your breath away, makes your heart beat too fast. How about a man who wants children with you─and only you? There is a certain antedote, a definite element that creates the perfect man/vampire. When he touches your heart, makes you weep at the thought of him─you have found Miles.

Then there is lust….

Hope had been busy and by the looks of it, she still slaved to turn her home into a vampire’s comfortable and safe haven.

Her delectable fanny still arched in the air, but her upper body now rested almost entirely inside the box.

Miles bit back his laughter but couldn’t stop his feet from crossing the carpeted floor to the object of his desire.

His arms slid around Hope’s slender waist. She jerked. His hands moved under her sweatshirt. Her body trembled. His fingers eased inside her bra and cupped her breasts. Hope’s inhalation allowed him access to pebble hard nipples. Desire pulsed its way from his fingers to his shaft. The rigid and seeking flesh pressed against her shapely buttocks.

Miles waited for Hope’s protest or cry of horror. His breath caught when instead, she leaned back against his arousal. He withdrew one of his hands and traced the junction of her thighs. Denim prevented him from touching her intimate flesh. He wanted to get closer. He wanted to ease into her center and feel the evidence of her desire.

Hope’s moan, deep and sensuous, turned his insides to mush. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought to hear her respond this way—knowing what he was. His heart stammered and then beat furiously. He didn’t deserve Hope but Lord how he wanted her.

Miles pressed even closer to the tantalizing vee of her jeans. His hand cupped her sex. Her legs trembled against his. Her body arched again and straightened—giving Miles access to her throat. He laved the soft skin with his tongue before nipping it lightly with his teeth.

Hope’s whimper stoked his desire. She turned and stretched upward. Her face tilted toward his. Lips the color of ripe cherries seduced him. He caught her mouth in a kiss. He branded her lips with his love and then sought the heated warmth inside.

Once again he cupped her breasts. He flicked her nipples with his fingers but it wasn’t enough. Miles pulled away from her lips.

“Hope, I want to…” He caught the edge of her sweatshirt and pulled it up and over her head before dropping it to the floor. The lacy edging of her bra caught his eye, and then his hands quickly unhooked the beautiful barrier. It landed on the mini fridge.

Hope didn’t know how things had gotten that far or how she was even allowing it to happen. She only knew Miles made her feel things she’d never known were possible. His touch incited her to wild imaginings. She wanted to loop her legs around his waist and press her aching cleft to his seductive rock hard arousal.

If she were in her right mind, she would be running for safety. If she were not crazed with love and lust for this man, she’d be screaming for help. If she didn’t believe she could trust him, she’d be hunting for her pliers.

Miles lips left her mouth and exchanged places with one set of fingers. Hope’s knees buckled as his teeth nipped her aching crests. He followed with a swipe of his tongue and her toes curled.

Her body suffered sensual shock when his other hand trailed a path of fire to her waist. A quick twist and a slight tug and Hope felt the warmth of his touch sliding downward to touch her aching center.

Miles’ groan caused her to open eyes that had closed against the assault of his desire. His eyes glowed emerald as he met her gaze.

“Hope, you have no idea what you do to me. I want to touch—to taste—every part of your body.”
Hope’s heart soared with the pleasure his words brought. She felt loved and humbled and maybe just a bit exuberant that she could make this man want her the way she wanted him.

She touched his face. “What’s stopping you?”

The growl that caressed her ears didn’t frighten her. It made her feel powerful and so totally seductive. All thoughts of anything left her mind when Miles slid his hand under the edge of her panties.

She sucked in air as he touched the curls hiding her sex.

“Breathe, love. I want you conscious when I make you mine.”

The teasing note in his voice didn’t cool the heat his touch elevated.

“Open for me. Let me feel the heat, Hope.”

Hope did as he asked and widened her stance. His hand cupped her and then his fingers touched her with fire.

A cry of longing left her lungs and escaped her lips as he brought her close and then rocketed her into an abyss of pleasure.

“Hope, I want to love you completely. Will you let me?”

SKY: Whoa! Holy hot. Fantastic excerpt! Vampires and mortals─always a delicious combination. Naturally, the setting only intensifies the exchange. In Dunbar’s Curse, what was your favorite location to describe? That one place you feel created the perfect backdrop? Why?

FAITH: One evening I became lost. I took a wrong turn while visiting Savannah, Georgia. Fate I’d say. There’s absolutely nothing like a back street in Savanah late at night. Lost, intrigued, I couldn’t help but be awed. There, close to the midnight hour, my favorite setting for Dunbar’s Curse was realized. Framed within the late July mist and moss covered Oaks, stood a Victorian home with a white picketed fence that stole my heart. .

SKY: Truly mesmerizing. I won’t keep you too much longer. Tell us, what’s next for you? What are you writing now? Do you have any releases coming out after Dunbar’s Curse?

FAITH: I’m still penning the story following Dunbar’s Curse. I can tell you now, it’s Gideon’s story. Viking, Go Home is due to be released March 31, 2010. I’m currently writing the story following Viking, Go Home, titled Semper Fi Magick.

SKY: Thanks so much for sharing today, Faith. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of Dunbar’s Curse on March 19th!

FAITH: Thank you, Sky. Also, a huge thanks to my readers, fellow writers, and reviewers. If I could give one word of advice to all it would be, don’t give up. Give the best in everything you do. Please, write me. Tell me what you think of my stories. What you like. What you don’t. I welcome all feedback.

Read on for another great excerpt!

She stepped off the bottom step and almost tripped over an uneven patch of floor.

She aimed the beam of light at where the window should be. What on earth? A bookcase blocked out her expected light source. Miles was the only one who could have done that, but why would he?

The cold penetrated deeper, spurring Hope toward the furnace. Her foot caught on something soft but unyielding. She stumbled and ended up sitting on the something. Her hand recognized the contours of a mattress. A mattress that should have been stuffed in a corner, not lying out in the open.

Once again, she sent the light spiraling over the basement, but nothing else seemed out of place. She brought the beam back to shine on the mattress and a body.

Her heart beat triple time before she recognized the body resting on its side, a scant two feet from her hand. Miles! Why was he sleeping in the basement and not upstairs? Her hand reached out toward his arm. Should she wake him or let him sleep? Common sense won—he had to be freezing. He didn’t even have a sheet. This time her palm brushed his sleeve before she gently shook his shoulder.

A hand caught her wrist in a cruel grip.

She bit back a cry of pain.

A second later she was flat on her back—Miles’ face above hers. But not the face she loved. His eyes were so dark they were almost black. His beautiful lips were drawn back in a snarl. A snarl that revealed one-inch incisors. The hand that held her down sported claws.

What reviewers are saying…

Author Faith V. Smith delights readers with a touching love story in Dunbar’s Curse. The hot hero, Miles Dunbar, is trapped within the vampire life, which can both protect and destroy his love. He is the alpha male with a heart softened by true love. The feisty heroine doesn’t want any man’s protection, but she longs for true love to heal her heart. Smith breathes life into believable characters and a paranormal world set in Savannah, Georgia. I have fallen in love with Smith’s characters, which are strong, edgy, romantic, sexy, and funny. I can’t wait for the next book in this series, Bound by Blood, The Legends. Dunbar’s Curse is a fast-paced story that takes you to an unexpected climax and delivers true love. Highly recommended. Jennifer Akers, MyShelf.com

Visit Faith at http://www.faithvsmith.com/books.html

Doesn’t Dunbar’s Curse sound wonderful? Don’t forget. For a chance to win a free copy of Dunbar’s Curse upon release and a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment!


Contest Winner- Healer's Fate

I’d like to once more thank Beth Caudill for swinging in this past week and chatting about her latest release, Healer’s Fate. Doesn’t it sound super? I’ll bet you’re wondering…who won a free copy? Wide smile. Congratulations, Booklover0226! You have one copy of Healer’s Fate and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press heading your way! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Don’t forget to pop back in tomorrow as I welcome author Faith V. Smith to Paranormal Romance Month!

Have a great weekend all.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Paranormal Romance Month- Beth Caudill

Thanks for popping in! Welcome to Paranormal Romance Month.This week, it's my pleasure to feature author Beth Caudill. I’ll be talking with Beth about her latest release, Healer’s Fate. Naturally, there’s a contest involved. What to do you have to do to win a free copy of Healer’s Fate and a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press? It couldn’t be easier. Leave a comment!

Healer’s Fate

Corliss Rumdone hides behind her status as Healer to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchal challenges. A forced mating changes the course of her life. Instead of Raymond, the beta wolf selected for her, she mates with Liam—her best friend and heir to the Alpha pair.

Liam whisks them away to a shifter retreat so they can allow the mating bond to settle in private. But interference from those seeking power and two terminal children arouse past hurts and challenge their new relationship. Even their home is not the haven it should be as Liam must watch Corliss fight for the right to stay his mate. For one healer, death becomes a weapon to balance life.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s talk to the author…

SKY: Welcome, Beth. Great to have you!

BETH: Thank you Sky. It’s great being here and this is a wonderful opportunity you’re giving to your fellow authors. I have to say February is a great month. Not only are there flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day but I get to eat birthday cake as well. (No, I’m not admitting how old I am.)

SKY: Happy Birthday! I have to say, Healer’s Fate sounds like a super read. What inspired this story?

BETH: Sometimes authors don’t have a simple answer to that question. Several things came together for me to write Healer’s Fate. Right now publishers prefer series to standalone stories. It’s something I don’t tend to write but I am interested in pursuing. Also in the back of my head I wanted to do a werewolf wedding scene but never had a story to go with it. The Wild Rose Press sent out a submission request for their Got Wolf series and that started me thinking. (Yes I know a dangerous thing)

I had an elf story started (Orlando Bloom as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings is very good inspiration.) and I decided to make the two stories happen on the same world. After deciding those few things – wolves, a wedding scene, and a planet populated by paranormals – the story wrote itself. I missed finishing the story in time to participate in the Got Wolf contest but I did finish. (The elf story is on hold currently because some motivations for characters don’t work and I have to start the story over.)

SKY: My heart is already aflutter. Liam is one of my all time favorite names. Give us a little taste of Healer’s Fate’s Liam. I’ll bet he makes everyone’s heart give an extra heavy thump!

BETH: Here is how Corliss see’s Liam as he joins her for the wedding ceremony:

Liam’s black, short-trimmed hair blended into the shadowed forest backdrop. He never let it grow long like the other males in the pack. He’d once told her it kept the females from petting him every time he walked through the village. Shadows hid his eyes but she knew they were green. A deep, piercing shade she loved to look into.

She smiled at the picture he presented wearing the forest green bowtie, no shirt, and an overly tight tuxedo coat. He appeared very masculine in the ill-fitting attire. The tightness of the coat outlined his well-defined muscles and moonlight glittered off the strip of fur on his chest—the proclamation of his status as an Alpha. A reminder of how close to the surface his wolf resided.

I don’t give Liam a lot of story time. Most everything is in Corliss’s viewpoint. I see Liam as a strong Alpha who uses his strength to protect those in his care. While he’s willing to let Corliss be herself, he doesn’t want to see her taken advantage of because of her powers to heal. Here is a scene between the two of them after a confrontation with another werewolf:

He gently touched his lips to hers. A flick of his tongue sent tendrils of fire through her body. “I may be overprotective, but I promise you won’t regret our bonding.”

Corliss rested her head against his shoulder. “There’s no one else I’d rather be joined to. Thingsare moving too fast. I have no control and I don’t like it.”

His right hand came up and caressed the side of her face. Then he laughed. “You and your lists. So organized and restrained.”

She nipped at his neck. Smartass!

Liam wrapped her hair around his right hand and slowly tilted her head back. “I think you’ll do well as Alphena because of those traits. And I’ll be around to make sure you take plenty of time off to play.”

This time his kiss expressed his aggressive nature. It left no room for her to deny his dominance. Using the grip on her hair, he moved her in the position he wanted—her back slightly bent so he could step between her bare legs, spread so his erection fit perfectly between her folds.

The thin pair of shorts he wore was the only thing preventing him from slipping inside her and calming the ache he created there.

“Take me to bed,” she demanded, freeing herself from his kiss.

He gave her a wicked smile. “I don’t know. I like the idea of taking you on the floor.” His gaze roved their immediate area. “Or maybe against the wall.”

She hated being exposed where anyone could see them, even if they were alone. “Please take me to the bedroom.”

He tugged her hair back further so her breasts stuck up at his face. His green eyes darkened to emerald and he blew warm air across her nipples. He sucked on one puckered nub before scraping his teeth along the sides. Their lower bodies rubbed against each other, adding to her tension.

She couldn’t relax or enjoy the sensations he evoked in her body. Desperate, she pleaded, “Please, Liam.”

He allowed space to develop between their bodies, but still supported her with one hand. The other he trailed from her neck down between her breasts before moving his hand to cup her right one. With slow movements he maneuvered her into a standing position, but quickly trapped her against the wall.

“What’s it worth to you, Sunshine? I’m perfectly happy taking you right here.” He lifted her left leg to his hip, then caressed her ass. To taunt her, he slipped the tip of his fingers between her folds, then pulled them out.

Back and forth.

Around her ass, between her legs, and a squeeze. His hands never stopped roving her body. She whimpered. Front, back, everywhere he surrounded her—his scent, his body, and the power of his wolf. She couldn’t resist him. She didn’t want to.

“I promise to quit trying to leave. I’ll do whatever you want until tenth day starts.” That would be the start of their second week. “Liam. Please! Take me to bed.”

Magnanimous in victory, he smiled, picked her up and said, “Of course, little wolf. All you had to do was ask.”

She growled at him. And then she had to suffer his laughter as he closed the door behind them.

SKY: Super excerpt! Of course, what is a hero without his heroine? Corliss Rumdone sounds like a strong, courageous woman. If she could speak to us, what would she say are her strengths and weaknesses? Would she even admit to a weakness?

BETH: Corliss would admit one of her weaknesses would be a wariness to confront people. Being a healer, she doesn’t want to cause anyone pain. A strength would be the willingness to do anything to get the job done.

SKY: I won’t keep you much longer but I’m sure everybody is dying to know… what can we expect from you next? Any new stories up your sleeve?

BETH: My goal for this year is to write a full length, standalone, fantasy novel. So far it isn’t going very well. After the holidays, I’ve had a hard time getting back into things, particularly when I came to the decision that the followup to Healer’s Fate needed to be restarted because things weren’t working halfway through. The motivations for certain characters don’t work and I need to rearrange things.

The recent snow here in NC only contributed to my lackluster word count as the kids have had three snow days now and everyone is stircrazy. To try and get the Muse back into storytelling mode, I decided to rewrite my very first short story – a werewolf paranormal romance (imagine that). It makes me laugh because I headhopp every other paragraph and there are lots of places I’m write show don’t tell the scene.

I also have another paranormal romance novella I can work on. I’m using a twist on the Ladyhawke storyline with an owl shifter and a guardian angel. (It was inspired by a submission request from Samhain but I only got two chapters written by the deadline. Healer’s Fate came out in the middle of the submission window and I did promo instead of writing.)

I’m limiting myself to writing these three stories. I have tons of ideas so I have to limit what I work on. Otherwise nothing would ever be completed.

SKY: Wow! Despite all, you’re keeping busy. I’m sure all your readers are thrilled! It’s been so much fun having you visit, Beth. Thanks for sharing.

BETH: Thank you for having me. Your questions required me to search a bit deeper for answers. I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into Healer’s Fate. You can find out more about my stories on my website-http://bethcaudill.net/ or blog- http://bethcaudill.blogspot.com/. Join my newsletter group and you can be entered to win a Valentine’s basket. I’ll have a picture posted under the website contest page shortly. Here are what the reviewers are saying about Healer’s Fate:

Xeranthemum at Long and Short Reviews gave Healer's Fate a 4 1/2 Book review

" Look no further for an entertaining and interesting wolf shifter romance than Healer’s Fate. It delivers a fine balance of love, intrigue and relationship quirks....Healer’s Fate is a solid romance between two characters which others deemed unsuitable yet fate determined as perfect. I agree with fate and Ms. Caudill. Liam and Corliss are a fine match and I enjoyed reading their story. I hope to read more by this author." For a complete review, click here-http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com/2010/02/healers-fate-by-beth-caudill.html.

Emma D. at Bitten By Books gave Healer’s Fate a 4 ½ Tombstone review

“I must admit to being entranced and wanting to hear more of Corliss and her world.” For a complete review, click here-http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=15563.

Danielle at Coffee Time Romance and More gave Healer's Fate a 4 Cup review

"Healer's Fate is a fantastic novel. Beth Caudill tells a story with a voice that is smooth, entertaining, and leaves the reader wanting more. . . .This is a great book to read and any paranormal fan would be happy reading about these wonderful characters." For a complete review, click here-http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/healersfate.html.

It's not over yet! Here's another head-turning glimpse inside Healer's Fate...

Weaving around the dark trees, Corliss’ paws traversed spongy moss and scrunched dry leaves.She followed in the large, gray wolf's footsteps. It wasn’t too hard. Though his face and body were dark gray, the tip of his tail and the bottoms of his paws were bright white. They flashed like a beacon in the darkness of night.

She’d been three and he six the first time they'd met. Though her mother had Beta strength,her father didn’t. The pack ignored him and he survived with the barest of necessities until he’d mated with her mom.

For her protection, her parents kept her separated from the rest of the pack. She’d had no idea who Liam was when he’d run out of the woods behind their cabin.

Her mother walked out of the house to find her rolling on the ground with a wolf pup. Seeing her mother, she’d shouted, “Look, Mom, can I keep him? We can call him Socks.”

Addressing the animal, she’d asked, “You’d like to be Socks, wouldn’t you?” The pup tackled her to the ground and licked her face.

It had been a good day until her mother explained the wolf pup already had a home and needed to go back to his parents. Then her mom told her about pack hierarchy and how she couldn’t play with the pup anymore because he was the Alpha’s son and they held no position.

Except it didn’t work out that way. Liam made sure she’d been included in events from then on. No one insulted her in his presence, but she still knew she’d been lowest of the low. She was also the only one to call him Socks, which she did quite frequently until he turned sixteen.

That day he had defeated four challengers for the right to become the Alpha. Once he mated, he would be the next leader of their pack. And she wouldn’t, even with her emerging healing skills, have the status to be his mate.

So she’d stopped calling him Socks, drifted back to the fringes of the pack, and watched from a distance.

Maybe the time had come to stop hiding. She had more skills than the pack knew. Forming a toothy grin, she thought that since he still called her Sunshine, maybe she should start calling him Socks again. That thought warmed her in a self-satisfied way.

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