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Friday, April 30, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set...GO! Blogmania is here TODAY! Tons of Prizes!

Welcome to BLOGMANIA. My blog is 52 of 123

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MY GIVEAWAY RULES: They couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is become a follower. Look along the right hand side of this blog to find my Followers. AND, leave a comment after this post. You don’t have to say much. “Hi” is fine! Please note: If you’re already a follower simply leaving a comment enters you in the race as well! For anyone new to this blog, I moderate comments so don't worry if you don't see yours right away.

My prize? Two randomly selected winners each receive a $25 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press!

Are you having fun yet or what? Here are some more participating BLOGMANIA blogs for you to hit for a chance to win more fabulous prizes.

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Have you missed a few blogs? Want to refer to a Master List of all participating BLOGMANIA blogs? Then head over to BETWEEN THE LINES AND MORE where Lynda Coker has what you’re looking for!

Thanks for popping in!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pamela Hearon Dishes Out About His Hotness. Comment to win big!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. This week I’ll be chatting with ‘fantasy-adventure’ romance author Pamela Hearon. She’ll be dishing out about her latest release, His Hotness. Interested in a chance to win an Ecopy of His Hotness and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press? Be sure to leave a comment!

His Hotness

Jade Bartholomew spent ten years perfecting her 100-point scale that will determine the ideal man for her — His Hotness. Although reality has her re-evaluating some of her dreams, she refuses to give up on two: financial independence and the existence of His Hotness.

Kai Malone lives the American dream. From a middle-class upbringing, he has reached the pinnacle of success as the CEO of a software company which is about to sell for millions. But success has a downside that brings out Kai’s greatest faults: he’s too honest, gives too much of himself, and is too indulgent with the women in his life. He has to change; Techtron’s sale may depend on it.

Jade and Kai meet when she shanks a golf ball into his most vulnerable spot. Not the ideal way to start a relationship — but no one ever said attaining the title His Hotness would be easy.

SKY: Welcome Pamela, thanks for joining me this week!

PAMELA: Thank you so much for having me, Sky!

SKY: Tell me, what inspired this story?

PAMELA: My husband and I met on a golfcourse, and I always thought it was a unique place for a relationship to start. Our meeting wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Jade and Kai’s, of course, but all of us end up with our happily-ever-after.

SKY: What makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is!

PAMELA: Jade Bartholomew’s family is wealthy and they love to spoil her—especially her doting Gram, whom she adores. But Jade wants to be her own person and will go to any lengths to prove she can be independent.

Here is a short excerpt that shows Jade and Gram together:

“What you need, Chickie-boom, is a good old-fashioned, head-banging, sheet-fisting, toe-curling orgasm.” Gram snatched up the journal with the worn, floral cover and waved it toward the nightstand. “And by old-fashioned, I mean one that involves a man, not one that requires a battery-pack and a warranty.”

Jade closed her laptop on the Regency she was editing. “What I need is a job with a great publisher, so I can quit sponging off my precious-but-nosey grandmother.” With her toe, she nudged her closet door closed before Gram could see the empty spaces that once housed her vast collection of Pradas and Guccis. She slid the check from the consignment shop into her desk drawer and raised a questioning eyebrow toward Gram. “How did you know where I keep my, um, toys?”

Gram shrugged. “Lucky guess. And it’s the same place I keep mine.”

SKY: Loved that! *Wide Grin* What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

PAMELA: Not only is Kai Malone a gorgeous hunk of a man, but he’s also as nice as he is hot. The oldest child (and only son) in a family of five children, Kai takes care of the women in his life—whether they want it or not!

Here’s an excerpt that gives a little taste of Kai’s ministering:

“Obviously, you spent the night.”

He nodded toward the living room. “On your couch. My car’s still at the club.” He paused while he studied something outside the window. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

There was no way he would ever know it, but that comment earned him big points on the Hotness scale. Tall, dark, handsome, easy to talk to, a gentleman, and caring. A purebred hundred pointer. Jade wasn’t at all sure she could wait until Beth’s five-fifteen flight arrived from New York to talk to her. “What time is it?” Maybe she’d slept most of the day away.

“A little after nine.”

Jade sighed. “Well, I’ll get dressed and take you to your car.” She raised up and made to throw the covers back, but he moved quickly to the side of the bed and flipped them back on her.

He gently pushed her back into the pillow. “You need to rest today. Doctor’s orders. Gram’s going to take me back to the club.”

Jade shot up straight. “Gram?”

“Yes, Gram.” His eyes squinted when he smiled, but it didn’t hide the mischievous gleam.

“How did Gram get into this?” The words sounded more like an accusation than a question, even to her ears.

“I knew I was going to have to leave this morning, and I didn’t know if you’d be awake yet. Somebody would need to check on you.” He pushed her back into the pillow again. “You said your elderly landlady loved you, so I figured she was my best choice. And I was right.”

“But …” she protested.

“No buts. You should’ve just told me your landlady was your grandmother.”

He made it sound like a normal occurrence in LA. “Right,” she answered. “How fast could you have run with sore testicles?”

SKY: Great excerpt! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

PAMELA: I’ve enjoyed being here with you today. Thanks again for this opportunity!

Interested in learning more about this fantastic author? Visit Pamela at her website

Can’t wait to read this? Purchase His Hotness here.

Sky here. *smiles* Because I can’t help myself, I’d like to point out (being a time-traveler writer myself) that Ms. Hearon has another story that looks fabulous. It’s titled, The Timestone Key. Here's a bit about it...

The Timestone Key

Can a modern heart entwined with an ancient mystery prevail against a terrifying future?

When she was three, Halley Winsted was given a mysterious family legacy and told to follow her heart. But now that she’s thirty-three, love and commitment don’t come easy, even in the arms of sexy Tom Rutledge. A trip to England seems the perfect chance to sort out her feelings, and to indulge her obsession with the Arthurian legends.

But the legends are true. Arthur is alive in Avalon, teetering on the brink of madness, unable to fulfill his role in mankind’s terrifying future. Can the legacy Halley bears heal Arthur’s mind in time? Can she trust her heart to lead her to her destiny?

A taste…

453 A.D.
Salisbury Plain, England

Morning mist enshrouded Geileis as she approached the hateful circle. That the mist gave her cover should have eased her mind, but it did not. Being caught here by the priests would certainly mean death. She knew of their ways. Had heard tales of their rituals. The sacrifices.

Fear gripped her heart even tighter than she gripped the stone. Warm and smooth against her palm, its heat brought no warmth to her heart.

Why this place permeated with evil magic?

She stopped just short of entry. One step more would take her beyond return. She meant to raise her voice in introduction, but the mist pushed against her words keeping them close to her mouth. “I am Geileis, the vessel, daughter of Edana and Lughan.”

Wind danced its way among the giant stones, whispering acknowledgement, bidding her enter.

The next step took her through the perimeter. Her breath grew more ragged when she realized she had not died. The tangy salt of blood ran along her tongue as her teeth chewed her lower lip.

A faint blue glow pulled her attention to the far side of the circle. When the stone in her hand answered with its own pulsing blue glow, her heartbeat doubled.

Her mind rebelled against every movement forward. The bloodstained dais in the center of the ring caused her knees to buckle, but she scrambled again to her feet, stumbling backward blindly, away from the heinous sight. A cold, hard surface brought the retreat up short. She froze. The ring itself had stopped her. Perhaps it wanted to see this endeavor through as much as she did.

The glow came from the knee-high stone now only a short distance away.

Her entire body a quivering pulse, she covered the final distance. She mouthed a quick prayer for protection and stretched out her arm. Her hand shook so violently, she fairly dropped the stone, but it landed well in an indentation clearly meant for its housing.

The sound of massive winds filled her ears and an expanse of blue appeared before her eyes.

A portal.

To what?

She muffled a cry with the back of her hand and stepped forward tentatively. Heat enveloped her. The heat of a hundred summers … or … a thousand hearths … or … or hell itself, surely! This evil place held the gateway to hell!

She turned and fled.

Her mind raced faster than her legs, admonishing … shaming. Mother would not have sent her into danger. Deathbed promises must be kept.

But had not Mother been in and out of the clutches of fever when she extracted the vow? She could not have known what she was asking.

Geileis gained the outside of the ring and only then slowed her pace, becoming aware of the odd weight that filled her hand. The rock! She had snatched it, unthinking, as she ran. She turned back to face the hellish circle, fighting to bring her breathing back under control.

The blue portal had vanished.

So would the key that opened it.

With all of the strength she could muster in her small frame, Geileis heaved the rock through the mist toward the giant stone looming nearest her.

She smiled in satisfaction at the pop and watched two blue sparks fall in opposite directions.

Interested in purchasing The Timestone Key? Click here.

Thanks so much for joining us this week. Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free Ecopy of His Hotness and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment by 12 PM EST Saturday, May 1st!

Please note: Even though BLOGMANIA arrives at this blog on Friday, April 30th, you can still comment to win Pamela Hearon's, His Hotness through Saturday.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Blogmania Early Bird Check List:

We want all of our visiting guests in our first Blogmania Event scheduled for April 30th to

Get On Their Marks-Get Set…

It’s not time to go yet, but if you want to have the most fun and scoop up as much loot as possible, here are a few Early Bird Reminders to help you do just that.

1. Be at any of the blogs participating in the Blogmania Event as early as possible on April 30th. The easiest way to find a Blogmania Blog is to look for the Blogmania Badge.

2. This is an international event, so understand that there will be some differences in time zones. My advice is to start early and stay late to catch all the blogs.

3. Each blog will have their own giveaway requirements. Read them carefully, follow through, and then move on as quickly as possible. If you run across a blog that you really like and want to spend some time exploring, copy their URL and then visit them after Blogmania is over.

4. We will have a 100+ blogs for you to visit. Each one will post their number like this. ( This is blog 47 of 100) This is to help you keep track of which blogs you’ve visited, and which ones you still need to reach. I’d suggest that you prepare a blog sheet which is numbered from 1 – 120, then mark off each numbered blog as you visit them.

5. All blog links provided will also have a number like (Blog 89 of 100). Look for the blogs that you haven’t yet visited and follow those links until you’ve checked off all the blogs on your sheet.

6. We have all types of blogs participating in Blogmania, which means that the range of items in their giveaways are diverse. I have previewed many and they are awesome.

7. Why not contact a friend and partner up. Compare notes, share loot, or organize your own friendly neighborhood Blogmania Competition.

This is our first Blogmania Event, but it isn’t our last. Blogmania is a bi-yearly Giveaway Extravaganza. In fact, our next Blogmania Event will start September 15th, and do we have some cool stuff planned for you! So keep in touch with our Blogmania Blogs, because they will be giving sneak previews, secret codes, and who knows what else in the weeks and months ahead.

The prize at this blog? Two winners─each receives a $25 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. So be sure to mark April 30th on your calendar!

Alannah Lynne's, Savin' Me. We have a winner!

Super week! I’d like to once more thank Alannah Lynne for visiting and dishing out about her latest release, Savin’ Me. It’s time to announce a contest winner. Drum roll please…congratulations Beth Caudill, you won! You’ve one free Ecopy of Savin’ Me heading your way as well as a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. Please contact me at skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to swing back in Monday morning as I welcome author Pamela Hearen to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alannah Lynne chats about Savin' Me. Comment to win big!

It’s the second week of my Spring has Sprung blog event. So glad I’m hosting this. Why? Because talented writers keep popping in. This week, it’s my pleasure to welcome Alannah Lynne. She'll be dishing out about her latest release, Savin’ Me. Leave a comment for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Savin’ Me and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press.

Savin’ Me

Kat Owens can't believe her luck. Her new job was supposed to be a fresh start - one that would lead to a position she's coveted for years. Instead, it reunites her with the man she's spent the past thirteen months trying to forget.

Only a fool would let Kat slip away. That was Erik Monteague's realization upon waking - alone - after an impassioned night with Kat. But Fate has brought her back into his life, and he'll stop at nothing to rekindle their smoldering attraction.

Neither is prepared for the emotional fallout that follows when they act upon their explosive passion. Erik's feelings for Kat force him to confront the painful past that has haunted him for ten years. Kat much choose between a promotion and love, while knowing love might not be enough to save Erik.

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

ALANNAH: Thanks for having me!

SKY: Tell me, what inspired this story?

ALANNAH: Savin’ Me was the first story I wrote. I kept hearing, “Write what you know,” so I wrote a story based on the unusual circumstances of how I met my husband. The problem: Great romance, zero conflict. LOL Three complete rewrites later, the only thing that remained of the original concept was the names and the professions of my characters. And no, I didn’t meet my husband in a bar and have a wild one-night stand with him a year prior to us “officially getting together.” LOL!

SKY: What makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is!

ALANNAH: Kat is a driven advertising executive determined to prove she’s capable of being the Vice President of Client Services. However, her true desire is to work in for a non-profit organization. Her family has always made her feel foolish for wanting to work with “the downtrodden,” as they call them. So, she goes to work every day, driven to succeed in a career she doesn’t love. Erik helps her recapture her true nature and be who she really is.

Kat Owens took in the scene surrounding her.

This is it.

Her new life. A new town, new job, new friends, new everything. All for the opportunity of becoming Vice President of Client Services for Sinclair Marketing Group. Funny, but standing within striking range of the ladder’s top rung didn’t feel like she’d thought it would. Somehow she’d pictured herself being light as a feather and floating on air. Not weighted down and miserable.

Maybe it was the stuffy clothes and uncomfortable shoes. Maybe it was the pantyhose cutting her lu-lu in half—it was difficult to feel light and airy when important body parts were at risk of permanent damage.

It might be those things, but deep in her heart she knew it was more than all of that.

SKY: I liked that, well written! What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

ALANNAH: This is hard to answer because I love everything about Erik. He has a wicked sense of humor. He loves to tease Kat. And he’s determined to get what he wants--Kat. But he’s also deeply wounded and I really wanted him to have his HEA (that’s why I kept rewriting this story until I got it right). I couldn’t give up on him. (I picked this excerpt because it shows his playfulness and determination to make Kat squirm.) Kat has just found out that she’s taking over Erik’s account and this is their first meeting.

Looking slightly shell-shocked and definitely rattled, Kat took a deep breath, then became all business. “I’ve gone over your past campaigns and put together a list of questions. I mostly want to make sure I’m clear on your target audience, objective, positioning in the marketplace, competition and our overall strategy.”

Erik nodded. “Go ahead.” Focusing on business seemed to calm her, so he sat back and waited for her to begin.

“Okay, let’s talk about your target.”

Erik tilted his head slightly to the side and met her gaze head-on. “I thought I’d made that clear at the open house. You’re my target.”

Kat sucked in a startled breath and flicked a quick glance to the door. Apparently determined to avoid any conversation of a personal nature, she said, “Okay, let’s talk about our objective. Obviously, to sell more boats—”

“That’s one of my objectives.” He grinned as he watched Kat jot something down on her notepad. He had the sneaking suspicion it had more to do with where she would direct him to go personally, than it did with the direction of his business. Damn, she was hot when irritated.

“All right, let’s talk about positioning.”

He lowered his chin and looked at her suggestively. “Positioning?”

The pulse in her neck began to leap and flutter while her breathing became choppy. He shouldn’t be pushing her like this, since she was clearly uncomfortable with anyone knowing they had a past, but he didn’t seem able to stop.

He sat up from his reclining position, leaned forward and propped his elbows on his knees. “I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t you come with me to the plant? You can see how things work, see the finished product.” He dropped his voice a notch. “See anything you want.”

Kat’s eyes widened. “I—”

“That’s a great idea,” Rusty said as he dumped the portfolio on the conference room table.

Offering his fist to Erik for a quick knuckle rap, he added, “Erik, good to see ya.”

As Rusty hustled out of the conference room, Kat dropped her head onto her crossed arms on the table. The heaving of her shoulders let him know she was doing some heavy breathing, and he smiled.

Oh yeah, she’s pissed.

He stood and walked around behind her chair. Wrapping his fingers over her shoulders, he began massaging the tension out of them. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Does three o’clock work for you?”

She raised her head slightly. “Like it matters if it does or not.”

It would be a death sentence to laugh, so he bit his lip and, trying to sound as sincere and caring as possible, said, “Of course it matters. Is three-thirty better?”

He wasn’t certain, but he thought her heard her mumble “bastard” before saying, “Three is fine.”

SKY: Sweet! Loved that. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

ALANNAH: Thank you!! I love interacting with other writers and readers, it’s my favorite part of the job!

Interested in learning more about this fantastic author? Visit Alannah at her website.

Like blogging? Join Alannah at her blog.

Purchase Savin' Me here.

Thanks so much for visiting. Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Savin’ Me and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, leave a comment by Friday, April 23rd,12 PM EST!

Best Regards,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Author Meeting Place. Check out all the great services!

Calling all authors…I’ve something to share.

Have you heard of the Author Meeting Place? If not, check this out. A fellow author, Anastasia Cassella-Young, has so much to offer it made my head turn twice. Not only is she the founder of Author Meeting Place, a spot where authors come together and connect with others authors, but her site connects readers with authors as well!

Before I give you more details about this fabulous site, let me share what Anastasia has to offer...

“I am an author of 10 books. I am an editor, proofreader, formatter, bookmark maker and book trailer producer. I offer everything at very low prices to help other authors as I understand the costs of producing your book and marketing it.”
  • Any editing services are $.50 a page. Email me at anastasiaseditingservice@authormeetingplace.com to learn more
  • We do free reviews through Mind Fog Reviews. Click here to view the form to request an interview. We do fast tracked reviews which means for $15 you can have your unbiased and professional review in 3-5 business days instead of 3-5 weeks business days only. The submission page has forms on it for the authors to submit their books to AMP and they will be placed on the site. The form provides all the information I need. Click here to view the form.
  • Need a book trailer? For $25, I can create exactly what you’re looking for. Click here to learn more.
  • Interested in becoming author of the month or own the book cover of the month? Click here to learn more.
  • Top of the line bookmarks at a great price. Click here to learn more.
  • Advertise yourself! Check out my classifieds.
  • Formatting issues? I can help. Click here.

Sky here again. *Smiles* I have to tell you, I’ve already worked with Anastasia. She’s fantastic. And do her prices rock or what? Spend a dime or don’t. Either way, she’s got a super site going at the Author Meeting Place. In case you missed it earlier, upload your book information (a ton of it) for free with this easy to fill out form.

Again I’d like to pull your attention back to Author Meeting Place’s home page as half of what’s offered wasn’t listed in this blog post. Swing over. Take a peek. You won't be dissappointed.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and hope this post caught your attention. A big ‘thank you’ to Anastasia for offering such a great round of services to us authors!


Marie Tuhart's, In Plain SIte. We have a winner!

I’d like to once more thank Marie Tuhart for popping over this week and chatting about her release, In Plain Site. Sounds like a great story! I won’t keep you waiting a moment longer. The winner of a free Ecopy of In Plain Site and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press is Cari. Congratulations! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Attention all authors! Be sure to swing in tomorrow to learn about the great services multi-published author Anastasia Cassella-Young is offering.

My Spring has Sprung Blog Event continues on Monday. Author Alannah Lynne will be dishing out about her latest release, Savin’ Me. Comment for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Savin' Me and a gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press.

Look forward to seeing you!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marie Tuhart Chats about In Plain Site. Comment to win big!

Welcome to the first week of my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. It’s my pleasure to introduce author Marie Tuhart who will be chatting about her first release, In Plain Site. As all quality erotica romances should be, this is Rated R. That said, read on and enjoy! For a chance to win an Ecopy of this story and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment!

In Plain Site

Bad boy businessman Joe Bradshaw has achieved almost everything he’s wanted in life, but his strait-laced colleague Victoria Collins is proving an elusive challenge. A steamy encounter in the elevator begins a wild journey of sensual discovery. Joe’s determined to break through Vicki’s barriers to reveal the red-hot woman hiding inside. But Vicki is stalked by her past—her ex-fiancĂ© will stop at nothing to get her back. Falling in love and keeping Vicki safe could be the biggest challenges of Joe’s life.

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

MARIE: Hi Sky, thank you so much for having me.

SKY: Tell me, what inspired this story?

MARIE: Well, this was my first attempt at an erotic romance I was taking an on-line class from Jan Springer on How to Write an Erotic Romance. I already had the two characters in my mind, I knew Joe was a bad boy, and Vickie was a good girl, and I started playing the what if game with my characters, and the story started to emerge.

SKY: Nice! Share with us…what makes your heroine fly off the pages? I'd love a glimpse of who she is.

MARIE: Vickie isn't one to let Joe walk all over her she gives a good as she gets.

Here's an excerpt:

She pushed the dresser drawer closed, turned, and let out a squeal when she noticed Joe lounging against the doorjamb.

“I thought I told you to leave.”

“You did.”

“Then why are you still here?” Her heartbeat increased. Just having him in the doorway of her bedroom caused her pussy to weep.

“I’m not leaving until we hash this out.”

“Hash what out?” Damn, she could smell his scent clear across the room. Citrus and masculinity.

The smell should have been overpowering, but not on him. Instead it fueled the deep desire streaming through her body.

“You're determined not to let me into your life?” He took a step into the room.

She inhaled. Even with several feet between them, she could feel his magnetism. She wanted nothing more than for him to pull her into his arms, to have his lips on hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth.

“You’re too dangerous.” The words slipped out before she was even aware of voicing them aloud.

His eyes widened, and another of those sexy, devilish grins spread across his face. “I’m not dangerous. I’m a teddy bear.”

Victoria gave a snort of laughter. He took another step toward her, and now her bedroom felt too small. He was invading her territory. “Grizzly bear is more like it,” she muttered.

“A man,” he said, taking two more steps. “A man who wants to get to know you better.”

SKY: Whoa! Steamy excerpt. Loved it! On to my favorite part─what makes your hero worth knowing – lusting over?

MARIE: Joe is a bit rough around the edges, but he has his tender side and he knows when he's pushing the boundaries.


His need for her overwhelmed him, but he’d promised himself in the wee hours of the morning that he’d do this right. With reluctance, he released her mouth and forced himself to step away. Her moan of protest made him gather her back into his arms.

Again their lips came together. Tongues tangled and hands wandered over bodies. Her fingers traced his shoulders before sinking deep in his hair. His hands slid down her back, enjoying the feel of her body against his.

Their mouths parted, but he trailed his lips down her neck, nipping and licking her skin. She tasted so good, fresh like summer rain. Her head fell back as he continued to nuzzle her neck. The pressure against his jeans reminded him how far gone he really was.

His wants didn't matter. This was about Vicki. About making her feel safe with him, letting her know it was more than just sex. Lifting his head, he waited until Vicki opened her eyes before he spoke. “I'm going to do this right.”

“Felt pretty damn right to me.”

“Damn it, woman. You aren’t making this easy.” He took two steps away, hands clenched at his sides. He had to get some distance before it was too late.

“Who says I want easy.” She followed, cupping the bulge beneath his denim jeans.

“Vicki.” He ground out her name between clenched teeth. This woman excited him just standing there. Fighting against his baser needs wasn't simple, but instead of giving in, he grasped her wrist and pulled her tantalizing fingers away from him.

SKY: Oh yeah, Joe’s worth lusting over! It was a pleasure having you visit. Thanks for much for visiting and sharing!

MARIE: Again, thanks for having me. I'm having fun today.

What’s being said about In Plain Site…

From The Long and Short of It Whipped Cream 4 ½ cherries

Fans of super-hot erotica with a slathering of BDSM will thoroughly enjoy In Plain Sight. The characters are fantastic, the writing is tight, and a heaping portion of emotion exists just inside the pages. This is a definite must read erotica enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.

This story have you intrigued? Want to read more? Click here to purchase In Plain Site now!

Learn more about Marie Tuhart and what’s next on her agenda by visiting her website.

Visit Marie at her blog.

Find Marie on Facebook.

Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free ecopy of In Plain Site and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, you must leave a comment by Friday, April 16th 12 PM EST.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Beginnings. More Chances to Win.

Wow. Thank you to everyone who stopped by this past week and shared with me. Saying goodbye to Nakita was tough but all of your encouragement and kind words kept my head above water. I’d like to give a warm congratulations to Jennifer Mathis. You won the grand prize. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

I’m getting ready to start a new week and it’s very exciting.

Before I go any further I’d like to tell you about a recent development. This is BIG! A fantastic blog event called BLOG MANIA will be sweeping the internet on April 30th. An incredible romance author named Lynda Coker pulled this together and because she has so efficiently accomplished with this event what I am a huge fan of (introducing you to wonderful authors) the giveaway at my blog will be nothing less than a $50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. The cherry on top? A free Ecopy of my latest release, Darkest Memory. Mark April 30th on your calendar and pop in every weekend before as I chat more about it. To make your mouth water now, think over 100 blogs…and an EASY chance to win over 100 prizes!

On to my big news…

Two days and counting!

I had so much fun inviting authors to my blog for Paranormal Romance Month that I've decided to host another string of interviews and contests. This time we're celebrating springtime with my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. All titles discussed are hot off the press and have been released the first half of 2010. Some authors are multi-published and others are brand new!

This time we’ll learn three basic things about each author’s story: What inspired it, more about the heroine, and more about the hero. For a chance to win a free Ecopy and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, all you need to do is leave a comment!

Expect to see a variety of romance genres and discover some excellent stories. To check out the itinerary, click here.

Swing back in Monday morning as I welcome author Marie Tuhart. She’ll be dishing out about her latest erotic romance release, In Plain Site.

Wishing everyone a happy Springtime!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mega Giveaway: Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Well, this officially wraps up Paranormal Romance Month. What a great ride it’s been! I reunited with some super authors and met a few for the first time. Every interview was unique; some were done through email, others over IM or phone. What can I tell you? Every single author was fantastic. I’m humbled by the sheer talent. If you have a few minutes, check my blog log. Read over what they had to say. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a new “favorite” amongst the Paranormal Romance Month authors whom visited.

This week was initially supposed to be my feature week before I launched my Spring has Sprung blog event. I was going to promote my latest release, Darkest Memory. While I still intend to do that, the itinerary has changed somewhat.

This week I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend...my faithful writing companion, my dog, Nakita (the Akita). She was there with me through it all. The first time I sat down and put my mind to writing a novel, query letter, synopsis, and rejection letters that followed. She was also there when I was accepted. Through every word, every long night, through every teeth-jarring moment waiting for reviews.

Through all of it, I looked down and saw her lounging by my feet, not concerned in the least. I’m convinced she always had faith in me. I still remember the day I met her, Christmas of 2001. What a hyper, determined little pup she was. I can still see her plowing through a foot of freshly fallen snow in Manchester, nothing but a puffy tail seen zig-zagging across my backyard until she spied the first hole in the chain-link fence. Whoa! Then I was the woman dressed in sweats and slippers tripping and stumbling after to stop her. Dang dog! Sharp as a tack way back then.

All said, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to her. Doing such, I’m going to do something I’ve NEVER done before, in her honor.

I will be giving away a bulk prize. An e-copy of every single story I’ve published while she sat by my side. This includes, The King's Druidess (lead-in to trilogy), Fate’s Monolith (Book I), Destiny’s Denial (Book II), Highland Muse and Darkest Memory. What do you need to do to win? Simple, leave a comment telling me who you consider to be your faithful writing or reading companion. This can be a dog, cat, person, doesn’t matter. Nobody by your side when you write or read? That’s okay. Share with me who inspired you to write, or read as you do─ as one way or another, Nakita did me.

So, as promised, here’s a little about my vampire tale.

Darkest Memory

Calah Arlington lands a career-making interview with billionaire club owner, Gabriel Knight. His dark looks and mysterious nature captivate her. However, looks can be deceiving. Now bizarre things are happening to her. She hears his seductive voice when he hasn't spoken. She's become forgetful and worries when she's unable to remember her own actions. Could the truth behind the strange occurrences be deadly?

Vampire, Gabriel Knight would have waited a thousand centuries for Calah Arlington to return. A stormy night brings her to him. He should've remained a secret — to protect her. Fate has other plans. Making contact under the pretension of an interview, he lures her to his estate to keep her safe from the enemy. However, he underestimates his dark desire for her. Now who will keep her safe from him?

One of the more descriptive excerpts…

When his hand closed over hers, Calah’s breath caught. A surge of energy poured over her. She felt like a beacon of energy in the night and watched with alarm as lightning streaked across the sky again.

Gabriel stepped halfway behind her, his front to her back, his hand never leaving the back of hers. “Don’t be afraid. This won’t hurt,” he murmured close to her ear.

She gasped when he pressed her palm against the pane and wrapped his other arm around her waist. The rain on the glass slid off as if wiped away with a windshield wiper and the wind ceased. Lightning arched and skirted across the black sky toward them. Thunder boomed and echoed in her eardrums. The waves crashing below became louder. She tensed and watched with wide eyes when the lightning danced and jumped even closer, dangerously close.

Again, his cool breath caressed her ear, face close. “Shhh. Relax, ma petite. No harm will come to you. I promise. It is all an illusion.”

He pulled her tighter against him, and she felt his lips brush her neck. “Now you see through my eyes, mon amour,” he whispered. “Through the eyes of a vampire.”

The ebony sky pulsed with life, and she could discern each individual thundercloud. Her eyesight sharpened further, and she could clearly see each droplet of moisture as it rose from the sea and touched the sky. The lightning took on a blue-white hue and appeared to roll forward until it was within feet of the glass. It hovered, a sparkling array of quivering light, before, like a viperous snake, lurched in one solid streak and met the center of her palm on the other side of the glass. It felt as if an icy cold cloth was thrown on her hand and then steamy hot water poured over shortly after.

Speech became impossible. It was glorious. Night was glorious. Had daylight ever looked this good? Talented, eager lips moved lower on her neck, his tongue swirled over her skin. Lightning arched from her fingertips beyond the windowpane. As it did across the sky, it did so across the glass until it covered the whole window. Zigzagging, it moved like heat lightening, brilliant and mesmerizing. A sigh escaped when his lips met the top of her outer collar bone. Head flung back, she watched the white hot-lightning caress the glass. His hand left its protective perch over hers and slid up her arm. Every pore came alive, every single inch of sensitive skin a thrilling burn beneath his touch.

Calah moaned and her eyelids slid shut, still the lightning jetted across her vision as though it followed the path of his hand, of his lips. She turned her head and nuzzled her cheek against his hair. The whisper of his thoughts brushed her mind, the honesty of them. No manipulation remained between them. He responded to her as a man would a woman he found ravishing. Gabriel also responded as a vampire would to lust and blood. He didn’t hide a thing from her. For all she searched for terror within, none could be found.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for sharing this post with me. Remember, all you need to do to win is leave a comment about your writing/reading companion or whoever inspired you to write/read by Thursday, April 8th, 9 PM EST.

Best Regards

Friday, April 2, 2010

Children of the Mist. Contest winner announced!

Another super week! I’d like to once more thank author Hywela Lyn for visiting and chatting about her latest release, Children of the Mist. What a super story! I know what you’re all eager to find out. Who won the contest? Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Congratulations, Susan! You have one free copy of Children of the Mist and a $5 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press heading your way. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Don’t forget, tomorrow launches the last week of Paranormal Romance Month. As promised, I’ll be featuring my latest story, Darkest Memory. And, as it turns out, saying goodbye to my faithful writing companion...my dog, Nakita.

Hope to see you.

Best Regards,