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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween! Welcome Marie Beau and her Wolf!

Welcome! Hope you’re all ready to enjoy a Spookalicious weekend. I thought, what better way to celebrate this time of year than to invite over a romance author who writes about shapeshifters. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to Marie Beau. She’ll be chatting about her latest release, Wolf! After you enjoy learning a bit more about Wolf! Marie encourages you to come join the fun on a Shifters Blog Tour where you’ve the opportunity to win multiple shifter stories!


Lyssa Merrick has no intention of ever being involved with a wolf, but when Wolfe Reardon seeks her wildlife services she realizes choosing a mate is not always a conscious decision.

SKY: Thanks for visiting and sharing, Marie!

MARIE: Hey Sky, thanks for having me.

SKY: First off, Happy Halloween! I’m so completely thrilled to feature you here right now. I love werewolf stories and having read Wolf! I must say, this is a top-shelf keeper. Tell me, what inspired you to write such a story?

MARIE: I have always loved shifters. It fascinates me, and also lets me attribute thoughts to the actions that animals take sometimes. Kind of like if you have a pet, seeing the little balloon thoughts over their head when they look at you funny.

SKY:  Lyssa Merrick is a no-nonsense kind of woman. Share her with us. What would she want us to know if she were sitting in on this interview? Does she have any secrets? If so, share!

MARIE:  Lyssa has spent her life running away from who she really is, and although she’s happy with her business life, it’s a lonely existence. A bad scene with a member of her father’s pack when she was young is what set her on this path and she stubbornly refuses to change that. Luckily for her, Wolfe can see right through her. Let me show you what I mean.

Where is he? Lyssa shook her head, shoved the appointment pad under the counter, and stormed into the back room. Two weeks…it had been two weeks, and he hadn’t called or come by. The girl that covered the desk when she was out on treks would have mentioned if he called. Was he even coming back? Why did he take her clothes? Not that she cared if she never got them back, they were nothing special, well, other than the quick release snaps, but she had plenty more like them. But the necklace—that was a hand-me-down, not an heirloom, not worth anything to anyone else, but she wanted it back.

Maybe he found some other quarry more enticing than herself, someone else to lead him on his trek into the Adirondacks. More power to him. Let him take his business elsewhere. I’m busy enough. He can go with whoever he wants to.

She crumpled the paper with his name on it and held it over the trash can as she had so many times throughout the week. Her fist wouldn’t open, her fingers clutching the paper. She closed her eyes and licked her lips at the memory of his scent. She smoothed out the paper again on the counter and stared at his name. Wolfe, with an “e”…from a long line of wolves no doubt, and definitely an alpha.

No one else had ever stirred her like this.

SKY: I’m already half in love with hero, Wolfe Reardon. I know I won’t be the only one. Let’s let him join us for a second too. After all, Lyssa’s here! So what does he want us to know about him? Adding to the curiosity-kills-the-cat pot…what doesn’t he want us to know? Would he change a thing about himself or his circumstances? If so, what?

MARIE:  LOL Wolfe will speak for himself – like everything else, he has to be in charge.

WOLFE:  With a lift of an eyebrow and a roll of his eyes he dismisses Marie’s comment. That’s right. I have people, a whole pack who rely on me, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. I’ve made my mistakes and let people into the pack that I shouldn’t have. But they were the ones with the regrets when all was said and done. Protecting my own will always take priority over anything else.

A throaty growl started deep inside. The hair thickened on his arms and chest. Much more of this and he wouldn’t be responsible for his actions. He pulled his head back slightly. Lyssa’s hand slipped around his neck, the prick of her claws holding him still. Her kneading reminded him of a mother wolf carrying a cub. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around hers, tasting, sampling. The mewl from her throat had him instantly hard.

SKY: Wolf! Is a great read and thanks for sharing, Marie. While I have you, could you share a little bit about yourself as a writer? What sort of stories can we expect from you in the future?

MARIE: You can definitely expect the sequel to Wolf! Wolfe’s sister, Shaunna, is already chomping at the bit to get her story out there. And man, is she a handful. Just ask Slade who spends half his time keeping her in line!

Other than that, I have too many irons in the fire to get into them all, but I write everything from the sweetest to the hottest romances. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot more from me.

SKY: Oh, I can't wait to read the sequel! Thanks so much for visiting, Marie (and Wolfe). It’s been a pleasure.

MARIE: Thanks for having us. It’s been a pleasure being here.

Eager to read this story? Purchase Wolf! now through Whispers Publishing. Click here.

Learn more about this author. Visit Marie at her Blogspot.

As I mentioned earlier, Marie is part of a Shifter Blog Tour. Please NOTE: I am not part of this tour, simply promoting it. Also, please keep in mind that while I will be running this post over the weekend the tour only runs Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. Be sure to visit Marie's BLOG first on the tour then travel on if you like. You'll see below, I also listed the other participating blogs.











Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween. Be sure to pop back in Monday morning as my A-musing the World Blog Event continues!




Katie O'Sullivan said...

Hi, ladies! Happy Halloween weekend!

What a great excerpt! While I generally choose vampires over werewolves, these characters sound intriguing! Thanks for sharing, and best of luck with your book!

Marie Beau said...

Hi Sky, sorry, I've been a little busy this spooky weekend. Spent some time with all kinds of creatures and just got back to see our lovely interview posted. Thank you so much. Wolfe and Lyssa are anxious to be off and Slade and Shaunna can't wait to tell your story. So you know what I'll be working on for the near future!
Happy Halloween!

Sky Purington said...

Katie!!! So glad you stopped in! Hope you enjoyed a spooky Halloween. :)))

Sky Purington said...

Happy Halloween, Marie! :)))

Marie Beau said...

Thanks, Sky. Hope you had a good one too! I'm sure the ghouls and goblins haunted your keep this weekend! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Marie Beau said...

Thanks, Sky. Hope you had a good one too! I'm sure the ghouls and goblins haunted your keep this weekend! Hope you enjoyed yourself!