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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Contest Winner

Welcome all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. What a fantastic turn out for my Christmas contest. With the talented authors listed, I'm not surprised in the least. All right, I won't make you wait another minute. The winner is....drum roll.....Janet Kay Gallagher! Congratulations, Janet! Please contact me at SkyPurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated and I wish you a very Happy New Year!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Contest 2009

Merry Christmas and Welcome to my Blog!
Interested in winning a $50.00 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press?

This year I’m running a contest that is strictly about giving back. To whom you ask? Easy, fellow writers. I’d like to say I searched long and hard but that would be a lie. They were easy to find. I won’t go on and on about these fabulous women, though I could. Best to get right to the point.

You need to answer six questions which require you to visit each of their sites. To help a bit, all answers are found on the home page of said site. Oh yeah, you have to work to win this time! Smiles. But, trust me, I’m sending you to sites well worth visiting. I list them in no order of importance, they’re all number one in my book.

Please Note: This contest is open to everyone. Readers, writers, editors, all are welcome!

So, here we go…I list the sites, ask you a question, and you answer them all in a comment at this blog for a chance to win big. Sound good? I hope so!

http://www.hywelalyn.co.uk/... What is the sequel to Hywela Lyn’s well-written, raved about, carry-me-to-another-world novel, Starquest?

http://www.rynneraines.com/..... What erotically hot title does Rynne Raines have us already drooling over; set to be released on December 18th? Sorry, have to say a little extra here, her Eden series carries you away. Truly memorable.

http://www.freewebs.com/reece30/.... Having written some very sensual and thoroughly intriguing short stories, Reece Heering says something compelling on her home page. Fill in the last word to this sentence. “Books are the mirrors of fantasy, and the windows of what?”

http://www.chicksofcharacterization.blogspot.com/... What are the talented writers (and astute book reviewers) who founded this blog obsessed with? If you can’t find that, I’ll take what they’re currently reading as an answer as well.

http://www.skhyemoncrief.com/... Ms. Moncrief is a highly educated, imaginative and savvy Texan author who believes men look best in what? (And, I agree wholeheartedly!!!)

http://www.annakathrynlanier.com/... This must-read author captivated me, made me look twice and smile at the heading on her website. What does it say?

Answer all six questions correctly in a comment by 12:00 AM EST December 25th AT THIS BLOG, for a chance to win. More than anything, I’m glad you took the time to explore and perhaps found an author who caught your attention!

The winner will be announced at this blog on December 26th.

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


Friday, November 20, 2009

New Trilogy

Three cousins...one Scottish, one Irish, one American, are thrust into a paranormal world they never could have speculated existed. Investigators all, ghosts were what they were used to. However, the afterlife isn't that simple. Trapped, finding love in the midst of true evil, these three determined men search for what they once considered reality. Will you be there?

I know, Halloween has passed but I've begun the first novel in my new series of stories titled, The Residential Curse Trilogy. This time I'm mixing modern day guys with the past, with the paranormal, with a reality beyond what any of us wants to acknowledge exists.

I live in a hundred year old Victorian that gets super active around this time of year, not sure why. December is the month for this old clunker. I believe in ghosts, have to. Do you? If so, I'm on the hunt...as are the men from my trilogy, Leathan, Devin and Seth.

I'm halfway through my first novel and would love to hear some real life stories. Do you hear feet scampering around when you're home alone? Ever catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye? You get the drift. Please, in a comment, share your story.

Thanks for popping in, don't forget to comment if you've experienced something from the world of paranormal!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Join My Mailing List

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving? Pretty soon I’ll be whipping up my holiday newsletter. If you’d like to receive my quarterly newsletter and be updated to any new contests, join my mailing list by clicking http://www.skypurington.com. On the left hand side of my home page, click on “Join My Mailing List.”

Have a super weekend!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Contest Winner

WOW...what a wonderful turn out this year for our annual Breast Cancer Awareness contest. I'm beyond thrilled that women are choosing to become more aware of this disease. Thank you all for taking the time to tell us your stories, lend advice, and share great tips. As always, choosing a winner is never easy so I left the task to my three year old. A huge congratulations to Carla Buck...you won! I'll be contacting you soon!

To all the women out there who are breast cancer survivors...you are in my thoughts, always stay strong.

Have a super week and thanks again for participating!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Contest

In honor of all breast cancer survivors and casualties, we'd like to welcome you all to our annual October BREAST CANCER AWARENESS event. We're a few romance authors who want to spread some happily ever afters around while urging you to get your annual checkups! Just visit the following websites or blogs to read up on the latest health information and learn how to enter each of the participating authors' contests.


Each author will offer a prize. So, be certain to enter at each location. Prizes will be announced Halloween night. There's nothing like a wonderful treat on Halloween!

This year I’ve decided to take a new approach. I’d like to catch those women so young they say to themselves, “I’ll worry about this later on,” to those who are getting ready to turn forty, contemplating their first mammogram to those who are fifty, tested yearly and nervous every time. Bet you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Well, simple enough, there are steps we can all take now to possibly lower our chances of getting this disease that visits one in eight women every single day. What’s this miracle cure you ask? No cure, but preventative and purely dietary. Yep, that’s right, changing our eating habits now could help us down the line!

Take the time to read the following dietary changes you can make NOW and I’m willing to dish out a slew of prizes to a random commenter. You read right, a slew of prizes, including two of my novels, a $10 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press and a Breast Cancer awareness T-shirt! That’s how much I want you to become more aware of this disease.

I spent hours scouring the internet looking for dietary changes you can make. Here’s what consistently seemed to be at the top of the list…

-SEAWEED! Who would have thought? Best bet, Kelp and Nori. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I had it in a soup one afternoon in Boston. Wow, was I shocked. It tasted great! What does it do? Fights those free radicals cancer cells find delectable.

-FIBER! Don’t hold back- dish up the fiber whenever you can. Fruits and veggies, beans, whole grains. I don’t know about you but I’ve found a lot of creative ways to eat fruits and veggies. I dip my apple slices in low fat peanut butter, coat my broccoli in crushed up wheat saltines (yeah, they make those now) and sauté them in margin and extra light virgin olive oil. Why is the fiber so important? Fiber interrupts the body's metabolism of estrogen and decreases the blood levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen in the bloodstream correspond to a higher risk of breast cancer. High-fiber diets can decrease breast cancer risk by up to 54 percent! Load up on cruciferous vegetables--broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips, bok choy, kale, and cauliflower.

GO FISH FOR FATTY ACIDS! I’ll tell you right off the top, I take 3,000 ML’s of Omega 3 powered fish oil pills a day because I have no time to cook. This option is super for those who don’t like fish as well. Like fish? Super! Eat at least three servings a week of cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, halibut, mackerel, haddock, cod, and sardines. Why? Omega-3 oils found in the aforementioned fish inhibit the effects of the compounds known as prostaglandins, which have been associated with the inflammation that suppresses the immune system's ability to identify tumors

The list is endless after this. I’ve found mixed reviews about Soy products, so I say research on your own. Eat what feels right. I also learned dairy products as well as olives were a good preventative measure. I listed the foods I did because I eat them religiously now. Did I mention my family history is full of breast cancer? Nothing I’ve listed here is “cut in stone.” I am not a doctor. At the very least it’s healthy! Talk to your doctor and see what he or she recommends.

All you need to do for a chance to win the grand prize is leave a comment about my topic. Do you agree, disagree, have another great point to make? Please share, it’s a go here. I’m all about awareness. If you took the time to read and become more aware, I’m happy!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness contest coming soon.

Wow, it's the first day of Autumn already! I hope everyone had a super summer.

I wanted to remind you it's almost that important time of year again...Breast Cancer Awareness month. Starting October 1'st running through the 31'st, I'll be one of a few authors hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Contest. Every author will cover a different topic. Come, take the blog ride, educate yourself. Stop back in on the first of next month to learn more and enter to win some great prizes.

My best to you all.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swimming the Internet

Explored the Open Seas of the Internet Lately?

If not, you should. There's lots of fun to be had out there. I seldom post things just "for fun" but it's about time! Aye, like you, I get forwarded things in my email. All are welcome. Some catch my attention and I check them out. Why not post them? I thought. Usually, it's all about my work, readers and contests. This time it's for pure enjoyment and curiosity. So, as I said before, grab a cup of coffee (waterproof mug suggested), pull up a floaty and swim the net with me!

Curious what your name says about you? Sure you are, I was! Click Here...http://www.paulsadowski.org/Numbers.asp. Just remember, use your full maiden name ladies!

This one may interest writers more. How well do you think you spell? You might be surprised.

Oh, had to take this one just to see how accurate it was. They were right, it IS the best "smallest political quiz!" Will I tell you what I am? Nope. Political talk will always be the worst sort of conversation one can incite! (winks) Click Here to take the Quiz...http://www.theadvocates.org/quizp/index.html

I saved the best for last. At least in my mind, loving research and history as I do. Writing a novel, short story or school paper and need another resource? You have to check out Ology World. Not only is it chock full of great information...it's rather entertaining! Make sure you have your speakers turned up when you visit...http://www.ologyworld.com/

Hope you had your goggles on, hope you had some fun, because as far as I'm concerned, the Internet is worth the swim, eh?

Feel free to leave a comment telling me your results wherever you may have wandered. I might just share my own experiences in a return comment!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Win a $50 dollar Gift Certificate to Amazon!

Hey all!

I know, I know...I totally vanished in July. Please forgive. Summer's a busy time. We have few sunny summer days here in New Hampshire (even less this year) and since that steamy star in the sky came out a month ago, I've been on the go. Have I a nice tan? I wish! I turn red then back to white. Smiles. Hey, at least I've a few new freckles to show for my effort!

Anyway, the minute I read about a certain contest I knew I had to share. The Roses of Houston are going to be giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to Amazon. Aye, you read right...$50!!! All you have to do is swing over to http://rosesofhouston.blogspot.com/2009/05/share-your-writing-tips-by-aug-31st-to.html and leave a writing tip in a comment. It doesn't matter if you're a writer...as a reader, you may have one or two tips up your sleeve. So head on over for a chance to win. I'm right behind you!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Winner of my Stop and Smell the Roses Bouquet Contest

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Sorry I’ve arrived so late today. My internet service has been super moody. Wow, what a fantastic showing yesterday for my Stop and Smell the Roses Bouquet contest! Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my excerpts and books. You all made my day!

As usual, I wish everyone who left a comment could win, but regrettably, I have to choose just one. So, as I did with my last contest, I printed the comments and let my 3 year old choose for me. (Or should I say, point for me!)

So (drum roll please) the winner of yesterday’s contest is…lastnerve…congratulations!!! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Thanks again for popping in. Have a super week!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses Bouquet

Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet

Good morning all!

If you haven’t heard, today The Wild Rose Press is hosting what it called the Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet. What does that mean for you? Well, if you’ve a little bit of time to spare, there are a TON of prizes to be won at various participating blogs.

In that the third novel in my Scottish Trilogy, Sylvan Mist, is being released this year, I thought I’d focus on the trilogy itself as part of my contest. The prize? A $15 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press!

What I’ve decided to do is ask you a few questions about the first two novels, Fate’s Monolith and Destiny’s Denial, which means traveling to the home page of my website http://www.skypurington.com/. Once you've found the answers, swing back to this blog and answer a question about the following excerpt. Yes, it’s a never before seen excerpt from my upcoming release, Sylvan Mist.

Okay, here are the questions that you must answer in a comment at this blog for a chance to win! In Fate’s Monolith, the hero, Iain, has long awaited the arrival of whom? In Destiny’s Denial, Ferchar bringing Caitlin to Scotland will result in what for Cowal? Last but not least, referring to the excerpt below for Sylvan Mist, why do Coira’s eyes pop open in shock?


“You’re full of questions, aye?” Iain’s verdant eyes sparkled. “My wife Arianna is here and well. How pleased she will be to see you both again. And the laird is—”

"Me.” The deep voice came from behind.

Shivers ran down her spine. William stood so close, Coira swore she felt his breath on the back of her neck. She stepped away, but not before their eyes met. Her heart fell into her stomach. Had she ever met an Englishman as beautiful as William? She straightened her back and squared her shoulders. “I do believe I’ve been brought here by mistake.”

One of William’s dark brows shot up. “Have you now?”

She nodded once. With great effort, she kept her gaze locked with his. “Most certainly. Both Annie and I are well rehearsed in the ways of this connection between the Mac’Lomains and the Brouns. I’m quite sure that I’m not supposed to be here.”

William’s silver eyes left hers and swung to Annie. “Nay, you’re both here for a reason.”

When they returned to hers, a mocking gleam burned within. “Fate doesn’t make mistakes.”

She narrowed her eyes, not trusting him a bit. He was clearly intent on her sister. “Be careful, if I’m here for a reason, then it is without any doubt to protect my sister.”

An insolent smirk made love to his lips. “We will see, then, how well you champion your sister.”

Coira swallowed hard. “You would be amazed at my strength.”

“I’m sure I will be,” he murmured.

Annie broke through the battle of wills with her usual good humor. “I need no champion. Who here will have me?”

Iain alone laughed. Coira and William continued to glare at one another.

“We mount, aye, William?” Iain whistled and his black stallion trotted forth. “Annie, why don’t you ride with me?”

Both William and Coira started to protest, but it was too late. Iain had already swung Annie up onto his mount.

Coira put her hands on her hips and eyeballed William. “I do not wish to ride with you. May I ride one of the spare horses?”

“ ’Twould be my pleasure.” He smiled and she nearly relaxed. “If I trusted you, which I don’t.”

She bit back a growl. A growl! She was a lady, she didn’t growl. Before she knew what had happened, she was neatly plopped in front of William high astride his horse. Her skirt stretched uncomfortably over her legs and her backside nestled far too intimately between his thighs, very strong muscular thighs. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. Ridiculous noticing such a thing!

If that wasn’t enough, his hands suddenly covered her thighs. Her eyes popped open in shock...

After leaving your comment below for a chance to win, make sure you visit everyone else on the Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet. I’ve listed them below!

Thanks again for popping in and Good Luck!


Winner results for Children of the Mist Contest

Wow, I’m absolutely thrilled with how many of you popped in yesterday to not only enter the contest but to support and wish great sales to author, Hywela Lyn! Doesn’t Children of the Mist sound fantastic?

All right, down to business. I wish I could have picked you all to win, but, as contests tend to go, I had to narrow it down to one. How did I manage that? Smiles. I printed all the responses and let my 3 year old do the choosing. He tends to like to aim for the center of the page so…the winner is….Ladyaurthor2b, congratulations!!!! Please contact me at SkyPurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Also, while I have you, don’t forget next Monday, June 22nd, The Wild Rose Press will be hosting the Stop and Smell the Roses Bouquet. Swing by this blog once again for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press!

Thank you to everyone who visited yesterday. I hope to see you again soon!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Contest for Hywela Lyn's latest release, Children of the Mist

Thanks so much for popping in today!

It’s all about celebrating Hywela Lyn’s latest release, Children of the Mist. Sequel to Starquest, Children of the Mist, takes the reader on yet another incredible journey into outer space. Into worlds we mere Earthlings can only dream about and above all, into a world rich with heart-wrenching romance and intrigue.

I’m so thrilled with this book (aye, read it and loved it!) that I’d like to host a contest in honor. The rules are simple. Read a blurb and excerpt from Children of the Mist and answer the following questions in a comment for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press!

BLURB: Two minds united against a common foe. Two hearts afraid to show their love: Long ago Tamarith fell in love with a man she can never have, and is convinced she will never love another. However, she cannot help but be intrigued by a handsome stranger whose psychic powers exceed even her own.

Vidarh seeks only to find his true purpose in life and to win the regard of his father, who eschews his son’s psychic abilities. Thrown together by a common threat to their planet, then torn apart by an evil greater than any they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely Nifl woman who has captivated him, before it is too late? Will Tamarith and Vidarh overcome the deadly enemy who threatens to destroy all they know and love? Will they find the happiness they both seek? Or are they fated to live their lives alone?

EXCERPT: She glanced at him, feeling a little foolish. I suppose that sounds silly—to be scared of the dark? Vidarh gave her a searching look, that momentarily made her feel exposed, as if she'd revealed too much of herself.

Of course not, he reassured her, not after such an experience. Although I wouldn't have imagined you as someone afraid of anything much. But then most people are frightened of something.

Does that include you?

He was silent for a moment and she wondered if she had been too inquisitive. Then Vidarh again gave her a slow smile. There was something very appealing about that slightly crooked smile. Their eyes met and she had a fleeting sense of sadness, or perhaps loneliness, even, as his thoughts touched hers for the briefest of moments. Unaccountably she felt her cheeks begin to flush but she held his gaze and forced herself to smile back, reassuringly.

I hate crowds, he went on. I always feel uncomfortable with large groups of people, which is why I'm much more at home in the mountains with only my pony for company.

And yet you came to Gladsheim, knowing how many people were going to be here?

Vidarh shrugged a reply, obviously reluctant to discuss the matter.

How many other people know? she asked, after a moment. About you being able to teleport, I mean.

He shook his head. You're the first I've told. I haven't even mentioned it to my family.

Why not? It's not as if it's something to be ashamed of.

Again Vidarh shrugged. I'm not sure. Ours is a small community. I just felt...I don't know, 'different' somehow and I didn't want to be. I knew my father wouldn't approve

But that's silly. A gift like that is something to be proud of. In Gladsheim it would be encouraged —nurtured, Tamarith began, but just then, Gullin called them to join the group on the other side of the lake.

Answer the following questions in a comment for a chance to win!

Why were Vidarh and Tarmarith thrown together? When Vidarh and Tarmarith first meet, they speak of fears, things they don’t like, make them uncomfortable. What is Tamarith’s dislike/fear? What is Vidarh’s? What gift does Vidarh possess, that which only Tarmarith knows about?

I look forward to hearing from you and good luck!

Swing by Hywela Lyn's website http://www.hywelalyn.co.uk/ to learn more about previous and upcoming releases.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Simple blessing for Flight 447

My heart goes out to the families of Air France Flight 447.

My comfort in this is to hope and believe that, "The end is only the beginning."


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heard of Ray Rhamey?

Every once in a while I have to take a few moments away from talking to my readers and talk to my fellow writers. It matters little if you're published, aspiring to be published or simply hold the craft of writing as a hobby, for your eyes only. What matters is improving and learning, for all of us.

I'm multi-published but realize...and intend to always realize, I can do better, that (as a dear friend once said to me) apply a little bit more elbow grease and improve my manuscript if need be.

My topic today? Showing versus telling. Smiles. If you're a writer you know well this, "staple of writing." If you don't, look it up! It astounds me as I go from year to year, story to story, how the simple act of showing versus telling in a story can, at some point, slip through one's fingers. More slippery than a well buttered stalk of corn on the cob!

Anyways, I recently Googled the topic once again, eager for another way to grasp it, to make my writing even better. Curious what I found? I'll bet.

Ray Rhamey....I read one of his blog posts and it managed to infiltrate one more corner of my writer's mind which had apparantly been sealed up tight, dusty with cobwebs. What he said in a simple blog post taught me more than most of the stuff I've read in two years on the topic of showing versus telling.

No sales pitch here, promise, I haven't even bought his book Flogging the Quill yet...but I will!

Curious my fellow writers? Check out the blogpost at http://www.floggingthequill.com/flogging_the_quill/2006/week6/index.html. Well worth it in my opinion.

All right, must be off. I wish you all a very sun-filled, family-loving Memorial Day Weekend!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interviewed at Emma Lai's Blogspot!

So glad you popped into my blog!

It’s all about my story, Highland Muse on Friday, May 8'th. Yep, I’m being interviewed! Swing over and join me at http://emmalaiwrites.blogspot.com and learn a wee bit about what the muse of tragedy is doing in 16’th century Scotland. I look forward to seeing you!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

And the winners are...

Well, it's another lovely day here in New England. Thank you for the great comments left yesterday during my contest! All right, down to busniness. A big congratulations to Pam P., you won a copy of Highland Muse in digital format. AND, another congratulations goes out to Judy, you won copies of Destiny's Denial, Fate's Monolith and Song of the Muses: Book 1!

Winners please contact me at SkyPurington@live.com.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Want to win some free book? (A TISKET A TASKET PUT ROMANCE IN YOUR BASKET contest)

Thanks for popping in all! Today I'm hosting the A TISKET A TASKET, PUT ROMANCE IN YOUR BASKET contest that's been spring cleaning it's way through cyberspace.

Oh yes…spring has certainly sprung, hasn't it? When I saw the first green sprout a few weeks ago I definitely did the “happy dance.” Today, both the white and yellow tulips were basking in the sun, bright and cheery as ever. Let me tell you, it’s about time. Living in New Hampshire, we were privy to what is now called the infamous “Ice Storm of 2008.” I think the title speaks for itself. And that just started off our winter up here!

To say I’m spring cleaning is a massive understatement. Every curtain has been washed, every tile scrubbed and all those warm fuzzy sweaters, boxed for next winter. Okay, maybe I kept one out…we've seen snow in May after all! (Knocks on wood)

So… rubs hand together in anticipation… I need to clean a little bit more. Frankly, I’ve a few books to clear out before my next book signing scheduled for the beginning of July. In fact, I have three print books and one digital download to give away. (Yep, spring cleaning my computer is on my agenda as well, winks.)

Curious what I’m up to? Well, it includes two missions for you depending on what you want to win. The first prize is a digital copy of Highland Muse. To win this you need to head to my website http://www.skypurington.com/ and click on "Works in Progress." Once there, find out what the hero in The Victorian's Lure does for a living. Return to this blog and tell me the answer in a comment.

To win the second prize, including Song of the Muses: Book 1, Fate's Monolith and Destiny's Denial, all in PRINT, requires little effort...just a good read over of the blurb and excerpt for my upcoming release, Darkest Memory. You'll find this information at http://www.skypurington.com/ on my Home Page.

All right, here’s what you need to answer to win three books in PRINT. After obtaining the answers to the following questions, return to this blog and leave them in a comment. First question…What bizarre things start happening to Calah Arlington after she meets Gabriel Knight? Next question…who is painting a picture of Calah Arlington? Last but not least…How does Gabriel want Calah positioned for the painting?
Okay, after ALL that, there is ONE more prize to be won from me and that is yet another copy of Song of the Muses: Book 1 in print which will be part of the grand prize. You will be searching for the above egg. Just visit my website, locate the 4 eggs, make a list of their locations by pasting the urls to the website pages in an e-mail, then send the entry to Happyendings2007@aol.com by midnight CST on March 1st, 2009. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced March 2nd at http://blog.skhyemoncrief.com/.

Well, it’s time to throw on some sunglasses and lather on some suntan lotion because spring time is heating up in New England this weekend. I had a blast hosting the contest today and guarantee you’ll all have a super time tomorrow at the next stop in the A TISKET A TASKET, PUT ROMANCE IN YOUR BASKET contest event when you pop over to Tabitha Shay’s site at http://www.tabithashay.com/

Have a super weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The eggs are painted...the Easter bunny is on his way...
Wishing all who swing by a very happy Easter!
God Bless,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Spring is in the air! Bees are buzzing. Children anxiously await the big morning where they can graze on candy all day. What about mom? We've got a treat for you! Come join a group of romance authors in celebration of spring. Enter to win a prize a day as well as enter to win the grand prize. All you need do is begin at Silver James' blog on April 1st at http://www.silverjames.com.silver/ will host the day's contest and provide the link to the next day's location. Don't forget to enter to win the grand prize! Here's the dirt...

A TISKET A TASKET, PUT ROMANCE IN YOUR BASKET Grand Prize:To enter to win prizes from the authors donating treasures to the grand prize (see each day's post for what an author is donating to the grand prize), find the four Easter eggs in the A TISKET A TISKET, PUT ROMANCE IN YOUR BASKET blog event.
You will be searching for the above egg. Just visit all of the authors' websites, locate the 4 eggs, make a list of their locations by pasting the urls to the website pages in an e-mail, then send the entry to http://us.mc632.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=happyendings2007@aol.com by midnight CST on March 1st, 2009. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced March 2nd at http://blog.skhyemoncrief.com/. Tip #1, subscribe to http://blog.skhyemoncrief.com/ to learn if you're the winner! And don't worry. If you start in on the blog event late, just head back to Silver James' blog on April 1st to begin your website search for the Easter eggs. Don't miss the fun! See you next to the burgundy tulips. ~Sky

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm back on the blogging scene

Good morning all!

I haven't been able to post in some time and apologize to any of my readers that may have popped in to see what I'm up to. Mostly, I've been knee deep in edits for both Sylvan's Mist (Book three in my Scottish trilogy) and The Victorian's Lure (Hopefully another addition to The Song of the Muses anthology/series). I'm working with a wonderful new editor on Sylvan's Mist and can't wait to be able to announce a release date! As far as The Victorian's Lure goes, I'm still making some minor adjustments but will be submitting it soon. If you had a chance to read Highland Muse then you already know half the characters in The Victorian's Lure.

It's starting to warm up a wee bit here in New Hampshire and I can't tell you how much I look forward to that first spring day in which the jackets can be shed and the Tulips make their first appearance. Of course, that means it's time for spring clean-up but even that won't be half bad considering the winter we've had!

I hope everyone's enjoying the month of March. Did I mention that I'm part of another fantastic Blog event happening next month? This one is bigger and better than ever so swing in soon to learn more!

My best to you all,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the winner is...

Good morning everyone!

Though I was able to promote quite a bit for the Romancing February blog event at its start I was able to do very little for my contest yesterday due to a family crisis. Having said that I was thrilled to see those of you who were able to make it!

Every response was beyond wonderful and warmed my heart to read. With a random point made by my three year old, I’m pleased to announce that HouseMouse88 is the grand winner! Congratulations!!!!! Please contact me at SkyPurington@live.com.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated.

Have a lovely week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Romancing February...

Thanks for popping in…you’ve landed at ground zero ‘Sky’s in a loving mood’ blogspot. As many of you may know, I’m part of the Romancing February blog event finding its heartfelt way through cyberspace. There have been so many great topics and super giveaways thus far I can only hope that I measure up. These romance writers know how to throw a blog event!

As you know if you’ve been here before, amongst other things, I’m a big softie when it comes to matters of the heart. Be it promoting charity for those less fortunate… promoting healthcare awareness, and of course…promoting good romance stories.

So, naturally, thinking along these lines I thought to give away one grand prize. The first part of the prize will consist of a print copy of books one and two in my trilogy, Fate’s Monolith and Destiny’s Denial. The second, and most important, will be a $25 dollar donation to the Boston Heart Foundation from me in your name. I know, the second aspect of this prize strays a bit from what we all think about when we think ‘Valentines’ but technically, it's a few days after Valentine's! I lost a dear family member to a cardiac event and would like to help promote research in the area.

What do you need to do to enter and qualify for this prize? Simple. Share an event that touched your heart. It can be something romantic or it can be a moment with someone you hold dear, a child, a friend, grandparent, just as long as it touched your heart. If nothing comes to mind, I'd even love to hear about a particular book you've read that touched your heart like no other.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines and that the sentiment stays with you throughout the year. Remember, on February 28th, one person will be awarded the grand prize of a $75 WRP gift certificate. All you have to do to enter the grand prize contest is make a list of each author in this blog event and name one title she has available. Submit your list to http://us.mc632.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=Christmasrideblog@live.com by midnight CST, February 27, 2009. The winner will be announced on February 28th--just in time to warm up that person's February.

Check this blog tomorrow to find out who won my contest!

Don’t forget, this heartfelt blog event doesn’t stop here. Be sure to check out http://chellehicks.blogspot.com/ tomorrow, it’s bound to warm your heart even more!

Until next time.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Romancing February blog event is almost here!


28 romance authors invite you to participate in a month-long event of love and laughter. Each day starting February 1, 2009 an author will throw a romance party at her blog and host a contest with a prize. The link to the next day's blog location will also be provided at each location. Just drop by and enter the contest. And get ready to heat up the cold wintry days of February. You could win a prize a day!

On February 28th, one person will be awarded the grand prize of a $75 WRP gift certificate. All you have to do to enter the grand prize contest is make a list of each author in this blog event and name one title she has available. Submit your list to Christmasrideblog@live.com by midnight CST, February 27, 2009. The winner will be announced on February 28th--just in time to warm up that person's February. Visit http://www.amberleighwilliams.blogspot.com on February 1st to begin.

Good luck and have a blast everyone!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I'm up to now

Hi Everyone,

I've been a bit "MIA" lately, so sorry. New Hampshire is having a heck of a winter and when not grumbling about shoveling I've got my son outside enjoying the endless snow. We still haven't had that perfect snowman snow yet, just the fluffy or icy stuff, but fingers are crossed we will soon...for his sake anyway!

I'm still busy writing and look forward to some new releases soon, 2009 looks to be a productive year!

While I have you I'd like to let you know that I'm part of another super cyberspace Valentine's blog event in the month of February. We're talking 28 romance authors coming together and dishing out some great giveaways and lots of romantic fun throughout the month. Check back soon to learn more!

Until we meet again...Sky