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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Trilogy

Three cousins...one Scottish, one Irish, one American, are thrust into a paranormal world they never could have speculated existed. Investigators all, ghosts were what they were used to. However, the afterlife isn't that simple. Trapped, finding love in the midst of true evil, these three determined men search for what they once considered reality. Will you be there?

I know, Halloween has passed but I've begun the first novel in my new series of stories titled, The Residential Curse Trilogy. This time I'm mixing modern day guys with the past, with the paranormal, with a reality beyond what any of us wants to acknowledge exists.

I live in a hundred year old Victorian that gets super active around this time of year, not sure why. December is the month for this old clunker. I believe in ghosts, have to. Do you? If so, I'm on the hunt...as are the men from my trilogy, Leathan, Devin and Seth.

I'm halfway through my first novel and would love to hear some real life stories. Do you hear feet scampering around when you're home alone? Ever catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye? You get the drift. Please, in a comment, share your story.

Thanks for popping in, don't forget to comment if you've experienced something from the world of paranormal!


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