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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Contest Winner

Welcome all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. What a fantastic turn out for my Christmas contest. With the talented authors listed, I'm not surprised in the least. All right, I won't make you wait another minute. The winner is....drum roll.....Janet Kay Gallagher! Congratulations, Janet! Please contact me at SkyPurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated and I wish you a very Happy New Year!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Contest 2009

Merry Christmas and Welcome to my Blog!
Interested in winning a $50.00 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press?

This year I’m running a contest that is strictly about giving back. To whom you ask? Easy, fellow writers. I’d like to say I searched long and hard but that would be a lie. They were easy to find. I won’t go on and on about these fabulous women, though I could. Best to get right to the point.

You need to answer six questions which require you to visit each of their sites. To help a bit, all answers are found on the home page of said site. Oh yeah, you have to work to win this time! Smiles. But, trust me, I’m sending you to sites well worth visiting. I list them in no order of importance, they’re all number one in my book.

Please Note: This contest is open to everyone. Readers, writers, editors, all are welcome!

So, here we go…I list the sites, ask you a question, and you answer them all in a comment at this blog for a chance to win big. Sound good? I hope so!

http://www.hywelalyn.co.uk/... What is the sequel to Hywela Lyn’s well-written, raved about, carry-me-to-another-world novel, Starquest?

http://www.rynneraines.com/..... What erotically hot title does Rynne Raines have us already drooling over; set to be released on December 18th? Sorry, have to say a little extra here, her Eden series carries you away. Truly memorable.

http://www.freewebs.com/reece30/.... Having written some very sensual and thoroughly intriguing short stories, Reece Heering says something compelling on her home page. Fill in the last word to this sentence. “Books are the mirrors of fantasy, and the windows of what?”

http://www.chicksofcharacterization.blogspot.com/... What are the talented writers (and astute book reviewers) who founded this blog obsessed with? If you can’t find that, I’ll take what they’re currently reading as an answer as well.

http://www.skhyemoncrief.com/... Ms. Moncrief is a highly educated, imaginative and savvy Texan author who believes men look best in what? (And, I agree wholeheartedly!!!)

http://www.annakathrynlanier.com/... This must-read author captivated me, made me look twice and smile at the heading on her website. What does it say?

Answer all six questions correctly in a comment by 12:00 AM EST December 25th AT THIS BLOG, for a chance to win. More than anything, I’m glad you took the time to explore and perhaps found an author who caught your attention!

The winner will be announced at this blog on December 26th.

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!