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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red Spot!

Hi all!

Okay, as usual I'm fiddling about with this blog. Can I be honest? I'm a horrible blogger but I'm working on it! I spent five hours today with my hands in the dirt, planting everything from Dahlia's to Geraniums. What did I get out of it? Dirty fingernails, sore joints and...yes, a wide smile on my face. I love this time of year and have missed gardening. Regrettably, I forgot when I planned my main garden that the two centerpieces were these massive red rose bushes, and when I say massive I'm not kidding, one's four feet tall! So, I went and bought Dahlia bulbs that will get that tall and what color are they you ask? Ugh, Red! Every gardener out there knows that I just went a little too red with garden! I told my husband those flying into Manchester airport will know where we live, we're the BIG red dot on the ground!

Regardless, it made me think of my writing as most things do, I know, roll your eyes, everything in my world revolves around writing! But seriously, right now, what I'm doing feels like a big RED dot that stands out from everything I've done thus far. Why you ask?

I'm writing a vampire tale!

For all of you that aren't into that I completely understand, I've gone off base a bit....but for those of you that are into vampires I look forward and hope that what I write appeals to you. If you like Anne Rice (one of my favorites) and aren't into the gore of vampire tales what I'm doing now might work for you. So keep your eyes peeled, I'll let you know more as soon as this is cut in stone.

Until then, have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Newest Release Dates

Hello Everyone!

At long last May has arrived and with it fairly warm weather and a little bit of good news! I have a release date for Destiny's Denial, book 2 in my Scottish trilogy... May 23rd digital and November 21st print. To learn more just visit the main page of my website and scroll down, you can't miss it, bottom left hand corner...http://www.skypurington.com/main.html

It couldn't hurt to check out Fate's Monolith, book 1 in the trilogy! (wink, wink) Just click on this link if you're interested... http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=555

Also (Drum roll please) I have a release date for Highland Muse. It will be available June 13. This is a shorter story that is part of a great new Muse Anthology I'm writing for. In Highland Muse you'll meet Melomene, Muse of Tragedy, whom falls in love with Rowan Stewart, a 16th century Scottish Royal. To learn more about Highland Muse, click this link...http://www.skypurington.com/muses.html

If you scroll down, you can revisit Melpomene's Myspace, she's always looking for new friends!

There will be a lot going on the remainder of this year so stay tuned.

Best to you all,