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Friday, November 8, 2019

Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon- Complete Series. #PNR #KU

It’s that time! The complete Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon series is now available in a boxed set. I loved writing this series and was sad to see it end but expect more Viking dragons in the near future. The next series is already slated for a 2020/2021 release. Very exciting! Until then, Happy Reading! xo

About the Set

Alpha Viking warrior dragon shifters come together with their fated mates in six full-length fast-paced adventures across time. Journey to medieval Scandinavia and mythological Norse worlds on turbulent quests rife with heart-pounding action, unexpected twists, and sizzling passion. 1300+ pages of page-turning time travel, paranormal romance.

Purchase at Amazon→ getbook.at/RiseOfTheDragon

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

VIKING KING’S VENDETTA- Taking a few months to reflect on what she truly wants from life, Emily returns to her family home in Winter Harbor, Maine. Yet she should have known her ties with ancient Scandinavia and those with dragon blood would catch up with her. Moreover, that her connection with the man she loves would be impossible to ignore. Something soon proved when he pulls her back in time to tenth century Norway.

Determined to help his people defeat a dark prophecy, Viking Sven Sigdir returns to his homeland to find two regions minus their beloved kings. Leaderless, both clans look to Sven to rule. Though willing to rise up, he must first uncover the root of the prophecy. That means reuniting with the woman who holds his heart and setting forth on a perilous journey.

Sven and Emily navigate not only their feelings for one another but the burgeoning prophecy that might take it all away. Will they be able to conquer their new adversary before it's too late? Or is this just the beginning of something that will change life as they know it? Join them as they embark on their adventure in a new action-packed series ripe with sizzling passion, epic battles, dynamic characters and most especially, powerful dragon-shifters.

VIKING’S VALOR- Cursed by her dragon ancestor, Sage is at the root of a burgeoning prophecy that threatens her sisters. The only way to protect them is to leave Winter Harbor, Maine, and travel back in time to tenth century Scandinavia. Back to Håkon and Leif, the men she left behind. Two warriors pitted against each other to win her over so they might strengthen their position in an ongoing war. Yet when she arrives, she's captured by someone else entirely.

Set to annihilate his nemesis before he wreaks havoc and claims Sage as his own, Viking Håkon Sigdir pursues Leif. Until Sage is taken by Magnus of the Årud tribe. It then becomes a race to see who can save her first from the enemy's rogue ally. A race that turns into a battle of wills as their rivalry for Sage intensifies.

Sparks fly as an age-old vendetta ignites a love triangle that threatens not just the fate of Håkon's people but his very heart.

Will Sage ultimately choose him or Leif? Will she see past the dark enchantment affiliated with her ancestor's prophecy and realize who is destined for her? Better yet, will she see clearly the evil imposter? Because if she falls for Leif's mock heroism rather than Håkon's genuine valor, the war will be lost.

VIKING’S INTENT- Part of a burgeoning ancient prophecy, Shea's sole focus is to protect her sisters. Not become mated to a Viking of her dragon ancestor's choosing. If that happens, she might lose not just her independence but a matchmaking gift that brings people together. A gift at risk when she's kidnapped by a stubborn, frustratingly handsome barbarian who takes her on a whirlwind adventure through tenth century Scandinavia.

Though at odds with the twenty-first century beauty from the moment he meets her, Viking Davyn Sigdir steals Shea away to keep her safe from multiple enemies set on making her theirs. Unfortunately, he underestimates how alluring she can be when it suits her. How feisty and headstrong she is as she tries to outwit him at every turn.Yet the fiery strife between them only draws them closer, and soon their unwanted attraction becomes hard to resist.

Determined to control their own fate, they devise a bold plan to trick their adversaries. One that could keep Shea's matchmaking gift intact plus end the prophecy and ongoing war. All they have to do is agree to be separated forever. Are they willing to pay such a steep price for the greater good? Or will it be too hard to say goodbye in the end? Find out as a passionate high-stakes war of hearts ensues in Viking's Intent.

VIKING’S RANSOM- Kenzie is determined to be there for her sisters no matter what it takes. Even if it means giving herself over to her fated mate, Viking Eirik Sidgir. When she ends up traveling through time to tenth century Scandinavia, she's ready for whatever comes her way. Until a chance encounter with Hel, the Goddess of Helheim, who has long loved Eirik.

Having recognized Kenzie from the moment he saw her picture in the twenty-first century, Eirik realizes the time has finally come. A secret close to the heart is about to be revealed, and the stunning red-head is the only person capable of protecting what matters most to him.

Unfortunately, Hel has already stolen Kenzie away. Now he needs to convince the goddess to give him back his bargaining chip because of a little known prophecy. One that foretells he must offer up the woman he loves as ransom to get back what has been taken from him.

VIKING’S CONQUEST- Tormented by her past, Tess hits the open road, and never looks back. Not until Fate forces her through time to medieval Scandinavia where an age-old prophecy opens old wounds. Unable to escape them, she has no choice but to navigate raw, heart-wrenching memories if she hopes to mate and defeat the enemy.

Though determined to end his rival without taking a mate, Viking Rokar Sigdir realizes that might be impossible when Tess joins him on his quest and awakens feelings he thought long dormant. Yet with passion and a chance to start anew comes dark flashbacks of losing his kin and the unimaginable pain it caused. A misery he fears repeating.

Will Rokar and Tess be able to let their pasts go so they can end their nemesis and share a future? Or are some things just too hard to overcome? Find out as they journey through time and turbulent memories on a fast-paced, otherworldly adventure that becomes not just a conquest of their enemy but of their grief-stricken souls.

VIKING’S CRUSADE- Determined to help her sisters navigate an unraveling prophecy, Ava sets aside the sins of her past and heads to Winter Harbor only to discover she and her fated mate are the key to everything. The missing piece in an ancient vendetta that launches them on a revealing journey. A quest through time that heals old wounds and brings them closer together yet fuels the ruthless monster eager to claim her.

Pursued by their powerful enemy, Viking Soren Sigdir and Ava make their way back to what they left behind in another life. Not just a risky plot against their foe but the deep love they sacrificed so that other dragons might mate. Yet war still rages, threatening humanity. Rising up once more, they must face the darkness of dragonkind’s home world and relive the crusade they once led if they hope to succeed.

Will they finally see through the Great Serpent's vendetta and win the war? Or will they have to forfeit love again to prevent their nemesis from unleashing his wrath on Midgard? Find out in Viking’s Crusade, the action-packed epic conclusion of Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon.

Purchase at Amazon→ getbook.at/RiseOfTheDragon

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ragnar: Viking Surrender. #historicalromance

Fun news! Remember the Viking Anthology I was part of this summer? The stories are now being released independently. My contribution, Ragnar, includes a never-read-before epilogue. So if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, scoop up your copy now for only .99 cents! FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Be sure to look over the other nine stories as well, all conveniently listed in Ragnar and at Goodreads. Though all the stories can stand alone, I highly recommend starting with Ashe Barker's FREE prologue.

Purchase Ragnar heregetbook.at/Ragnar

Intrigued by the symbol on his blade, Myrna chooses Ragnar for her husband. But how is she to love a man who lives in the past? Determined to remain faithful to his deceased wife, Ragnar both fights and craves Myrna, hungry for her healing touch. Will he give in and find sanctuary in her arms? Or will the shocking truth about his dagger end love before it begins?

Ragnar is one of nine provocatively sensual tales within the Viking Surrender series. 

Stories of suspense, seduction and adventure, told against the forbidding backdrop of medieval Scotland.

Journey together with indomitable heroes and intrepid heroines, as they discover that the raging storms of fear and passion can transform into enduring devotion.

A horde of battle-hardened, ferocious Nordic warriors.
A Pictish village at the mercy of its enemies.
A harrowing bargain struck for nine fearful and reluctant brides.

Delivered into Viking hands, claimed and conquered, each bride must accept that she belongs to her new master. But, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?

The Highland wilderness is savage, life is perilous, and the future uncertain, but each Viking has sworn protection, and there are no lengths to which a man will not go to safeguard the woman he loves.

For those who've already read the nine Viking romances (via the boxed set of 'Vikings')... each author has now added an epilogue, so you can find out what happens next for each hero and heroine.

Purchase Ragnar heregetbook.at/Ragnar

Friday, October 18, 2019

Once Upon a Christmas Wedding Boxed Set. #romance

Waving hello! I'm back from an amazing trip to Scotland just in time to share some great news. I've teamed up with twenty-six fabulous authors to bring you a historical holiday romance box set you don't want to miss. Buy 'Once Upon a Christmas Wedding' and unwrap twenty-seven stories of scandalous adventure, sizzling passion, and heartwarming holiday romance.

Fall in love with Regency rakes, kilted Highlander heroes, and Victorian viscounts, earls, and dukes. This boxed set of all-new historical Yuletide novellas from your favourite authors is available for just three months, so scoop up your copy while you can.

My contribution, Highland Yule (A MacLomain and MacLauchlin Hogmanay Tale) follows a couple who fall in love in 14th century Scotland. Expect to visit MacLauchlin Castle and MacLomain Castle plus meet characters from TWO upcoming Highlander series (The MacLauchlins in Highlander’s Pact and the MacLomains in End of an Era).

About Highland Yule

Following a trail of mysterious letters left by her deceased betrothed, Rona MacLomain joins his brother on an emotional yuletide journey to uncover the truth. Can they reach a place of forgiveness and reignite their long lost love? Or are some wounds too deep to ever heal?

Purchase Once Upon a Christmas Wedding here→ viewbook.at/ChristmasWedding

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Win a $25 Amazon gift card in this super easy-entry giveaway sponsored by the authors of Once Upon a Christmas Wedding. Don't forget to grab your copy of this bargain Christmas boxset too!

Join me at Historical Harlots' Facebook Group on Saturday, October 19th, 5 PM EST as I chat about Highland Yule and offer several Amazon gift card giveaways. Hope to see you there!

PS- there's also a grand prize $25 Amazon gift card giveaway at this event so be sure to become a member of Historical Harlots' so you don't miss out!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

ALL PROCEEDS benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. #PNR

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve teamed up with 20 fantastic authors to bring you a paranormal romance boxed set you don’t want to miss! Brace yourself for a sexy and wicked treat.

This limited-time boxed set is packed with vampires, wolves, dragons, and more!

Time to satisfy your craving for immortal bad boys and give into your hunger for lust, passion, and romance. We’ve brought it all in one sinfully delightful set.

The best part? ALL proceeds benefit the Epilepsy Foundation.

Order now before this fabulous set is no longer available!→


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Passion. Courage. Sacrifice. Viking's Crusade. #amreading

I’m thrilled to announce the epic conclusion of Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon has finally arrived. Soren and Ava took me on one heck of an adventure and naturally because it ended a series, I was extra teary. They kept me guessing, and I love how it all came together. Hope you will too! Be sure to read to the bottom so you can find out how to enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card. 

About the Book

An alpha Viking dragon shifter and his fated mate struggle to save humanity in a riveting, passionate tale of courage, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Determined to help her sisters navigate an unraveling prophecy, Ava sets aside the sins of her past and heads to Winter Harbor only to discover she and her fated mate are the key to everything. The missing piece in an ancient vendetta that launches them on a revealing journey. A quest through time that heals old wounds and brings them closer together yet fuels the ruthless monster eager to claim her.

Pursued by their powerful enemy, Viking Soren Sigdir and Ava make their way back to what they left behind in another life. Not just a risky plot against their foe but the deep love they sacrificed so that other dragons might mate. Yet war still rages, threatening humanity. Rising up once more, they must face the darkness of dragonkind's home world and relive the crusade they once led if they hope to succeed.

Will they finally see through the Great Serpent's vendetta and win the war? Or will they have to forfeit love again to prevent their nemesis from unleashing his wrath on Midgard? Find out in Viking's Crusade, the action-packed epic conclusion of Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon.

Grab your copy of Viking’s Crusade
Start at the beginning. Read the whole series.

FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Soren led her into a cozy nook beneath a pine with a moss covered trunk. The intimate area had a cave of sorts carved into a monstrous rock on one side. Pine branches hung to the ground on the other. Like all places in the Realm, soft verdant grass grew where it shouldn’t. Not that she was complaining as she sat and looked up.
“I used to enjoy sitting beneath the trees at my home in Lake Placid,” she mentioned, steering the conversation away from intimacy. “Then I went off to college and never got around to sitting under one again.”
He lit a fire and sat beside her. “It is peaceful, yes?”
“It really is,” she murmured. “Funny, maybe a small part of me was trying to bring that sense of peace to the rest of the world.”
“By the sounds of it, you did.”
“Here and there.” Not when it mattered most, though.
“I would like to it see someday,” he said softly. “Your life…what you accomplished.”
“You mean, look through my mind’s eye.” She tensed at the thought. It was one thing catching her thoughts, but to let him all the way in would mean him seeing first-hand the atrocities she had caused. “Maybe eventually.”
“When you are ready,” he agreed. “Though it might happen against your will as it has for some of our kin.”
“I know.” She met his eyes. “I guess I just want to put it off for as long as possible.” She shook her head, realizing it was for more reasons than one. “Not just for me but for you.”
“You are afraid of the way I will look at you. That it will damage the way my dragon looks at yours, the connection they are so desperate for.” He shook his head. “But it will not, Ava. It cannot.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I do, though. As I said before, my dragon can only lend yours comfort and protect it,” he said softly. “Letting me and my dragon in will not push us away but pull us closer. It will allow us to soak up some of your pain…to help you find self-forgiveness.”
“How can you know that when you’ve never had a mate?”
“Because I have had a mate.” He brushed the back of his knuckles along her jaw. “You.” He searched her eyes. “Surely, you feel the growing connection. The intense bond.”
“You know I do,” she whispered because she couldn’t quite find her voice. “Only our growing connection isn’t giving me a sense of confidence. Instead, I feel like I’m drawing closer to unbearable pain.” While she meant to keep it to herself, her inner dragon prompted her tongue along. “I keep getting this nagging feeling I’m going to lose you now that I’ve found you.”
“You cannot let that stand in your way,” he said gently. “Instead, you have to trust it, allow the connection. In that, you will find peace.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I already feel it.” His fingers trailed down the side of her neck, causing a fresh spike of heat. “While yes, there is great risk, there is also certainty that this is eternal. That the connection we made on Múspellsheimr is ours for all time.” He tilted her chin until their eyes were aligned. “Our dragons will always find their way back to each other, Ava. So even if you lose me in this life, there will be another. I will return to you.”
He certainly had a way with words, didn’t he? But they were true words said from his heart. She could see it in his eyes. Sense it in his soul. More than that, she could feel it in his tender touch.

Grab your copy of Viking’s Crusade

Start at the beginning. Read the whole series.

FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

$20 Amazon Gift Card

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Breaking the Rules for Love. A Scot's Pledge. #mustread

Ready for more delicious MacLomain Highlanders and their strong, independent modern-day Broun lasses? Tiernan and Julie’s story is now available for pre-order!!

I’m lovin’ these two, but then I’m a total sucker for a ‘friends to lovers’ tale. Not to mention Tiernan’s son to the infamous Adlin MacLomain and I adore Julie, who’s been in several books over the years (Viking Heart, A Viking Holiday and Destiny’s Dragon). She’s one of those ‘left behind’ characters I felt deserved her own Happily Ever After.

Grab your copy here→ https://amzn.to/2k3O8B7

About the Book

From friends to lovers, forbidden passion sparks between a modern day woman and a medieval Highland warrior.

Accustomed to watching over things for Clan MacLomain and their Viking ancestors, Julie has given up hope of traveling back in time for love like those before her. Until the day an old friend turned crush shows up on her doorstep in New Hampshire claiming he needs help in fourteenth century Scotland.

Having pledged to help his clan, Laird Tiernan MacLomain searches for his destined Broun in the twenty-first century. Yet he only wants the woman he’s secretly loved for years. So he breaks the rules and brings Julie back to the medieval period with him. She might lack the bloodline needed to harness the power of the Claddagh, but he won’t leave her behind.

Together, they embark on a whirlwind quest to protect King David II against Edward Balliol and his disenfranchised nobles, the ‘disinherited.’ They also face a dark threat nobody foresaw. Will Tiernan and Julie defeat it without the power of predestined love? Or will breaking the rules be their ultimate downfall and Scotland’s ruin? Find out in A Scot’s Pledge, an emotional and passionate journey into the turbulent onset of the Second War of Scottish Independence.

Grab your copy here→ https://amzn.to/2k3O8B7

Thursday, August 29, 2019

English Knights & Roman Gladiators. #mustread

End of summer sale! 

If you have a taste for old-school vampires (think Anne Rice sort of vamps) and British & Italian history, my Forsaken Brethren Twinpack is FREE for a few days. Follow the dark, yet romantic journey of a medieval English Knight turned vampire in Darkest Memory then a Roman Gladiator turned vamp in Heart of Vesuvius.

Grab your copy  HERE.

Join the Forsaken on their journey from mortality to vampire. Meet the men they were then the beasts they became in haunting tales of dark and timeless love.

DARKEST MEMORY~ Determined to keep Calah safe from an ancient enemy, vampire Gabriel Knight lures her to his estate under false pretenses. Yet he underestimates his overwhelming need for her and their unavoidable draw to the past and medieval England. Now he must fight not only his own unquenchable desires but those of an old and powerful rival bent on destroying them.

HEART OF VESUVIUS~ Forsaken by her own kind, Alexandria is on the run from Luciano. That means she has no choice but to flee straight into the arms of a vampire she was determined to forget. Luciano's brother, Salvatore. Now it's a race against time as they try to stay one step ahead of their mutual enemy. A journey that leads them back to ancient Italy where bittersweet secrets are revealed...Secrets that will either mean their end or the start of something they never saw coming.

HEAT LEVEL: Sizzling Hot. Recommended for a Mature Audience.

***October 2018- This is a newly released 3rd Edition version of Forsaken Brethren Twinpack with fresh dialogue and bonus scenes***

Grab your copy HERE.