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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Love Highlanders? Vikings? Exclusive Invitation. #romance

I hope everyone’s having a fabulous 2019 so far! I’m covering a lot of new ground this year including—at long last—an exclusive Facebook group for readers who enjoy my books. I’ll be sharing things there I won't necessarily share on my Facebook Page or Profile. Expect never-before-read-excerpts, exclusive group giveaways and all sorts of other fun stuff including ARC's (Advanced Review Copies).  If you’re interested, message me on FB or email me at Sky@SkyPurington.com (subject line FB group)

For those of you just popping in for the first time, feel free to browse through my books. I write not only time travel romance but fantasy, paranormal and strictly historical. Warriors all, my medieval Highland heroes are oftentimes wizards and my feisty modern-day women witches. My Vikings are alpha dragon-shifters and their mates strong, independent women. Expect a variety of other creatures throughout my various series including vampires, werewolves, ghosts, reapers, necromancers, seers, demi-gods, and gods.

If you dive into the world of ‘Sky Purington’ and find you enjoy my imaginative, often steamy, books then be sure to come join the fun in my new FB group. I look forward to hearing from you!


Friday, February 8, 2019

Sometimes Love is the Most Powerful and Dangerous Magic. Dragons of Fate by C.R. Robertson.

Today it’s my pleasure to interview C.R. Robertson, author of Dragons of Fate, Book Two in the The Gaian Otherworld Series.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: CR Robertson
Date of Publication: 31st January 2019
Number of pages: 303
Word Count: 84347
Cover Artist: Maria Spader

Book Description

The underrealm was in turmoil with revelations of the evil that had taken root there.

It was no longer a safe haven for the Gaians.

Darius was a golden warrior dragon from an ancient clan. Evanora descended from the purple dragons of healing. They were destined to become fated mates four hundred years ago before Evanora was stolen from the heartland of the dragons.

Her dream of escape became the nightmare of reality.

Even in the light the past haunted her present.

Evanora’s soul was broken by her long years in captivity, until Darius started to fit the pieces back together again. Some fragments no long fit, some slotted into a different position, but the woman who emerged was stronger and more powerful than anyone ever imagined – the Gaian enchantress.

Was it too late for their love?

Or would Fate intervene to light their way to the future?

Sometimes love was the most powerful and dangerous magic...

***WARNING*** Includes a deadly hero willing to fight the monsters of this world to claim his fated mate, and a heroine who powerful enough to bring the world to its knees.

Dragons of Destiny is the second in The Gaian Otherworld. It can be read as a stand-alone paranormal romance.

Amazon     AmazonUK     AmazonAU     AmazonCA

Let’s Interview!

What inspired you to write this book?

I love dragons, and this series is dedicated to dragons who live in the underrealm deep within the earth’s core. There is also an underlying message about the destruction of the planet, which I think is something we all need to think about as the legacy of our generation. All of my books have themes to make people think long after they stop reading.

How did you come up with the title?

Every title in my series starts with the same word – so I have the Elements and Dragons collections. It makes it easy for my readers to keep track of. Dragons of Destiny was the first title as I believe we all have a destiny and so do my dragons!! Dragons of Fate is the second book because the dragons have fated mates and I do love that fate likes to push our buttons sometimes.

What made you choose the main setting for your book?

The book moves between the mortal plane (earth), the underrealm (dragon’s lair), and the fae lands where the fae courts come from. I like to play on the idea that our world overlaps other energy dimensions and brings different folklore in to explain strange happenings and unexplained places in our world.

If you could spend an hour in real life with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

I loved the idea of Evanora’s character – broken by evil, she put herself back together again one piece at a time. She’s a badass with magic, and we’d all love to be able to control the elements even for an hour.

Tell us about your book cover and how it relates to your story.

I LOVE the covers for this series. DRAGONS!! Sorry… The cover is Darius protecting Evanora, who is emerging whole through his flames. It is the story in picture form.

Are you currently working on another story? If so, we’d love some details.

This series will have four books. Dragons of Chaos is nearly finished and it follows Justus and Celeste as they continue the story of the battle against the krakens. Each couple have different obstacles to overcome, and Justus has a unique storyline that had me scratching my head as to how it was going to unfold. My alpha reader read the first section (I print off each 50pages as I go and ensure it makes sense) and said NO! It needs to change until they got to the big reveal, and then it was NO! it needs to stay as it is… 

Did you enjoy writing one scene above all the rest? If so, share.

I loved writing the scene when Evanora finally stepped into her magic power and showed her captor and the corrupt council what true power looks like. She didn’t need to hurt or suppress anyone to establish her dominance because she wielded real power with every step and movement of her body.

How long have you been writing? How long have you been published?

I started writing in 2016 and published my first book, Elements of Flames, that year. I’d had surgery and was sitting twiddling my thumbs. Every so often in the past I’d wondered about writing, but a little voice inside me whispered what if?

Everything that came after that was a major learning curve for me as I’m self published. Writing the books is the easy part!

What genre/genres do you prefer to write? Are there other genres you’d like to write in the future?

I have always loved paranormal romance. I still have all my mythology books from when I was younger. I think that’s why you find so many myths and legends hiding between the pages of my books.

Do you write books in series? If so, share a bit about the series you currently have published or are coming soon.

The Otherworld Chronicles is based in the Otherworld, which overlaps our human world. I’m trained as a geneticist and I followed the theory of the missing link – it’s not missing at all. The missing link was magic and it evolved in a different realm. Morgan was hidden on earth, far from her roots and Drake stumbles upon her when he is investigating a series of deaths by a rogue Elemental who is sacrificing seven women on every pagan festival. The series follows the history of Morgan’s family through different characters. The story is filled with pagan symbology, folklore, and mythology.


I sauntered out of the room in search of Darius. If he thought he could avoid me, he would need to rethink his strategy. He was in his bedroom with his hip braced against the window frame, staring out at the ocean.

“I thought we agreed you would break the bond and leave,” he snapped without looking around.

“No, I didn’t agree to either of those things, Darius. Just because you are my mate doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do.” I sat on the end of the bed.

His back stiffened at the word mate.

“You can’t stay here.”

“I can stay anywhere you are. We share a blood link.”

That got his attention because he spun around. “I could block access to all my homes...”

I sighed and stood up, letting some of my power loose. His arms were pinned against the wall beside his head, and his feet stuck to the floor. “The problem is, Darius, that you belong to me just as I am yours. I have no intention of going anywhere.”

I stepped against him and watched as he swallowed and glanced away. He could neutralise every feature, but his body betrayed him. I ran my fingers over his chest to his waist, deliberately moving closer to sniff his mating mark on his neck.

“Definitely no nymphs or succubus scents, Darius. You’ll need to try harder if you want to make me jealous.” My breath mingled with his. “We are made from the same energy. If I am unable to stomach the thought of another lover, the same applies to you.”

I pressed myself against him, and felt his automatic reaction to my presence. I nipped his mating mark with my teeth, and his quick inhale of breath made me smile. Tracing the outline of it with my tongue, I held onto his waist as an anchor. My lips kissed a path up his neck, even as he held his head away from me. The tips of my fangs dragged against the artery that pulsed in his neck.

Sexual tension pulsed off him in waves, and my dragoness purred in contentment.

“You belong to me, Darius. Make no mistake, I will annihilate any female you try to take as a lover.”

His head spun towards me, and my lips connected with his. I grabbed his head in my hands and poured every emotion that vibrated through my body into my lips.

He had always initiated our previous kisses. I needed to show him that I’d made a choice and he was the winner. I refused to let my past paralyse me anymore. Hecate wanted me to be a worthy heir to her magic. I would not allow anyone to hold me back from my fate.

Darius tried to resist me, but his dragon had other ideas. I felt him shimmer to the surface as his heat increased, gold flecks flashing across his skin. My tongue demanded entry to his mouth, because every breath of his belonged to me and vice versa.

The rest of the world faded into insignificance, my only focus the man in front of me. He struggled against the invisible restraints that held him, his dragon trying to get closer to his mate. I dropped my hands from his face and pressed one last kiss on his lips.

“You are mine, Darius. That is as true now as it was four hundred years ago. You can ignore me and leave a room when I enter it, but it will not change the fact that we belong together.”

I turned and walked towards the door, releasing his restraints.

My lips spread into a smile when I heard him screaming FUCK into the empty room.

Darius had spent his whole life being in charge, but I was the Gaian Enchantress, and I would no longer let my life be stolen away from me. The time had arrived for me to take what was mine.

About the Author

CR Robertson is a paranormal romance writer who lives in Ireland, the most magical country in the world. From an early age, she loved faerytales and mythological stories. She delved into the pages to go on an adventure with the characters, sparking a lifelong love of the literary world and story craft.

The Otherworld Chronicles started when the characters evolved in her head, constantly jumping in to tell their story until one day that nagging voice said, “Why not write their faerytale?” The rest resides in the pages of the Otherworld. Her in-depth knowledge of mythology and faerylore weaves the background for the characters in each of her manuscripts.

It may be cliché, but she has a cottage by the sea on the east coast of Ireland. Gardening is one of her favourite pastimes and is evident in her garden that is overflowing with crystals and seasonal flowers for the birds, butterflies, and her favourite bumblebees. Her dogs enjoy the sleepy seaside town and spend their time playing in the sea.


Otherworld fb group for freebies and teasers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313624995775336/

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

High Stakes War of Hearts. Viking's Intent (Rise of the Dragon) #pnr

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 has started out fabulously in your neck of the woods. I enjoyed a wonderful holiday and New Year celebration with my family but have since eagerly dug back into my work. Today I’m thrilled to announce the release of Viking’s Intent (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon, Book 3)

I had such a good time writing Shea and Davyn’s story. As you might imagine if you’ve been following the series, this couple is all about the strife, angst, push and pull. But what a blast! Hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Book Description

Part of a burgeoning ancient prophecy, Shea's sole focus is to protect her sisters. Not become mated to a Viking of her dragon ancestor's choosing. If that happens, she might lose not just her independence but a matchmaking gift that brings people together. A gift at risk when she's kidnapped by a stubborn, frustratingly handsome barbarian who takes her on a whirlwind adventure through tenth century Scandinavia.

Though at odds with the twenty-first century beauty from the moment he meets her, Viking Davyn Sigdir steals Shea away to keep her safe from enemies set on making her theirs. Unfortunately, he underestimates how alluring she can be when it suits her. How feisty and headstrong she is as she tries to outwit him at every turn. Yet the fiery strife between them only draws them closer, and soon their unwanted attraction becomes hard to resist.

Determined to control their own fate, they devise a bold plan to trick their adversaries. One that could keep Shea's matchmaking gift intact plus end the prophecy and ongoing war. All they have to do is get along and not give into temptation which should be simple for two people who are resolved to remain apart. Or so they hope as a passionate high-stakes war of hearts ensues in Viking's Intent.

Purchase at Amazon

 Universal Amazon Buy Link- viewbook.at/VikingsIntent


What are you doing here?” Davyn growled into her mind.

She blinked at him, only now realizing they must be dreaming together. Wonderful. Not.

“I don’t know.” She frowned. “Didn’t you bring me along?”

“Why would I do that?” He shook his head. “You tend to bring havoc with you wherever you go.”

Thanks,” she said dryly.

It’s true.”

“Says you.” She shrugged and spoke without thinking. “I like to think I bring excitement.”

Had that sounded like flirting?

“I do not want excitement with you, Cupid,” he grumbled aloud.

“Any more than I want excitement with you,” she assured as they stood alone in a darkened area covered by pines. “And you definitely dragged me along somehow because I sure as heck didn’t try to follow you.” She shook her head. “The last thing I remember was feeling drowsy then I was here so I must've dosed off.”

“You should not have been able to follow me to this place,” he grunted in dismay, a fierce scowl on his face. “It is too telling.”

She met his eyes, catching his drift. “Nope lose that thought.” She shook her head. “Just because I got dragged along in a dream doesn’t mean we’re fated mates. It’s got to be the magic of this place up to no good.”

“My magic,” he reminded. “And I agree it is up to no good.”

Though she tried to pull her gaze from his, she was suddenly all too aware of his gorgeous eyes despite the darkness. Eyes that seemed to draw her in more than usual in this strange dreamlike state.

“Oh shoot,” she whispered, drifting closer even as she tried to stop, as she tried to gain control. “I don’t think I like this dreaming thing.”

“It is hard to control a dream,” he said softly, his voice less gruff now.

“We’re controlling this dream though,” she denied even as she drifted closer.

“Yes,” he assured, drifting closer as well. “Because we are here to work.”

“To lure the enemies,” she murmured, her eyes falling to his lips.

“That is right,” he murmured, his eyes falling to her lips.

“Right,” she whispered. “This is right.”

“Yes,” he whispered. “It is.”

Then she drifted right into his arms, tilted her head back and closed her eyes, more than ready to be kissed. More than ready to feel once again what those sensuous lips of his could do.

Then air blew by her face, and her eyes flew open.

An arrow had whizzed by their faces moments before their lips touched.

They were under attack.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Scorching Hot Romance. Boundless Intrigue. Viking's Valor (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon)

It’s that time again!! Viking dragon mates are coming together once more in my upcoming novel, Viking’s Ransom (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon, Book 4). This one’s more of a tearjerker than usual so have your tissues ready!

Coming April 9th, 2019. 
Available now for pre-order via viewbook.at/VikingsRansom

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

About the Book

Kenzie is determined to be there for her sisters no matter what it takes. Even if it means giving herself over to her fated mate, Viking Eirik Sidgir. When she ends up traveling through time to tenth century Scandinavia, she’s ready for whatever comes her way. Until a chance encounter with Hel, the Goddess of Helheim, who has long loved Eirik.

Having recognized Kenzie from the moment he saw her picture in the twenty-first century, Eirik realizes the time has finally come. A secret close to the heart is about to be revealed, and the stunning red-head is the only person capable of protecting what matters to him most.

Unfortunately, Hel has already stolen Kenzie away. Now he needs to convince the goddess to give him back his bargaining chip because of a little known prophecy. One that foretells he must offer up the woman he loves as ransom to get back what has been taken from him.

Scoop up your copy now at viewbook.at/VikingsRansom

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Time-Travel Fantasy Romance. Trial of a Warrior by Mary Morgan.

Today it’s my pleasure to feature Trial of a Warrior, Legends of the Fenian Warriors, Book Three by Mary Morgan.  Enjoy the festivities as Mary whisks you away to 13th century Scotland for a Midwinter’s feast and shares a scrumptious holiday recipe!

Genre: Time-Travel Fantasy Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Date of Publication: December 12, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5092-2359-6

Number of pages: 386
Word Count: 92628

Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Will the burning embers of their past love spark a reunion or destroy a future?

Book Description

"You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!”

A warrior sentenced to die.

On trial for breaking a supreme Fae law, Fenian Warrior, Liam MacGregor has no regrets. He is prepared to accept his sentence—even if it means his death. However, freedom comes in an unexpected manner, and brings with it certain dangers as he travels through the Veil of Ages.

A princess honor-bound to remain hidden.

Princess Abela might be a priestess and the daughter of royalty, but that doesn’t prevent her from doing the unimaginable. She sacrifices duty and honor to set free the man who captured her heart so many years ago. No matter the severity of his crimes, she cannot let Liam die.

A rescue that will bring about a war and divide a kingdom!  

In their quest to secure a treaty to forestall Liam’s death sentence, they must fight their desires for one another, as well as the Fenian Warriors sent to capture them.


Let’s hear from Mary…

Come journey with me as I whisk you away to 13th century Scotland for a Midwinter’s feast. We shall arrive at Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. This is the home of the Clan MacKay—the Dragon Knights. Their bloodline is steeped in ancient Celtic mythology. Though they respect the new religion that has swept across their land, the Dragon Knights continue to honor the old ways. Midwinter is a celebration of light and warmth here within the walls. The doors have been left open for all to enter in peace. Once you step inside, you are drawn to the holly boughs with ivy, bay, crimson-berried yew and fragrant bunches of rosemary.

The torches cast a welcoming light as you proceed onward. As we enter the Great Hall, you are met with boisterous laughter and gaiety. A bard is recanting the tale between the aging Holly King (representing the darkness of the old year), and the young Oak King (symbolizing the light of the New Year). Some of the older lasses have chosen to weave a sprig of holly onto their gowns and they nod at you in passing.

Candles illuminate the hall in a soft glow as you make your way toward the feasting tables. The Dragon Knights and their wives are seated at a longer table near the hearth. Ale and mead are flowing, along with the tempting dishes you survey as you take your place. You are tempted by the trencher of wild boar stuffed with onions and cabbages to your right. Or maybe you would prefer the spiced apples and damson tarts.

Afterwards, the minstrels begin to play a lively tune and a few of the couples grasped hands to join in the merriment.

Modern-day Version of the Recipe for Damson Tarts


2 cups all purpose flour

3/4 cup finely chopped almonds

3/4 cup light brown sugar, lightly packed

12 tablespoons cold unsalted butter (1 1/2 sticks), cut into small pieces

1 egg yolk

2 pounds firm, ripe plums, pitted and quartered lengthwise

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Combine the flour, almonds, and sugar in a large bowl. Add the butter and the egg yolk. Mix by hand or with an electric mixer, until crumbly.

Press 1 1/2 cups of the crumb mixture in an even layer into the bottom of a 9 1/2-inch springform or tart pan. Arrange the plums in the pan, skin side down to form a flower pattern; begin at the outside and work your way in.

Sprinkle the rest of the crumb mixture evenly over the plums. Bake the tart for 40 to 50 minutes, or until it’s lightly browned and the plum juices are bubbling. Remove from the oven and cool for 10 minutes. Remove from pan and transfer tart to flat plate.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

***Damson: A small fruit with vibrant, dark blue skin and a strong sour flavor. Damsons are similar to plums. They have a large stone (pit) and are often juicy, but tend not to be eaten raw due to the tartness of their flesh.

A tremor of longing to be kissed filled Abela. She should flee this instant, but her feet refused to listen to her mind.

Liam reached out and tucked a stray curl behind her ear. His finger trailed down the side of her neck, and she shuddered. “You have not answered me.”

“Yes,” she replied rapidly.

The smile in his eyes contained a sensuous flame, and she was drawn to him. A soft breeze billowed around them. She ached to press her mouth against his. Just one kiss.

As if reading her thoughts, Liam cupped her chin and stroked his thumb over her bottom lip. “Your mouth begs to be kissed, princess.”

She swallowed and did the unthinkable. “Then kiss me, Liam MacGregor.”

His groan echoed around them as he took possession of her mouth. The kiss sent the pit of her stomach into a wild swirl of delicious sensations. Abela’s body yearned to touch him, so she wrapped her arms around his neck. The contact of his skin against her chest ignited a burning desire for more.

Liam grasped her firmly around the waist with one arm and deepened the kiss. When his silken tongue sought entry, she opened fully to the seduction, tasting wine, apples, and his own scent. His moan resonated deep within her, and she found her body responding to a rhythm as old as the land they lived upon.

Never did Abela imagine the power behind a kiss—seductive, enchanting, shattering, and she craved more.

About the Author

 Award-winning Celtic paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan, resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.

Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn't until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling--writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of magic, then time-travel within the pages of her books.

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