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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Romance in the Medieval Scottish Highlands

 If you LOVE being swept back in time to medieval Scotland and spending time with dynamic characters as they navigate history and mysticism than this Boxed Set is for you!

Travel back to the First War of Scottish Independence in a sweeping saga ripe with historical legends like Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce. Enjoy four action-packed adventures as sexy medieval Highlanders come together with strong modern-day women in sizzling romances that redefine love across time. 950+ Pages.

SWORN TO A HIGHLAND LAIRD- When Adlin and Milly connect across time, enemies take notice. After all, there's power to be had in them finding each other...remembering one another. The life and love they once shared. More so, the strength and perseverance they were capable of together. But will it be enough to help Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce fight all that's coming their way?

TAKEN BY A HIGHLAND LAIRD- When Laird Conall Hamilton joins the fight to save Scotland, he doesn't expect to cross paths with a beautiful twenty-first century actress. Nor does he anticipate an obligatory kiss sparking the infamous Battle of Stirling Bridge.

PROMISED TO A HIGHLAND LAIRD- Friends from the start, Graham and Christina devise a plan to pretend true love found them. Now they can dodge destiny and follow their own paths. Yet destiny is unavoidable. Days before the Battle of Bannockburn, they'll have to make a choice. Give in to how they truly feel and destroy all those they care about or turn away, and save Scotland from ultimate ruin.

AVENGED BY A HIGHLAND LAIRD- Laird Bryce MacLeod will do anything to keep Scotland safe. Even if it means chasing down Jessie, a lass who might very well be his enemy. What he discovers when he catches her, however, is someone with deep secrets and unanticipated intentions. Hidden truths that culminate at the Battle of Byland Moor as they face off with their enemies. Will the power of love be strong enough in the end? Or is it too late for Scotland? Find out in the epic conclusion of The MacLomain Series: A New Beginning.