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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! R.G. Porter's, DESTINY'S LIGHT

Welcome! Though it’s the last day of my .99 CENT WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL, there’s still fun to be had! Today I’d like to welcome over ‘muse sister’ and romance author R.G. Porter. She and I were authors in the Song of the Muse Anthology years ago. Many of the talented authors in this series have since re-launched their titles. We all had such a blast and became friends through this anthology. I’m happy to spread the word about Robyn’s story, Destiny’s Light. It’s well written and such a great tale!!!

A bit about the author…

Robyn wrote her first novel, Shadow of the Wolf, back in 2005, as a way to escape from a chaotic world. Though she never expected her writing to go anywhere, her first novel debuted through Wild Rose Press in 2007. Since then she has continued to write what she is drawn to. Whether it is a world where magic and shape-shifters exist or a place where vampires are ready overthrow the world of humans, her imagination weaves those places into stories. Currently she finds herself writing as much as she can. With her first book to be re-released Oct 1st, she plans to have many more novels out in the coming months. From her Darkness Unleashed series to her Guardian's of Nature series, she will continue to bring forth new tales of mystery, magic and mayhem.


A wish to go back would unlock more than she expected…

For as long as Eutrepe could remember, the Muses had always been sent to help inspire mankind. She longed to go back again, but man had lost his faith. Centuries drifted by and Eutrepe was certain she would never walk among the humans again. The night Zeus summons her for a final task in the mortal world she jumps at the chance. It was a quest she was willing to take, that is, until the interference of a God and her memory is lost.

Ceris is a loner and musician. Stuck at an impasse with a song he needs to complete, but cannot, he wonders if the words will be locked inside his soul forever. Sure he will never release his thoughts, he ventures out into the night in hopes of some kind of inspiration. Never in his dreams did he expect it would come in the form of a woman with no memory who nearly dies at the hands of an oncoming car in the dead of night.

In order to reveal the song that fills Ceris' soul they must first unlock Euterpe’s past before it’s too late….

Their future is at stake, but first they must beat back the darkness before it time is up.


Euterpe paced outside the great hall. She had done all she could to learn of the world of men. There had been great changes and she found that her amazement for the ingenuity of the mortals increased with each new thing she discovered. Still, she could not help but wonder where her quest was going to lead her. True, man had created wondrous inventions, but in another way, their creativity seemed to have dimmed over the ages. It broke her heart to know that so many had lost the ability to use their imagination. She knew it was there, hidden deep inside, but they had forgotten how to unlock it. Too much had been lost since the time of the gods.

“You may enter now, Euterpe. Zeus is ready to see you.” A deep voice she had not heard in years broke through her thoughts. Before the door to the inner chamber stood her uncle, his eyes held hers for a breath or two. Taller than she had remembered, his onyx eyes matched his black untamed hair. He was as stubborn as her father was, but held hardly any of the fairness Zeus possessed. No, he was usually out for only what benefited him, and most of the time, that did not bode well with anyone unlucky enough to be in his path. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she held her head high in defiance.

“Hades, what are you doing here?” She asked. The last she had heard, Zeus had forbidden him to come up to Olympus. Too many times, he had tried to overshadow Zeus with trickery. “If I remember right, you were told not to return.”

Hades’ hand held fast to his scepter. “That’s very cute niece, but unneeded, not to mention far from the truth. I came up here to speak with my brother. For as long as we have existed, I have never been forbidden to enter Olympus. I have chosen to remain below. You would do well to remember this.” There was a bite in his words she could not miss.

Hades moved close, his mere presence sending chills across her skin. “I hope you aren’t issuing a threat, dear Uncle. I would hate to have to mention this to Zeus, or your wife. They would both be very disappointed.” Deep down, Euterpe wanted to push past him, but his body continued to fill the entryway.

His finger reached out and brushed the side of her cheek. “Dear Euterpe, we will have a long conversation one day about threats. I will explain them in depth to you, this, I promise.” Before she could counter him, Hades’ body burst into a dark mist evaporating before her eyes. Every encounter she had had with him always left her feeling out of sorts. He wasn’t evil, but he’d always known what to say, or do, to unnerve her and tonight was no different. Just his touch felt tainted with darkness.

“Don’t you hate when they get the last word?”

Purchase DESTINY'S LIGHT at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! P.L. Parker's FIONA.

Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL! Today it’s my pleasure to feature a few of P.L. Parker’s titles.

A bit about P.L. Parker…

“I love paranormal and as a result, it's the perfect genre for me. I started seriously writing about 5 years ago and have since published 5 novels, one short, and two Free Reads, Prophecy's Bride and Songbird. I am currently working on a sequel to Into the Savage Dawn and have another manuscript, The Chalice, which I am seriously considering self-publishing.”


Time shifts in ever changing motion. But can love survive the ravages of time?

Set against the backdrop of Ancient China, Fiona finds herself transported to a time of barbarian warriors and marauding nomads from the northern steppes. She discovers a new way of life in the arms of the handsome warrior Kellach, a man of noble stature among the Celtic settlements ringing the great Taklamakan. Desperate to return to the present while struggling against her mounting feelings, she finally accepts her fate, exulting in the rapture and delights to be found as Kellach’s mate.

High Priestess Voadicia wants Lord Kellach for her own—and only the outsider Fiona stands in her way.


Step back in time 4,000 in time, to a place where Celts shouldn’t be, yet they were!

Kellach was rooted to the spot. The woman before him was beautiful by any standard. Her huge green eyes
reflected the light from the candles and her trembling lips were lush and full. Her nose was small and straight and creamy skin graced her perfect visage. Long hair the color of silver moonbeams fell to below her waist, the sides pulled back in braids. One shoulder was bare as the shapeless gown slipped off, and the promise of full breasts tantalized his perusal. Who was she and why was she sleeping in his bed—and with a dog?

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” he growled at her. He was exhausted and, although she
interested him greatly, he wanted to sleep.

Fiona clutched the puppy tighter, he was yelling at her and too fast for her to understand. She tried to think
of something to say, but her mind wasn’t working. She remembered, “Kellach’s house,” she screamed at him.

Kellach nodded, yes, it was his house. At least they had that covered.

“Go,” she screeched and pointed to the door.

Kellach shook his head, trying to clear his mind. The woman appeared to know it was his house but was
screaming at him to go, this didn’t make sense.

Purchase FIONA at Amazon.


The research project was only for an "extended period." No one said anything about forever! Deceived and betrayed, Riley is sent back 40,000 years to be the mate of a man she’d never before met. Her journey will take her into a world fraught with dangers—a world made more treacherous by savage beasts, primitive Neanderthals, and the incursion of the aggressive Cro-Magnon man.

Surviving alone for five years in this vast wilderness, Nathan, along with his enormous dog, Demon, carve out a life in the perilous environment. Though thrown together by forces beyond their control, Riley and Nathan nevertheless find love—but can these two lost souls survive against such overwhelming odds?


The research project was only for an extended period. No one said anything about forever.

Finally, he broke the silence. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"What do you expect me to say? Thank you? If even a small part of what you say is true, then I'm stuck here for eternity with a guy I don't even know, in a place I hate and with no future. Yeah, I guess that comes under 'thank you!'"

She rubbed her hands across her face. This was a nightmare! And not for a minute did she believe what he told her, at least not most of it. The guy was probably crazy, but if he was crazy, she must be too, because she had seen that bunch of strange looking humans and they didn't look like any people existing in her world.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't know Bethany would go this far. I made the mistake of saying at the drop point that I didn't think I would be able to last here alone much longer. She must have heard it." His face was a mask of regret.

"And that's supposed to make it all better?"

"I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry. I wish I could change the outcome, but there's nothing I can do. Maybe, if nothing else, they'll be able to figure out a way to bend time back so we can go home."

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but one of the things I noticed while I was at the facility was that it was really understaffed and it looked like it was being closed down."

Purchase RILEY’S JOURNEY at Amazon.

Visit P.L. Parker’s Website ~ Blogspot ~ Myspace

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Alisha Paige's, CIRCLE CITY.

Welcome to my .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL! Today it’s my pleasure to feature the very talented, Alisha Paige’s latest titles.

Alisha Paige was born and raised in the South.

Her debut novel, Canyon Wolf Bride was Awarded Reviewer Top Pick Award and nominated as best Ebook Paranormal Romance by Night Owl Romance Reviews for the 2007 Fall NOR Awards, and awarded Recommended Read by My Book Cravings Reviews.

Alisha Paige loves to mingle real history and true life events within her romance novels and enjoys people watching and people listening when creating new characters. She writes paranormal romance, fantasy romance, time travel romance, contemporary romance and historical vintage romance while overlapping and bending genres.

She writes on her red porch while her kids play in the water sprinkler. She loves to read at the park, the beach in the summer, by the fire in the winter and in bed when it rains.

Her favorite things in life are the sound of her children laughing, her kitty cat curled at her feet, hazlenut coffee, candle light, thunderstorms, good books, nostalgic music, dark chocolate and red wine.

You can visit her online at her Website and email her at alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com where she loves to answer every single email from her wonderful readers.



On the edge of civilization, there is a place called Circle City, Alaska. The last town before the Yukon Flats gives way to frigid desolation.


When Zoe O'Brien, a secluded widow, kills a crazed mother wolf and saves the only cub from sure death, she ignites a war between the Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan. The wolf people have been enemies of the dog people for centuries and the cub she takes in is heir to the Wolfen throne.


Taken prisoner by the Wolfen for murder and kidnapping, Zoe is forced to see and do things with creatures she never knew existed, held against her will in a world she both desires and fears.


Axl Wolfdorn is coming of age, ready for his Unleashing and on the hunt for his Moonswan, the female he will choose for the Chase and the royal Feral Consummation.


But how can he consider bonding with a mate when the only scent deep within his nose is the tangy scent of the woman who saved his life, the very woman who forced his clan into war, the woman he must now kill to avenge his mother's death?


How much wild can one woman take? Do you have enough wild in you to make it to The End?

Purchase CIRCLE CITY at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Shay Reynolds was raised solely by her father and abandoned by her mother at an early age. Old enough now to take the reigns of her father's business, R&R Advertisting in Palm Springs, Florida, she's about as happy and as successful as a modern woman can get without a mother. Engaged to handsome Chase McMillan, an anchor on the popular national morning television show in New York City with her ads regularly nominated for the prestigious Clio Awards, she's a woman accustomed to life handing her roses. Her good fortune takes a nose dive when her fiance dies mysteriously. Falling into a deep depression, Shay confides in her chauffeur, Tommy Smith and agrees to hire his father's private eye service to investigate. Afraid to be alone, Shay shares her thoughts and broken dreams with Tommy. A serial killer is on the loose. Bad timing for Tommy who has always had it bad for his boss. Hot on the trail of a sicko who enjoys the shock factor of cryptic messages and creepy packages sent to the object of his affection, Tommy fights to shield the only woman who has never treated him like a hired hand.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Caroline Clemmons', BE MY GUEST.

Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Today it’s my pleasure to feature a few titles by romance author, Caroline Clemmons.

Author Bio:

As long as I can remember, I've created adventures. Sure, the early ones involved me saving the West with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Then I moved on to Nancy Drew and making up my own detective stories. Alas, I was not fated to be a private investigator--unless it's to discover who left the milk carton on the kitchen counter. Although I'm still a voracious reader, I love writing romances. Some sweet, some sensual; sometimes contemporary, sometimes historical, and sometimes a time travel that mixes the two. As long as I'm at my computer, I'm a happy girl.

I live in North Central Texas with my Hero and our menagerie of rescued pets. When I'm not writing or reading, I love spending time with family, traveling with Hero, browsing antique malls, and delving into family history. I love to hear from readers at caroline@carolineclemmons.com. For more information on my books, please visit me at www.carolineclemmons.com and http://carolineclemmons.blogspot.com I’m all over the web including on Facebook as Caroline Clemmons author

Twitter @CarolinClemmons (no E in Caroline)

Goodreads, and LinkedIn.


Aurora Kathleen O’Shaunessy comes by her flaming auburn hair naturally, and this independent city woman has an inner fire to match. Nothing stops Aurora--that is, nothing short of a Texas flash flood. This super-organized businesswoman might be running from the past, but she’s using this journey to stop and smell the roses-- or rather the spring flowers in bloom across the Texas prairie.

Rancher Will Harrison rescues her from the raging waters and she’s his guest for the next thirty-six hours. That’s long enough for Will to fall head over heels in major attraction, and he has a hunch she might feel the same. He has a plan to keep her around until he convinces her to move out of the fast land and in to his life forever.

But two predators have other plans for Aurora. Can Will rescue her? Can Aurora save herself?


The clock on the dashboard displayed one o'clock when Aurora found herself free to concentrate on lunch in Snyder. Clouds gathered and rumbled with thunder over the West Texas town. Aurora's empty stomach rumbled with them. After a hazardous morning, fatigue overshadowed her usually cheerful nature. She passed by the fast food places before she spotted the family restaurant recommended to her by the Texas State Trooper a few minutes ago.

Cars and trucks filled the parking lot. What a lucky break, she thought, when she spotted illuminated taillights and a car backed out of the prime parking slot at the entrance. Aurora saw the lone man in the dusty red pickup truck facing her, waiting for the space. He sat in the very same type and color truck used by two ruffians who had terrorized her earlier in the morning. Although she knew this man could not be one of those two men, an unreasonable anger bubbled up in her directed toward all cowboys, especially those in red trucks.

Her normally pleasant nature turned aggressive and she zipped the Mustang into the vacated park before the less maneuverable truck could occupy the space. The man honked the truck horn at her as she got out of her car. She just smiled and blew him a saucy kiss as she hurried into the restaurant. After all, any real gentleman would have let a lady have the only space in the first place, she told her nagging conscience.

Her conscience would not be quieted so easily. She must be in shock from her morning encounter. Never had she acted so rudely. Regretting her impetuous actions already, she thanked goodness the exchange occurred with a stranger and not someone she might meet again.

Seated in the corner booth, Aurora ordered a hamburger, French fries, and a large Dr Pepper. While she waited for her food, she reviewed the items listed under the town of Snyder in her Texas guidebook. Suddenly, she sensed someone standing beside her booth. As she looked up--and up--a huge cowboy with most of his left leg in a cast leaned his crutches against the side of the booth. He slid onto the seat beside her, which pinned her in the booth with him.

Aurora scooted to the right as far as possible. "Hey, who do you think you are? This is my booth, and no one invited you to share it with me!"

"Your car's sitting in my parking space, so I'll sit in your booth," he said calmly as he removed his Stetson and ran his fingers through sandy brown hair. He turned in his seat to hang the hat on the hook at the end of the booth by his crutches.

Aurora blushed when she realized this must be the man whose parking space she mischievously stole. Oh no, how terrible. He must have had to park a long way from the door and hobble in on those crutches. How embarrassing. The one time in her life she acted rudely, her victim turned out to be a man handicapped by a leg cast and crutches. Still, he had his nerve sitting beside her without so much as a "may I."

Her chin came up defensively. "Okay, I apologize. If you used one of those disability placards on your rear view mirror, people would know you have a problem."

"Lady, my problem is that you stole my parking space," Will Harrison said coolly. He lifted his left leg so that the cast-encased foot rested on the seat facing them, then swiveled to gaze at her.

Aurora smelled the cowboy's after-shave mixed with the clean scent of his breath when he turned his face toward her. His stone gray eyes met hers. She saw anger drain from his eyes, replaced by stunned amazement. He leaned toward her.

Her awakened senses rocketed into response. Each thread on the sleeve of his blue chambray shirt seared where it touched her arm. For a moment Aurora had the astonishing thought that this cowboy might lean further forward and kiss her right here in public. Equally astonishing, but fleeting, came the thought that she wouldn't mind a kiss from this man. Her tongue flicked across her lips and she gave herself a mental shake, unable to turn away from his mesmerizing gaze.

What can you be thinking? You have absolutely no business falling for some good-looking cowboy out here in the middle of nowhere. Get a grip on yourself.

Her heart quelled the voice of reason within her mind. Aurora’s her stomach somersaulted from butterflies to flip-flops as she stared into the cowboy's wide gray eyes. She broke his gaze and peered at her folded hands a second before she threw them up in capitulation.

"Okay, Okay. I just don't know what came over me. I know you saw the parking space first, but I'm on Bubba-overload. Look, it's a long story, but it's been a real killer morning. Once again, I apologize and plead temporary insanity" She placed her hands palms down on the table.

His gaze raked over her, and one eyebrow elevated. "Well, well. I'm almost convinced there's remorse here. Almost--but not quite. Would you like to explain to me what 'Bubba-overload' is and what it has to do with me?"

"Listen, I apologized. Let's just drop it. Okay?" Surprised at the petulant tone in her voice, she adjusted the dark green scarf that held the hair back from her face

The man peered at her steadily, his voice polite but firm when he spoke. "No, ma'am, we can't drop it. I think I deserve an explanation after that 'Bubba' line. It sounded very much like an insult to me."

This man obviously had his hackles up and wanted a full explanation. After her morning's adventures, she found herself impatient with this cowboy, even though her mind recognized his request sounded reasonable. Finally, Aurora swiveled at her waist to face him as much as the limited space allowed. "Oh, well, if you insist. You wore that western hat and were in a pickup truck. At a glance, you looked like the typical red-necked Bubba. All you lacked was a big wad of tobacco bulging in your cheek."

She raised her hand and shook a finger at the man as if he were a delinquent school boy. "Listen, I've had my fill, and then some, with you guys. You follow me, whistle at me, lean out a truck window to sing to me, shout, or wave to me. I even receive various very rude gestures and get mooned. Believe it or not, I do nothing either to initiate or encourage any of this behavior."

A skeptical smile appeared and he raised his eyebrows. A flush of color heated her face at the memory of her behavior in the parking lot. She held up one hand to stop any comment he might make before she continued.

"Oh, I know, I acted brashly with you outside just now. Let me assure you, that's entirely unlike me. In fact, it's truly a first. I've never, ever done anything like that before."

She shook her head in wonder. "I don't know what came over me. As I said, it must have been temporary insanity due to Bubba-overload."

She pinched the fabric on the leg of the neatly creased blue denim jeans she wore. "Look at me. My jeans aren't skin-tight. They’re not painted on me." With a tug at the hem of her hunter-green knit top, she added, "My shirt isn't too tight, it has three-quarter sleeves, and the neck isn't low or revealing."

Aurora moved her knees and elevated a foot to display canvas shoes. "I'm wearing my little Keds, not flashy pumps with stiletto heels. All in all, I think I'm dressed very sedately and not at all in a provocative way."

The cowboy slid his glance slowly up and down her then back to her face before he smiled a slow, lazy smile that lit up his eyes and brought a dimple to his cheek. He reached over to grasp her untouched water glass and took a drink from it, his eyes returning to her face as he sipped the icy water.

Her own mouth opened as she watched his mouth against the rim of the glass. The tip of her pink tongue slid against her upper lip as the water slid into his mouth. She could almost feel his lips as they received the liquid. To hide the rising turbulence in the pit of her stomach, Aurora glared at him. In vain she tried to avoid thoughts of his stare or the dimple that appeared with his smile.

She forced herself to concentrate on her defense. "Um, I just drive along in my little blue Ford Mustang, enjoying the scenery and minding my own business. I do nothing to call attention to myself. I even try to be a good sport about the immature behavior some guys display."

She took a deep breath. "I try to take it all in stride and just keep on schedule but"--Aurora slammed her hands against the top of the table--"this morning, two very frightening Bubbas tried to run me off the highway and hijack me or my car."

His eyes widened and his mouth gaped, but she continued, "I'm only here because a State Trooper happened by in time to interrupt my abduction. Frankly, that scared the life out of me. The longer I thought about it, though, the angrier I became. By the time I got to this restaurant, I had completely lost my cool."

Aurora took a deep breath and gazed at her hands. She recalled the fright that consumed her when she realized the two men followed her. Only quick thinking on her part prevented the two ruffians from succeeding at their attempt to run her off the road and get her out of her car. She shuddered to think what might have happened if not for the State Trooper. And never, never would she forget the faces of those two men!

She waved her hands in a fluttery motion. "When I saw you in a truck the same color as the one that ran me off the road...well...I guess I just went bananas, berserk, crazy. That's why I'm pleading temporary insanity." Aurora leaned back and crossed her arms in front of her.

At this moment the waitress appeared with their food. Aurora stared in amazement as the waitress set the burger, fries and Dr Pepper in front of her and a duplicate of the order in front of the man beside her.

The waitress flashed what she probably thought of as her most seductive smile at the man. In a low, honeyed voice, she asked, "Anything else today, Will?"

He seemed unaware of the invitation in her voice or the hopeful sparkle in her eyes. "Not right now, Norma Sue, thanks. Go ahead and leave the check now and save yourself time."

When the disappointed waitress left, Aurora appraised Will. How could he fail to notice the waitress’ blatant invitation? Had he any idea how attractive he was? Hold on, this guy might be too good to be true.

Aurora gazed over he shoulder at the departing waitress. "How on earth did she know what to bring you? When did you give her your order?"

"When I came in." He leaned across her to get the salt and pepper. Will paused to flash her a truly breathtaking smile and the bottom fell out of her stomach again. "I also told her you’d pick up the check.”

Purchase BE MY GUEST at Amazon and Smashwords.


THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is about a marriage of convenience that blossoms into real a true love match. The idea for the book came from a tiny kernel in the form of a story my grandmother told me about a girl in her hometown who quit school because of all the rumors and teasing she was forced to endure. Although my grandmother didn’t know what happened to the girl, I wanted her story to have a happy end.

Wanted: one completely improper bride.

Even if Drake Kincaid had placed such an advertisement in every paper in the country, he couldn’t have found a better candidate than Pearl Parker...which is fine with him. After all, his parents’ will stipulates only that he marry by his thirtieth birthday, not that he marry well. And no one--including Drake’s grandfather, the man determined to hold him to the ridiculous provision--could possibly think tall, bossy Pearl with her ragtag siblings and questionable “cousin” Belle will make a good wife. Until Drake realizes that in her startling violet eyes he sees a beautiful woman with a generous soul...

Their life together may not have started with hearts and flowers, but Drake and Pearl will soon learn that real love--with a breathtaking dose of passion--will make their marriage a true romance.

Purchase MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE at Amazon and Smashwords

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! J.D. Favor's, BAD HABIT.

I hope everyone had a super weekend! Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Today it’s my pleasure to feature author J.D. Favor.

One lucky commenter wins! J.D. is graciously giving away one free download along with a t-shirt with a really cute graphic and the words, “Bad Girls Need Love Too…” Thanks J.D.!

J.D. Faver lives near Houston, Texas. She writes contemporary romance and mystery/suspense. Although she writes daily, she still finds time to enjoy family and friends. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and painting.

She is active in several writer's organizations in the area. She belongs to National RWA and is a member of all three Houston area chapters: West Houston RWA, Northwest Houston RWA and Houston Bay Area RWA where she serves as Vice President. She is also an officer of Bay Area Writer's League and belongs to Houston Writer's Guild. She is owned by two cats and a small, yappy rescue dog.

She would rather be sailing or on a beach somewhere, but if she can't do either of those things, she would just as soon write. Visit J.D. at her Website.

Let’s check out J.D.’s titles…

BAD HABIT~ Mystery/Suspense-Spicy Romance; 61k

In an effort to evade the men who killed her boyfriend, former model, Teri Slaughter, flees New York City and takes refuge in a San Antonio convent, masquerading as her own sister. But when hot and hunky homicide detective, Angel Garcia tries to protect her from the killers, he proves to be a threat to her heart. He takes her to the only “safe house” available: the one where he was raised. His parents and siblings take her in and teach her the real meaning of family and home. To protect the nuns, Teri uses herself as bait, leading the killers on a chase through Brackenridge Park on foot, miniature train and golf cart. In the end, the only one to catch her is Angel.

Purchase BAD HABIT at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

A TWIST OF FATE~ Humorous Contemporary Romance; 61k

Worlds collide when a Sex in the City girl meets a little House on the Prairie guy. Mel Hannigan is a slick, savvy New York City commercial photographer who knows what she’s doing and where she’s going…that is, until she heads upstate for a little drive time and ends up with her sports car in a ditch. That’s where Helmut Engle finds her. He is a solid, down to earth farmer. In spite of their differences, Mel and Helmut give in to an irresistible magnetic attraction and share an exciting, intimate interlude. She returns to the city but can’t get him out of her mind. She attempts to drag him into her world by the scruff of his red neck and he tries to remodel his world to suit her.


Mel stared through it uncertainly. “What’s in there?”

He put his foot on a bench and started unlacing his boots, the muscles working in his bare arms. “It is your room.”

“My room? I can’t stay here!” She gaped at him, open-mouthed. “Not the two of us...here alone...all night.”

He slipped his boots off and set them outside the front door. “Where, then?”

“There’s not a hotel in town?”

“What town? The nearest town is thirty miles in that direction.” He pointed out the doorway. “Start walking, if you wish to make it by nightfall.”

Mel swallowed hard. “It’s just that...”

“Do not worry about me. I am a perfect gentleman.”

A smile twirked the corners of her mouth. She visually cruised the tall, broad-shouldered man standing before her. Not her idea of a gentleman.

But he was her idea of a real hunk. In his stocking feet he stood about six-foot-five or six, at least a whole foot taller than her. “I see. Well, thank you for your hospitality, Mister...Mister…?”

“Engle. My name is Helmut Engle.”

“Mel. Melanie Hannigan.” She held out her hand to him.

He glanced at it and then enveloped her hand in his much larger one. It was warm, dry and rough, similar to having one’s hand wrapped in a well-used baseball glove.

“Please call me Mel.”

A flicker of amusement in the depths of his eyes. A dimple showed beside his mouth. “I will.”

Oh, my God! He’s cute! A bigger, badder Brad Pitt with his longish sun-washed, dirty blonde hair and dimples. I’m in so much trouble here. “Uh, Helmut. Can I borrow a bathrobe?”

“I do not have a bathrobe, but I will lend you a towel.” He left and reappeared with a large rectangle woven of thick linen fibers.

It was soft and worn but, Mel figured it would be absorbent. She swallowed as his hand brushed hers. “Thanks. Thank you. Where is your restroom?”

“Behind the house.”

“Where am I going to bathe?” Her voice crept up a whole octave.

He pointed to a corner of the kitchen where a large oval galvanized tub with straight sides sat gleaming. Mel envisioned the entire length of Helmut Engle in the tub and smiled in spite of her discomfort.

“Out here in the open?”

He expressed a loud sigh. “I will fix it. Just get ready. The water is almost hot.”

Mel turned and entered the small, sparsely furnished bedroom. No particular color scheme dominated, but the bed was neatly made with a dark colored patchwork quilt stretched over the top and tucked in tight. No photographs or personal mementos were visible. The top of an oak chest of drawers and a plain nightstand stood empty.

She closed the door and shed her muddy clothes, wrapping herself in the large sheet of fabric.

She stood with her hand on the doorknob, gritting her teeth and giving herself a stern talking to.

What kind of woman would strip naked with a strange man on the other side of the door? What kind of woman would contemplate taking a bath in a metal tub in the middle of the stranger’s kitchen? What kind of woman would look at this stranger with lust in her heart when she had barely learned his name...She sighed. A really dirty woman, that’s who.

Purchase TWIST OF FATE at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Visit J.D. Favor's Website.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm in Heat. Are You Really Surprised?

Yep, no doubt about it, I’m in heat! Just like a wolf. But how and when did I become this way? Well, pretty easy answer. The very moment I first saw Joe Manganiello on one of my all-time-favorite shows, True Blood.

Truth told, it’s bloody hard to shake me from finding anything/anyone in that series but vampires hot. After all, Eric the Viking vampire owns me, heart and soul.

At least he did.

I’d never been a huge werewolf fan. I liked them but the theory of a male werewolf hero never really attracted me like vamps did. Then I was sitting there one day watching True Blood, a few seasons in, and Sookie is suddenly saved by a guy. But not your average guy. Somehow this new character, played by Manganiello, had me sitting forward. Who the heck was this? The moment he walked on screen my eyes were glued. He was gruff, protective and quite frankly, hot as hell. Seriously, something about him really worked for me.

I can honestly say Manganiello gave me two things…

The first, he inspired me to write about my first werewolf in The Georgian Embrace (Coming February 29th). He showed me, hands down, that man plus wolf equals something beyond my wildest imagination. I finally ‘got’ the wolf craze! So even though my character is from Ireland, I took the sensual, rough masculine power that Manganiello offered and his protective qualities as inspiration. THIS was a real man! Though a beast he was still good. Something about that really grabbed me. Cursed plus honorable makes my ‘creative’ juices flow. *grins*

The second inspiration, Manganiello is one of the few males I’ve ever seen who absolutely, blow-my-mind-style turns me WAY on! I can’t look at this guy enough. He’s not classically handsome (which is my usual type) but damn, I drool over him. I keep trying to figure out the hold he has on me but can’t. But why fight it? There are worse things than being totally whipped by Joe Manganiello!

Learn more about Joe HERE. (He's a year younger than me and eight inches taller at 6'5. Oh yeah, I'd be a puddle of girly lap-luvin' delight if my jellied legs worked when I stood next to him. He's what I call yummy tall!)

Learn more about Charlain Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series HERE.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Tara Manderino's, HEART QUEST

Welcome! Popping in for the first time? Well, it’s all about finding the best and affordable books out there during A Writer’s Mind’s, 99. CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL continues with author Tara Manderino.

Author Tara Manderino loves to create stories and situations for the people running around in her head. She first began writing in third grade when she realized she couldn't afford her reading habit.

She writes and is published in a variety of genres and finds that each one is her favorite at the time. Her books are available at a variety of online retailers.

Tara resides in her native town in southwestern Pennsylvania. When she’s not chasing Lydia, the boxer, she’s writing her own stories, or reading, Tara likes to bake, watch old movies, and do a variety of crafts.

Visit Tara at her Website. Find Tara on Facebook and Twitter.

Tara will be featuring two of her titles today!


With one week to find the stolen stone from the Heart of Egypt, Luke Hayden, one of the premiere agents of the 1874 US Secret Service, travels in disguise across the continent When he learns Maj Bentzer, a woman he’s loved in the past, plays a key role in the stone’s disappearance, he’s not sure he can trust his instincts.

Purchase Heart Quest at Amazon and Smashwords.


A gung ho PR person in charge of getting a reclusive country western singer to perform live at a small function is responsible for him possibly losing his ranch for children. Tyler Davidson would rather deal with a large concert hall audience than come face to face with a few people. Such thoughts are beyond Abie Halloway’s thinking, but as she learns to understand what the ranch means to Tyler and comes to care for him in this sweet romance / inspirational, she realizes she does not want to be the one to cause his downfall.


“Ms. Halloway.” Ty’s deep voice floated from behind her. She didn’t even have to look to see if it was indeed him speaking. Just as his singing voice was so distinctive, so was his speaking voice. Now that she had heard it, she doubted she would forget it.

“What brings you here?”

“Abie, please.” At his nod, she continued. “I brought over the contract…” Her words tapered and died off as his face instantly settled to stone.

“Then you’ve wasted your time, Ms. Halloway.” He touched the tip of his hat, then turned on his heel to walk away.

Nobody walked away from her. She started after him. “Tyler! At least look at the contract.”

He stopped and turned. His expression not softening one iota. “I. Don’t. Do. Small.” Each word was bit out in precise syllables. If Abie had less self-confidence, she would have wilted on the spot. Instead of backing away, she pulled the contract from her jacket pocket and held it out to him.”Read it. Think about it.” She held it out, but he didn’t take it. Never had she imagined that his eyes could get any steelier looking. The paper vibrated in the air between them. He took a step closer and it took everything in her power not to back up.

“Ms. Halloway, I appreciate your determination, but it’s wasted here.”

“Tell me why.” If he opened up to her, just a little, she might have a something to work with. Might have a better understanding of what would entice him to sign. She swatted away the niggling thought that she would know something about the man himself; that wasn’t important. Still, it was strange that he refused to do benefits. He didn’t seem to mind concerts. She had seen his bookings for that.

Tyler gave her a hard edged glare. “I don’t do benefits.” He took her by the arm and turned her back toward the drive, where her car was parked.

She tried to yank her arm from his grasp, but it was a band of steel.

Her eyes narrowed in thought. Maybe the good ol’ boy act he used before, the whole church bit even, was nothing but a ruse. This must be the real Tyler Davidson. The literal strong arm tactics, the screaming. If she were a reporter she knew she would definitely follow the story, but since she wasn’t, she would worry about her own problem – getting Tyler to sign the contract.

“I told you, Cayla, stuff it! I don’t want to hear another word from your mouth tonight.” The harsh female voice pierced the air.

Tyler abruptly stopped, pulling Abie to a halt beside him. She glanced at his face and froze at the expression. He had been stony before. Now he was downright menacing.

Not even seeming aware of his grip on her arm, or even that she was still attached, Tyler headed for the girls’ dorm, practically dragging Abie with him. She tugged her arm free when they stood outside the door, and he looked down at her in surprise, as if not sure how she came to be there. His attention was immediately drawn back to the problem at hand when they again heard raised voices – much louder this time. He yanked open the door and was inside in a moment. Abie followed.

Purchase Taking Chances at Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Smashwords ~ Kobo Books ~ Apple Itunes ~ Sony

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Winter Blog Festival! Stavros Halvatzis' SCARAB.

Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL! Today it’s my pleasure to feature author Stavros Halvatzis.

Stavros Halvatzis was born in Alexandria, Egypt, but grew up in Greece and in South Africa, before moving to Australia to continue a career teaching creative writing, animation, and digital media at the tertiary level. Prior to that, Stavros, who trained as a film-maker and writer in London, worked, for a period of five years, as the resident screenwriter for Elmo De Witt Films, one of the "big five" film companies in South Africa. Stavros holds a PhD in Narrative Structures.

Today Stavros is featuring his best-selling novel, Scarab.

Short description of Scarab: Buried in a hidden chamber beneath the great Sphinx of Giza, lies the most potent secret in history. Older than the pyramids, older than Atlantis, it has the power to change the world. Powerful men will do anything to posses it. There is just one thing standing in their way -- the living Sphinx itself.

The story, which unfolds in Egypt, London, and South Africa is a fast-paced entertaining read on a fascinating subject -- quantum mechanics, with a dash of fanciful archeological intrigue, suspense, and some graphic content.

Sky here. I'm reading this story right now and really enjoying it so far!

Purchase your .99 cent copy of SCARAB now at AMAZON.

Visit Stavros Halvatzis’ Website.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Blog Festival. Things HEAT up with Rynne Raines' REFECTIONS!

Welcome! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. It's almost Valentine's Day so you've come to the perfect spot. Things are steaming up around here. A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL continues today with talented author, Rynne Raines. Sit back, relax and read about some fantastic and very affordable stories.

Reflections (paranormal romance) on sale now for only 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords


What is an untamable rake to do after being cursed to suffer a fate unknown to man; to experience solitude in the deepest sense of the word? Watch and wait.

As a silent observer in a world he is no longer part of, Rykel Deveau has entertained himself by becoming engrossed in the lives of the living. Society has changed in two hundred years—more importantly, women have changed.

Now, over two centuries later, Rykel finds himself forced to share his living quarters with the most unusual female he has ever come across, sensual artist, Danica Lovel. Between the woman's hideous tattered bathrobe and unsightly pink slippers, he should be appalled, yet bizarrely, he finds himself strongly drawn to her. He wants her. The problem is, she has no idea he exists.

The Awakening on sale now for only 99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords


Torn between fantasy and reality, Natalie Kendrick wakes each morning on fire, haunted by passionate dreams of Alexander, the nineteenth century gentleman she believes saved her life fifteen years ago. But when living outside the erotic dream world they share becomes unbearable, she seeks the help of a dream analyst. The solution seems simple: dream suppressants. But can Natalie bring herself to forever shut out the only man she has ever loved--from her head, her life and her heart?


Alexander’s hands were like velvet cuffs binding Natalie’s wrists above her head. Gripping a fistful of her auburn curls, he imprisoned her beneath his weight. With the heat in his eyes nearly melting her, she writhed beneath him in false protest.

“Tell me what you desire, Natalie,” he said, his warm breath carressing her cheek.

Her head whipped from side to side as she tried to fight the intollerable urges his lust-filled teasing brought forth within her. Nearly breathless, she stared back at him. “You, I desire you.” Only he had the power to relieve her anguish, her mental and physical torment. Triumph flickered in his gaze and a wicked smile plagued his lips.

“As you wish, my lady,” he said in that sultry, deep voice that made her heartbeat quicken.

Fiercely he ravished her mouth while easing a knee steadily forward, parting her bare thighs. His cool slacks brushed her searing flesh, causing her to shiver with delight. Needing more than ever for him to satisfy her, she surrendered and let him venture further until he touched the tender ache between her open, defenseless legs.

Gasping, Natalie shot straight up in her bed and gripped her chest where beneath her heart pounded in quick, violent pulses. Her eyes flickered back and forth as she scanned her bedroom.


Tears welled in her eyes. She covered her face with her hands and took a shuddering breath. The intensity of these dreams was out of control and the pain she felt waking alone each morning was becoming unbearable. Surely, the vividness of the dreams and the resulting lonely ache would soon drive her insane. There had to be someone—anyone—who could tell her what her dreams meant.

Visit Rynne Raines all over the web: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Blog

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Blog Festival. Jean Adams' ETERNAL HEARTS.

Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENTS EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. For those of you unfamiliar, this event is all about letting you know about some fantastic and very affordable books. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over author Jean Adams.

Award-winning romance author, Jean Adams, wanted to be the next Agatha Christie but it didn't quite work out that way. She was introduced to romance and it was love at first read. Now she is addicted to storytelling. Ancient Egypt is her passion, running a close second to writing. What better solution than to join the two. She is working on a historical trilogy set during those times, a good excuse for more research.

Jean has another novel in this festival. Set in Cornwall, renowned for its storytellers, it's about one woman's search for a myth. She spent her formative years in Cornwall among the stories and legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

She likes dark, mysterious heroes and strong heroines, who are their perfect match. They are soul mates, and their love for each the goes soul deep.

Jean is the founder of Romance Writers of New Zealand.

ETERNAL HEARTS - ancient Egyptian time travel


She found the love of her life, 3000 years too late.

When Alexandra Kelly returns a broad collar to Egypt she is swept through a time portal into a breathtaking, yet terrifying journey to a land of majesty and splendour, the land of the pharaohs.

Death is Lord Khafra’s fate if he embarks upon his dangerous quest. Can Alex’s arrival disrupt his plans and save him from his fiery date with death?

Together they find love and face terrible danger and hardship but the sexy charioteer could make any woman believe the gods were smiling on her.

But at the next full moon Alex must leave Egypt to return to the 21st century and Khafra will have been dead for many centuries.


Why was he looking at her as though he wanted to ravish her where she stood? No, she didn’t want to think about that. He was a large man and judging by those thick muscles, very strong. And what gave men the right to such sinfully long eyelashes? She gathered her wandering thoughts. “I know this is a joke, even though I don’t understand it, but it’s starting to wear thin. Please, tell me where I am.”

“You are in Kemet, in Egypt. And this is my home.

”She wanted to scream. “I know I’m in Egypt! I flew in yesterday.” Her voice rose in frustration. Couldn’t he stop teasing? Her head hurt too much for stupid games.

He shifted and she wondered what was on his mind. Calm down, Alex. Don’t antagonize him. You don’t know what he’s capable of.

Drawing in a long, deep breath she counted to three and began again. “Okay. If you want to play games, I have some questions.”

He sat up and the towel slipped further exposing a longer length of perfectly muscled thigh, which he made no attempt to cover. “I’m sure you will have many.”

That was something anyway. Maybe he was ready to cooperate. She dragged her gaze back to his face and drew in a deep breath. “What dynasty am I—? What dynasty did I land in?”

“Dynasty?” He frowned and offered her that knockout smile again. “Ah, of course. This is how the years come to be known to you. Do you mean in whose reign are we?”

Deep breath, Alex. “Whatever. In whose reign are we?”

“Amunhotep the Fourth, may he live forever.” He placed his hand over his heart. “It is the fifth year of his reign.”

Her mouth fell open. Now she knew for certain this was a joke. “You’re kidding, right?”

Dark eyebrows lifted in question. “Kidding?”

She blew out an angry breath. “Playing me for a fool.”

His broad shoulders lifted in a casual shrug and he moved his leg one more time. Luckily the towel didn’t move with it. “Why would I do this?”

Amunhotep IV, who had changed his name to Akhenaten, just happened to be the husband of Nefertiti. It was a coincidence Alex couldn’t overlook. But her mind started wandering down a new track. Maybe this is a ransom attempt.

Purchase Eternal Hearts at AMAZON.



In the ancient Celtic land of Cornwall, she searched for a myth--and found truth. To prove she’s got what it takes to make it in the male-dominated world of wildlife photography, Emma sets herself an impossible task--to find the Beast of Bodmin Moor. She travels from the New World to her mother’s ancient Celtic land of Cornwall determined to prove that the fabled creature exists and to be the only one to capture it on film.

He came out of the mist…Seth Trevelyan wants to be left alone to get on with his life’s work. He’s also on a one-man crusade--to save the life of the black leopard, known as the Beast of Bodmin Moor. When, he finds a damsel in distress, like a knight of old he gives her sanctuary, placing the leopard and his heart, in danger.


In the utter silence of the moorland night, another sound caught her attention; the very familiar sound of Seth’s voice. Since no others came back in reply, she deduced he must be talking on his mobile phone, or to himself. She couldn’t hear the words, but they sounded soft, coaxing. Almost like a lover.

By the time Emma reached the window Seth had stopped talking…

Then she saw it. Sleek and black, its coat bore an eerie silvery sheen in the moonlight. She gasped and felt her eyes physically widen.

A black leopard.

Of course! The sawing sound was one of the noises leopards made.

Fighting the effects of the tablets, she glanced quickly across to the nightstand where her camera lay. It was too far to stretch. Besides it was still empty. By the time she’d hobbled over there, reloaded and got back, the creature would be gone.

It was so beautiful she wanted to cry. All muscle and sinew, it was terrifying in its raw power. Blinking rapidly, Emma cleared the lump in her throat and gave the creature a watery smile. Then the animal slipped into the shadows and was gone, back to the moor. Even the drugs making her drowsy couldn’t temper her excitement. It was real; she had seen it.

Seth was down there! Shaking her head, Emma tried to clear the gathering fog. Hadn’t he seen the leopard? If he had, all hell would have broken loose. The animal was probably looking for food.

What if they came face to face? It could attack him and she would be useless to help him on these crutches, a leg that wouldn’t support her and a mind muddled by drugs.

Although barely able to stay awake, Emma forced herself to scan the shadows one more time, hoping for another glimpse of the panther, but she knew it had gone. A sudden shiver made her realize how low the temperature had dropped. She closed the window and made her way back to bed.

Just before sleep claimed her, Emma smiled into the darkness. What she’d seen tonight was no figment of an overactive imagination. Even though the pills had worked quickly, her drugged brain knew one truth.

Tonight, she had seen the Beast of Bodmin Moor.

Purchase Beats A Wild Heart at AMAZON.

Visit Jean Adams' Website.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Eliza Knight's, MEN OF THE SEA Anthology

Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL! Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over the very talented, Eliza Knight. She’ll be sharing her MEN OF THE SEA Anthology , a Regency romance series including: Her Captain Returns, Her Captain Surrenders, Her Captain Dares All.

Eliza Knight is the multi-published, award-winning author of sizzling historical romance and erotic romance. While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain, and enjoys cold winter nights when she can curl up in front of a roaring fire with her own knight in shining armor. Visit Eliza at her Website or her historical blog, History Undressed, which was recently mentioned in a feature article in The Wall Street Journal. 

MEN OF THE SEA Anthology

Back by popular demand! The Men of the Sea series--three Regency novellas in one (~90,000 words).


How could anything considered sinful feel so good?

That is what Miss Corinne Claymore asked herself as she gave into the titillating suggestions of Captain Ryder Montgomery. Corinne never knew what she was getting into with her innocent flirtations with Ryder. Scandal ensues as they are discovered in an amorous embrace in the gardens at Lady Covington's ball. Corinne finds herself not only married to Ryder, but abandoned. A short letter tells her he will be gone for several years.

Eight years pass while Ryder is on a secret mission for the Prince Regent. He only returns at hearing the news of his brother's death, making him the new Earl of Stafford. His love and passion for Corinne have not waned. In fact, remembering their nights of pleasure has been the only thing that's kept him sane on his dangerous journey. But she has changed much, filled now with bitterness and the fear of being deserted again. Ryder must woo her back to him and soothe her fears, all while discovering how his brother died and who may be at fault.

It will be a treacherous adventure, but one consumed with building trust and love while enjoying carnal pleasures.


Captain Nathaniel Cruise has a job to do. But what happens when a beautiful woman tempts him to turn his eye from his duties to pursue more…pleasurable entertainments? Not only that, the woman has a wit and intelligence that rivals his own and he finds himself falling deeper and harder for her.

Lady Juliette Blackburn, knows what she wants, and she wants Captain Cruise. A rich widow in her own right, she’s decided to take her love life in her own hands. However, at every turn the man of her dreams is running away from her. She’ll have to keep up a subtle chase to discreetly reel him in.

Despite their mutual attraction something darker is pulling them together. A rogue former lover of Juliette’s is the main suspect in Nathaniel’s investigation, and now he’s threatening both their livelihoods. Together they’ll fight the villain and perhaps on the way Nathaniel and Juliette will surrender to love.


Pursued by kidnappers, Lady Tessa Woodward is running for her life. When handsome Captain Jeremy Williams comes to her rescue in the backstreets of Paris, she persuades him to help her escape France and return to her home in England.

Captain Jeremy Williams is captivated by Lady Tessa's fiery nature and agrees to give her passage aboard his ship. Once on board, his desire grows and soon reveals a sensual side to the woman he can’t deny. But when danger threatens his lady, will the captain dare all to save her?


Seriously Reviewed – “A wonderfully romantic story. This is not the first book of Ms Knight's that I have had the pleasure to read and I must admit that it will not be the last. The intoxicating way she pens her captain's is a refreshing taste and definitely tempting. Ruggedly handsome men born for the sea. Ladies bred for society. I love the way Ms Knight brings these two different worlds together and crafts love stories that will leave the reader breathless. *Snaps* Ms Knight on another job well done :)”

Rebecca Lynn @ Enduring Romance – “I enjoy these spicy Regency novels that Eliza Knight writes. I like her characters, I like the plot lines, I like the resolutions. I think she writes relationships very well, and she is a master of sexual tension. I thoroughly recommend these Men of the Sea books.”

Excerpt from Her Captain Returns:

London, England 1812

"Are you enjoying Lady Covington’s ball?" Captain Montgomery—the rogue—asked, his warm breath bathing her in sinful delight.

Corinne could not have been more thrilled for the way her evening was going. She stared up into the beautiful hazel eyes of the man who twirled her about the dance floor. Captain Ryder Montgomery was one of the most handsome men she’d ever met. She was the lucky lady who’d claimed his affections on this and several prior evenings. At each function she attended this season, he’d been there, dancing with her, flirting with her. Her hopes were high that he would offer her marriage soon. Corinne could feel her skin beginning to warm and hoped her blush wasn’t showing.

"Yes, I am having a most enjoyable time."

She lowered her eyes for a moment, and then let them rise so she could again admire Ryder’s strong chiseled features, softened by the dimple in his chin, and the golden locks tapering to the bottom of his neck. Corinne resisted the urge to comb her fingers through his hair to feel just how soft it was.

"You are quite an accomplished dancer, Miss Corinne." His breath was sweet sin against her neck as he whispered in her ear. She stifled a moan threatening to escape.

Ryder brought out a side of her she didn’t know existed. A quick peek around the room indicated her parents were not watching. She would be mortified if they saw his intimate whisper. No doubt someone would inform them, but she could always deny it then. She prayed he would propose soon; she didn’t know how much of his gentle torture she could take.

"Why, thank you, Captain. You have been an ex-cellent dancing partner. I fear that with the other gentleman, I seem to step on their toes, sending the rest of my dance partners scattering."

Ryder’s laugh was like liquid gold. He made it clear he found her amusing in an affectionate way, and she only hoped she could continue to pique his interest. As he laughed with her, his hold on her tightened slightly, and she loved the way his tall, sinewy body seemed to fit perfectly with hers.

His fingers, resting lightly on her hips, began to draw small circles, before he twirled her about. A lurch of excitement brewed within her. She knew just how naughty it was for him to touch her this way…next time she would politely remove his affa-ble digits. Although she was sure a proposal would be coming soon, it was most unseemly for her to al-low such liberties.

"Well, you have certainly won my confidence in your abilities. I shall warn all others that to dance with you would be hazardous to their health." His eyes twinkled as he gazed directly into hers. "Then I can be sure I have you all to myself."

Corinne found it impossible not to return his disarming smile. If he asked her to walk through the garden mazes right now, she would, and she’d entertain any improper acts he had in mind.

His hand moved from her hip to the small of her back. The very air around her seemed electrified, and the small sensual movements of his fingertips sent shocks through her spine. She really should make him stop…

"Captain Montgomery, you flatter me." Her words came out breathlessly, and she chewed her lip, stifling another moan his touch elicited.

"I wish to do more than flatter you." There was an invitation in the depths of his eyes.

Purchase Links: Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Visit Eliza's Website

Twitter: @ElizaKnight

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Winter Blog Festival. Catherine Bybee's, WIFE BY WEDNESDAY

Happy Monday! I hope you had a super weekend. In case you’re joining me for the first time, my .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL is underway. It’s all about sharing fabulous authors who are offering affordable reads. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over talented author, Catherine Bybee.

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee has been addicted to romance since her teens. After spending a decade of her life working as an RN in urban emergency rooms, Catherine is now dedicated to writing happily-ever-afters for the world to love. Catherine is married and raising two sons in Southern California. She loves hearing from her readers so feel free to visit her at: www.catherinebybee.com.

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Romance
#4 Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Wife by Wednesday ~ Priced at $0.99

A Contemporary Romance with a dash of humor and a whole lotta sexy…

Blake Harrison: Rich, titled, and charming… And in need of a wife by Wednesday so he turns to Sam Elliot who isn’t the business man he expected. Instead, Blake is faced with Samantha Elliot, engaging and spunky with a voice men call 900 numbers to hear.

Samantha Elliot: Owner of Alliance, her matchmaking firm, and not on the marital menu... That is until Blake offers her ten million dollars for a one-year contract. All she needs to do is keep her attraction to her husband to herself and avoid his bed. But Blake’s toe-curling kisses and charm prove too difficult to combat. Now she needs to protect her heart so she can walk away when their mercenary life together is over.


“Kissing me is wrong?”

“Yes,” she blurted out. “I mean, no.”

He chuckled. “Which is it?”

“Ugh. What if I choke? What if I don’t look convincing?” What if she screwed up and gave the camera exactly what they wanted and Blake lost his inheritance?

Blake removed one hand from the steering wheel and placed it over her cold ones. “Samantha?”


“Relax. Let me take charge here.”

She shook her head. “I’m not used to men taking charge in my life.”

“I know that. But you can trust me.”

She wanted to trust him. But her hands shook as they pulled into her driveway. He removed the key from the ignition and shifted in his seat. “Let’s just go inside and start packing.”

“Are you going to kiss me the minute we’re inside?” God, she had to know… so she could prepare herself.

Blake leaned forward and removed his sunglasses. “Come here,” he whispered, staring at her lips.

She inched forward, thinking he wanted to whisper something important.

Instead, he leaned over the seat and placed his lips softly on hers. The heat was instant and sizzled all the way to her toes. Her eyes fluttered shut as she eased into his kiss. Then he moved away. “Kissing will be the easy part,” he said over her opened lips. “Pulling back will prove much harder.”

Purchase your copy of Wife by Wednesday on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Check out Catherine's other titles at her Website.

Follow Catherine on Twitter @catherinebybee

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Blog: catherinebybee.blogspot.com  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Like PRINT? Me too. The MacLomain Series goes Old School!

In this day and age of digital books I still relish print books and for that reason alone I'm making my MacLomain Series available in PRINT at the lowest prices I could manage. Going to print with these is 100% for my readers. I want you to have something you can add to your bookshelves. Something you can flip through and smell that wonderful book smell (you know what I'm talking about) That certain something that eReaders will never offer.

Designed by the fabulous Tamra Westberry, these covers are stunning from front to spine to back. Six by nine, they're the size of hardcovers! Each one is glistening, glossy and over 320 pages long with easy-to-read font. Forgive my cell phone picture. It doesn't capture the colors nearly as striking as they are!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! See you tomorrow when A Writer's Mind, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL continues.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! Skhye Moncrief's SWORDSONG.

Welcome! It's hard to believe that it's already February. This month is chock full of incredible authors sharing their affordable reads in my .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Today it's my pleasure to welcome over talented romance author, Skhye Moncrief. She'll be sharing two novels from her Time Guardians series.


Genre: Celtic Time-travel Fantasy Romance

Heat Level: Spicy

Length: full-length novel -- 93K words, 375pp in print

He's arrived to help her create the perfect bride.

He's stuck in present-day Scotland with a bent time-travel key only she, a swordsmith, can repair. Duty requires he return to his time. His ticket home relies on a lonely woman haunted by more than apparitions. Her track record with men keeps her at a distance. And ghostly events keep pushing them closer together. Earning her trust will require the kind of patience only a valiant time guardian learns during his twenty years of apprenticeship. If time-travel duty, romance, and a bit of magic don't help them realize their destiny resonates in mysterious fairy SWORDSONG, all known history could change.


"No," Katie yelled and sprang into motion, lunging for the doorway.

Gods' jest. The lass pushed something over her head. Something invisible.

She flew back toward me and fell at my boots, arms scrabbling behind her for a handhold like the jointed legs of a crab.

Guinevere screeched an ear-piercing wail of a banshee.

If the ceilings held, it would be miraculous. I grabbed beneath Katie's arms and hoisted her upward as the blaring female's cacophony ricocheted off the stone walls.

I searched Katie's disturbed blue gaze focused on the doorway. "What is it?"

She shoved her heels around, trying to regain her footing. "Stop laughing, you bastard," she snarled.

Not at me. There has to be an intruder. Or spirit. In the empty doorway.

A sudden quiet moment consumed the mind-numbing reality of the dark subterranean world.

"No," Katie screeched, reached out, seemingly blocking a blow with her forearm.

What did she see?

"What is it, Katie?" Pam shouted.

Katie had to stop reacting. Trick the Seer. If she didn't look though, she won't react to the spirit. I grabbed the blonde's stiff shoulders and crushed her gaze into my chest. "There's naught there, lass."

Katie squirmed, the hardness of her head fighting my grip. "He's got a knife."

And that would matter? I scanned the doorway for a person or a hint of a glinting dirk.

Why would I expect to suddenly see the apparition? The Seer had only come for Katie.

She stilled in my arms.

Yet, her thundering heart hammered. I could try to explain. Ease her fears. But a woman of her time isn't ready to believe in Post-Modern alchemical notions. Not with Truth hounding her in an astral projection.

The air warmed about us.

Probably more the heat from the fear in the chamber than an actual rise in temperature. But a rise in temperature would note the visitation's end. "Is he gone?" I scanned the doorway.

"I couldn't possibly know. I can't see," she droned into my shirt.

Of course she can't. But better to hang onto her with a spirit afoot given her reaction. I loosened my hold enough to permit her to peer over her shoulder.

Katie scanned the whole room where I held her.

Probably uncertain whether to sigh or grab a weapon.

"He's gone," she announced.

The other females descended upon us. Their three crowns bobbed beneath my chin as the other maidens's arms grabbed Katie.

"What was it?" Guinevere simpered.

"Yes, tell us what you saw," Pam commanded.

Out of the three, the masculine maiden had the most sensible way about her. All business. Very much a Brother in behavior.

"A large man in big black boots," Katie gasped. "He laughed at us, shaking a knife over his shoulder. He was going to kill us."

"I didn't see him," Guinevere finally managed to speak plainly.

As if any of us had. "None of us did." I maintained my hold on the frightened blonde maiden.

Katie shot me a bitter scowl.

Not good. Her pinched glare of betrayal isn't the prize I expected. I'd have to salvage the little friendship we had, to gain access to her uncle's foundry. "I'm not saying you didn't, lass."

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Genre: Celtick Time-travel Fantasy Romance

Heat Level: Spicy

Length: Full-length novel -- 85K words, 340pp in print

He, Arthur, is a reflection of luck, an abomination. He can feel the love, the pain, the sorrow, and the joy of all the ages. If he doesn't save the Druid he is sent to find, all known history could change. Some things are worth dying for. But first a man must live.

Arthur didn't count on becoming human. And now the fairies want him to break dragon law... He never expected his charge to push him to the edge of reason. But a man must live before becoming king.

Fear not. The fairies have a plan.

Trust not the fairies.

Druids wed one soul for eternity to protect the integrity of the timeline. Druid Solas's soul mate was taken from her. Now, an 11th Century Irish bishop stalks her to serve as his mistress. She has nothing left yet everything to live for in creating the historical maps she was sent through time to make. She will break time-travel Code if she submits to another man by allowing even one paradoxical child to muddy history. Then Arthur arrives to save her. He is anything but a time guardian. And a fairy tells her to help him. To ignore a god's instruction could prove detrimental. Yet, every time guardian knows believing the Gods is wielding a double-edged sword. Since it is forbidden for Druids to wield weapons, her future relies on He of the Fiery Sword.

King Arthur is born.

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