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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! R.G. Porter's, DESTINY'S LIGHT

Welcome! Though it’s the last day of my .99 CENT WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL, there’s still fun to be had! Today I’d like to welcome over ‘muse sister’ and romance author R.G. Porter. She and I were authors in the Song of the Muse Anthology years ago. Many of the talented authors in this series have since re-launched their titles. We all had such a blast and became friends through this anthology. I’m happy to spread the word about Robyn’s story, Destiny’s Light. It’s well written and such a great tale!!!

A bit about the author…

Robyn wrote her first novel, Shadow of the Wolf, back in 2005, as a way to escape from a chaotic world. Though she never expected her writing to go anywhere, her first novel debuted through Wild Rose Press in 2007. Since then she has continued to write what she is drawn to. Whether it is a world where magic and shape-shifters exist or a place where vampires are ready overthrow the world of humans, her imagination weaves those places into stories. Currently she finds herself writing as much as she can. With her first book to be re-released Oct 1st, she plans to have many more novels out in the coming months. From her Darkness Unleashed series to her Guardian's of Nature series, she will continue to bring forth new tales of mystery, magic and mayhem.


A wish to go back would unlock more than she expected…

For as long as Eutrepe could remember, the Muses had always been sent to help inspire mankind. She longed to go back again, but man had lost his faith. Centuries drifted by and Eutrepe was certain she would never walk among the humans again. The night Zeus summons her for a final task in the mortal world she jumps at the chance. It was a quest she was willing to take, that is, until the interference of a God and her memory is lost.

Ceris is a loner and musician. Stuck at an impasse with a song he needs to complete, but cannot, he wonders if the words will be locked inside his soul forever. Sure he will never release his thoughts, he ventures out into the night in hopes of some kind of inspiration. Never in his dreams did he expect it would come in the form of a woman with no memory who nearly dies at the hands of an oncoming car in the dead of night.

In order to reveal the song that fills Ceris' soul they must first unlock Euterpe’s past before it’s too late….

Their future is at stake, but first they must beat back the darkness before it time is up.


Euterpe paced outside the great hall. She had done all she could to learn of the world of men. There had been great changes and she found that her amazement for the ingenuity of the mortals increased with each new thing she discovered. Still, she could not help but wonder where her quest was going to lead her. True, man had created wondrous inventions, but in another way, their creativity seemed to have dimmed over the ages. It broke her heart to know that so many had lost the ability to use their imagination. She knew it was there, hidden deep inside, but they had forgotten how to unlock it. Too much had been lost since the time of the gods.

“You may enter now, Euterpe. Zeus is ready to see you.” A deep voice she had not heard in years broke through her thoughts. Before the door to the inner chamber stood her uncle, his eyes held hers for a breath or two. Taller than she had remembered, his onyx eyes matched his black untamed hair. He was as stubborn as her father was, but held hardly any of the fairness Zeus possessed. No, he was usually out for only what benefited him, and most of the time, that did not bode well with anyone unlucky enough to be in his path. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she held her head high in defiance.

“Hades, what are you doing here?” She asked. The last she had heard, Zeus had forbidden him to come up to Olympus. Too many times, he had tried to overshadow Zeus with trickery. “If I remember right, you were told not to return.”

Hades’ hand held fast to his scepter. “That’s very cute niece, but unneeded, not to mention far from the truth. I came up here to speak with my brother. For as long as we have existed, I have never been forbidden to enter Olympus. I have chosen to remain below. You would do well to remember this.” There was a bite in his words she could not miss.

Hades moved close, his mere presence sending chills across her skin. “I hope you aren’t issuing a threat, dear Uncle. I would hate to have to mention this to Zeus, or your wife. They would both be very disappointed.” Deep down, Euterpe wanted to push past him, but his body continued to fill the entryway.

His finger reached out and brushed the side of her cheek. “Dear Euterpe, we will have a long conversation one day about threats. I will explain them in depth to you, this, I promise.” Before she could counter him, Hades’ body burst into a dark mist evaporating before her eyes. Every encounter she had had with him always left her feeling out of sorts. He wasn’t evil, but he’d always known what to say, or do, to unnerve her and tonight was no different. Just his touch felt tainted with darkness.

“Don’t you hate when they get the last word?”

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Cathy McElhaney said...

Destiny's Light is an easy read. It's good from beginning to end! Thanks, Sky for featuring another talented author! Hi Robyn!