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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Like PRINT? Me too. The MacLomain Series goes Old School!

In this day and age of digital books I still relish print books and for that reason alone I'm making my MacLomain Series available in PRINT at the lowest prices I could manage. Going to print with these is 100% for my readers. I want you to have something you can add to your bookshelves. Something you can flip through and smell that wonderful book smell (you know what I'm talking about) That certain something that eReaders will never offer.

Designed by the fabulous Tamra Westberry, these covers are stunning from front to spine to back. Six by nine, they're the size of hardcovers! Each one is glistening, glossy and over 320 pages long with easy-to-read font. Forgive my cell phone picture. It doesn't capture the colors nearly as striking as they are!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! See you tomorrow when A Writer's Mind, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER FESTIVAL continues.



Carol L. said...

Hi Sky, This fantastic since I'm probably the only one without an e-reader lol But no matter I'd never give up the printed book. I loving those covers and seeing Jimmy Thomas on them makes them more exciting. :)
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Unknown said...

I'm right there with you Sky. Tamra is doing all my print covers this week and they will be out soon! :) Great minds think alike.

Talk to you soon.

Sky Purington said...

Oh, I know it, Carol! I hope printed books stick around. They better! And OMG yeah about Jimmy! :-)

RG, Tamra rocks. You know you can't go wrong! ;-)