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Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Blog Festival! J.D. Favor's, BAD HABIT.

I hope everyone had a super weekend! Welcome to A Writer’s Mind’s, .99 CENT EBOOK WINTER BLOG FESTIVAL. Today it’s my pleasure to feature author J.D. Favor.

One lucky commenter wins! J.D. is graciously giving away one free download along with a t-shirt with a really cute graphic and the words, “Bad Girls Need Love Too…” Thanks J.D.!

J.D. Faver lives near Houston, Texas. She writes contemporary romance and mystery/suspense. Although she writes daily, she still finds time to enjoy family and friends. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and painting.

She is active in several writer's organizations in the area. She belongs to National RWA and is a member of all three Houston area chapters: West Houston RWA, Northwest Houston RWA and Houston Bay Area RWA where she serves as Vice President. She is also an officer of Bay Area Writer's League and belongs to Houston Writer's Guild. She is owned by two cats and a small, yappy rescue dog.

She would rather be sailing or on a beach somewhere, but if she can't do either of those things, she would just as soon write. Visit J.D. at her Website.

Let’s check out J.D.’s titles…

BAD HABIT~ Mystery/Suspense-Spicy Romance; 61k

In an effort to evade the men who killed her boyfriend, former model, Teri Slaughter, flees New York City and takes refuge in a San Antonio convent, masquerading as her own sister. But when hot and hunky homicide detective, Angel Garcia tries to protect her from the killers, he proves to be a threat to her heart. He takes her to the only “safe house” available: the one where he was raised. His parents and siblings take her in and teach her the real meaning of family and home. To protect the nuns, Teri uses herself as bait, leading the killers on a chase through Brackenridge Park on foot, miniature train and golf cart. In the end, the only one to catch her is Angel.

Purchase BAD HABIT at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

A TWIST OF FATE~ Humorous Contemporary Romance; 61k

Worlds collide when a Sex in the City girl meets a little House on the Prairie guy. Mel Hannigan is a slick, savvy New York City commercial photographer who knows what she’s doing and where she’s going…that is, until she heads upstate for a little drive time and ends up with her sports car in a ditch. That’s where Helmut Engle finds her. He is a solid, down to earth farmer. In spite of their differences, Mel and Helmut give in to an irresistible magnetic attraction and share an exciting, intimate interlude. She returns to the city but can’t get him out of her mind. She attempts to drag him into her world by the scruff of his red neck and he tries to remodel his world to suit her.


Mel stared through it uncertainly. “What’s in there?”

He put his foot on a bench and started unlacing his boots, the muscles working in his bare arms. “It is your room.”

“My room? I can’t stay here!” She gaped at him, open-mouthed. “Not the two of us...here alone...all night.”

He slipped his boots off and set them outside the front door. “Where, then?”

“There’s not a hotel in town?”

“What town? The nearest town is thirty miles in that direction.” He pointed out the doorway. “Start walking, if you wish to make it by nightfall.”

Mel swallowed hard. “It’s just that...”

“Do not worry about me. I am a perfect gentleman.”

A smile twirked the corners of her mouth. She visually cruised the tall, broad-shouldered man standing before her. Not her idea of a gentleman.

But he was her idea of a real hunk. In his stocking feet he stood about six-foot-five or six, at least a whole foot taller than her. “I see. Well, thank you for your hospitality, Mister...Mister…?”

“Engle. My name is Helmut Engle.”

“Mel. Melanie Hannigan.” She held out her hand to him.

He glanced at it and then enveloped her hand in his much larger one. It was warm, dry and rough, similar to having one’s hand wrapped in a well-used baseball glove.

“Please call me Mel.”

A flicker of amusement in the depths of his eyes. A dimple showed beside his mouth. “I will.”

Oh, my God! He’s cute! A bigger, badder Brad Pitt with his longish sun-washed, dirty blonde hair and dimples. I’m in so much trouble here. “Uh, Helmut. Can I borrow a bathrobe?”

“I do not have a bathrobe, but I will lend you a towel.” He left and reappeared with a large rectangle woven of thick linen fibers.

It was soft and worn but, Mel figured it would be absorbent. She swallowed as his hand brushed hers. “Thanks. Thank you. Where is your restroom?”

“Behind the house.”

“Where am I going to bathe?” Her voice crept up a whole octave.

He pointed to a corner of the kitchen where a large oval galvanized tub with straight sides sat gleaming. Mel envisioned the entire length of Helmut Engle in the tub and smiled in spite of her discomfort.

“Out here in the open?”

He expressed a loud sigh. “I will fix it. Just get ready. The water is almost hot.”

Mel turned and entered the small, sparsely furnished bedroom. No particular color scheme dominated, but the bed was neatly made with a dark colored patchwork quilt stretched over the top and tucked in tight. No photographs or personal mementos were visible. The top of an oak chest of drawers and a plain nightstand stood empty.

She closed the door and shed her muddy clothes, wrapping herself in the large sheet of fabric.

She stood with her hand on the doorknob, gritting her teeth and giving herself a stern talking to.

What kind of woman would strip naked with a strange man on the other side of the door? What kind of woman would contemplate taking a bath in a metal tub in the middle of the stranger’s kitchen? What kind of woman would look at this stranger with lust in her heart when she had barely learned his name...She sighed. A really dirty woman, that’s who.

Purchase TWIST OF FATE at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Visit J.D. Favor's Website.


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