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Friday, July 27, 2012

For Those Who Have Loved and Lost. How a Dragonfly Healed Me.

Welcome. I apologize, this is a rather personal post but one I had to share.

My Dad died nearly a year ago on July 29th, 2011.

It’s hard to believe a year went by so fast. I suppose, however, I’ve been in a fog through most of it. It’s no easy thing losing a parent. A father.

For all I thought long and hard about what to write in this post, there aren’t enough words. At least not the ones that sum it all up. 'All of it' being a lifetime of memories with an amazing man. And let me tell you, I’m sitting here now, totally blank, not sure what to write. One thing I can say is that he loved and loved well. Certain people came into his life later and I know he poured his heart into getting to know them better, the best way he knew how. I know he would want them to be happy always.

So now I'm writing a blog post about him and it's terribly hard. Why? Well, it’s an unimaginable thing to try to write on a blog about your feelings when you feel so strongly. 

The past year has been one of new beginnings. I have to look at it that way... as new beginnings. Because that's what it is when your entire life changes in a single moment, for better or worse.

I still remember those final moments in the ICU last year. Me, mom and my sister, Debbie, were there every day for two weeks. Dad faught the worst type of Sepsis poisoning as a result of chemo and pulled through. He'd had less than a 10% chance of survival. But he pulled through.

We got one more wonderful day with him. We were given the chance to say how much we loved one another. It was a gift. 

Regrettably, lung cancer victims don't come off the breathing incubator well. So he faught a hell of a battle only to lose. But we were all holding hands when he passed.

Life changed after that.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Summer Nights- Alisha Paige's, Voodoo Moon!

I hope everyone enjoyed a fabulous weekend! A Writer’s Mind’s, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS BLOG EVENT continues today with super talented author, Alisha Paige. She’ll be chatting about one of her latest releases, Voodoo Moon and serving up some refreshing summer beverages! Be sure to leave a comment to win an Ecopy of Voodoo Moon.

Let’s hear from Alisha…

A big thank you to Sky for this fun Hot Summer Nights Blog Event!! I'm thrilled to be here! I'm passing out virtual tropical drinks with the cute little umbrellas to everyone! Cheers!

A little background on my book. Voodoo Moon is based on the true life historic mansion, Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica where Annie Palmer killed three of her husbands and ordered her male slaves to her bed chambers. Annie was taught Haitian voodoo as a child by her black nanny and was said to be a powerful voodoo witch. A slave called to the White Witch’s chambers was a death warrant. After visiting Rose Hall, I was inspired to write a romance depicting the horror and terror of the infamous plantation. I still remember standing in Annie Palmer’s red bedroom, thinking of the poor black men who were forced to lie with her, thereby signing their death warrants.

Annie Palmer was killed in a slave uprising and is buried in an above ground tomb on the plantation where it is said her soul cannot escape to torture again. However, her ghost still roams the great rooms of Rose Hall. If you ever travel to Montego Bay, I encourage you to pay a visit to the White Witch’s former home.

I wrote Voodoo Moon because I love a great ghost tale! If you love stories full of magic, ghosts and romance, read a sample of Voodoo Moon at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Summer Nights- Lynda Coker's, The Ocean Between

Welcome! Today we continue A Writer’s Mind’s, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS BLOG EVENT with talented author, Lynda Coker. Lynda is graciously giving away a $5.00 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press - or - a signed copy of THE OCEAN BETWEEN. (Winner's Choice)! So sit back, relax and let’s hear what Lynda has to say about The Ocean Between.

Lynda, the floor’s yours…

The saying, If You Can't Find It Write It, inspired the creation of THE OCEAN BETWEEN. I've always loved the mystery surrounding an Arab Prince and the romance of the desert kingdom he rules. Of course, when a feisty westernized woman enters his world, things always sizzle. Another challenge for me included fashioning a story that would claim the heart of a reader. Judging by the reviews, THE OCEAN BETWEEN does just that.

VICTORIA BALLARD is a New York financial executive who considers men to be an unnecessary annoyance. With her career on track, she focuses on the adoption of four beautiful orphans, a crowning completion to her predesigned life-plan. However, life is a nasty trickster, and it's about to spring one on her in the person of PRINCE RASHID DAVAR.

PRINCE RASHID DAVAR completed a marriage contract with Victoria's father that is sure to teach him an unexpected lesson-a woman of the West is more easily married than controlled. Victoria may be his wife, but it will take a kidnapping, a battle of wills, and some desert heat of his own before he can claim her love.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Summer Nights- Beth Trissel's, Enemy of the King

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

It’s time to continue A Writer’s Mind’s, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS BLOG EVENT. For those popping in for the first time, this event features stories that take place either during those warmer summer months or in parts of the world where it’s hot all year round. Authors will be dishing out all sorts of great info. about their titles.

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over extremely talented author, Beth Trissel. Beth will be giving away an ecopy of her latest work, Enemy of the King to one lucky commenter. Be sure to read what she has to say at the end of this post about her contest!

Let’s hear from Beth now…

Thanks to Sky for having me on her fabulous blog.

Fascination with colonial America and the high drama of the American Revolution drew me to write adventure/romance novel Enemy of the King. Opening in sultry South Carolina in the summer of 1780, the story focuses on the Southern face of the war. Heard of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox? That’s his stomping ground and where some of my forebears ventured. Years ago, while researching my early American Scots-Irish ancestors, I came across frequent references to a battle fought during the Revolution called the Battle of King’s Mountain. The name alone drew me. I vowed to go back later and research it more in-depth and uncovered fascinating fodder for the imagination. Needless to say, that battle plays a significant role in the story, and, being drawn to mysterious old homes and the notion that those who’ve gone before us aren’t always gone, I included a ghost.

I also suspect my ancestors are speaking to me, as I have a colonial forebear named Jeremiah Jordan (the hero) and discovered an early Meriwether (the heroine) in the family. Not to mention a British general whose grandson was fighting with George Washington. My journey back through time gathered intrigue, and I wondered how the people who lived through anything as all-consuming as the American Revolution ever got their lives back to normal. The ripples from that enormous upheaval are still flowing out in concentric circles. They’ve certainly encompassed me, and now I’m at work on the sequel.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot Summer Nights- Amber Kallyn's, Bloodstorm

Happy Thursday! I hope that everyone enjoyed the kick-off of A Writer’s Mind’s, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS BLOG EVENT on Tuesday. For those of you popping in for the first time, this event will run throughout July and August, featuring some wonderful authors with stories that take place during those steamy, hot summer months. Be sure to swing in often as they’re all giving away a little something extra!

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over romance author, Amber Kallyn. Amber’s chatting about her latest release, Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire- Book 1). This book sounds great. Gotta love those vamps!

Amber is graciously giving away an Ecopy of Bloodstorm to THREE lucky commenters!

Let’s hear from Amber…

I remember a few years ago as I delved into my dragon shifters and wrestled with my Angels and Demons, saying flat out I would never write about vampires. I mean, there are so many great books out there already, I didn’t have anything fresh or interesting to bring to the table.

Flash forward...

I’m lying in bed trying to sleep (one of the few quiet times I have to do the creative thing) when a new character wakes up in my head.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Summer Nights- Babette James', Clear As Day

Welcome! Today is the first day of A Writer’s Mind’s, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS BLOG EVENT.

This sizzling hot event will run throughout the summer and feature many best-selling authors. Of course, all participating stories include hot summer nights! Keeping in theme, they either take place during the steamy summer months or in parts of the world where it’s toasty all year round. And, naturally, every author will be giving away a little something extra to those of you who comment!

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome over romance author, Babette James. She’ll be sharing a bit about why she wrote her latest novel, Clear As Day. It sounds amazing! Don’t forget, one lucky commenter wins an Ecopy of this book.

Let’s hear from Babette…

Thanks so much for letting me visit today and share a little about my debut novel, Clear As Day, a sweetly scorching contemporary romance about two friends with benefits facing the fears and uncertainties of their changing relationship.

Clear As Day began life as a short story years back when I was in college, an exercise featuring the July desert heat and cool waters of Lake Mohave, a reservoir downstream from the Hoover Dam formed out of stretch of the Colorado River by the Davis Dam. I grew up in Southern California and I’ve always had a love of the deserts of the Southwest. I had fun with the story, adding in bits of my family’s trips to the river, other camping and fishing experiences, and my own enjoyment of watercolors, music, photography, and the desert. Lake Mohave is a starkly beautiful location and lets you feel you’ve gone somewhere completely remote even though it’s accessible in only a little over an hour from Las Vegas. My cover shows a glimpse of the shoreline. The backcountry camping site in Clear As Day is only accessible by boat and there are no amenities beyond the sparkling, cool lake water, scenic desert, and wide blue sky. You pack in what you need and leave only your footprints behind when it’s time to head home. It definitely provided a challenge for more intimate scenes!

But a story needs more than a setting, and my artist character Kay appeared in her lakeside campsite, already independent, reserved, and commitment-shy. Then the man who would become easy-going, globetrotting photographer Nate showed up to disrupt her careful, comfortable rut in life. Their simple friends-with-benefits relationship proved not so simple and their conflict, love story, and their tight-knit group of friends they meet every July to get away from it all for two weeks of fun, fast boats, and fishing turned the once sweet short story into a fun, spicy romance novel.

I loved writing Clear As Day, it’s been a story of my heart in many ways, so seeing this story published is a dream come true. Being able to hold my book in my hands and receiving the 4 1/2 star scorcher review from Romantic Times truly have been a thrill. I hope you enjoy Nate and Kay’s journey to love as much as I have.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Once in a Lifetime Event!


To celebrate the completion of my Calum's Curse Trilogy, my MacLomain Series is FREE all weekend, Saturday, July 7th and Sunday, July 8th at Amazon. That's one short story and three novels! Click HERE to scoop up your ecopies now.

THE KING'S DRUIDESS - Chiomara will not be swayed from prophecy. If the Gods of Ireland request that she couple with the king, so be it. If it is also their wish that he marry another woman, who is she, a simple Druid, to stand in their way? But King Erc is in love with Chiomara. Will he risk the whole of his kingdom for what lays in his heart?

FATE'S MONOLITH- Arianna has been haunted by the dream of a phantom Scottish warrior. Her infatuation with the dream intensifies until All Hallows' Eve when she's whisked back in time. Iain MacLomain has long awaited the arrival of his promised bride. She claims to not be the woman intended for him but she fits the description given him of her. Her defiance will end up costing them everything and rips them apart. However, a Scottish Chieftain with magic at his disposal is capable of most anything. Will he hold Arianna in his arms again or is she lost to him forever?

DESTINY'S DENIAL- Caitlin relives the same nightmare every night for three years. Then one day, the dream seeps into reality when an ethereal Scotsman visits. When Caitlin discovers a family heirloom in the attic she soon learns the truth about her dream. Ferchar MacLomain found what he was looking for. Caitlin. To bring her to Cowal will spell disaster-a foreseen threat to himself, his clan, and Caitlin. As a visionary, it's his obligation to protect her. As a man, he's determined to ignore his heart. Can he thwart his destiny? Or will he forever be a slave to the gods of old.

SYLVAN MIST- Coira refuses to acknowledge the Scotsman haunting her. Why should she? She carries no magic and she's newly engaged. She much prefers a proper English gentleman to a barbarian living six hundred years in the past. However, as one whirlwind day will prove, she has little choice in the matter. William MacLomain did not call her back, yet she arrives. Coira is not the woman meant for him. Or is she? Her arrival marks the start of a highland war unlike any Scotland has witnessed before. Soon, he finds himself in a tangled web of duty, loyalty and unexpected love. A love so unattainable and powerful it may cost him the war; and his heart.

These stories contain strong sexual content and are recommended for a mature audience.

Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

I’m exceedingly proud of my country and HAVE to wish her a Happy Birthday! Here’s to 236 of freedom!

I know we’re a young country but look how far we’ve come. And, as always, when I think about my freedom and the USA, I think about all of those troops out there still fighting to maintain freedom and peace.

Never forget that you are heroes all! God Bless.

And, to lighten the mood… some 4th of July jokes I found. No offense to the British. I adore the country and have many English friends. (Compliments of http://www.guy-sports.com/)

What happened as a result of the Stamp Act?
(The Americans licked the British!)

What did King George think of the American colonists?
(He thought they were revolting!)

Wishing everyone a safe and fun-filled holiday!!!