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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rebecca Grace Dishes out about Deadly Messages. Comment to win big!!!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung blog event. This week it’s my pleasure to introduce romance author, Rebecca Grace. She’ll be chatting about her latest release, Deadly Messages. For a chance to win a free Ecopy of Deadly Messages and a $4.50 to The Wild Rose Press main store, be sure to leave a comment!

Deadly Messages

TV Investigative Producer Connie Romero is a woman on a mission. She’s gone undercover to hunt for her sister’s killer, but could he be turning the tables on her? Canadian Inspector Mitch Weldon is also on a hunting expedition. He needs to find a serial killer who is dumping bodies in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Can he stop the madman before he takes another victim?

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

REBECCA: Thank you for having me. I always enjoy communicating with readers and other writers. The world of writing can be so solitary sometimes. It’s always fun to hear what others have to say and to talk about what I’m doing.

SKY: Tell me, what inspired this story?

REBECCA: So often I am inspired by events or people around me for my story ideas. My friends and family all know by now that if they do something that intrigues me and my imagination, look out!

This idea came to me while I was walking around downtown Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park with my sister. She’s in much better physical shape than I am and she went on ahead while I took a shortcut across the park—just like the opening scene in my book. Well, as I was sitting on a bench waiting for her to come around the bend, it suddenly hit me, what if she never showed up? Why could that happen? I started thinking about it more and more. That led to thoughts of what if there was a secret part of her life I didn’t know about. We lived in different cities and didn’t see each other all that often. And just from those crazy thoughts, DEADLY MESSAGES was born.

SKY: Nice! What makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is.

REBECCA: Connie’s an independent woman who is used to doing things on her own and getting the results she wants. She’s used to digging for information but this time around she finds more than she bargained for in her sister’s closet. She’s also not used to letting a man stay in her life for long, but she finds herself drawn to Inspector Mitch Weldon in a way she never believed could happen. She’s a single woman who has always been content on her own, but when she realizes she wants Inspector Mitch Weldon around, suddenly her carefully structured life is thrown into turmoil. And she finds she’s not quite as invulnerable as she’s always believed. She starts questioning what she really wants and who she is and by the end she makes some interesting discoveries that helps her grow into a new life.

A slight smile slashed across his angular face. “Do you ever stop talking?”

“You think I talk too much?” Connie asked, her voice light and flirtatious. “No, I’m simply curious. It’s what makes me good at my job. As soon as someone tells me one thing, I want to know the next step or why stuff happens.”

His smile widened, and her stomach jumped. Damn, she had not realized how handsome he could be. The two of them had never spent much time together. Their talks were usually confined to the phone where he gave her lots of “perpetrator” and “victim” talk.

“You talk about my language usage, and you say ‘stuff?’ Is that supposed to convey some actual meaning?” he asked with a laugh.

Connie slapped her knee as she joined in the laughter. “Sorry, Inspector. And you know something else? I’ve never heard you laugh either, until now.”

He chuckled again, but this time, she heard an edge. “I live in a world where there isn’t much to laugh about.”

A shiver raced down her spine, despite the warm air which fanned her face. She was getting a lesson in his world–a world of violence and a search for murderers. Perpetrators.

“I can’t imagine doing that all the time, trying to find killers.” She studied the angular lines of his face which had hardened into a chiseled mask. Just what kind of a man was Weldon when he was away from his job? What really existed behind the crisp, pressed suit and shirt and cool demeanor? Was there an inch of softness in there somewhere? Maybe she should try to find out. He had not answered her comment, as though it was simply a statement of fact.

“My world can be hard-edged,” she added. “In the news business you hear about gruesome things, you report on them, but then the next day you’re doing a dancing dog story.”

“I thought you were an investigative producer.” His face softened slightly as he cast her a quick glance.

The look was long and sent a quick surge of excitement through her. She fidgeted with her coat buttons. His long fingers turned the heater dials, taking the heat a little lower, but she doubted it would lessen the spurt of internal heat that was beginning to rush through her body like a deadly virus.

“Well, yes,” she said, fighting to calm her accelerating pulse, “but I really want a job with one of the big networks. I’d love to produce for a news magazine where you get to travel on their dime. This gig at Puget Sound Cable is just another step in that direction. I’m going to spend my life traveling, having fun.”

“You’re a woman who knows what she wants,” he said. “Does that life include a man?”

SKY: Great excerpt! So what makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

REBECCA: Mitch Weldon is the sort of man who has always put duty and service to others above himself. At first he’s intrigued by Connie, but he’s also concerned that she’s getting in over her head with her investigation. He knows how dangerous investigative work can be and she’s a novice. Part of him wants to protect her, but he’s always been the type of man who looks at cases impartially. It’s how he does his work and how he succeeds. He can’t afford to get sidetracked, but beneath his dedication to duty he’s also flesh and blood and he can’t shake his attraction to her. He’s the sort of spit and polish guy we’d like to see with his neat hair a little mussed and a couple of buttons of that pressed shirt undone….

She gave him a wink, a dark lash sweeping across her cheek. Was it really as soft as it looked? He had never been so tempted to check. What the hell was he thinking? Certainly he had become more and more aware of her since that day she stepped under the police crime tape in the park and got into his car, but today everything had seemed to explode as he watched the tears roll down her cheeks as she viewed those terrible photos. He wasn’t certain what was going to happen next or if he should prolong this contact with her. They would probably both be better off if he just sent her home. Instead he fussed with his napkin, pulling it across his lap.

“You have some very nice things,” she said, sitting across from him, hazel eyes shimmering in the candlelight. He’d never really noticed the light flecks in her eyes before. In fact he’d always considered them on the dark side. Or maybe that was usually her mood when she was dealing with him. A strand of black hair teased the front of her shoulder.

“My mother left them to me when she died,” he admitted. “My brothers and sister were all married, and I was in the process of getting a divorce...” he stopped. “You don’t want to hear all my personal problems.”

Her quick laugh made his stomach jump. This was getting crazy. One thing was for certain—he’d never consider her only an intriguing annoyance again. She was getting under his skin…

SKY: Another wonderful excerpt! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.

REBECCA: Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about DEADLY MESSAGES. By the way, I am working on a sequel to it, which I am calling DEADLY INTENTIONS. It involves Connie’s sister, Lisa, and that mysterious Professor, Will Lonetree, who really got under my skin while I was writing this book.

4 ½ stars – Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews

Suspense, betrayal and murder are all in this thrilling book along with a very sexy inspector. Rebecca Grace did a great job in bringing all these elements together to make a highly recommended suspense. I loved that Connie was not your usual damsel in distress and fought all the way until the end. Mitch is definitely an alpha male wanting to protect his woman and I loved that Connie wouldn’t sit still. This is definitely one of those books that will grip your attention and once the killer is found it will shock you. Rebecca has a way of pulling your attention to one thing and then putting in an obstacle that blows your mind. I loved it.

Interested in learning more? Visit Rebecca’s Website.

Purchase Deadly Messages now! Click here.

Thanks so much for popping in. Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Deadly Messages and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment by Friday, June 4th, 12 PM EST.


Help Fight Childhood Cancer- Donate an Autographed Book!!!

I know we’re all gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend but someone emailed me asking for help and I simply couldn’t refuse her. As you all know, I’m a huge supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. Well, there’s something even more important than that. Supporting a cure for childhood cancer. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a child and their parents to go through such a thing. As a mom to a four year old, I choke up even thinking about it. What about you? Are you a mom? An aunt? A friend to someone with a child? Can you even imagine?

This post isn’t a spam. It comes from a very reputable source. Click here to visit St. Baldrick's Foundation. Read on to hear what Renee is doing to try to help.

From her lips to my blog…

“I am a nineteen year old female college student. This summer I am shaving my head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise childhood cancer research funds and I’m asking for your help. Childhood cancer is seriously under-funded and it is our job to raise awareness for the children who can’t fight this war on their own.”

“Maybe you might put an add in your newsletter or donate an autographed book. Of course, donating money for our cause would always be welcome and gives the most direct support. Awareness is a key factor as well, tell your friends, your family anyone you can about our cause. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity and your support may be tax deductible. If you would like to donate directly on my site please click here."

“As a part of a group called Mommas Shave For The Brave, I and the others will have our heads shaved on national TV on September 13, 2010 in an effort to raise childhood cancer awareness. I need your help with our fundraising in any way you can help. You can find our main website at http://www.46mommas.com/. In case your are wondering why we call ourselves the 46 mommas the answer is simple, there are 46 children diagnosed with cancer every weekday.”

“If you would like to send an autographed book please mail it to the following address: Renee Combs 105 Tahoma Rd Lexington KY, 40503.”

“Thank you for your time and any help you can provide in fighting childhood cancer. If you would like to ask any questions please feel free to email me at rcombs0061@yahoo.com.”

Renee Combs

Sky here again. I’ve emailed back and forth with Renee a few times. Her cause is just…and incredible. So please─calling all authors─donate an autographed book! Calling everyone else, consider making a small monetary donation. I can think of no better way to top off and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend than helping children with cancer.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.

Best Regards,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Brenda Whiteside's, Sleeping with the Lights On. We have a winner!!!

Another super week! I'd like to once more thank Brenda Whiteside for visiting. Sleeping with the Lights On sounds spectacular! It's that time again. The winner of this week's contest is...Midwestern Gone Idahoan. Congratulations! Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your price.

Be sure to swing back in Monday morning as I welcome author Rebecca Grace to my Spring has Sprung blog event.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brenda Whiteside dishes out about Sleeping with the Lights On. Comment to win huge!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung blog event. Wow, I’ve already had some super authors visit and have many more on the agenda! This week it’s my pleasure to introduce romance author, Brenda Whiteside. She’ll be dishing out about her latest release, Sleeping with the Lights On. What can you do for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Sleeping with the Lights On and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press main store? Simple. Leave a comment!

Sleeping with the Lights On

After two failed marriages and countless relationships, Sandra Holiday thinks she’s met the man to end her years of less than perfect choices; choices that not only derailed her travel-related career plans but also left her single and broke.

Carson Holiday, a Las Vegas country crooner with swoon-inducing good looks, spent his adult life pursuing a recording contract and love, never holding on to either. After eighteen years, he drops back into Sandra’s life, reigniting an attraction he can’t deny.

When Carson reappears, Sandra must choose again. Only this time, nothing’s as it seems. A secret admirer, a redheaded stalker, and an eccentric millionaire throw her on a dangerous path, with Carson her only truth.

As life confronts her with yet another turning point, will her decisions find her eternally sleeping with the lights on – or will she finally discover a way to turn them off?

SKY: Welcome Brenda, thanks for joining me this week!

BRENDA: Thank you for having me, Sky. I admire what you do with your blog and appreciate the opportunity to spend some virtual time with you and your followers.

SKY: Thanks, Brenda! So tell me, what inspired this story?

BRENDA: In the beginning – my sister. She was single and at a turning point in her life. And she approached her situation with a good dose of humor, like Sandra. In Sleeping, Sandra is single, her career is stalled, and she is still searching for her niche even after years of experience and two marriages. Women like Sandra are inspiring. We’ve all known people who have gotten to a certain point in their lives and realized they aren’t really where they want to be, whether in love or career or experience. This is my favorite kind of discovery story. Sandra figures it out.

SKY: I can certainly relate! I think you’re right. A lot of us come to a point in our life where we ‘check’ ourselves and ask, “Is this really where I want to be right now?” So share with us, what makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is.

BRENDA: Sandra isn’t the typical romance heroine. She’s fifty, twice divorced, but still looking for Mr. Right. And a career. She sees humor in most situations, even when being stalked by a tall, vamp-like redhead. Talk about an optimist!

People often say, if I only knew then what I know now. I say, if I’d known as much then, I would’ve avoided way too much and wouldn’t know now what I know. Nor would I have been where I found myself that morning—the object of affection by a man I’d yet to fully discover on a lazy spring morning. I had to believe my future held some good possibilities.

SKY: Brenda sounds like a woman worth knowing! But what of her hero, what makes makes him worth knowing─lusting over?

BRENDA: Ha! Who wouldn’t lust over a Las Vegas country crooner with swoon-inducing good looks? Add a Texas drawl and…let’s say he knows how to fill out his jeans! And he knows how to sweet-talk a lady, even one like Sandra who was once married to him.

When he lowered his voice, I lost my peripheral vision to the point that we were the only two people in the restaurant. “Sandra, when a gal’s figure fills in the spaces to make it a woman’s body, a man can lose all common sense just lookin’.”

Carson knows how to give a woman his full attention with a warm touch and a gentle come hither glance.

I should have pulled away and asked what the hell are you doing Carson? What are your intentions, mister? But my brain, deprived of blood flow when his fingertips directed the flow to my legs, went on stand-by mode. The mere touch from him was so lethal he may as well have been walking his fingertips up my legs and under my skirt, dancing across my panties, causing me to squeeze my thighs together in defense, or arousal, or both.

SKY: Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

BRENDA: It’s been fun, Sky! Thank you for the opportunity to visit. If anyone has any questions or stories to share about journeys of self-discovery, I’d love to hear them.

Interested in learning more? Visit Brenda at her website.

Sleeping with the Lights On can be purchased at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon as well as other on-line sources in both e-book and print versions


3 Stars HOT Cheers to Whiteside for writing a heroine who exists outside the conventional romance novel in terms of age and marital status, a woman who knows what she wants out of life and men, but is still vulnerable enough to try to force relationships that aren’t there.
…the whole of the novel is written with a pleasantly light sense of humor…

RT Book Reviews June 2010

Brenda Whiteside has crafted a page-turner I could not (did not) put down until I’d read the very last word. Her characters come instantly alive, and their lives intertwine seamlessly in this fast-paced romance, that does not have a happy ending – until the very satisfying end.

Ana Morgan, MFW Muse June 2010

Well, I must say, Sleeping With the Lights On sounds like a spectacular read! Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free Ecopy of this fabulous story and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment by Friday, May 28th, 12 PM EST.

Thanks for popping in!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Caroline Clemmons' Out of the Blue. We have a winner!

Wow, another fantastic week! I'd like to once more thank Caroline Clemmons for visiting. Out of the Blue sounds like a super read! Okay, time to announce a contest winner. Drum roll please....congratulations, Nel, you won! You've one free Ecopy of Out of the Blue and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press heading your way. Please contact me at Skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to pop back in Monday morning as I welcome romance author Brenda Whiteside to my Spring has Sprung blog event.

Have a fabulous weekend all!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caroline Clemmons chats about Out of the Blue. Comment Now. Win Huge!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. It’s been such a blast so far and only bound to get better! This week it’s my pleasure to welcome romance author, Caroline Clemmons. She’ll be dishing out about her upcoming June 4th release, Out of the Blue. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press main store and a free Ecopy of Out of the Blue upon release.


Deirdre Dougherty never cursed at anyone, much less put a curse on the potato crop of her remote Irish village. She’d rather take her chances with the Atlantic lapping at the bottom of the cliff than the mob intent on burning her as they have her cottage. Deirdre leaps . . . and plops down over 160 years later in a Texas lake. She doesn’t understand how she’s ended up with the man from her recent visions or why he has the same name as the saint to whom she prayed. She’s in danger of falling for the handsome policeman who rescued her, in spite of the fact that he thinks she’s lying to him. How can she convince him her story is true when she’s finding it difficult to believe the tale herself?

Police Detective Brendan Hunter wants answers. Who shot him and killed his partner? Why? And why does Deirdre know details of the event? Her story has to be a colossal fabrication or else she’s a beautiful psycho. Either way, he wants her gone before he becomes even more fascinated with her. But he can’t let her out of his sight until she confesses to how she learned details no one but he and his late partner knew.

SKY: Welcome Caroline, thanks for joining me this week!

CAROLINE: It’s an honor to be here. Thank you for having me, Sky.

SKY: I’m so curious…what inspired this story?

CAROLINE: A friend, Sandy Crowley, and I were talking about an article I’d seen that a particular editor thought it would be interesting if a historic heroine came forward to present day. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun. Sandy and I talked it over and she helped me plot OUT OF THE BLUE. Writing it was a great experience, one of the most enjoyable writing adventures I’ve had.

SKY: I adore a man from the past visiting the present. Super idea! Tell me, what makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is.

CAROLINE: Deirdre Dougherty a beautiful but unpretentious clairvoyant healer determined to succeed in her new situation. She’s had a hard life, and she doesn’t expect a handout. The fun part at first is her confusion with her new home—imagine a poor Irish girl from 1845 jumping from a cliff into the Atlantic and landing in a present day Texas lake beside a rock formation known as Hell’s Gate. At first she thought she’d died and was in purgatory—literally at Hell’s gates—and believed the police detective who rescued her to be a demon in Angel’s guise, but she quickly mastered her situation—with the help of the hero’s former–flowerchild mom, Blossom.

You get a sense of her confusion in the following exerpt:

Standing at the cliff’s edge, Deirdre trembled and fought the terror washing through her.

Something horrible was wrong. “Everything is different. Are you sure your boat was below here? Mayhap it was another cliff.”

His hands firm and insistent, Brendan pointed. “See those kids playing across there, near that dock? That’s the Boy Scout camp at Johnson Bend. Look to your right on this side of the shore, there’s Mom’s house at that point of land. Do you recognize it and my boat tied up at the dock?”

She took a deep breath and tried to speak. Her heart pounded in her ears. How could everything have changed?

Her words, when she found her voice, rasped out in a hoarse whisper “Yes, I . . . I see

. . . the house.”

Merciful heaven, what had happened? Her legs threatened to give way again and she gripped Blossom’s arm for support. “Is the land we’re standing on Hell’s Gate?”

Behind them, Jim answered, “Been called that for over a-hundred-and-fifty years, ever since Comanche Indians caught those two trappers here.”

Talk of Indians and trappers made her head whirl more. She needed to sit down but she turned slowly again and searched for anything familiar. “D-Do you know which way Ballymish is from here?”

The sheriff’s man frowned. “Never heard of it.”

SKY: Superb excerpt! Now don't keep us waiting. Fess' up. What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

CAROLINE: Brendan Hunter is tall, handsome as sin, and a man of action—who could resist? He’s the son of former hippies turned communal farmers who was raised by his rigid and domineering paternal grandparents after his dad’s death. Brendan is an alpha male who is good to his mom, and he’s guilt-ridden over the death of his dad when he was ten. He’s brave and not afraid of danger, but he’s also compassionate and loyal. Here’s an excerpt that involves him and Deirdre back at home after two men tried to kidnap her:

She pulled his shirt loose from his slacks. “I know you’re an honorable man who doesn’t dally with women like me, but I must insist on this.”

“There are no other women like you.” He took a step back. “Deirdre, stop and think what you’re asking. It’s not a small thing.”

She took his hand and pulled him toward his room. “I’ve thought of nothing else since you saved me.” She offered him a slow smile, throwing her untried powers of seduction into it, feeble as her wiles might be. “In fact, I’ve thought of it since the day I came here.” They were in his room and she locked the door behind them.

He chuckled. “You mean after you learned I’m not really a demon?”

She stopped when they reached his bed. “Mmm, I’m not so sure you aren’t. You must be a wizard at least, else how did you enchant me with your spell?” She unbuttoned his shirt and slid her hands against his skin.

He caught her wrists. “Deirdre, you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s no going back from this once we’ve been together. Some things can’t be undone.”

“I may not know exactly how this works, but sure and I’m a quick learner. Everyone says so.” She shoved him hard and he fell backward on the bed. While surprise was still on her side, she pounced beside him. “Is this the way?” She leaned down and kissed him.

His lips were sweet as honey cakes. His arms slid around her and he returned her kiss. When she parted her mouth for him, he rolled so he was over her, never taking his lips from hers

She realized he knew a lot about lovemaking. At first it annoyed her to think of him like this with other women. But she decided it best that one of them knew how to proceed. Understanding how coupling worked was not the same as experience.

His hands caressed her and before she knew it, she was out of her blouse and the confining bra.

He kissed along her jaw, then to her neck and then—Blessed Saints!—he kissed her breast. She moaned with pleasure as he pulled the peak into his mouth and suckled. Heat built in her private place and she felt moisture gather there.

Heaven could be no more glorious than this moment. Or so she thought. Then he slid his hand between her legs and slowly up to where her thighs met. When his finger dipped inside her, she gasped.

His finger moved in and out with the same timing as his tongue against her peaked nipple. Heat inside her flamed hotter and hotter until she feared she’d melt. As if by their own free will, her hips moved to meet his delving finger. Great power gathered in her, threatening to burst free.

She feared she might expire from the passion. Instead, the ecstasy inside her exploded and showered her with a million stars.

She cried, “Sweet mercy, Brendan, I never knew.” Then she melted against the pillow and sheets.

He raised his head to meet her gaze. His eyes were dark with passion, his face flushed with desire. “Are you ready for more?”

“More. Yes, more.” Deirdre said.

Brendan gathered his willpower and made one more try. “Honey, we haven’t...gone too far to stop now. Any more and I won’t be able to—“

She placed her fingers on his mouth. “Please, Brendan. Even if you don’t care for me as a lover and never want me again, let me have this now.”

How could he resist that plea? Especially when she asked what he desperately needed. “You know I care for you.” He tugged his belt loose and kicked off his jeans and shoes. His cock was rock hard and tented his briefs.

She gasped. “Oh, my.”

He figured she’d be scared off and braced himself for her change of mind. Lord, he didn’t think he could bear it if she halted their lovemaking.

SKY: Whoa! Fanning myself. Heck of an excerpt, Caroline. Your writing is breathtaking and flawless. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

CAROLINE: The interview has been my pleasure, Sky.


***Top Ten Finisher-Preditors and Editors Readers Poll-2009***

Ms Clemmons has written a story I could really sink my teeth into. With a fearless heroine and a determined hero, LONG WAY HOME drew me into its heart from the first sentence. Ms. Clemmons won my regard with her endearing southern-fried drawl mellowing out every page of this exciting and witty tale. It’s a marvelous story sure to delight any reader.

4 ½ Kisses from Sal at Two Lips Reviews.com


Clemmons is an exceptional storyteller who creates wonderful character arcs for both Nate and Sarah. Sarah is transformed from a mouse to a lioness, while Nate starts off as a con man and ends up a respectable businessman who saved the day.  Together they become better people, facing challenges that force them to question their actions and past decisions. Put this on your must read list!

TOP PICK 4 1/2 Stars

Romantic Times

. . . Kudos . . . to author Caroline Clemmons for one of the most entertaining books this reviewer has ever read . . . absolutely outstanding job with strong, distinctive characters, impressive imagery and syntax.  The story line is intelligent, sensuous and full of humor and emotion. I highly recommend THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE . . .


A highly suitable romance! Highly recommended .

Cindy Penn, Senior Editor, Wordweaving.com

... engaging story of a newly formed family ... The story entertains ...

Romantic Times

THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is a delightful tale of a woman's courage. . . peopled with lively characters and lots of plot twists and turns . . . not to be missed.

Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today

Filled with lively characters and interesting plot twists, THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is a delightful tale of one woman's courage in the Old West. Drake will keep you laughing. He expects a normal marriage, with the subservient little wife. He doesn't bargain on Pearl! Pearl is one independent, bossy little lady who does not let a husband stand in her way.

Judith Rippelmeyer, The Word On Romance

Check out Caroline Clemmon's website for author information, reviews, recipes, and more. NOTE: Sky here. I browsed through Caroline's site. It's super. I highly suggest that any writer swinging through click here to check out her writing tips. They're top notch!

To purchase Caroline Clemmon's books visit The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

Doesn’t Out of the Blue sound fantastic? Don’t forget, for a chance to win a free Ecopy of Out of the Blue upon release and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment by Friday, May 21 12 PM EST.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Alison Chamber's, The Secret Sentinel. We have a winner!

I’d like to once more thank Alison Chambers for visiting this past week. Doesn’t The Secret Sentinel sound super? It’s time to pick a contest winner. Congratulations, Mary Ricksen , you have one free Ecopy of The Secret Sentinel and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press main store heading your way! Please contact me at skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to pop back in on Monday as I welcome romance author Caroline Clemmons to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event.

Have a super weekend!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alison Chambers dishes out about The Secret Sentinel. Comment for a chance to win!!!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. This week it’s my pleasure to introduce author, Alison Chambers. She’ll be dishing out about her upcoming May 7th release, The Secret Sentinel. Interested in a chance to win a free Ecopy of The Secret Sentinel and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press main store? Then be sure to leave a comment!

The Secret Sentinel

Three lost keys to untold riches. Three cryptic rhymes. A secret society's deadly plot.When museum curator Savannah Rutledge steals her father's treasure map to impress her boss, Winston Gale, and his handsome son Eric, she unleashes a Pandora's box of horror. Her father is killed and she is framed for murder. To atone for her father's death, she sets off on a cross-country chase for the treasure that ends with a dangerous showdown in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix. To get there she and a sexy stranger, Antonio Desada, follow a perplexing trail of clues that lead them to the keys that will unlock the mystery. Constantly moving, they must elude the police and the vicious Gales, hot on their trail once they realize they're missing a critical part of the map. Seductive and mysterious, Desada also provides the keys to a treasure of another kind. Will Savannah find the treasure—and love--before it's too late?

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

ALISON: Thanks for having me, Sky. I’m happy to be here to talk about my new release The Secret Sentinel available from the Wild Rose Press.

SKY: Tell me, what inspired this story?

ALISON: A love of crossword puzzles, rhymes, an addiction to stories about lost treasure and unsolved mysteries. The Secret Sentinel is an exciting story about a museum curator, Savannah Rutledge, who gets into a lot of trouble stealing a treasure map to lost Confederate gold. She meets a handsome stranger, Antonio Desada, who wants the gold too, but she doesn’t trust him. Will they ever find the treasure and love?

SKY: Oooh, love a good mystery! What makes your heroine fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is.

ALISON: In the beginning of the story, Savannah Rutledge is frightened and shy, but as the book progresses, she must learn to overcome her fears and become brave and feisty in her battle with the mysterious stranger to find the gold, escape the police and perhaps find herself and love in the process.

“Savannah Rutledge.” The bullhorns squawked again. “You’re under arrest for the murders of Barbara Stoddard and Jess Bradshaw. Come out with your hands up. If you surrender peacefully, things will go easier for you.”

Savannah focused on the rippling black water lapping peacefully against the boat beneath her, then back over her shoulder at the flashing red lights bouncing off the dark thicket of trees below. “They didn’t mention my father. Don’t they know?”

“Make up your mind, Savannah.”

“I didn’t kill anyone.”

“I know that. Just jump.”

She looked down at the water again. It’s not deep enough. It can’t be.”

“I know this part of the river. Trust me.”

Trust him? Was he kidding? He was the last person she trusted right now.

The wind picked up and out here, the air smelled of rotting moss and dead fish and the water smelled brackish. Strength drained from her body and she felt faint. Before she could protest, Desada hoisted her onto the railing and threw her over the side.

SKY: Great excerpt! What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

ALISON: I’ve always been crazy about the masked character Zorro—hunky and mysterious—one of my first crushes as a kid, so Antonio Desada, the hero in the Secret Sentinel is all that and more.

Savannah gave a terrified squeal as Desada jumped down and pulled her into his arms. She collapsed against him in relief and felt her heart thudding against his chest. His grip tightened and locked around her waist so she was unable to move. When she looked into his dark eyes, she saw a fiery glow she hadn’t noticed before, a strange mix of confusion and desire, as though he didn't quite understand it himself. The intensity between them rose and a surge of heat rushed through her body, warming her from head to toe.

SKY: Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

ALISON: Thanks for the opportunity!

Learn more about Alison and her stories. Visit her website.

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Happy's Mother's Day!

Wishing all you moms out there a spectacular Mother's Day!

Hugs, Sky

Friday, May 7, 2010

Need a Fantastic Photographer???

Phew, it’s officially me time! I’m loving all the blog events. Without doubt, I've met some fantastic authors so far.

So, what will I do with my spare post time this weekend? Hmmm. Easy, for the first time ever, I’ll chat with you about my past. We could start with my sophomore year at high school (1992). The year I met my best friend, Amanda. (that's her above) OR, we could start the first year at Endicott (1994). This was the year that Amanda started college and I visited often! I continued my own education a few years later

Long story short, she learned about photography….so did I….sort of. In between, we had an absolute blast. Boston, Boston, Boston. We befriended so many people─so many cultures─it’d make your head spin. The world was our oyster.

Fifteen years later, a lot’s changed. I’m happily married with a son. Amanda is also exceptionally happy. A single mom of four beautiful children, she (after a very long struggle) not only came out of the rhetorical 'closet' but she's started her own photography business. I have to say, I'm very proud of her. She’s gone through more than I guarantee most reading this blog post ever have. Can you say, “Courageous soul?”

Amanda’s one strong and determined woman. Say, “it can’t be done,” to her. She’ll say, “Perhaps not in your world, but welcome to Amanda Land, where the challenge of impossible is met with enthusiasm.”

See the pictures attached to this post? She created them. To say she can capture the world as it should be seen is an understatement. She’s a true talent.

In fact, I’d like to quote from the ‘About Me’ section of her website… “Her background includes an Associate of Science Degree in Photography, minoring in Creative Writing and Business Ethics, from Endicott College in Beverly, Ma. She has worked in various branches of photography throughout her career. Some branches of her 13 years of experience have included; photojournalism, advertising, biomedical, gallery, fine art, wedding and portraiture. Her newest ventures include organizing the Ox Babies LGBT Parent/Child Playgroup and Type-A-Mom Lesbian Mom Editor at Type-A Mom. Her creativity, grace, intelligence and "fun nature" enable her to meld into any environment and provide you with exquisite images, group events or articles. These images, dates, and writings make up the moments of our lives, the moments that we will treasure forever and always.”

The downfall? She lives in Florida so her services are─at this time─limited to that area. Unless you want to fly her to your event! To check out her rates and services, click here.

If you’re curious, feel free to pop over to Amanda’s Gallery. Oh, and did I mention she also enjoys creative writing? (Funny we met in Geometry class, not writing class!) So, in case you missed it before, she pioneered a new Lesbian Mom Section over at Type-A Mom and also blogs at Ox Images.

Thanks so much for popping in. Don't forget to swing over again on Monday as my Spring has Sprung Blog Event continues!


Becca Dale's, Sweet Temptation. We have a winner!

Wow, another fantastic week! I’d like to once more thank Becca Dale for popping in to chat about her latest release, Sweet Temptation. Sounds scrumptious, doesn’t it? All right, it’s time to announce a contest winner. A huge congratulations to Andrea, you won! You’ve one free Ecopy of Sweet Temptation and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wilder Rose Press heading your way. Please contact me at skypurington@live.com to collect your prize.

Be sure to swing back in Monday morning as I welcome Alison Chambers to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Becca Dale chats about Sweet Temptation. Comment to win big!

Welcome to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome author Becca Dale. She’ll be chatting about her latest erotica release, Sweet Temptation. For a chance to win a free Ecopy of Sweet Temptation and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wilder Rose Press be sure to leave a comment. Now sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sweet Temptation

Ex-marine, Marcus Braddock’s protective instincts are stirred by Darcy Ferguson’s generous nature, but her luscious curves arouse an altogether different response. Capturing her for his own quickly becomes a primary objective, but before he can claim his prize, he must liberate the enticing beauty imprisoned behind a wall of insecurities.

Darcy is surrounded by physical perfection—the American standard versus the American ideal. When the ruggedly tempting Marcus Braddock breaches her defenses in a blatant frontal assault, she has no clue how to resist. Yielding could make her the butt of a practical joke, but his sensual blue eyes and tantalizing muscles promise such deliciously sweet surrender.

Before Marc, Darcy understood how the world worked, had been told repeatedly, “Fat girls do not eat sweets in public, do not flaunt their oversized breasts, and certainly do not attract gorgeous men.” Fortunately, no one ever explained the rules to Marc.

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

BECCA: Thanks for inviting me to stop by. I love your site and your work so I am thrilled to be here.

SKY: Thanks, Becca! Okay, let’s talk shop. What inspired you to write Sweet Temptation?

BECCA: In an age of rising obesity, America is in a health crisis so everyone has focused on body image. Unfortunately, women who are naturally curvaceous are derided as overweight or unattractive rather than as the beautiful, sensual beings of the past. Though some groups still embrace and even celebrate the female body, this mentality continues to fade. Women like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren had curves and men like Marc appreciated them. I wanted to remind readers that women should be soft, that it is a natural and lovely thing and not something to be ashamed of.

SKY: Absolutely fantastic. Good for you! So, let’s talk about your heroine, Darcy. What makes her fly off the pages? I’d love a glimpse of who she is!

BECCA: I hope for many women Darcy is the woman in the mirror. She is as real as I could make her. She struggles with an overbearing mother, perfect sisters, and a negative body image aggravated by the world around her. In reality she is lovely to the core if just a bit snarky on occasion.

SKY: She sounds like my kind of woman! What makes your hero worth knowing─lusting over?

BECCA: Marc. I don’t know where to begin with him. My ex-marine wrote himself and I fell in love. He’s gorgeous and strong and manly as any romantic hero should be but he’s more. He doesn’t let what other people think influence him, and he’s sensual and sexy but incredibly gentle with Darcy. His restrained strength drives her crazy. I can’t describe him in a few words, but I hope he will melt readers’ hearts in much the same way he overcomes Darcy’s false self-image.

Here’s an excerpt that offers a peek at both their personalities.

“Quit changing the subject, Darcy.”

“I’m not. It’s just...you make me uncomfortable.”

He smiled. “Is that a bad thing?”


Marc scooped up another bite of cheesecake and held the loaded fork toward her. “Live dangerously.” When she hesitated, he brushed the rounded tines over her lips. “Come on, let the tart creaminess melt in your mouth. Let it slide down your throat. No one’s here but you and me.”

She couldn’t resist. The pretzel crust hit her tongue, crisp and salty, moments before the smooth filling spread across her taste buds in a burst of lime and subtle orange liquor. The tangy citrus, combined with his presence, had an aphrodisiac quality. “Mmm.” Her eyes closed of their own accord. Her nipples tightened. Sensual pleasure swirled in her stomach then swept downward.

He leaned closer. So close his warm breath tickled over her lips. “Another?”

Her eyes flew open. God! What kind of person practically had an orgasm over a bite of dessert? She shook her head no as he lifted the fork to her lips.

“Why not?”

“I don’t eat sweets.”

“That’s too bad. No one should deny themselves such a simple pleasure.” With a shrug, he slid the fork into his own mouth. A bit of whipped cream caught on his upper lip.

She didn’t think, only reacted to the growing need to touch him. Her thumb stroked over his mouth. His eyes widened as she wiped away the sweetened cream and sucked it off her thumb.

His tongue swiped across his lip.

Darcy wanted to drown in his natural sensuality. Her hands trembled. Heat raced across her skin. Geez, Darcy what were you thinking? How had she become a sexual puddle so fast? She stepped around him and fussed with the washcloth at the sink. “I can’t believe I did that.”

His chuckle sounded with the same warmth she had seen in his eyes. “Are you sure you got it all? Double check.”

SKY: That was fantastic! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

BECCA: I enjoyed being here, Sky. Thanks for letting me visit with you and your readers.


Got Romance Reviews: I'd hoped that this story could do justice to the hunky cover model and it indeed did! The author has a wonderful way of making the story flow effortlessly from word to word and I didn't look away until the end. An erotic Cinderella-type tale with a hot Marine in lieu of a dashing prince--Hooah! Check out the review here.

Seriously Reviewed: Oh the ways that I loved this story, I would count the ways but then I would just be reading you the entire book :) A winner for me from start to finish that left me with a warm feeling and damp panties :) Oh Yeah I'll take another dose and then some. Thank you Ms Dale. *SNAPS* Read review here.

Interested in purchasing Sweet Temptation now? Click here.

Learn more about author Becca Dale. Check out her blog or find her on Facebook.

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Thanks all!


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BLOGMANIA winners! Pamela Hearon's winner!

Wow, what an absolute blast BLOGMANIA turned out to be! Thank you to everyone who popped in to comment and become a follower. Loved the enthusiasm! Bet you’re curious who won yesterday’s contest? I won’t keep you waiting. Congratulations to Jackie and Natasha, you won! You’ve each got a $25 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press heading your way. Please contact me at sky@skypurington.com to collect your prize.

I’d like to also thank Pamela Hearon for stopping in this past week to chat about her latest release, His Hotness. Your story sounds fantastic! As to the winner, congratulations Carol L! Please contact me at sky@skypurington.com to collect your prize: one Ecopy of His Hotness and a $4.50 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press.

Be sure to swing back in on Monday as I welcome author Becca Dale to my Spring has Sprung Blog Event. She’ll be dishing out about her latest release, Sweet Temptation. As usual, comment to win an Ecopy and gift certificate!

I look forward to seeing you. Have a super weekend!