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Friday, May 7, 2010

Need a Fantastic Photographer???

Phew, it’s officially me time! I’m loving all the blog events. Without doubt, I've met some fantastic authors so far.

So, what will I do with my spare post time this weekend? Hmmm. Easy, for the first time ever, I’ll chat with you about my past. We could start with my sophomore year at high school (1992). The year I met my best friend, Amanda. (that's her above) OR, we could start the first year at Endicott (1994). This was the year that Amanda started college and I visited often! I continued my own education a few years later

Long story short, she learned about photography….so did I….sort of. In between, we had an absolute blast. Boston, Boston, Boston. We befriended so many people─so many cultures─it’d make your head spin. The world was our oyster.

Fifteen years later, a lot’s changed. I’m happily married with a son. Amanda is also exceptionally happy. A single mom of four beautiful children, she (after a very long struggle) not only came out of the rhetorical 'closet' but she's started her own photography business. I have to say, I'm very proud of her. She’s gone through more than I guarantee most reading this blog post ever have. Can you say, “Courageous soul?”

Amanda’s one strong and determined woman. Say, “it can’t be done,” to her. She’ll say, “Perhaps not in your world, but welcome to Amanda Land, where the challenge of impossible is met with enthusiasm.”

See the pictures attached to this post? She created them. To say she can capture the world as it should be seen is an understatement. She’s a true talent.

In fact, I’d like to quote from the ‘About Me’ section of her website… “Her background includes an Associate of Science Degree in Photography, minoring in Creative Writing and Business Ethics, from Endicott College in Beverly, Ma. She has worked in various branches of photography throughout her career. Some branches of her 13 years of experience have included; photojournalism, advertising, biomedical, gallery, fine art, wedding and portraiture. Her newest ventures include organizing the Ox Babies LGBT Parent/Child Playgroup and Type-A-Mom Lesbian Mom Editor at Type-A Mom. Her creativity, grace, intelligence and "fun nature" enable her to meld into any environment and provide you with exquisite images, group events or articles. These images, dates, and writings make up the moments of our lives, the moments that we will treasure forever and always.”

The downfall? She lives in Florida so her services are─at this time─limited to that area. Unless you want to fly her to your event! To check out her rates and services, click here.

If you’re curious, feel free to pop over to Amanda’s Gallery. Oh, and did I mention she also enjoys creative writing? (Funny we met in Geometry class, not writing class!) So, in case you missed it before, she pioneered a new Lesbian Mom Section over at Type-A Mom and also blogs at Ox Images.

Thanks so much for popping in. Don't forget to swing over again on Monday as my Spring has Sprung Blog Event continues!



Unknown said...

Amanda sounds like an amazing woman and you are both so lucky to have found true friends in each other. :)

Sky Purington said...

I completely agree, Lindsay! Thanks for popping in.:)


Ox Images-Amanda said...

Wow! Thank you for the best Mother's Day gift ever! You are a beautiful writer, and I plan on quoting you from this blog. Your warm spirit always lights me up! Oh, and it makes sense that we met in Geometry Class because we were probably paying attention in Writing Class, lol! Geometry was too easy...boring! 222

Thank you, Lindsay! I am lucky to have such a dear friend. Now I'm going to check out your blog!

Happy Mother's Day!