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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fierce Highlanders. Fiery Hot Romance. A Scot's Resolve. #PNR

Love dragon shifters? Fierce Highlanders? Fiery hot romance? If so, Cray MacLeod’s story is right around the corner! A Scot’s Resolve (The MacLomain Series: End of an Era, Book 3) is now available for pre-order. 

Grab your copy here→ getbook.at/AScotsResolve

From enemies to lovers, a modern day woman comes together with a medieval Highlander in a steamy battle-of-wills adventure.

Plagued by dreams of an ancient Irish Stonehenge, Madison not only ends up with a mystical Claddagh ring but finds herself connected to a Highland scoundrel from another century. One she refuses to be destined for. He might set her heart afire, but he also makes her blood boil.

Eager to confront the meddlesome lass haunting his thoughts, Cray MacLeod travels to the twenty-first century only to discover his cousin, Ethyn already there pursuing Madison. He won't be the only one, though. The moment Cray lays eyes on her, he wants her too. She may not be his destined Broun, but he'll make her his regardless.

Unfortunately, wherever he goes, a love-triangle follows. His cousin stands his ground and refuses to back down. At least until a mysterious Stonehenge dredges up Cray's painful past, and only Madison can help him face things he would just as soon forget. Things that draw them closer to daunting secrets they never saw coming.

Will Madison and Cray be driven apart by what they discover? Or will the heartbreak of their pasts be the key to their future? Find out as the quest to keep Scotland's King David II safe from Edward Balliol and his 'disinherited' nobles continues in A Scot's Resolve.

Grab your copy here→ getbook.at/AScotsResolve

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Highlanders & Pirates! #amreading

Waving hello! I hope everyone’s 2020 has started out amazing! I’m busy working on my current MacLomain: End of an Era series as well as gearing up for my Highlander’s Pact series coming this summer. Very exciting! 

There was a lot going on in December and early January that you might have missed, so I thought I'd provide a quick recap of my latest releases.

In case you missed it in ‘now retired’ Once Upon a Christmas Wedding boxed set, Highland Yule (A MacLomain and MacLauchlin Hogmanay Tale) is now available for only .99 cents. A stand-alone ‘second chance’ historical romance set in fourteenth century Scotland, Highland Yule introduces the setting and several secondary characters for my upcoming Highlander's Pact series. It also includes characters and settings from my ongoing MacLomain Series. Available exclusively at Amazon, you’ll find more tidbits about this tale on its product page, including where it falls in the ongoing MacLomain series timeline.

Following a trail of mysterious letters left by her deceased betrothed, Rona joins his brother on an emotional yuletide journey to uncover the truth. Can they reach a place of forgiveness and reignite their long lost love? Or are some wounds too deep to ever heal?

Grab your copy here http://getbook.at/HighlandYule

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Did you catch this? I released historical romance ‘sister’ stories in two multi-author pirate boxed sets. Rescued by Passion and Taken by Sin follow two sisters rescued from Blackbeard by two brothers. These second chance at romance tales take readers on a wild adventure all the way from 18th century Nasseau to the Massacheusetts Bay Colony.

Find Rescued by Passion in Once Upon a Pirate boxed set (Sixteen swashbuckling all-new steamy historical romances).

As perilous battles, treachery and revenge give way to sinful kisses, no heart is safe. Set sail to the lush heat of the Tropics, the storm-tossed Northern realms, the wild Barbary Coast, and the hazardous waters of the South Seas, for tales of scandalous adventure and smouldering desire.

Once Upon a Pirateviewbook.at/OnceUponAPirate

Find Taken by Sin in Pirates, Passion & Plunder (Seventeen all-new erotic historical romances).

What's a lady to do when she's boarded by ruthless brigands and barbarous buccaneers, kidnapped on the lawless High Seas? Stripped to the skin by piercing eyes. Captive and claimed by rough, strong hands. She knows it's forbidden but how can she resist...a pirate's pleasure. Warning: Bodices will be ripped!

Pirates, Passion & Plunder  viewbook.at/PiratesPassionPlunder

In case you missed it, The MacLomain Series: End of an Era is well under way. The MacLomains are once again fighting evil in this all new time-travel fantasy series.

‘End of an Era’ can mean many things, but for the MacLomain Clan, it marked the beginning of the end of their way of life. Only four short years after King Robert the Bruce led Scotland to freedom in the First War of Scottish Independence, the Second War of Scottish Independence began between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England. Though Robert’s wee son, David II, was made king, Edward Balliol, with the discreet backing of Edward III of England, challenged him for the throne.

Sworn to protect the rightful king, five Scot’s and their lasses go to David’s aid defending him against Balliol, and his band of disenfranchised nobles called the ‘disinherited.’ Though the nobles are mere mortals, the secret brotherhood who control them, are anything but. Worse yet, fighting them will come at a cost to each noble Scot. One destined to change life as they know it.

Find A Scot’s Pledge (Book 1) heregetbook.at/AScotsPledge
Find A Scot’s Devotion (Book 2) heregetbook.at/ScotsDevotion

FREE in Kindle Unlimited