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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swimming the Internet

Explored the Open Seas of the Internet Lately?

If not, you should. There's lots of fun to be had out there. I seldom post things just "for fun" but it's about time! Aye, like you, I get forwarded things in my email. All are welcome. Some catch my attention and I check them out. Why not post them? I thought. Usually, it's all about my work, readers and contests. This time it's for pure enjoyment and curiosity. So, as I said before, grab a cup of coffee (waterproof mug suggested), pull up a floaty and swim the net with me!

Curious what your name says about you? Sure you are, I was! Click Here...http://www.paulsadowski.org/Numbers.asp. Just remember, use your full maiden name ladies!

This one may interest writers more. How well do you think you spell? You might be surprised.

Oh, had to take this one just to see how accurate it was. They were right, it IS the best "smallest political quiz!" Will I tell you what I am? Nope. Political talk will always be the worst sort of conversation one can incite! (winks) Click Here to take the Quiz...http://www.theadvocates.org/quizp/index.html

I saved the best for last. At least in my mind, loving research and history as I do. Writing a novel, short story or school paper and need another resource? You have to check out Ology World. Not only is it chock full of great information...it's rather entertaining! Make sure you have your speakers turned up when you visit...http://www.ologyworld.com/

Hope you had your goggles on, hope you had some fun, because as far as I'm concerned, the Internet is worth the swim, eh?

Feel free to leave a comment telling me your results wherever you may have wandered. I might just share my own experiences in a return comment!


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