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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A-musing the World. Love is where it's at! Multiple winners. Comment for a chance to win!

Welcome to my A-musing the World Blog Event. This week I'm beyond thrilled. Why you ask? Well, I get to share with you not only the Muse of Love, Erato, but a very dear friend of mine. The author in the Song of the Muses Anthology who wrote Erato's tale, Erato's Tears, Reece Herring. Without doubt, Reece falls into the 'best friend' catagory for me. We first met years ago and I must tell you...she's pure talent. Am I saying that because I adore her so? Heck no! She's good at what she does. Curious what I mean? Well, now's your chance to learn more.

In my opinion, Erato is the muse I consider the most important in Greek Mythology. In fact, Erato all but saved Melpomene in Highland Muse years ago and I'm curious what she's been up to since. Before I continue, there is a contest involved. Two winners will be drawn, one wins an Ecopy of Erato's Tears, the other, a $5 gift certificate to Digi Books Cafe. What do you have to do for a chance to win? Leave a comment telling us why you think the Muse of Love is so important. (NOTE: You don't have to travel anywere to find the answer. This comment should be your own opinion)

All right then...I think it's time for you to get to know Reece better. Hang on tight, here we go!

Erato’s Tears

A powerful love is cut tragically short. Beyond Hades domain their destiny burns eternally bright. Two lost souls search through time to discover their hidden passion.

In Delphi, Mathias, an outcast Spartan finds a reason at last to abandon his wanderlust in the vulnerable Ambrosia. With the unseen aid of Erato, he tries desperately to conquer her hatred of warriors and bring peace to his unsettled soul. A tenuous hold on love develops, but will their untried bond endure? Can the Muse of Love overcome the destructive power of one god's revenge, and right the wrongs of history? Only ERATO'S TEARS will determine.

SKY: Thanks so much for joining me this week!

REECE: Thank you for having me : ) So happy to be here!

SKY:  Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been writing? Do you have a genre preference? What have you published thus far?

REECE: Well I really only started writing with the aim for publication three and a half years ago, but I dabbled a bit here and there for several years before that. I love fantasy and always have and who doesn’t get lost in a good love story? I know I do. I’ve had three stories published through The Wild Rose Press. Soar into Ecstasy, Erato’s Tears and Virtual Cat-astrophe. All were equally satisfying to have accepted.

SKY: When you first knew you were going to be part of The Song of the Muses Anthology, what was your first thought?

REECE: I was thrilled, but also a touch worried having never written on a deadline before. I was determined to meet it though, and having that deadline definitely kept me focused.

SKY: I so remember! Ugh, deadline time! Did you find yourself researching Greek Mythology quite a bit while writing your story or were you already a guru in this genre?

REECE: I’ve known a lot about Greek Mythology since my teens but I still had a lot of research to do since I needed a lot specifics about the Muses and the region my story was set in. As well as many other details regarding garb, jewelry, money and even law.

SKY: Let’s chat about your muse. What drew you to her? As she was literally your inspiration, share a little about how you formed an entire story around her?

REECE: I thought who better to use in a love story than the Muse of Love herself. Once I knew what part I wanted her to play in the story, it just came together. Erato is not the heroine in my story, she is a matchmaker and unknowing tool of Apollo in his revenge scheme.

SKY: Hero time! Introduce us. What does he look like? Where’s he from? Why was he lucky enough to hook up with one of the nine muses of inspiration?

REECE: Well as I said previously, my muse isn’t the heroine so she doesn’t get to hook up with my hero : ) But my hero is a wandering Spartan named Mathias. As for his description, I believe my heroine Ambrosia sums it up nicely… He is physically appealing in a primal athletic way. Well muscled and tall, the match for any adversary. Long golden-brown hair sweeping back in gentle waves from an exquisitely sculpted face. Hard icy-blue eyes under a furrowed brow that pierced your soul and could make even a hardened warrior quell.

SKY:  Oh yeah, Ambrosia certainly sums him up well! Just to mix it up, make you think─if you could’ve chosen one other muse to write about in this anthology, which one would it have been? Why?

REECE: I really don’t think I would have chosen any other muse, but Calliope might have been interesting to try. Poetry always lends itself to romance by my estimation, so I could see being able to mold a story with her in mind.

SKY: Thanks for visiting and sharing!

REECE: Thank you so much for having me Sky!!

Here's a little something from Erato's Tears....

Mathias was certain his ears must have heard wrong. Did she truly just insult him? After he, mere minutes ago, saved her life, not to mention virtue?

"Forgive my bluntness, but you, my dear, would have shared your father's fate after you had been repeatedly used by those men. If you've a complaint against my methods, you should remember that. And had you not been foolhardy enough to put yourself between us, it may not have been necessary to end his life."

"How dare you place blame on me! I would rather be dead than the cause of bloodshed. You are as despicable as they are. Violence is your way of life."

"Violence is part of life. A babe is brought forth through the labor of violence. We are birthed in violence, you cannot hide from it. Speak to me not of the righteousness of peace, when 'twas violence that kept your virtue and your life safe."

"What safety do you speak of? I am now alone without my father and susceptible to other men of your kind." Her eyes flared with anger and grief.

"Do not compare me to those filthy, soul-less bastards who have no honor. I will not discuss this anymore. You are alive and I will escort you back to the city." Steel underlined his words.

"You can save your valiant efforts, for I will make my way home on my own. I do not wish to burden you further." She went to the cart and with difficulty set it upright, then grasped her father's arms to pull him onto it. Her father was a small man but dead weight was hard to move and her slender frame had difficulty moving him. She struggled through wracking sobs to pull him aboard the cart.

A pang of sympathy for the stubborn female moved him. Mathias glanced at Dymas for direction but the Grecian only shrugged in sympathetic confusion. Mathias brushed her aside, ignoring her exclamation of outrage and tearful refusal of help. He picked the body up with ease and placed him in the cart. He grabbed the handles and began pulling it towards the road.

"Stop. Leave be. I will continue on my own," she cried, tugging on his arms; her berry-stained fingers dug into his skin to free the cart from his clutches.

"Wrong. I will not leave a helpless woman to cart her dead father back to town where murderers lurk about. What honor would I have were I to accede to your wishes?"

"I have no care at all for your honor but I find your presence loathsome. Now, I appreciate the thought behind your actions but please just leave." She turned her face from him.

What they're saying out there...
"Reece Herring’s “Erato’s Tears” in Song of the Muses series is notable for its thorough use of imagery, and near-poetic descriptions. At times, readers will find themselves visualizing the finest of Greco-Roman artistry; indeed you will feel that you have slipped into life in one of the paintings. The fantasy and fantastical quality throughout never get in the way of a simply super romantic tale" ~Long and Short Reviews

"This compelling and beautifully crafted story by Reece Herring captured my attention quickly and held it all the way through. At only 109 pages, you’d think some part of storytelling would have to be sacrificed, but that was not the case. A complete and vividly described world was built, characters you felt you knew and cared about came to life and a plot you couldn’t predict unfolded flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost interest in a book because I knew exactly what was going to happen next. Ms. Herring gave me an unexpected treat. An afternoon of indispensable fantasy, complete with ancient Gods and Goddesses, plus Erato the Muse of Love herself, come to life. Erato must have inspired Ms. Herring since she told this story so perfectly."  ~Multi-published author, Ashlyn Chase

Can't wait to read Erato's Tears? Click here to purchase now!

Let's see what Reece has been up to since Erato's Tears. Here's a little about one of her latest releases Virtual Cat-astrophe and Soar Into Ecstasy.

Virtual Cat-astrophe

When Carrie Easterman finds the man of her dreams on an internet playground, she puts aside her low self-esteem, lets her hair down, and connects with Lorne on a level beyond the physical. But after two months of smooth sailing, the moment she's dreaded arrives. He wants to meet in real life.

Anxiety cripples her courage, and with a heavy heart, Carrie refuses. However, the fates won’t let her off the hook that easily. With the power of lightening and her clumsy cat acting as catalysts, Carrie finds herself and Lorne sucked into cyberspace wading in strong currents of virtual confusion.

Forced together by destiny, will Lorne be able to overcome Carries insecurities? And even if he succeeds, will their chance at lasting love be snatched away forever, marshaled by the relentless assault of the cyber world?

Purchase Virtual Cat-Astrophe here!

Soar Into Ecstasy

Beautiful and headstrong priestess, Rheasan, is honor bound to fulfill the virgin sacrifice her temple offers to their Goddess. That sacrifice and her honor are placed in serious jeopardy when Elisaph, a glorious winged man, falls into her life. Despite conflicting obligations to enemy Goddesses, their mutual attraction is undeniable. Yet their fiery passion seems destined to remain unquenched as Rheasan and Elisaph struggle with their growing love for one another and their obligation to their individual Goddesses. The jealous Goddess, Euphrosyn decides to test Elisaph's loyalty by putting Rheasan in harms way. Elisaph must then decide what is paramount; his newfound love of Rheasan or his love for his Goddess. His life and her future hang in the balance.

Purchase Soar Into Ecstasy here!

Don't forget, two winners will be drawn, one wins an Ecopy of Erato's Tears, the other, a $5 gift certificate to Digi Books Cafe. What do you have to do for a chance to win? Leave a comment telling us why you think the Muse of Love is so important! Contest closes Friday, October 29th, 12 PM EST.

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Cheers all!


Chicks of Characterization said...

Hi Reece! I loved Erato's tears! And your other books sound very interesting!! Here's wishing you the best of luck in all your future


Sky Purington said...

Thanks for popping in, Andrea! I know, isn't Erato's Tears fabulous?

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Reece and Sky. I'm so enjoying reading about all my Muse sisters and how they came by their muse and their stories, as well as learning about their other books.

I too loved 'Erato's tears and your other books sound great too - so much to read, and so little time, I could use some immortality myself, LOL!

Sky Purington said...

Lyn, TY for popping in, muse sister! I think we're both in agreement, reconnecting with our sisters is a blast!

Carol L. said...

Hi Sky,
I'm way late in this but had to stick my 2 cents in. lol I love reading about the muses.
I think the muse of love is so very important to life itself. It shows who we are I think when we're struck by love. It's such an intense emotion and at times can lead us to our ultimate happiness or our downfall. I can't imagine a life or soul without love to fullfill us.
Carol L.

Sky Purington said...

What a beautiful comment, Carol! :)))