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Friday, February 12, 2010

Paranormal Romance Month- Faith V. Smith

Welcome to Paranormal Romance Month! Happy Valentine’s to all. This week it’s my pleasure to have author Faith V. Smith visit. Faith will be talking about her next release, Dunbar’s Curse, which will be available on March 19th. Interested in a chance to win a free copy of Dunbar’s Curse and a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press? If so, be sure to leave a comment!

Dunbar's Curse

A Vampire with morals and a
Doctor who's afraid of monsters.

Dr. Hope Morgan is having erotic dreams. The man who makes her burn with desire is only a figment of her imagination—or so she thinks until she meets him at a party. She fears she is losing her mind and flees the handsome stranger but finds she can’t get him out of her heart.

Miles is over four hundred years old. A bit long in the fang department to fall in love. But when the child he once rescued grows up into a beautiful and sensual woman he can’t keep his heart or desire under control. He moves Heaven and Earth to protect her when Hope’s life is threatened again, but wonders who will protect her from him.

SKY: Welcome Faith, so good to have you!

FAITH: I’m thrilled to be here, Sky. I love vampires and being able to share a little about Dunbar’s Curse is a treat.

SKY: No doubt about it, Dunbar’s Curse sounds exceptionally tempting. Tell me, what inspired this story?

FAITH: Simple and poignant. I was at a vampire ball in 2003. After going outside for some air, I found myself enthralled, by the Kansas skyline. Right then and there, the first paragraph was born.

SKY: When she meets the man who haunts her scorching hot dreams, Dr. Hope Martin fears she’s losing her mind. She flees. What brings them back together? Does he seek her out? How does Hope feel when she sees him again?

FAITH: It is not nearly as prolonged as you might think. After all, Hope was the child he saved and protected decades ago, and now, she is the woman he’s fallen in love with. Don’t get me wrong, he never thought of her as anything but a precious child until she was in college. That’s when he realized she had not only stolen his heart as a child but also as a woman. He catches up to her quickly after she runs. But should he tell her what he really is? Or should he wipe her memory clean after their encounter? The battle within his mind is impossible. I think the better question would be, “Can Hope deal with him being a vampire?”

SKY: Well said, you have a good point and one, I’m sure, that is better left for the readers to discover! Miles, four hundred year old vampire, is my favorite sort of hero. Handsome and immortal! I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, “Can I have a little taste of him?” Grins. Share. Make our mouths water for Miles!

FAITH: Arrogant, sweet, humble with a dusting of insecure. Miles is the sort of old fashioned vampire who believes women should be protected. That said, he’s also a man whom inspires a very distinct response from a woman. Can you imagine a mix of the two─vampire, formally man─who curls your toes, takes your breath away, makes your heart beat too fast. How about a man who wants children with you─and only you? There is a certain antedote, a definite element that creates the perfect man/vampire. When he touches your heart, makes you weep at the thought of him─you have found Miles.

Then there is lust….

Hope had been busy and by the looks of it, she still slaved to turn her home into a vampire’s comfortable and safe haven.

Her delectable fanny still arched in the air, but her upper body now rested almost entirely inside the box.

Miles bit back his laughter but couldn’t stop his feet from crossing the carpeted floor to the object of his desire.

His arms slid around Hope’s slender waist. She jerked. His hands moved under her sweatshirt. Her body trembled. His fingers eased inside her bra and cupped her breasts. Hope’s inhalation allowed him access to pebble hard nipples. Desire pulsed its way from his fingers to his shaft. The rigid and seeking flesh pressed against her shapely buttocks.

Miles waited for Hope’s protest or cry of horror. His breath caught when instead, she leaned back against his arousal. He withdrew one of his hands and traced the junction of her thighs. Denim prevented him from touching her intimate flesh. He wanted to get closer. He wanted to ease into her center and feel the evidence of her desire.

Hope’s moan, deep and sensuous, turned his insides to mush. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought to hear her respond this way—knowing what he was. His heart stammered and then beat furiously. He didn’t deserve Hope but Lord how he wanted her.

Miles pressed even closer to the tantalizing vee of her jeans. His hand cupped her sex. Her legs trembled against his. Her body arched again and straightened—giving Miles access to her throat. He laved the soft skin with his tongue before nipping it lightly with his teeth.

Hope’s whimper stoked his desire. She turned and stretched upward. Her face tilted toward his. Lips the color of ripe cherries seduced him. He caught her mouth in a kiss. He branded her lips with his love and then sought the heated warmth inside.

Once again he cupped her breasts. He flicked her nipples with his fingers but it wasn’t enough. Miles pulled away from her lips.

“Hope, I want to…” He caught the edge of her sweatshirt and pulled it up and over her head before dropping it to the floor. The lacy edging of her bra caught his eye, and then his hands quickly unhooked the beautiful barrier. It landed on the mini fridge.

Hope didn’t know how things had gotten that far or how she was even allowing it to happen. She only knew Miles made her feel things she’d never known were possible. His touch incited her to wild imaginings. She wanted to loop her legs around his waist and press her aching cleft to his seductive rock hard arousal.

If she were in her right mind, she would be running for safety. If she were not crazed with love and lust for this man, she’d be screaming for help. If she didn’t believe she could trust him, she’d be hunting for her pliers.

Miles lips left her mouth and exchanged places with one set of fingers. Hope’s knees buckled as his teeth nipped her aching crests. He followed with a swipe of his tongue and her toes curled.

Her body suffered sensual shock when his other hand trailed a path of fire to her waist. A quick twist and a slight tug and Hope felt the warmth of his touch sliding downward to touch her aching center.

Miles’ groan caused her to open eyes that had closed against the assault of his desire. His eyes glowed emerald as he met her gaze.

“Hope, you have no idea what you do to me. I want to touch—to taste—every part of your body.”
Hope’s heart soared with the pleasure his words brought. She felt loved and humbled and maybe just a bit exuberant that she could make this man want her the way she wanted him.

She touched his face. “What’s stopping you?”

The growl that caressed her ears didn’t frighten her. It made her feel powerful and so totally seductive. All thoughts of anything left her mind when Miles slid his hand under the edge of her panties.

She sucked in air as he touched the curls hiding her sex.

“Breathe, love. I want you conscious when I make you mine.”

The teasing note in his voice didn’t cool the heat his touch elevated.

“Open for me. Let me feel the heat, Hope.”

Hope did as he asked and widened her stance. His hand cupped her and then his fingers touched her with fire.

A cry of longing left her lungs and escaped her lips as he brought her close and then rocketed her into an abyss of pleasure.

“Hope, I want to love you completely. Will you let me?”

SKY: Whoa! Holy hot. Fantastic excerpt! Vampires and mortals─always a delicious combination. Naturally, the setting only intensifies the exchange. In Dunbar’s Curse, what was your favorite location to describe? That one place you feel created the perfect backdrop? Why?

FAITH: One evening I became lost. I took a wrong turn while visiting Savannah, Georgia. Fate I’d say. There’s absolutely nothing like a back street in Savanah late at night. Lost, intrigued, I couldn’t help but be awed. There, close to the midnight hour, my favorite setting for Dunbar’s Curse was realized. Framed within the late July mist and moss covered Oaks, stood a Victorian home with a white picketed fence that stole my heart. .

SKY: Truly mesmerizing. I won’t keep you too much longer. Tell us, what’s next for you? What are you writing now? Do you have any releases coming out after Dunbar’s Curse?

FAITH: I’m still penning the story following Dunbar’s Curse. I can tell you now, it’s Gideon’s story. Viking, Go Home is due to be released March 31, 2010. I’m currently writing the story following Viking, Go Home, titled Semper Fi Magick.

SKY: Thanks so much for sharing today, Faith. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of Dunbar’s Curse on March 19th!

FAITH: Thank you, Sky. Also, a huge thanks to my readers, fellow writers, and reviewers. If I could give one word of advice to all it would be, don’t give up. Give the best in everything you do. Please, write me. Tell me what you think of my stories. What you like. What you don’t. I welcome all feedback.

Read on for another great excerpt!

She stepped off the bottom step and almost tripped over an uneven patch of floor.

She aimed the beam of light at where the window should be. What on earth? A bookcase blocked out her expected light source. Miles was the only one who could have done that, but why would he?

The cold penetrated deeper, spurring Hope toward the furnace. Her foot caught on something soft but unyielding. She stumbled and ended up sitting on the something. Her hand recognized the contours of a mattress. A mattress that should have been stuffed in a corner, not lying out in the open.

Once again, she sent the light spiraling over the basement, but nothing else seemed out of place. She brought the beam back to shine on the mattress and a body.

Her heart beat triple time before she recognized the body resting on its side, a scant two feet from her hand. Miles! Why was he sleeping in the basement and not upstairs? Her hand reached out toward his arm. Should she wake him or let him sleep? Common sense won—he had to be freezing. He didn’t even have a sheet. This time her palm brushed his sleeve before she gently shook his shoulder.

A hand caught her wrist in a cruel grip.

She bit back a cry of pain.

A second later she was flat on her back—Miles’ face above hers. But not the face she loved. His eyes were so dark they were almost black. His beautiful lips were drawn back in a snarl. A snarl that revealed one-inch incisors. The hand that held her down sported claws.

What reviewers are saying…

Author Faith V. Smith delights readers with a touching love story in Dunbar’s Curse. The hot hero, Miles Dunbar, is trapped within the vampire life, which can both protect and destroy his love. He is the alpha male with a heart softened by true love. The feisty heroine doesn’t want any man’s protection, but she longs for true love to heal her heart. Smith breathes life into believable characters and a paranormal world set in Savannah, Georgia. I have fallen in love with Smith’s characters, which are strong, edgy, romantic, sexy, and funny. I can’t wait for the next book in this series, Bound by Blood, The Legends. Dunbar’s Curse is a fast-paced story that takes you to an unexpected climax and delivers true love. Highly recommended. Jennifer Akers, MyShelf.com

Visit Faith at http://www.faithvsmith.com/books.html

Doesn’t Dunbar’s Curse sound wonderful? Don’t forget. For a chance to win a free copy of Dunbar’s Curse upon release and a $5 Gift Certificate to The Wild Rose Press, be sure to leave a comment!



Faith V. Smith said...


I am thrilled! This is a wonderful website, and I do love talking about my fangy hunks!


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Hi Faith and Sky!

What a great interview! I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romance, but I love Faith's work and cannot wait to get my hands on her next release!


Anonymous said...

Cool post you got here. I'd like to read something more concerning this theme. Thank you for posting that data.

Sarah_Faery said...

Congratulations on an enticing array of stories, Faith. Dunbar's Curse sounds deliciously dark. Great interview!

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'll look forward to hearing what you think about Dunbar's Curse.


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks! Please do check out my books. If you do, let me know if you like them or not.


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Sarah,

I love writing about my vampire guys and girls. I try to give them heart and soul.

Your comments are much appreciated.


Eliza March said...

Your southern Vamps are so hot. I love your stories with the Savannah flavor. Your heros are hunky, heroic, and honorable. Every woman's dream guy.
Can't wait to read the next one.
~~ Eliza

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed the interview and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the excerpt.

I look forward in reading Dunbar’s Curse and your other works.

Tracey D

M.Flagg said...

Great interview and wonderfully hot except, Faith. I enjoyed Kensington's Soul and look forward to reading this one.

And your cover is to die for :)
Have a great day.

Mary Ricksen said...

Great excerpt!!! Love the interview, gotta read this!

Beth Trissel said...

Hi Sky and Faith! Great post and excerpt. The story sounds fabulous. I wish you many many sales, Faith. I like your 'fangy hunks.' :) Very kewl.

Nancy J. Cohen said...

Lovely interview. I loved the Savannah setting in Kensington's Soul and look forward to your latest title.

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Eliza! If anyone knows hot, it's you. Love your Hot Highland Fling! Thank you, my vamp boys do try to please...lol.

Thank you for loving my books!


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Tracey! Good to see you here! I will look forward to hearing what you think about Dunbar's Curse and the first book in the Bound By Blood, The Legends called Kensington's Soul!

Glad you liked the excerpt. I'm curious, which one pulled you in the most, the hot one or the one where she finds him in the basement?


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Mickey! So good to see you!!!! I can't wait for you to read Dunbar's Curse! I hope you love Miles as much as you did Zacke!



Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Mary! Glad you are hear! Please do read the book! I would welcome your comments!


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Beth, how are you? Yes, my fangy hunks are darlings! They are all male, but so deliciously sweet and hot!



Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Nancy,

I hear you have a great futeristic coming out this year also! Thanks for stopping by.