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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Want to know my Secret?

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a bit since I posted. My family needed me this week and as I’m sure you can understand, they come first.

I have all sorts of wonderful things to share with you but figured that stuff could wait. I’d rather chat about what’s on my mind tonight. It’s something I think all of us can benefit from.

What’s that you ask?

The power of positive thinking. I know, sort of cliché but you know what… it’s a cliché topic that doesn’t get old. At least not in my book. It absolutely astounds me how simply changing the way I think can change everything around me versus everything around me changing the way I think!

Here’s the thing… I haven’t always been a positive thinker. Not really. I believe I tended to focus on the negative before the positive despite my best intentions. Strangely enough, my perspective started to change last year a few months before my Dad passed away. Yep, I know that sounds weird but my cousin turned me onto a fantastic book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you have not read this book, do so. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

This book helped me look at life differently and essentially helped me to start thinking differently. The cool thing about it? Something bad happens to me now and it doesn’t feel like the end of the world. It’s more manageable. Essentially, the book focuses on the Law of Attraction. As far as I can tell, it works. Even if it didn’t, I feel I’m a better person for having read it. Fellow author, friend and extremely positive person, Alisha Paige, read The Secret as well and agrees, two thumbs up!

Even better, it’s brought positive people into my life. Some were old friends I reconnected with, others are new friends. You know who you are. Much thanks to each and every one of you. Not only were you there via text and email every day Dad was in the hospital at the end but you’ve leant me so much encouragement in my writing career that it’s humbling.

So to anyone who might come across this post, if you’re having a bad day… STOP right now! Sit back, clear your mind and focus on what you’re thankful for in life. Focus on what makes you feel good. Skip the dreaded bad seed mojo and breathe in some fresh, I’m-gonna-turn-this-day-around air. I would’ve sounded silly to my own ears a year ago but no more. Quite frankly, I think I’ve been more successful because of my new attitude and the wonderful and very positive support system I have.




Carol L. said...

Hi Sky,
Last night my daughter and I were talking about the book The Secret. :) I bought this book when she went through a bad depression.I know how hard it is to try and think positive when your world feels so out of control but I always tried telling her the more negative our thoughts the more negativity would follow. But reading through this book on it's own makes one feel positive. Now we just keep the book out so we can go through it when the need arises. :)I know it helped us through some negative days. :)Now if I could just think positive when it comes to accidents and my computer where I can't get on fr weeks. lol
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at aol (dot) com

Alisha said...

Awesome post, Sky!!!! I've always looked at the glass half full instead of half empty but after finding The Secret, I understand so much more about the law of attraction and positivity! You attract what you exude. And believe me, when you come across those who don't choose to look at the glass half full, it is a depressing thing..I just want to shout the Secret from the roof tops! Don't let others pull you down. Share the secret, teach the law of attractive, of positivity and you'll be surprised at how much your life can change for the better! You attract jewels into your life...jewels like Sky Purington! Didn't mean to go here but I'm going to because I feel like there was some special magical forces at work when I became very good friends with Sky at what I would call her darkest days and mine too. We've known each other for years but some dramatic life experiences brought us extremely close. She reached out to me in some of my very most difficult days when I could feel evil breathing down my neck. No one needed The Secret more than me. And she gave it to me when she was experiencing the painful loss of her beloved father. If that isn't love, I don't know what is..wow...I'm getting chills just typing this. The law of attraction brought us closer and it continues to bless our lives. Whether you belive in God or not..and I most defintely do...The Secret is simply Love in all aspects of life..you can use this tool in your marriage, your friendships, your career, your children, your general outlook on life. I call The Secret the Mental Vitamin B Shot to boost your life and give you abundance you've never known. Thank you for writing this post, my beautiful friend!

Cathy McElhaney said...

Well now, there is another book I need to add to my list! I have always been a pretty positive person. I try to counteract a negative thought with a positive one. It's harder for me to be positive about my 'talent', because I surround myself with much more talented people! LOL! Positive feedback encourages me to continue rather than boosting my ego! Alisha has done that for me! Her and my sister are my biggest supports with my attempts at writing (I say attempts because I have not finished either one of the books I have started!). I will get there..if I could stop procrastinating!

Sky said...

Carol, Alisha and Cathy, thank you for sharing this post with me. You are such truly wonderful people who prove hands down that The Secret works. I couldn't ask for better people in my life (even if just via the internet!!!- until we all meet of course) Big HUGE mega hugs, ladies. xoxoxoxoxo