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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's time for authors to FEEL good.

Have you ever just done something because it FEELS good?

My husband grumbles at me constantly because of my ‘do good’ habits. Not because he disapproves morally (he's a great guy) but because…well…it’s money.

So what do I do? What have I done? Within two week of selling well at Amazon I have faithfully made a point of hitting every contender in the top twenty of my category (more if I could) and ‘liked’ then ‘tagged’ them. Why would I do such a silly thing when they’re my competition?

Why not?

I detest the cut throat world that the publishing industry has become (or became years ago) The I’ll-shove-you-aside-to-better-myself attitude is not what it’s supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be about writers sharing wonderful stories with the world.

It's about the author 'touching' the reader somehow. And as far as I've seen far and wide, every author 'touches' at least one reader. That's the whole bloody point! I believe that every author deserves a chance, as does the potential reader. As you all know, it’s something I promote avidly at this blog.

So yes, I’ve played Secret Santa, but I suspect many others have as well.

If you have a second today, take a step back and consider promoting authors in your genre or perhaps others.

Trust me, it will feel wonderful! You might be surprised.

To all my readers. You know I love you. Stay tuned, my .99 cent Winter Festival starts in a few weeks. Tons of great deals to be had. I already have a fabulous group of authors and a super line-up of books for you. *smiles*




Beth Trissel said...

Sky you are a real sweetie. :)

Sky Purington said...

Awe, TY Beth. :-)