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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Muses and Highlanders. YUMMY Combo. TAKE it? Or leave it.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend! I’ve been busy working on my latest paranormal novel. But my Highlanders are always on my mind.

Highland Muse is FREE today at Amazon. If you enjoy 16th century Scottish Highlanders combined with a bit of Greek Mythology, namely those nine Muses of Inspiration, this tale might be for you.
It’s all about Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, falling in love with a Scottish royal. Go figure! But she did. This story’s full of drama, humor and true love. I had such a blast writing it. Then again, I wrote it alongside eight other talented authors. Yep, that's right. It was originally part of a fabulous anthology called Song of the Muses. I listed all the authors original to the series HERE. You should certainly check them all out. Well worth it!

Alright. Back to Melpomene and her hero, Rowan. Here’s an excerpt from their tale...

She felt warmth and safety, skin and life. Melpomene cuddled closer and relished the near vacancy of power, the freedom of similitude with a mortal and the departure from constant obligation. She stretched her limbs, languid in movement and enjoyed the feel of muscles used, relaxed then awoken. Such unusual bliss, such humanity!

Could it be? She'd slept? Indeed! Her eyes shot open and her gaze crashed into Rowans. He was clean shaven now. His icy green regard registered shock. It appeared they were equals now. Both caught off guard by the upper gods, made to discover together.

Nude and entwined with his body she pulled on vast experience and maintained a level of calm she didn't feel. "Are you comfortable?"

"What do you think?" His gaze slid the length of her then returned sharply to her face.

He lay with a goddess. Nothing could be more desired by mankind. She arched a brow. "I think you're privileged."

A crooked grin slashed his features but didn't quite reach his eyes. "Aye, lass, I've been told that before."

She was not amused. Did he think she'd cower? Play the shy maiden? No, she'd play the temptress. Her Highlander wouldn't rise to the bait. Not yet. She ground her belly against his arousal.

Rowan's hand shot to the side of her neck. His eyes turned to verdant flame. "Do you offer yourself so freely?"

Yes, freely, she did. But he would not take it. This she knew and regretted. But how she liked to tease and enjoyed the feel of his length along hers. "Have I not made myself obvious?"

"Aye, you have." His hand left her neck and entangled in her hair. He moved over her and stared down intently.

What was he doing? Would he really take her now? He had to know that if he did, it would be different with her, that his heart would become involved. Had he come so far? Was he ready to move on? She spread her thighs and ran her hands over his broad shoulders, down his muscled back, closed her eyes and willed him closer. Her voice was thick and strained. Need devoured all. "Love me, Rowan."

"Oh, yes, love her, Rowan!" Dionysus cried. Eager clapping resounded and giggles surrounded them.

Rowan rolled off her and sat up, clearly aggravated, though not as shocked as she'd thought he would be. It seemed he was getting used to the peculiarities of the gods. His voice proved husky when he spoke. "It seems you like to interrupt these moments." Rowan pulled a blanket over his lap.

The exuberant deity sat on the end of the gigantic bed thoroughly enjoying himself. He took a swig from his golden cup and grinned widely. "Please, pay us no mind. Continue what you were doing."

His women meandered around, mostly on Rowan's side of the bed, casting lustful invitation his way.

Melpomene sat up slowly and did not hide her nudity. "What brings you to us now, Dionysus? I could only assume it's to offer me answers."

Dionysus' wicked grin gleamed in the firelight. "Answers?" He looked to his women who offered evasive shrugs in return. "No, I came to watch procreation and enjoy my wine."

SKY HERE. Did they or didn't they 'have a little more fun' in front of Dionysus? For me to know and you to find out. *winks* Scoop up your FREE copy of Highland Muse at Amazon. Click HERE.

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