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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Words For 2011. wOOt!

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I’d like to once more thank all who stopped by my blog during my ‘What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree’ blog event. We had such fun! Well, I’ve decided to draw for my grand winner the old fashioned way. Straight out of a hat. To be exact, my son’s brand new Patriot’s hat. I’ve gone through all the posts and listed all the commenters. The problem? I’m out of printer ink. So, I’ll be hitting the print shop this week and getting the printer going. (So sorry about the delay)

My six-year-old will draw the lucky winner of the $100 Amazon gift certificate later in the week and it will be announced in a post at this blog on NEW YEAR’S DAY! What a great way to toast in 2012!

This week’s posts will simply be a lead-up to New Year’s Eve and all the interesting things that came out of 2011. First and foremost, five words added to the Oxford Dictionary this year. I'm sure you know them all. Or at least one or two. *grins*

Retweeting: resending somebody's tweet using Twitter (I knew this one. Who doesn't?)

Mankini: a one- piece bathing suit for men, with a T-back (think Borat) (Huh! *snorts* Funny)

Jeggings: tight trousers for women that look like denim jeans. (No comment)

Woot: (typically spelled "w00t") an on-line way to say "hooray," typically in a celebratory manner ("w00t! I fragged your n00b butt!") (Use this one often. Mispelled it though!)

Upcycle: to recycle into something worth more that the original. (I'm still busy recycling but this sounds good)

According to Oxford... "Some of the words are well-known to those who follow the news, such as sexting (sending sexual text messages or pictures) and cyberbullying (harassment over the Internet). Others are a bit specialized, such as noob (properly spelled n00b, a shortened form of "newbie" or somebody who's new to a game or forum; usually used in a derogatory sense)."

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The Scarf Princess said...

At least I actually use some of these new word additions. Most of the time the new additions are ones I've never even heard of.

Looking forward to the New Year....can't be any worse than last year.

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