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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting In Touch With Your Naughty Side This XXXmas

Welcome! My ‘What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree’ Blog Event' continues. New to this event? Well, every two days a different author or vendor pops in to leave a present under this blog’s Christmas tree for YOU to win. In addition, every comment between now and December 25th is entered to win a $100 Gift Certificate to Amazon!

Today we’re turning ‘sexy’ way up with erotica author, Rynne Raines. So be forewarned, this post is 100% RATED R. Rynne is graciously giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate to one lucky commenter who answers her question correctly. (located at the end of the post)

Let's hand the blog over to Rynne...

Getting In Touch With Your Naughty Side This XXXmas

It's not always easy to find that perfect gift for your man on Christmas. If your man is anything like mine you'll wrack your brain for hours on end trying to think up something he wants that he hasn't already purchased. Save yourself the trouble ladies and give him the one thing every man wants--a piece of your sweet and naughty ass with a side of kink.

Whether he has been ultra naughty this year or extra nice, every woman wants to give their man the super sexy Christmas gift that he will never forget. So, tap into that creative reservoir girls and allow yourself to cut loose for the holidays! Below are seven naughty ideas that will take you both to the erotic side of the winter wonderland.

 Jingle All The Way

Sexy clothing is a fantastic way to set the tone for a seductive night of Christmas Eve fun! Meet your man at the door wearing a pair of high heels, these adorable red fishnets with their tiny gold bells ($12.95 at 3wishes.com), a Santa hat and nothing else! Those Christmas bulbs won't be the only things lighting up!
Tease and Please With Present And Bow Pasties

Want to decorate the "girls" for the holidays? A great accessory to the fishnets would be these amazing and creative nipple pasties ($16.95-18.95 at 3wishes.com) Try the fine art of the slow tease and he'll be begging to unwrap those gifts with a holiday smile on his face.

Spice It Up With A Kinky Kristmas Kit

Are you straight off the naughty list? Well this Christmas Vibrator and Bondage Kit ($18.00 vendio.com) is a sure way for your Secret Santa to keep your cheeks rosy.  Fully equipped with blindfold, cuffs, rubber flogger, 7 multi-speed vibrator, and peppermint lube this little kit may have you reserving your spot on the naughty list for next year.

Whipped Cream Delight For Two

Here's one home recipe that won't remind him of his grandmother's baking! What's needed? A can of whipped cream, a tap of cinnamon, and some peppermint schnapps. Or grab one of those candy canes off the tree, pop a piece of it in your mouth beforehand, and give your man the holiday blow job he'll never forget. So simple right?! Open wide girls and enjoy! 

Tired of giving him a Christmas card that says Happy Holidays and Season Greetings? Why not try this intimate Pantygram? Don't want to pay the $24.95? Do it yourself! Find a sexy black envelope and slide your sexiest panties inside. If this doesn't get his sleigh bells jingling, I don't know what will!

Erotic XXXmas Stories

Curl up with your eggnog and man and dive into some erotic Christmas tales. Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories ($11.21) or The Merry XXXmas Book Of Erotica ($14.95) will heat things up enough to forgo the need for a warm fire this Christmas Eve.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you're giving your man his night to remember, here's a little tease toy that will help you remember it too! According to AskMen.ca, The Durex Play Vibrations ($7.09 at amazon.com) is top of the line for disposable rings on the market. While he's bouncing his Christmas balls off your ass, why not make sure you're both screaming "O Holy Night" when all is said and done!

Well ladies those are my Christmas Kink Tips for the year. Now it's gift time! I'm leaving a $20.00 gift card to amazon.com under the tree this year for one lucky person who leaves a comment telling me what Eve will be giving Donavan if she loses their bet. Legally Bound Excerpt. From me to you...Have a wickedly wonderful holiday season! 

Evelyn Morgan has a secret. Donavan Carver wants to expose it. Bondage, debauchery, and a weekend at Eden lands one of them on their knees....

For years, Eve has craved sexual domination, but a kinky romp in the hay isn't worth destroying her prestigious legal reputation over. Even if that romp's with her handsome rival and legendary Dominant, Donavan Carver. Desperate to protect her secret and keep the notorious playboy at bay, Eve clings to the lie she's told for two years--she's a Domme. Donavan doesn't buy it. Given the opportunity to put Donavan's doubts to rest, Eve lures him into a bet he can't win--one that will tether him to her leash. So what if she cheats to win? He'll never find out. Or Will he?
Where to Find Rynne Raines:

Contest ends December 15th, 12 AM EST.


Sky Purington said...

Thanks for visiting this Holiday season, Rynne. This is one sizzling hot post, girl! :-)

L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

Those stockings are super cute. Thanks for the recommendation ;)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post and ideas thanks! Can't wait to read the rest of Legally Bound! I think I'd lose the bet on purpose :)

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Oh, nice excerpt. This sounds like a great read Rynne. If she loses she'll submit to him for the weekend. Hmm, I wonder if she does, I may have to find out. LOL.

Rynne Raines said...

Thanks so much for letting me host today, Sky! Always love being here.

L.K: I saw those stockings and nearly died. They are adorable!

Anonymous: Oh, I know the feeling. Donavan is one hot Dom!

Cynthia: Thrilled you liked the excerpt!

Thanks so much for the comments ladies! And, GOOD LUCK in the draw!

The Scarf Princess said...

That is a super fun post with a few ideas I hadn't thought of before. Plus that Santa man photo is one I LOVE. The answer to your question is Eve will willingly submit to him for the entire weekend.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Rynne Raines said...

Hey Joder!That Santa pic is a super sexy one! Thanks for the comment!

Weaver said...

The answer is that Eve has said she would submit to him for the entire weekend...

Love your books Rynne... and I for one would certainly appreciate any of your Christmas suggestions..!!!


Rynne Raines said...

Thank you, Weaver! Good luck in the draw!

Calisa Rhose said...

Nice ideas, though I could only imagine FIL's face with number one! lol

Answer: “If I lose, I’ll willingly submit to you for the entire weekend.”


elaing8 said...

Great post.Love all the pics ;)

the answer is she will submit to him for the entire weekend.


Happy Holidays

Chicks of Characterization said...

Wow, super hot post!!

My hubby was reading it over my shoulder and was shaking his head in agreement at all your suggestions!! LOL

Great Excerpt, too!!!

Thanks for sharing!

HO, HO, HO!!


Jennifer Mathis said...

i love the nipple covers
he will get a weekend of submittion


Dave said...

Good post. She will submit to him for the weekend.

Mrfukngoodwrench(at)yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

She will submit to him for the weekend

Gabby said...

Those little present pasties are cute! Maybe I'll have to keep these tips in mind for when I have someone other than my family to spend Christmas with.

This books sounds very interesting, a perfect naughty read to get you in the mood for the holidays! ;)

If Eve loses she has to willing submit to Donovan for the whole weekend.

Donovan's pretty hot, I wouldn't mind having him to myself for a whole weekend!


Kathleen C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathleen C said...

Of course she will!

Loved the teaser and gift ideas. :-)


Alisha said...

What a sexy Christmas post! Thanks for all the hot ideas! ;) Your book sounds yummy!

Sky said...

OMG, Andrea, you made me bust out laughing. HO, HO, HO! Snorts. We gals are sooooo bad, aye? And your hubby reading the post over your shoulder... priceless.

Keep on workin' it, Rynne! Woot!

Sky Purington said...

Because I think this is SUCH a fun post (and probably what we women REALLY want beneath our xmas tree), I'm throwing another $5 Amazon GC into the mix as an addition to Rynne's $20. Spread the word! :-)

Mary Preston said...

Wishing you joy!!

Eve will willingly submit to him for the entire weekend.


Rynne Raines said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rynne Raines said...

Gabby: Oh, Donavan is actually my favorite male character out of any I've written. To be honest, I'm finding it hard writing new stories because Donavan's like the ex-boyfriend I compare all the others too! LOL

Alisha and Kathleen: I'm thrilled you like the post! Good luck in the draw.

Marybelle: Sending major joy your way lady!

Thank you all for the comments and kind words. And good luck to all of you! One more day!

Rynne Raines said...

Well, well. I wake up to find all these great comments AND Sky is tossing $5 bucks into my contest pool. Life is looking up today.

Calisa: Oh, he might make a face...but I think deep down he would appreciate your sense of style! :)

Elaing8:I love the pics too. I must confess I've been holding the sexy santa one from last year...lmao.

Andrea: Ooo, now that's a compliment! I don't know many men who read, let alone read over my shoulder. :P

Jennifer: I think the nipple covers are absolutely adorable. That had more than the present one there but I thought they were the cutest.

Dave and Anonymous: Thanks for the comment. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

love your writing and cant wait to get the new book. congrats Rynne!!! Hope You AHve A Wonderful Christmas. terra

Unknown said...

Your suggested presents made me smile. It also reminded me that I advised my mom one year that she was struggling to think of something to get dad for Christmas, that she should buy a bunch of lingerie, individually wrap them & give them to him with coupons attached, that he can redeem for a night of debauchery. I'm sure if she had followed my advice, he would have been one happy husband.

If Eve loses, she has to willingly submit to Donavan for the entire weekend. Sounds like a win/win to me.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

Rynne Raines said...

Terra and Kathryn: thanks so much for the awesome comments.

I had someone contact me on Facebook who said she couldn't comment. I got her email so I will shoot it over to you for the main draw as well.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You guys are amazing and I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and good luck in the draw!

Rynne Raines said...

Terra and Kathryn: thanks so much for the awesome comments.

I had someone contact me on Facebook who said she couldn't comment. I got her email so I will shoot it over to you for the main draw as well.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You guys are amazing and I wish you all a fantastic Christmas and good luck in the draw!

kimmyl said...

I agree that this is absolutely a hot post and hot tips to boot. Thanks for the ideas and you have a Merry Christmas!!!

Eve will willingly submit to him for the entire weekend.


Glenn Jacob said...

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