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Friday, December 23, 2011

What Are Your Favorite Things About the Holidays? Renee Vincent. Blog Event.

It’s almost that time. The day after tomorrow is Christmas Day! I’ve had the pleasure of having so many wonderful authors and vendors join me for my ‘What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree’ blog event this year. If you’re popping in for the first time, here’s the scoop. The past thirty days have consisted of sixteen featured guests. All left a prize to win. We now have fifteen happy winners! But that’s not all. Every commenter on all posts through December 25th are entered to win the grand prize, a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.

Today and tomorrow, it’s my pleasure to welcome over a wonderful woman and author, Renee Vincent. Renee is graciously giving away an Ecopy from her backlist. Your choice! All you have to do is list your three favorite things about the holidays in a comment. In addition, I will be adding a $10 Amazon gift certificate to the jackpot. This prize will be given to a 2nd lucky commenter!

Let’s hand the blog over to Renee…

Before I begin, I’d like to thank Sky Purington for inviting me back to this great holiday event on her blog. I know she is enduring a very difficult hardship this year, and I give her kudos for continuing on with her normal routine. I know, from personal experience, that losing a loved one can be detrimental to one’s life, especially when the holidays roll around. But I want you to know, Sky, that your father would be so proud that you picked up and carried on with your career as an author. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

With that said, the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite things about this great holiday with you.

Looking back at last year’s wish list, I wanted a Kindle VERY badly and to my surprise, my husband bought one for me. I was super stoked and believe me, I’ve used this Kindle more than I ever thought possible.

Last year, at this same event, I also wished to have Gerard Butler singing in his best baritone Phantom of the Opera voice that I was the next NY Time’s Best Selling author. That wish had not come true…but I’m still hopeful this year. (*ahem* Gerard….that was your cue!)

Moving on to the present, I couldn’t think of one single thing I wanted or needed. When my family asked for suggestions, I’ve found myself at a loss. I had no idea what to tell them, so this year should be quite interesting. On the same token, I LOVE surprises. So, I’m pretty excited about what they come up with.
While I’m clueless about what I want under my tree, I have no doubts as to why I enjoy Christmas as much as I do.

#1 I can’t forget the reason for the season. Through the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, I always give praise to the man of the hour: Our Savior. Now I’m not going to go all holy-roller or push religion and faith down anyone’s throats. I just know that without Him, I would not be where I am today, nor would I have the success of an author to boast. I love sharing with my children the reason why we, as a family, celebrate the season of giving.

#2 I love the whole aspect of giving gifts, from the countless hours spent searching for that perfect present, to watching their eyes light up as they unwrap it, whether it be a child or adult. In fact, I actually prefer to give than to receive. The feeling inside is twice as rewarding.

#3 And lastly, my other favorite thing about Christmas is spending quality time with family. Through the years, I’ve learned that life is short and to treasure every moment as if it were the last. Those memorable days of laughing, eating, and relaxing with loved ones are ever so precious. Nothing, not even time, can erase those instances of joy and bliss from my memory.

And since I’ve shared with you my three favorite things about Christmas, I’d like to hear yours. Leave me a comment listing your 3 favorite things about the holiday season, and you’ll be entered to win an ebook copy of any one of my backlist (winner’s choice.)

From my house to yours, I want to wish you all a very blessed and safe Christmas!

Sky here. What a great post, Renee. Thank you so very much for the kind words in regards to my Dad. My thoughts are with you this Christmas as well, my friend. Your sister is still right there with you in spirit, as is my Dad right here with me. Wishing you and yours the very happiest of holidays.


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Are the clues to their ancestral past hidden within the contents of the chest or buried deep within their hearts?

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Don’t forget to list your three favorite things about the holidays in a comment for a chance to win. Contest ends December 25th, 12 AM, EST.


Sky Purington said...

It's wonderful to have you over, Renee. Love you, sweetie!

Mary Preston said...

My 3 favorite things would have to be:
- catching up with family
- great food
- presents are fun too.


Renee Vincent said...

Thanks so much Sky! It's a pleasure to be here. It feels like home to me.

Thanks for sharing your favorite things about the holidays, Marybelle. I forgot all about the great food....how could I let that one slip passed me. I have to agree with you on that one. I love to eat!

Good luck and Merry Christmas to you!

Unknown said...

Lovely post, Renee.
My favorite thing about Christmas is getting together with family and friends, share a good meal, and then have loads of fun playing cards and games.
This year, I'm winning the 'Buzz' tournament - just sayin'
Without these people in my life, holidays would be kind of empty, and I thank God everyday for this gift.

Anonymous said...


Very nice post. Have a Merry Christmas.

Callie said...

Great post. My three favorite things about the holidays are the good will that you should see all year long, the extra special foods that you should make all year long, and the time spent with family that you should do all year long.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

Krista said...

Great post and a very Merry Christmas to Renee, Sky and everyone who visits today. My most favorite thing about Christmas is my children. There is no better feeling that when you see the pure joy on their faces on Christmas morning, especially when Santa brings them something they asked for. Of course I second the part about loving the food even though sometimes I'm too worn out to eat it after i've cooked it all :) Its a great feeling of satisfaction just sitting back to watch my family interact and enjoying themselves.

JenA said...

Renee, I love your list and agree. For me, my favorite things are: 1. Watching my family open presents. I sometimes get teary when I see the looks on their faces when they open something I know they'll love and were totally surprised to get. 2. The food. Cooking and eating. 3. I love the calm after the storm when my husband and I get to sit back and watch our children enjoy their new things or either of us play with our new gadgets. Coffee and Christmas music are a must!

Merry Christmas Renee and I think our loved ones who have moved on are right their with us enjoying the moments. When I look at my children I can see the way my grandmother's eyes would squint close when she smiled and I know she is with me.

Unknown said...

Great post, Renee. Cheers to you and Sky. Can't add a thing to the list of favorites. The Lord and family are tops for me. A bit of quiet time to spend with my hubby is always a plus.

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Teresa K. said...

Hi Renee, & Sky,

Sky I'm so sorry about your dad. But Renee is right I'm sure he is very proud of you and he would want you to be strong and go on. My prayers will be with you.

Renee, What can I say my friend. I love this season, but I love it all year long. You already know that I'm a gift giver.

Okay three things I love about Christmas. I love the fact, people tend to be more nicer to each other. Even if it's just once a year.

I love seeing miracles come true. It seems like there are more of them around this time of the year.

Spending times with loved ones and my friends. It always seems to be extra special this time of the year.

May God bless each and everyone of you all throught the year and may you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Love you my Ray of Sunshine!

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

Jennifer Johnson said...

Beautiful post-made me cry! Here are my 3 things:
1. Very excited that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year so I can worship in my church on this special day. And I'm thankful to my Episcopal friends who let me worship with them when Christmas day is another day of the week.
2. The moment my kids walk in the room and see what Santa has brought. If I could just bottle that moment, I'd open up the bottle in sad times and remember how happy they were. I love the mystery of this guy who gives gifts in secret without any expectation of thanks.
3. Eggnog and my mom's rum cake. She only makes those cakes at this time of year. She makes awesome rum cake. Oh, wait. Eggnog and rumcake are two things, aren't they??

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!!! May your day be filled with peace and joy in whichever way you celebrate


Janice Seagraves said...

My three favorite things are.
-The smell of evergreen trees
-The surprised expressions on my family members when they open their gifts.
-Singing Christmas carols

Nay Nay said...

Merry Christmas Sky and Renee.

Sky, Renee is right in that our loved ones never ever ever leave us. They remain always in our hearts. Sometimes it's ok to cry while missing them. I always have a good cry at the holiday because I miss them, but them I get the message they send to me. "Put on your big girl panties and get on with enjoying life with the loved ones who are still here, cause the future is not promised and you need to let them know how much they are loved while you still can.
Renee, Your post was particular meaningful to me and I am teary eyed while typing this.

Didn't mean to preach, but my 3 favorite things about the holidays is #1 celebrating the real reason for the season, the birth of my savior and lord. 2, The opportunity to spend time with family and friends and bask in the love of them. 3, Cooking and eating all the good food provided. I want to add a 4th one: Being thankful that we can share so much with family and friends and to say a prayer for those less fortunate than us that don't have the things we do and the love we share.

Hope your Christmas is all you could wish for and have a Happy New Year.

reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

The Scarf Princess said...

Even though I'm by myself this year there are still some things that I LOVE....
-The yummy, fattening foods.
-All the Christmas lights, particularly white ones.
-Being able to watch A Christmas Story over and over for 24 hours.

Thanks for being here and for the giveaway! Happy Holidays!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Margaret said...

I love that my grown up kids revert to being children again, just for a day or two at Christmastime. I also love baking for my family and friends. I never forget the real reason for the season, but I also like to have an excuse to wear my 'Dear Santa, I can explain...' socks. Merry Christmas to you!


Chicks of Characterization said...

Hey Renee!!! What a wonderful post!!! My three favorite things are:
- The smell of pine
- Being with family
- Christmas music

AND of course the spirit of giving!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Luv ya,


Anonymous said...


Renee Vincent said...

Madison: Great list of favorites! And here's wishing you win the BUZZ tournament...you'll have to explain that one to me someday. Never heard of it, but it sounds fun!
Good luck in the contest.

Ella Quinn: Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for stopping by.

Callie: Great list of favs, dear. I wish, like you, the good will towards others would last all year. Merry Christmas!

Krista: This is so true --> "There is no better feeling that when you see the pure joy on their faces on Christmas morning, especially when Santa brings them something they asked for."

Thanks for sharing your favorites with me! And good luck!

JenA: I agree with this wholeheartedly --> " Coffee and Christmas music are a must!"
And thanks for your kind words about the loved ones who have moved on. Very touching about your grandmother. Merry Christmas, sweetie!

Christina: Thank you so much for coming by. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Renee Vincent said...

Teresa: This statement was definitely food for thought --> "I love seeing miracles come true. It seems like there are more of them around this time of the year."
You know....this time of the year certainly conveys a hint paranormal as miracles abound. Thanks for reminding me of those small wonders, darlin.
Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Johnson: Oh, rum cake sounds fabulous. I've never had it but it sounds like it would go so nicely with my coffee (with extra cream.) haha
Thanks for sharing your favorites with me!

Janice: Oh yes! The smell of evergreens! How could I forget that one! I love that smell too....
Thanks so much for sharing and good luck!

Nay, Nay: Oh I am so sorry to have made you cry. I certainly didn't mean to. I know how you feel though. I always seem to have a good cry around this time too. I loved your words about always telling someone how you feel since nothing is promised after today.
Merry Christmas to you!

Joder: I hate to hear that you will be all alone this year. If I could, I'd drop by your house and spend some time with you...you know, eating some of that fattening yummy food together.
Merry Christmas (I'll be thinking of you.)

Margaret: haha Love those "Santa I can explain" socks. I can so see you wearing them!
Merry Christmas, my dear!

Andrea: Great list of favorites and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas this year!!

Anonymous: Having loved ones here is a HUGE favorite! I agree!
Merry Christmas to you!

Marlene said...

My 3 favorites things would have to be being with my family and the food of course. The third would be watching the grandkids excitement over their gifts and their stockings. We do the big stockings those things are really hard to fill up but they love digging into them. Even my grown daughter and her husband love digging into their stockings it's just fun to watch their faces light up. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. And I hope that everyone has mane blessings during the holiday season and the new year.

Renee Vincent said...

Marlene, I love the idea of the large stockings! I can just imagine the fun that comes with watching them dig into them. (I want a huge stocking now) haha

Good luck in the contest and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas this year!