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Friday, October 21, 2011

Need a little Pre-Halloween Pick Me Up? Are you all-things-paranormal? I Got It!

Totally hyped up for Halloween and getting my 'spooks' all lined up in a tidy little row.

Got busy tonight whipping up a book trailer for my upcoming paranormal romance trilogy. It's all about Calum's curse. I won't dive into details but he's a character from my MacLomain Series. This go around he's not only a mortal man but a ghost... depending on what story you're reading. But, as it should be, the trilogy focuses on the main characters and their romantic predicaments. *Wicked grin*

Up's and down's. In's and out's. This trilogy takes you on a mind-bending, hold-on-tight ride through some supernatural situations you never could've imagined existed!

All the hype aside, tons of great stuff coming up soon at this blog. Stay tuned!

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