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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Up & Comings. Kindle Giveaway PLUS Lots of Ebooks!

Hey all! I'll soon be flying the friendly skies and praying for no turbulence. I’m really looking forward to some quality family time in Aruba. I’ll be back mid-October and gearing up for Halloween. Lots on the agenda blogging-wise to celebrate such an ‘eerie’ time of year.

Be sure to pop into A Writer’s Mind to find out where I’ll be on the net and all the spookalicious giveaways I’ll be part of. In fact, I’ll be visiting a few sites this year. The weekend before Halloween, Oct. 29th and 30th, I’ll be amongst many authors featured at the Paranormal Romantics Blog-a-Thon. I’ll be giving away a cyber-gift set of my vamp tales and a box of yummy chocolates. AND Paranormal Romantics will be giving away a grand prize of either a Kindle or Kindle Touch!

I’ll ALSO be visiting paranormal romance author, Alisha Paige’s Blog to chat about my Highlander Series, which as it so happens, launches its first time-travel on the night when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, All Hallows Eve! The grand prize this visit will include ALL FOUR of my MacLomain Stories AND a box of melt-in-your-mouth chocolates.

I’ll yap more about all of this End-of-October fun when I return. Until then, I leave you with my latest book trailer for Destiny’s Denial (The MacLomain Series- Book 2) Hope you enjoy!


Nancy Jardine Author said...

Hi, Sky. I loved Jezebel's Wish, by the way! And hope you'll be pleased to konw I just bought all four Maclomain series books. I'll start on prelude as soon as I can. (TBR list pretty big!) Or would you suggest Book 1 first? (not sure which order you wrote them in????)- Cheers-Nancy

Sky Purington said...

Very cool, Nancy! Hope you enjoy! I'd suggest starting with the prelude, The King's Druidess. In order from there. Fate's Monolith, Destiny's Denial, then Sylvan Mist. Be sure to let me know what you think of the series. I love to hear feedback! :-)