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Friday, June 17, 2011

Need a Good Photographer? OXimages is the next BIG thing.

Welcome! If you’re popping in for the first time, glad to have you over. Typically, this blog runs weekly author events promoting everything from Monday Covers It features to End of Week Character Blowouts. However, this week I’m going to be M.I.A.. It’s time to take a much needed 'breather.' Hitting the beach for a week!

Yet I couldn’t leave you without something to check out while I was away. Therefore, I’m leaving you with the best of the best…

Live in the Tampa Bay area and looking for a fabulous photographer? Then look no further!

My dear friend Amanda is the founder and CEO for a very successful photography company called OXimages. Everything's covered. Events ~ Weddings ~ Unions ~ Ox Babies ~ Portraits ~ Fine Art ~ Powerful ~ Professional ~ Personal

Whether or not you live in Florida, I can't rave enough about OXimages. It's really taking off. Not surprising in the least. To learn more about their services click HERE. I’ve peppered this post with a mere fraction of OXimage photos. Fantastic, aren't they?

Please note. For those of you who closely follow this blog, Ashlynn Monroe’s winner will be announced a week from Monday (So sorry about the wait!) Also, tune in as I welcome romance author, Faith V. Smith to A Writer’s Mind’s, Monday Covers It blog feature on June 27th!

See you all again next week. Until then, be good.

Hugs and Best Always,



Sky Purington said...

Love featuring your business here, Amanda! You rock, girl. (((Hugs)))

Carol L. said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing week Sky. :)
Carol L

Alisha said...

Wow...stunning photos!!! Has she ever considered selling her lovely nature photos to authors for book trailers, web sites, etc? Maybe you two can discuss that. I'm in love with the purple tree and the gorgeous sunset. I could see them as backdrop for a book cover. Wow! She is very talented! Please let me know if she ever wants to sell photos. She could have a separate website or sell them on Dreamstime. She'd make a killing!

Have a very relaxing, fun time at the beach, my wonderful friend! :)

Sky Purington said...

I'm back!!! So glad to see a few of you popped in.

Carol, thanks so much! Really great to see you 'about' again. Missed you big time! Just not the same around 'here' without you my friend! :-)

Sky Purington said...

Alisha, I totally agree. Amanda should totally promo to authors. Her work is stunning! But she knows because I make a habit of bugging her about it!

Love that you popped in to support such a talented gal, Alisha. You're the best, sweetie!



Ox Images-Amanda said...

Hi Ladies,

Oh, I am so glad you asked if I would be willing to sell my pictures! Book cover's...what a wonderful idea! As happenstance would have it, I started seriously researching a good "selling site" for my images. I'll promptly add Dreamtime to the top of my list. I really enjoy utilizing the tools available to create interesting works of art. Not just pictures, but beautiful images that tell a story~or inspire you to create one. Thank you for the positive review, enjoy your day!


Amanda Vagianos