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Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOOK TRAILERS BREATHER. Beth Trissel shares some FANTASTIC trailers! Chance to win!

Ahhh, the weekend’s here and it’s time to wind down with A Writer’s Mind’s BOOK TRAILER BREATHER. This time around I’ve a special treat for you. FOUR book trailers! Each and every one shares with you a glimpse inside one of Beth Trissel’s fantastic novels.

If you’re joining us for the first time, I highly recommend that you check out Beth’s, SOMEWHERE MY LASS, Character Blowout. Done The Newlywed Game blog style, I interviewed the hero and heroine from her tale. It was SUCH a blast! If you have a sec or two, check out NEIL’S INTERVIEW. From there you can view Mora’s.

ALSO, there's a contest running. One lucky commenter wins an Ecopy of SOMEWHERE MY LASS!

Okay, let’s get started. Before every trailer Beth will be ‘speaking’ as she shares a bit of the story behind each book trailer.

SOMEWHERE MY LOVE… murder mystery/ghost story romance novel

Somewhere my Love was my first trailer and my favorite. Pam Roller was a big help putting all the elements together for me. I love how the story flows with the music, and ‘creepy guy.’

Star-crossed lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it is too late? Newly arrived at Foxleigh, the gracious old Wentworth home in Virginia, British born Julia Morrow is excited at the prospect of a summer working as a guide in the stately house and herb garden. She quickly discovers the historic plantation holds far more. She becomes obsessed with the portrait of handsome Cole Wentworth, killed in a quarrel over the lovely English lady, Julia Maury, two hundred years ago. Then she meets his double, William, the only remaining Wentworth heir. Somehow, Julia must persuade Will that their fates are entwined with those of Cole Wentworth and Julia Maury, and that the man who killed his ancestor has returned to enact the deadly cycle again, or she will lose him twice. The blade is about to fall.

Having trouble viewing this video? Click HERE.

"As I read Somewhere My Love I recalled the feelings I experienced the first time I read Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca." ~Joysann, Publishers Weekly

"Ms. Trissel’s alluring style of writing invites the reader into a world of fantasy and makes it so believable it is spellbinding." ~Camellia, Long and Short Reviews

For more on this novel visit my Website.

Join me at my blog, One Writer's Way.

Purchase SOMEWHERE MY LOVE at Amazon or The Wild Rose Press.


ENEMY OF THE KING… American historical romance novel

As usual this trailer was an effort to make and I’m grateful for the help of my talented friend Pam Roller. I think the song is poignantly beautiful and I listened to scores of them before making this selection.
This story was partly inspired by an enormous amount of research into my colonial American ancestors and the high drama of the Revolution.

1780 South Carolina, spies and intrigue, a vindictive ghost, the battle of King’s Mountain, Patriots and Tories, pounding adventure, pulsing romance…

While Loyalist Meriwether Steele recovers from illness in the stately home of her beloved guardian, Jeremiah Jordan, she senses the haunting presence of his late wife. When she learns that Jeremiah is a Patriot spy and shoots Captain Vaughan, the British officer sent to arrest him, she is caught up on a wild ride into Carolina back country, pursued both by the impassioned captain and the vindictive ghost. Will she remain loyal to her king and Tory twin brother or risk a traitor’s death fighting for Jeremiah? If Captain Vaughan snatches her away, he won’t give her a choice.

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"An amazing and vibrant look into the American Revolution…this sexy historical is a must read!" ~Coffee Time Romance And More

For more on this novel please visit my Website.

Purchase ENEMY OF THE KING at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

THROUGH THE FIRE… Native American historical romance novel

The trailer for Through the Fire was a real labor of love to make and a team effort. Pam Roller put all my pics and narrative together with the song I finally found. My mom, Pat Churchman, took a number of the scenic photographs. My artist brother John Churchman helped with the photo of Shoka and Rebecca by adding her to that image.

At the height of the French and Indian War, a young English widow ventures into the colonial frontier in search of a fresh start. She never expects to find it in the arms of the half-Shawnee, half-French warrior who makes her his prisoner in the raging battle to possess a continent––or to be aided by a mysterious white wolf and a holy man.

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"Through the Fire is full of interesting characters, beautifully described scenery, and vivid action sequences. It is a must read for any fan of historical romance." ~Poinsettia, Long and Short Reviews

For more on this novel please visit my Website.

Purchase THROUGH THE FIRE at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

DAUGHTER OF THE WIND… historical fantasy

This trailer was made by a budding young filmmaker and her acting associates. I provided the narrative and the music. She did the rest.

A Handsome frontiersman, Mysterious Scotswoman, Bearwalking Shawnee Warrior, Dark Secret, Pulsing Romance…

Autumn, 1784: A tragic secret from Karin McNeal's past haunts the young Scots-Irish woman who longs to know more of her mother’s death and the mysterious father no one will name. The elusive voices she hears in the wind hint at the dramatic changes soon to unfold in her life among the Scot’s settled in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies. Jack McCray, a wounded stranger who staggers through the door on the eve of her twentieth birthday and anniversary of her mother’s death, holds the key to unlocking the past. Will she let this handsome frontiersman lead her to the truth and into his arms, or seek the shelter of her fiercely possessive grandfather? Is it only her imagination or does something, or someone, wait beyond the brooding ridges—for her?

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“Ms. Trissel’s alluring style of writing invites the reader into a world of fantasy and makes it so believable it is spellbinding.” ~Camellia, Long and Short Reviews

For more on this novel please visit my Website.

Purchase DAUGHTER OF THE WIND at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

Sky here. Beautiful book trailers, Beth. Well done!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.



Sky Purington said...

LOVE these book trailers, Beth! Truly fantastic! :-)

Author Roast and Toast said...

Hi Beth and Sky

Loved watching the trailers, Beth, beautifully done, all of them!

Hywela Lyn said...

Oops - sorry, I forgot I was in my 'Author Roast' personna!

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks so much, and that's understandable H. Lyn. We wear many hats.