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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MIDWEET MEET & GREET. Getting to know author M. Kate Quinn.

Welcome! You’ve arrived just in time to enjoy A Writer’s Mind's MIDWEEK MEET & GREET. This blog event focuses on getting to know some of your favorite authors better. This week it’s my pleasure to introduce you to romance author, M. Kate Quinn.

SKY: Great to have you over, M. Kate. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Did you always want to be an author? When did you first start writing? What have you published?

M. KATE: Yes, it’s been a life-long dream. When my kids were growing up and I had some stops and starts with my writing goals. But, after they were off on their own, I dedicated real time to learning the craft, taking seminars, workshops, and writing. I have just signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press with my third novel, Brookside Daisy (tentative title) which is the third in my Perennials Series. Book I in the series, Summer Iris debuted last summer and has recently been named a finalist in the Golden Quill Awards in their “Best First Book” category, which thrills me. Book II Moonlight and Violet just released.

SKY: I like to write at night. Inspires me. Where and when do you like to write? Why?

M. KATE: I write during the day mostly. There are times when I put in a night, but for the most part I feel like I’ve got my “game on” in the a.m.

SKY: You know you’ll always pen a particular genre. What genre and why? You might also dabble in other genres. Care to share what those are and why?

M. KATE: I write women’s fiction. My current releases are romantic comedies with heroines that are considered “older.” I’m a natural-born wise guy with a deep sense of romance in my nature. Writing romantic comedies feels like what I was born to write. I’ve also thought about dabbling in YA with a mystery series perhaps. I was a major Nancy Drew fan. Also, I like cozy mysteries and think I may try my hand at that down the road.

SKY: We writers are often urged to write what we know. Have you? Perhaps implemented a scene from your life or somewhere you’ve traveled. Tell, tell!

M. KATE: Well, truth be told, there’s a lot of me in all my books. I do write what I know in terms of feelings, although the circumstances are fiction. I write about love and loss and hopes and dreams and kids and our expectations of them, what we yearn for in our men, what our girlfriends mean to us, our tricky relationships with our families. That’s what I know and what I really believe most women identify with and enjoy.

SKY: Let’s get down and dirty. Writers typically love to read. You especially enjoy certain authors for a good reason. Why? Their use of prose, voice, characterization, etc. You’ve got pet peeves as well. What are they?

M. KATE: I am a big fan of Jennifer Weiner. My writing has been compared to a cross between Jennifer and Debbie Macomber. One of my favorite authors is Anita Shreve. She can turn a phrase like nobody’s business. Also, I’m a new fan Barth Stein, the author of “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” Excellent storyteller. Too chicken to read too much horror, but man do I respect Stephen King. He’s the master. Peeves? James Patterson’s collaborative efforts fall short of his excellence.

SKY: You’re writing or have written the book that will always hold a special place in your heart. What is it and why?

M. KATE: This is a tough one. My first book Summer Iris has a lot of heart in it and a lot of what I’ve experienced in my life. She’s gone through a lot of the same things I have. Yet, my second book, Moonlight and Violet highlights the dynamic of two sisters and their kooky Italian mother, which personifies my relationships with my own sister and mom.

SKY: We’re all guilty. Though we like variety, we tend to adore a certain type of hero and heroine. What does your perfect hero look like? Tell us about his personality. Same goes for the heroine.

M. KATE: That’s funny, because in real life I usually like ‘em blond. Think Redford in his day, Richard Chamberlain in Thorn Birds. Yet, I also like them dark and powerful. However, the one thing my heroes have in common is that beneath the surface ticks a great man, one that can look at his flaws, can accept love, can give love, and is appealing in his being not-so-perfect .

SKY: What’s next for you? What are you currently writing?

M. KATE: Currently, while I’m not attending to edits of Brookside Daisy, I am working on my fourth book. This one is part of a new series that I’m tentatively calling The Postmark Series. In this group of romances, each heroine receives a letter that changes her life.

SKY: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten?

M. KATE: In five years I see myself continuing to blossom in this fabulous career of writing stories. Ten? On the beach while I write my stories.

SKY: Here goes. The grand finale. Share with us one thing you think readers would be surprised to know about you.

M. KATE: My readers would probably be surprised to know that I am interested in astrology and things of a mystical nature.

SKY: Great interview, M. Kate. Thanks so much for sharing!

M. KATE: Thanks so much for having me, Sky. It’s been my pleasure.

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Sky Purington said...

Great to have you over this week, M. Kate. Your books sound wonderful!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Wonderful interview ladies! I love getting to know NEW authors!!! Will be looking into your book, Kate!

Wishing you all the best!

Andrea :O)