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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kickin' Back with the Hotties. From UNITED all the way to KINGDOM!

Hey all! For those who’ve popped in lately, you know I’ve been celebrating sexy men outta the UK. Otherwise known as my Sizzlin’ Hot Men of Scotland, Ireland, England & Wales summer blog event. This weekend, I’m taking a break. Not such a bad thing. Why? I’m leaving you with some yummy eye candy to tide ya over. So grab a cup of hot java, a 'just chilled' apple martini, or whatever your device, sit back and pamper yourself because' it's ALL about the MEN this time.

In this post, I’ll cover all four countries that make up the UK ‘sexy men style’. As is my duty and obligation in that I wrote first of Ireland and my entire Mac’Lomain novel trilogy revolved a great deal more than you’d expect around the country, Ireland will lead out. (Aye, I’m Scotch-Irish too, so I’m allowed!)

IRELAND...Eire go Brach!

Wasn’t gonna post a video but these guys rock. After browsing through far more ‘aim to please the TV crowd’ and well choreographed videos by this group, I preferred this one. It showed the pre-planned ‘oops’ moments. Having spent quite a few moments myself on stage dancing, I could appreciate it! Not to mention, they wear the kilts appropriate to their heritage.

Turn up your speakers. lassies. The music is bloody fabulous!

Celtic Thunder-Ireland’s Call

SCOTLAND...Scootlund Forever!

As to my Scottish ‘shout out.’ Naturally, I romped around a little to make sure this was perfect.

A HUGE fan of the movie 300, this was the first time I’d heard of Gerard Butler. Oh yeah, he’s hot as heck, but he’s super talented too. I really like the interview I found of him. It’s a great insight not only into the movie 300 but a great ‘sound off’ to the brogue that lined my trilogy. (Did I mention it was FABULOUS to see a Scot act in a Greek film, kinda made me think….Sky, you did okay with Highland Muse (Scotsman with a Greek Goddess)) Darn doable! So says Gerard.

The manuscript proposal, “sang to me!” The Song of The Muses Anthology did that, made me excited to write it…be part of it!

SO, check out this video clip....

See what sexy Gerard Butler had to say!

ENGLAND...England Forever!

Then there are the Englishmen! Yep, I love a brogue and a lilt, but have always adored the English accent. Sexy, suave…and oh-so-scrumptious. The series, The Tudors is one of my all time favorites. And my favorite hunk from the hit Showtime series? None other than Henry Cavill. AKA-Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. Yum!!! And then some. Might wanna opt for the apple martini when watching this one. He's SO delectable!

WALES...Cymru am byth!

Last but certainly not least, Wales. Those Welshmen will make you turn your head twice! *low whistle* Need I say more?

Here's hoping I left you wanting more! Stay tuned, Monday morn we continue on with those UK hottie tales as my blog event continues.



Chicks of Characterization said...

Very, very nice!!!!

Sky Purington said...

Thanks girl! Knew you'd approve!

Then again, you provided some of these cuties ;)

Big Hugs

Carol L. said...

Holy Crap, lol What hotties, and Celtic Thunder are awesome Sky. Thank you. Being Scottish/Irish as well as Italian I love it all.Thank you for making me sweat on this Sunday morn. lol
Carol L.

Sky Purington said...

LOL, I know, aren't they something, Carol? Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

katsrus said...

Oh my! Beautiful eye candy! Thank you!
Sue B

Sky Purington said...

You're very welcome, Sue! Well worth gawking at, eh? ;)))