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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot UK Heroes Time! Faith V. Smith Chats about Beware What You Wish. Comment to Win!!!

Welcome to my Sizzlin’ Hot Heroes of Scotland, Ireland, England & Wales summer blog event. So far, it’s been a blast and only bound to get better! This week it’s my pleasure to introduce talented romance author, Faith V. Smith. She’ll be dishing out about her latest tale, Beware What You Wish. As always, there’s a contest involved! For a chance to win an Ecopy of Beware What You Wish and a $6 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press main store, be sure to leave a comment.

Beware What You Wish

Leah Barnett's travel to research a romance novel sends her back two hundred years--right into the bathtub of one hunky half Scot, half English male. His chauvinist attitude stiffens her spine, but his sensual kisses weaken her knees. Not to mention flipping her heart like a kilt in the wind.

Alistair MacKinnon's vow to stay out of trouble falls by the wayside when a sensual, outspoken woman falls into his tub out of nowhere. Her insistence that she's from the future doesn't cause him as much concern as the way his heart thuds just looking at her. He's finally found a woman who sees eye-to-eye with him--even if she does only reach his chest.

When Alistair orders the headstrong Leah to marry him to keep his despicable cousin from taking her to bed, the Scottish-English hottie gets a talking to that singes his ears. But it's not his ears that sting when they find a portal to the future for Leah.

SKY: Welcome, thanks for joining me this week!

FAITH: Hi Sky, as always it’s an honor and so much fun to be here. Thanks for having me over!

SKY: My pleasure! Tell me, what inspired you to create your hero’s character? Did he simply form as you wrote or had he been in your mind for some time?

FAITH: Actually he kinda grew in personality as I wrote. Beware What You Wish was written for a contest at The Wild Rose Press, Through The Garden Gate. Although, it didn’t win, I was really excited and blessed to have Pam Winger ask me to redo it and resend the manuscript. So, when I first wrote this, I was writing blind for the first three chapters, then I had to pull it together and do one of those hated synopsis…lol.

SKY: Ugh, couldn’t agree with you more about the synopsis! So, give me a little insight into your hero’s personality. Is he cunning, aggressive, arrogant, kind, humorous─share all!

FAITH: He’d definitely arrogant…lol. As a half-English Lord, and a half-Scottish Laird, he got it in spades. He also has a great big heart, is kind, and can be funny at times. I love Alistair.

A taste…

Leah wasn’t sure how she’d gotten where she was either, but of one thing she was certain: the giant standing before her with the sexy brogue had to be a figment of her imagination, or worse—maybe she was dead.

Fragments of her fall through darkness rushed again toward her with a whirling collage of colors. She shook her head to dispel the frightening image. Her heartbeat, stuttered to a slow crawl, and her throat threatened to close against the fear fighting its way from the pit of her stomach. She swallowed hard to get the knot out of her throat before replying.

“Look, mister, I don’t know anything about witchcraft. I don’t understand what’s going on either, but if you’ll just point the way out, I’ll be happy to leave.”

Hopefully, when she did leave, she’d find herself back at the bed and breakfast nursing a few bruised body parts.


“Lord, what?” Leah’s frustration only added to the fear she’d lost her mind.

“Lord Knightsley be the proper way to address me, or if ye prefer, Laird MacKinnon.”

Leah’s mouth gaped. It appeared someone besides her had suffered a fall. The possibility that someone might have found her at the ruins and kidnapped her unconscious body crossed her mind. What if the man had escaped from a mental institution?

SKY: Great excerpt! Turning up the temperature─Why are readers going to fall in love with your hero-lust for him?

FAITH: Well, there is lust, but no, I think readers will fall in love with the man he is. A man willing to give up the woman he loves in order to keep her safe. You gotta love a man like that in my opinion.

Another taste…

Alistair’s eyes darkened. “I dinna ken what ye mean by that but if it be what I think, then ye are sorely wrong. I have never offered marriage to another woman and if ye turned me down, I—.”

“I thought you weren’t taking no for an answer.”

The look he shot her was one of disbelief. “Ye actually thought I would force ye to wed me without good reason?”

“Well, your reason might not have been enough for me.”

“Leah, lass, I tend to be a man of few words when it comes to women. I have bedded my share of the fairer sex but no one has sparked more than lust except for you.”

Leah didn’t know what to say. The man in his twisted way had shot down her intent to continue to turn down his half-assed marriage proposal.

Moonlight touched his face and form, turning this man of the past into the hero of her dreams. As much as she would like to tell him no, Leah wanted more than anything to experience one night of bliss in his arms.

“Okay, say we do this. Am I going to have to be a slave to your every whim? Cause, I have to tell you, my mama didn’t raise me to be a doormat.”

The MacKinnon’s laughter startled several night creatures as it echoed above the treetops. “I promise ye, lass, my every whim will only enhance the pleasure of our marriage bed.”

SKY: Another spectacular excerpt. Alistair sounds incredible! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing!

FAITH: Hey, anytime! It’s lovely being here, and I do love to visit with other authors.

What people are saying...

Cute, funny and romantic where it should be. I can't wait to read Ms. Smith's second story.

~Rating: 3.5 Books, Review by Hibiscus - The Long and Short Of It Reviews

This is an intriguing story that has you wondering where Leah will end up at last….future or past. A highly, enjoyable read.

~Arianne -- Night Owl Romance

Beware What You Wish delivers exactly what readers want: a delightful story that knows true love lives in the mind, body, and heart.

~Jennifer Akers - MyShelf.com

Kensington’s Soul: Readers will fall in love with Zacke and Miranda. Thank goodness you won't have to say goodbye to them after you close the book. KENSINGTON'S SOUL is the first in Smith's Bound by Blood series. Highly recommended.”

~Jennifer Akers, MyShelf.com

Viking, Go Home: When reading this story this reviewer couldn’t help but think of another excellent time travel, Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor.

~4 STARS Romantic Times Bookreviews

Dunbar’s Curse is a great book that will enthrall the reader right from the start! This is one blazing book that has enough heat to start a forest fire!

~5 Starts Night Owl Romance/Janean Sparks

Interested in learning more about Faith? Visit her at her Website or Blog!

Don’t forget to leave a comment by Friday, July 23rd 12 PM EST for a chance to win an Ecopy of Beware What You Wish and a $6 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press.

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Faith V. Smith said...

Okay, come on, lets talk about those dark, sensual, UK heroes. Who doesn't want one? Talk to me...


Sky Purington said...

Gimme one any day of the week! ;)

Glad to have you over, Faith. Lookin' forward to another fantastic week!


Faith V. Smith said...

Me too! it will be great!


Stacey Smith said...

I love time travel Books and hot sexy male looks like this book is right down my line.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Sounds like a great read!!! Great cover!!!

Andrea :O)

jellybelly82158 said...

This sounds like a great read!!! I love the cover

Sky Purington said...

TY for poppin' in, Andrea! I know, doesn't Beware What You Wish sound fab?

Sky Purington said...

Jellybelly, you're SO right about the cover. Gorgeous!!!

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Stacey,

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I'd love to know what you think of Beware What You Wish!


Faith V. Smith said...


Hi, glad to meet you! I loved the cover, the artist, Nicola Martinez is so talented!

Thanks for stopping by,


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Jellybean,

So good to see you here! Glad you liked the cover. I loved writing the book!


Carol L. said...

Hi Sky and Faith,
I could have sworn I left a comment earlier and coming back I noticed it isn't here. :)
Anyway I loved the excerpt Faith. I have it on my TRL.
Carol L.

jellybelly82158 said...

Thanks for the great interview. This sounds like a great book. Love the cover

Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Carol,

Thank you, I would love to know what you think about the book when you finish reading it.

Have a great evening!


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Jelly! Good to see you here! The cover was all I wanted it to be! I'm so glad you liked it and enjoyed the interview!