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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jovan Hause and André St. James Tell All! Jaclyn Tracey's, Eden's Sins.

June's nearly over but the fun’s just beginning here at A Writer’s Mind ! It's time for another 'End of Week Character Blowout.' Today and tomorrow I’ll be inviting over Jovan Hause and André St. James from Jaclyn Tracy’s latest release, Eden’s Sins. Typically, I post the heroine’s interview on Thursday and the hero’s on Friday but thought it might be interesting to post the answers to the same questions one right after the other. So I’ll post half the interview today and the other half tomorrow. Mind you, the characters were NOT together when interviewed so it’ll be interesting to see how well their individual answers compare. *grins*

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Before we get started let’s learn a little bit more about this fabulous book!

BLURB: Jovan Hause made a date with destiny after she cast one impetuous love spell asking for a man to make her forget everything, but their love. A moment later she encountered a steamy vision of what her future held and by the gods she believed she’d been sent one. Oh, the things the man did to her body with his tongue alone. Unfortunately she had no idea of the man’s name or what he looked like, but she did know he would arrive with the next train. All she had to do was convince her overbearing brother she’d be fine. Blazing a trail to the station she plowed one gent down in the street and never looked back, unfortunately all the passengers were gone when she arrived. Humiliation steering her home, Jovan slammed into the same man a second time only this time she saw stars.

On his way back to Paris after chasing one ghoul in a city of walking cadavers André St. James got knocked on his royal rump by what could only be called a goddess. What to do with a beautiful woman he’d just butt heads with? Nothing gentlemanly came to mind until she regained
consciousness. He took the young lady to his hotel room and called for help. Drawn to her, he planted his nose in the crook of her neck and by the gods now understands why cats go insane with catnip. This woman has intoxicated him with her scent alone. Deciding he only knows one way to wake the woman, he tries for true love’s kiss. The silly tale worked, just not like the charm he’d hoped for. The woman had a temper and nearly chomped off his tongue when she came around.

After three days of amnesia, Jovan is no closer to finding her past, but she realizes her future looks royally smashing. Jovan and André find they’re a perfect match together whether it’s killing the zombies and assassins after them or having their bodies tangled and fused together in one orgasmic tryst after another. When a man from Jovan’s past called her name, Jovan’s world came crashing down because her memory returned. Finding out she’s a witch a lynch mob awaits her with a short rope and a sturdy tree. And just when she didn’t think it could get any worse, standing there with a rope around her delicate neck and praying for a speedy rescue, a woman came from nowhere and yanked the chair from under her. When she comes to she has choices to make. Her brother is dying after being savagely attacked by werewolves. If she goes to André her brother might die. If she goes to her brother she might lose André. Her choices are a testament to the saying; Life isn’t fair. She cares for her brother and runs like the wind for the train but once again finds she is standing at an empty train depot alone. 

André saw her swinging from the gallows, feet kicking and blue eyes bulging. He felt his heart stop. Then she wasn’t dead and his heart found a rhythm… until she waltzed off with a skeletal man without even a ‘kiss my royal ass good bye’.

Three years later fate’s hand deals Jovan and André a second chance, but first they must defeat their past including the perverse undead trying to steal the throne from under them, not caring who gets crowned in the process.

Interview time!

SKY:  Tell us a little bit about you.

JOVAN: Thank you for having me here today Sky. I—ah, don’t know if I should tell you all about me, because there’s a few people out there that would love naught more than to see me swinging from the gallows or seeing if I sink or swim. I am what some may call a hag, although I find this description completely unflattering. Others call me a witch. My brother, Julian, on occasion has called me something that rhymes with that. I have the ability to stun a crowd of people. André, my lover, thinks it’s due to my beauty. I’m going to let him keep thinking this.

In reality I have a power called the flash of light. It’s sort of like staring into the sun too long. Makes ya forget everything coz you’re too worried about your brain sizzling. Instant amnsesia. I have a true green thumb. No really, it’s green most of the time. I am an excellent gardener.  Plant my fingers in the earth’s rich soil and daisies and any other life form pop up. Not dead people though. My soon to be sister-in-law Serina has that power covered. She just has no clue how to control it.

So, I am also somewhat impetuous. I happened to cast a little love spell and it got me more than I bargained for. Amnesia for 3 days. A lover that stole my heart and a maraude of ghouls, vamps, and werewolves pining for me and my favorite book, The Bound Grimoire.  Am I rambling on? I’m sorry. You keep interrupting me, waving a white flag trying to ask another question. I’ll shush.

ANDRE: Where to start? Well, I am 1 of 3. Set of triplets. We were lied to our entire lives and brought up as cousins. Or I was. My sister, Raven and my identical twin, Lucian were raised together. I got the evil aunt who hired a black witch to give us all potions to make us out to be the village idiots and she wanted to budge the line to the throne and she didn’t care who she crowned to get there. She murdered our parents when we were sixteen then shortly thereafter she fell off the face of the earth. We thought she died until she recently crawled out of her casket.

I am smitten with a young enchantress, Jovan Hause. Bespelled works as well. I can’t take my eyes off her. Seriously, every time I do we end up in trouble fighting for our lives. The woman is trouble. Fun, but trouble, in an exhausting, exhilarating sense. I’ve never felt more alive when she’s by my side fighting the undead.

SKY:   Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on Andre/Jovan, what thoughts come to mind?

JOVAN: The daft bloke was in my way. I was on my way to the train depot to meet the man of my dreams and he was a casualty of my trampling him down.  For the record, when I got to the depot it was void of people. The second time I slammed into André, I had a moment to take in all his glory before I saw stars, yes, the gaseous little bubbles and I passed out. The 3rd time isn’t necessarily the charm either. I woke up with his tongue tickling me tonsils and I chomped on the fleshy stub. Later I would be thankful I didn’t sever the little muscle because the man knows how to use it. Did I say too much again? Did you spike my drink? I never talk this much.

ANDRE: My life just got turned upside down. No really, it did. The woman knocked me on my arse and when I got up I knew my life would forever be changed. Jovan laying there unconscious reminded me of an angel. Truth be known, she’s a little devil. The woman taunts me without realizing it, or maybe she knows exactly what she does and enjoys playing with me. I know I enjoy it. 

SKY:   He/she has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? You know without doubt he/she appreciates one of your traits. Share what you think that is.

JOVAN: André has the most sensual lips I’ve ever seen on a man. There’s a pout on the bottom lip I feel is my goddess given duty to try to kiss away. And the man is always protecting me. I find it nice. Reassuring. Sometimes flat out annoying. I can take care of meself and him. He’s also got a wicked sense of humor. Or at least he thinks he does 

ANDRE: Jovan is outspoken and strong willed. All the women I’ve ever known you can compare to a blank piece of parchment. Jovan is an unedited, untamed sultry heroine who demands your attention. She has mine and unfortunately every other male in town. She’s bewitched an entire village.

In me? What’s not to appreciate or like? I’m solid, ruggedly handsome and funny. I’m laughing at your face right now thinking I’ve the largest hubris around. That’s not all that’s large…Wink wink!

SKY:  He/she has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? Oh yeah, there’s a trait you know he’d/she’d change about you…fess up!

JOVAN: He’s a hopeless romantic. He thinks true love’s kiss is the answer to all relationship problems. I wish he was right and it was that simple, but me mum taught me differently. Men leave when you least expect it and most need them.

For me to change? Won’t happen. I’m stubborn, foul lipped and impetuous. And he loves me for it. Well of course he does, he’s hopelessly an imbecile. Handsome as hell though. And sexy.

ANDRE: She can’t trust the one thing we do best together. Love one another. She has this silly notion I’m going to leave her someday. Not on her life. She calls me a hopeless romantic. Not hopeless at all. In fact quite the contrary. She’s the one thing I live for.

SKY:  Thanks for a great interview!

Readers, be sure to pop back in tomorrow for the second half of the interview. Also, don't forget to comment for a chance to win!

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