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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Man's Inhumanity is Only Escalating. Janie Shares. The Mark of Abel by Viola Ryan.

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Welcome to A Writer's Mind's, END OF WEEK CHARACTER BLOWOUT. Today it’s my pleasure to interview Chiemi Janet O’Malley (goes by Janie) from Viola Ryan’s, The Mark of Abel. Be sure to pop back in tomorrow as I interview the hero, Lucifer (goes by Luke).

Before the interview, let’s learn a bit about the book…

Lucifer is fed up with humanity. He created hell to deter evil, but man’s inhumanity is only escalating. He just wants to return home to heaven, but ever since that little problem in the Garden of Eden, the Pearly Gates remain firmly shut to him. It doesn’t help that he’s the first vampire, an abomination in God’s sight.

Fortunately, two thousand years ago Lucifer’s estranged brother, Jesus, gave him a prophecy. To fulfill it, all Lucifer has to do is find the right artist, study her artwork and the path back to heaven will be revealed. The artist even bears a symbol so he knows who she is. Too bad she is murdered every time he finds her.

Janie’s a frustrated artist and college art teacher who wants two things—a guy she can show her paintings to and a night without nightmares. Each nightmare plagues her until she paints it. She doesn’t realize these paintings are key to unlocking her destiny, one that could redeem the original fallen angel.

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Interview time!

SKY:  Tell us a little bit about you.

JANIE:  My parents worked for the Angel Alliance, a non-denominational relief organization. I’ve been all over the world, mainly third world nations. They passed away when a dam burst in China. They were helping farmers displaced by the dam. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. When I was a child they encouraged me, but as I got older they expected me to follow in their footsteps. That wasn’t my path. They died a decade ago, right after I left them to go to school. I teach college students how to appreciate and understand art. I love my  job. I help bring people closer to a deeper understanding of the universe and themselves. Art feeds the soul every bit as much as religion.

SKY:   Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on Lucifer, what thoughts come to mind?

JANIE: This incredibly hot student hopefully needed my help. He knocked on my office door very late. Any fear I had at this vanished as soon as I saw him. He had the disheveled look common among artists. Maybe he was another artist. I had no clue who or what he was. I thought he was Luke Shachar. Just another grad student.

SKY:   He has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? You know without doubt he appreciates one of your traits. Share what you think that is.

JANIE: He takes care of me. I totally freaked out and he just kept repeating that he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I believed him. He listens to me. He values my opinion, not just as a teacher, but a woman.

SKY:  He has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? Oh yeah, there’s a trait you know he’d change about you…fess up!

JANIE:  Deep down he is a very angry individual. I understand where they anger comes from, but I’d like him to let it go. He needs to move beyond it and do something with his life. Me? He’s always trying to get me to speak more. I’m just not a big talker.

SKY:  Ah, love is in the air. What is the single most romantic thing he’s done for you? 

JANIE: Does rescuing me from fallen angels count? If not, standing up to God to defend me. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

SKY:  He has a feature that draws your eye every time. Care to share? His eye constantly roams to a particular part of your person. Tell, tell! 

JANIE: His eyes are incredible. They are both green and blue, like a field of bluebells on a verdant hill or green flowers on a sapphire ocean. I  can never determine which is the dominant color and am constantly looking at them trying to decide. For me, I have this mark on my chest. I used to dream of it all the time and finally had it tattooed above my heart. I swear he can see through my clothes. He loves to trace it.

SKY:   How do you think Luke would answer the following…  Our favorite thing to do together is…?

JANIE: I know the answer, but he would never admit to it in public. What he’ll admit to is talking about all the past lives we’ve shared together.

SKY:  You and Lucifer just don’t see eye to eye on what issue?

JANIE: He doesn’t care about humanity anymore. He has all these powers and he does nothing to help others. He created hell as a deterrent to get people to behave. He doesn’t even bother with that anymore. He lets Lilith and his twins run it.

SKY:   He said one thing to you that you’ll never forget. What was it? 

JANIE: He yelled at God.  “Is this one of your lessons? Well, guess what? You don’t need to remind me how powerful you are, but most of all, she’s not a learning experience!” He said that to God in my defense.

SKY:  Great interview! I look forward to having ‘Luke’ over tomorrow.

Viola Ryan

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/violaryan
Trailer: http://is.gd/LuciferVid
Contact address: violaryan@violaryan.com

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Unknown said...

Thanks for having me. I had a blast answering. Feel free to ask me anything else--about me, the book or life.

Rita Wray said...

Love the interview, thank you.


Sky Purington said...

My pleasure, Viola! Actually, I do have a question. What are you working on now? Can we expect another release in 2013? :-)

Unknown said...

The Chalice of Creation should be out this fall. Lucifer's redemption only begins in The Mark of Abel. In The Chalice of Creation, Lucifer must find and protect the Chalice of Creation from fallen angels/vampires or face humanities destruction.

The entire series revolves around the Grigori. They've been told after Armageddon, they will be tortured for all eternity. They will do anything to prevent this permanently. Their means are not nice and usually involve destroying people so their can be no final battle.