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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anger. Passion. Heartbreak. No Choice! It's Highland Persuasion, Sky Purington Style.

He could have said no.

A New England snow storm was brewing and I'd literally just typed the last word of Highland Defiance.  It was 10:36 PM, EST. I remember that exactly because I knew I had to be to be to bed by 12:00. I still had promo to get done. But it didn't matter. As far as Iosbail MacLomain was concerned, I had better things to do.

She was right.

I'll never forget the moment I started to write Highland Persuasion, another tale in my MacLomain Series- Early Years.

Had no choice! She wasn't letting me go.

I swear, Iosbail MacLomain grabbed my wrists and shook me. She'd always stuck me as strong willed. The woman doesn't hold back. If it's in her head it's out of her mouth. She's just that sort. So you can imagine how little surprised I was when her voice screeched out for me to start typing at 10:37.

She brought me to my knees, rhetorically, in our first scene together. While her hands dug into the frigid North Sea looking for the perfect oyster, so too did mine. When she tried to explain to her lover it just wasn't going to last, so too did I. From the get go, Iosbail knew where she stood.

She was a heart-breaker.

My eyes were wide open when she walked me through her first, 'scene' in Highland Persuasion. It wasn't something I would normally write. Quite honestly, it was sort of harsh and I didn't much like her for it.

But she wasn't letting me go. Iosbail wanted to show me something. As it turned out, I should've strapped on a seat-belt and held on tight! When Iosbail plots, she plots. The Sinclair's were her enemy and she already knew every way to bring their laird down. Nothing was going to change that.

So began the book, Highland Persuasion.

Never before has a story grabbed me like this one. Or should I say, a character. As many of you know, Iosbail MacLomain is a feisty lass who was a young woman in Highland Defiance and an old woman in the original MacLomain Series. She totally blew me away in this story. Who knew her romantic tale was so adventurous?

Through Iosbail, I met Alexander Sinclair, the first non-Maclomain hero in this series. But I instantly understood her draw to him. Noble yet humble, he's a true warrior. 

What was most fun about writing this book? (besides the characters) The research! Scotland's history is very complicated but more so when in the medieval period. Why? Because records are vague. Connecting the dots is tricky. But wow did I learn a lot. My 'travels' took me across Scotland with the help of clan Mason (Yep, they were the ancestors of the modern day Free Masons) to the Hebrides, the original seat of Clan MacLeon. 

Once in the Scottish Hebrides, I became as mesmerized by the land as Iosbail. Here's a picture...

Though I wasn't a fan, Iosbail showed me a whole new side of her. She showed me that love had a few more angles than I ever thought it did. In the end, Iosbail proved... amazing.

I had a smile on my face when I typed the very last word of Highland Persuasion. Then I teared up a bit because I didn't want to let go. Label me a sap! But it made me think of Robert Frost's saying, "No tears in the writer. No tears in the reader." How right he was!

I so hope you enjoy this latest MacLomain tale.


By order of King Edgar, Laird Alexander Sinclair must marry his arch enemy, Iosbail MacLomain, to strengthen the clans. But the king harbors dark thoughts. By birthright, Alexander is a threat to Edgar's throne.

Their lives on the line, Alexander and Iosbail are forced to flee only to find themselves on an unexpected journey through time. Fraught with risk, adventure and wild, unexpected desire they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds. Only on MacLomain land will justice stand a chance.

Will a true king find shelter so far from his homeland? Can a woman set out for vengeance forgive deeds done wrong?

Better yet, can enemies persuade one another to forgive and perhaps even love?

Find out in a powerful story that leaves no soul untouched... HIGHLAND PERSUASION.

This book contains strong sexual content and is intended for a mature audience. 

Purchase now through Amazon. Click HERE. Coming to Barnes & Noble and all online bookstores April 1, 2013.

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