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Sunday, February 3, 2013

You Have It. I Have It. Our Very Own SPECIAL SPOT.

If you don’t have one yet, you should…

Long before I first became published my writing environment was extremely relevant... I think. Truth told when I first started writing and won an award I was too young to understand how important my surroundings were. Or was I? At seven I had a very well laid out bedroom as I saw fit for an author, complete with pink walls, a pink canopy bed and shelves lined up to properly display both my Barbie and Matchbox car collections. *grins*

But it was in my ‘tweens’ that I first took to sitting outside beneath the beautiful trees privy to New England, notebook in hand (no Ipads then folks) and pen in hand. I’d sit for hours scratching out poems and snippets of stories I hoped to someday write. The sun shone. The wind blew. I was in bliss. It was in those years that I truly fell in love with nature. I know without doubt that’s why nature plays such a big part in each and every setting shared in my books. The raw, unabashed energy found in the outdoors can fuel even the most tame imagination.

As natural, I eventually left my parents and moved out. It seemed that though Fate meant to keep me in New England, she also meant to keep me in less rural areas. At first it was jarring but after a time and five moves later I knew it was meant to be. Most likely because the fifth place in which I lived I've now resided for twelve years.

It's officially home.

As you can imagine, I've had to adjust my idea about the perfect location to write. A pen and piece of paper are not nearly as popular or efficient as a laptop, Ipad or PC. And truth told, they’re hard to write with outside unless you find yourself writing on a cloudy day. Do I still pull out the ol’ pen and paper? You bet! But only to later type the info. onto my computer.

So now, living in an area with street lights, it’s best to focus on creating a conductive area for writing indoors. Many would advise an uncluttered writing zone. Though I need that myself I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others. What I would recommend is surrounding oneself with what is most conductive to your creativity/productivity flow.

If you need a wall of notes and books surrounding you while you write, make it happen. If you need an anal retentive, ‘Miles from Frasier’ zone where you work, make it happen.

The point? Make sure where you write makes you 150% comfortable. Surround yourself with you. Because as a writer you’ll spend a lot of time chin propped on fist staring around as you think about your next words. It’s imperative that whatever your wandering eye finds doesn't mess with your ‘Ju Ju.’

For example, my work zone has to include the following: Historical/International/Nature oriented/Organized or else things just don’t flow for me. I’m a mad mix. I've provided a pic of my work zone below. Sitting on a big ol’ well-worn Mahogany desk I've got a Victorian lamp, Yankee Candle, waist-high Pier I Imports candle stands all around and an old fashioned globe held up by the Greek god, Atlas.

The most important part of my surroundings? The Dragonfly Ornament hanging from my Victorian lamp. Though hard to see I displayed it at the beginning of this post. It's an ornament that represents my Dad, gone now eighteen months and five days. He was my biggest fan and most avid supporter. If there ever comes a time that I'm at my computer writing and doubt myself, I look at that Dragonfly and find strength.

When I sit down to write my eyes never stray from what will keep me in my zone. I make it impossible. You should do the same.

My Writing Zone

Below is the Oriental Zodiac tapestry that hangs diagonal from me in my office. It depicts one of the dozens of elephants in which I surround myself. I find elephants fiercely protective, noble and family oriented, so have collected them for years, Asian and African alike.

What about you? Have you found your perfect place to write? Your very own special spot? If so, I invite you to share.

Because one thing is for sure… where you write matters.


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