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Friday, February 22, 2013

Creating the Perfect Playlist

It seems that book playlists are one of the big things right now. Quite honestly, I love the concept! Though there are several ways to create a playlist I've found a method that works best for me.

It all starts at Pandora. Whenever I write I’m tuned in. What I’m writing influences what sort of station I’ll be listening to. In the case of my latest release, Highland Defiance, I listened to several stations. Naturally, they revolved around Celtic music, bagpipes and even movie soundtracks…think adventure, fantasy and of course, Highlanders. I find any station having to do with the movie Braveheart or Gladiator kicks out some truly inspiring songs for my MacLomain series.

Station locked in, it’s then just a matter of sitting back and writing. I keep a blank document with the book title + playlist typed at the top. Then I minimized the doc. When a song comes on that I feel really works with my book I add it to the list.

Once my list is complete I head over to Grooveshark and create a new playlist for my title. After that it’s as simple as searching out my titles and dragging them into my new list. I found 98% of what I was looking for when creating my first playlist. Not bad stats!

I intend to create a playlist for all of my tales and list them at my website. They’re a great way to convey to my readers the tone of my book. Plus they’re easy and fun to create. Win, win.

For those authors who haven't created a playlist yet you really should. Your readers will love it!

Here’s the playlist for Highland Defiance. The playlist for Highland Persuasion is already created and will be released next month alongside the title.

Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Highland Defiance Playlist

(Click HERE to listen)

“Hector The Hero,” by Royal Scots Dragoon Guard
“A Million Stars,” by Iona
“Light and Shadow,” by Vangelis
“Theme For Scotland,” by Alasdair Fraser 
“Now We Are Free,” by Lisa Cannon 
“Requiem For A Tower,” by Escala
“Ebla,” by E.S. Posthumas
“Brian Boru’s March,” by The Chieftains
“The Heart Asks Pleasure First,” by Myleene Klass
“In Dreams,” by Lorie Line
“First Light/Dawn Rant,” by Alisdair Fraser
“Boadicea,” by Enya
“Titulos Finales,” by Carlos Nunez


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Unknown said...

What a great idea, Sky! I wanna do it!

Sky Purington said...

You should, Bess. You'll love it! :-)