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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Power of a Book Cover

Hello all! I hope you kicked off the first day of summer in style. I spent mine poolside with my son. Day one of summer 2012 was all about the steamy heat wave sweeping over New Hampshire and my silly attempt to enjoy an orange creamsicle before it melted. Let’s just say the heat wave won. *winks*

But my summer also kicked off with yet another fabulous Tamra Westberry cover. I’ll tell you what, the woman ‘has my back.’ She NEVER lets me down. I tell her I love a cover, she says okay then sends me another version which I love even more. I tell her “This is perfect!” she silently shakes her head and adds more to it. By the time she’s finished my jaw has officially dropped.

I love her work.

Then again, I’m a sucker for a great book cover. After all, there’s power in a book cover. If there are people on it they should engage through emotion. If there’s scenery, it should make you stare and stare. A good book cover should capture a potential reader. That is the face of an author’s story, the selling point.

But you know that.

So I’m sharing another book cover with you. It’s a remake of an older cover. It's also a rewrite of an older story. But the cover is fresh and striking and the story is longer. In fact, Darkest Memory is the first tale in one of my new series titled Forsaken Brethren. It follows a lineage of vampires who are shunned from their fellow vampires because they broke an ancient code. I can’t wait to tackle this series over the years!

In addition, I’m continuing on with my Scottish books in The MacLomain Series: Early Years. All of those characters you’ve come to adore who didn’t have a love story told before do now. Upcoming romances include Adlin's love story as well as Isabel's. Then there's Alan Stewart. Did you really think he died in Destiny's Denial? *grins*

And just wait until you see those sexy Highlander covers!

Before I say goodbye I hope you have your calendars out. Why? A Writer’s Mind HOT SUMMER NIGHTS blog event launches July 9th! The itinerary is top-notch with many best-selling authors scheduled to appear. All will be dishing out prizes so be sure to swing in for a chance to win.

See you soon!




P.L. Parker said...

Beautiful cover. I agree, the cover is the first draw. I have to admit and I won't say which one, but I have one cover that is so not good that it bothers me to look at it. But that is the luck of the draw sometimes.

Sky Purington said...

OMG, you've got me curious, Patsy! Hmmm. I'm off to scour your website
. Call it morbid fascination.