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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Own Little Amazing Indie Story

Did you know that I am with a publishing house and I'm also an independent author?

I am not the 'HUGE' success story about Indie authors that you might have read about on the internet.

But I’m not the small story either.

And so begins my tale.

It began last summer when my Dad went into the hospital. I know that sounds weird but within all the terrible heartache that went along with my Dad being sick, I was receiving emails from fellow authors about this great thing… independent publishing. Dad was aware of it. I’d talked to him about it, mostly with a frown on my face. I didn’t like the idea or concept. I am… was all about publishing houses.

But Dad liked the idea of me going out on my own. He saw somthing good in it. And darn if he didn't make me a believer. He made me see something in myself I had not seen.


And that was a skip and jump to my writing. After all, my writing was ME. So I listened to Dad.

Write for me and my readers. Nobody else.

I knew I could. I knew I had to. Since I've independently published I’ve sold over 60,000 books in seven months. Pretty cool. But don’t let your jaw drop too far down. I didn’t make 60K. I wish! I made a small fraction of that. But with that small fraction I helped with Dad’s medical bills. With that small fraction I finally showed my husband that I haven’t just been typing idly for the past five year. With that small fraction I developed and met a wonderful new reader base.

That’s right. Five years.

Being a writer is a passion, an obsession and truly, an author’s whole world.

I can’t lie. I hope someday that I can tell you that I’ve sold millions. But I’m not there yet. Will be though! Promise. Because there’s nothing but ‘forward’ for me. Being an independent author is AMAZING. It is the future. It is the way that readers will discover so many wonderful authors!

This post is a SOLID shout out to the people who made this possible for me…

#1 Amazon- Can’t tell you how much I love them. They were there for me 100%.

#2 Barnes & Noble- A great site.

#3 Smashwords- They never let me down.

Today I’m still swimming through the wild world of publishing but I’m doing it with a smile on my face. How could I not?



Melisse Aires said...

Interesting tale, and look at how many readers you have reached!

I put up an out of contract novella last month and have had more success than I ever expected. So I'm doing the rest of the series!

Sky Purington said...

Good for you, Melisse! That's amazing! Wishing you tons of sales. I'll have to check out your series. :-)