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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm ME, because of YOU! Much Thanks.

What do you consider a milestone as an author?

Seven years ago I had a certain milestone in my head when I first started writing romance. And it all had to do with getting published.

The funny thing, as the years went by and I became published, my milestones changed. Everything I thought I wanted at the beginning didn’t turn out to be what I wanted in the end.

I know it’s sort of overdone but let me tell you about who I was when I first started out in the amazing world of writing. It wasn’t pretty. I thought I was fantastic. In fact, I was the best! *snorts* Yeah right. No such thing in this biz. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

A writer starts out with one thing in mind… a plot… and characters…and how wonderful her story will be.


It doesn’t work out that way in a writer's best fairytale. Sure, we have our story premise but there's much more to it. Writing a quality story nowadays will take you as far as putting it on sale and depending on word of mouth. (Which is wonderful!) But good books and getting ‘out there’ have not only to do with the writer but his/her massive support system. It’s sort of like a rocket going off via NASA. Teamwork is indeed involved.

That is a GOOD thing!

For me, the years I’ve put into my work to make it shine have been ones that have not only made me cry but laugh out loud. The writing experience is supposed to be about learning, finding joy in and becoming better at ones craft. Finally, it's that for me. To this day, all I want for my readers is that I touch them somehow…that I make an impact. I’m so happy to say that I think I have. My fan base has grown leaps and bounds and my readers are truly wonderful.

So in thanks, this post is dedicated to all of you who have supported and touched me… so I could touch others. You know who you are. Friends and authors all.

Off the top of my head… Rynne Raines ~ Reece Herring ~ Andrea Snider ~ Skhye Moncrief ~ Alisha Paige ~ Hywela Lyn ~ Beth Caudill ~ Renee Vincent ~ Helen Hollick ~ P.L. Parker ~Aithne Jeretta ~ AJ Nuest ~ Beth Trissel ~ Sharon Donovan

You rock ladies!!!

My milestone as an author? Knowing that I never could have done it alone.

Best Always



Beth Caudill said...

Thank you Sky. I'm glad you are hitting your milestones. Can't wait to see what is next.

And thanks for the shoutout. Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears me. And then I saw your post today. Everyone is inner connected and we are a small community.

Hywela Lyn said...

I absolutely agree with Beth, the world community of romance writers is such a wonderful, supportive place, whatever sub-genres we write in. Thanks from me also for the mention - it's a two way street and I cherish our friendship and the support and encouragement you've given me.

Congratulations on your initiative in getting your wonderful MacLomain series bundled too - what a fantastic package!