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Sunday, March 4, 2012

C'mon... Why Do You WRITE?

Why Do You Write?

I think for most authors the answer is simple… we have no choice. The words and stories are in our heads. We simply have to get them out.

But are there deep-rooted motives? Truth.

I know in my case that there are. I wrote my vampire stories because I was blown away by Anne Rice. Though not a romance writer, she was my idle. The way she painted vampires through words was astounding. Call me old school, but she’s got ‘something.’ While I could never be her, she inspired me to write about vampires. She inspired me to ‘class them up.’ Yes, it can be done. And no, it’s not the concept of humanizing them. It’s the act of making them beautiful for who they are. A soul lost. A soul regained. New beginnings. Pride.

I wrote my Highlander Time-Travels because I fell in love with the concept of Highland Clans sticking together through the centuries. That my husband’s clan and mine were intermarried for three hundred years during the medieval period was icing on the cake. History is amazing and it’s mine… and yours! I wish more people took advantage of it. History was so proud and did everything it did especially for us. *winks*

Last but not least, I wrote about paranormal investigators for no other reason than I think that there should be more of them. I’m not a huge fan of the scientific outlook on paranormal activity but I respect it. Okay, I voiced my ‘disclaimer!’ Done. I openly invite all non-believers to comment at this blog. Now that would make for some good ol' fashioned debate. Let’s chat electro magnetic fields. *grins*

I told you the 'why's' behind my writing. So what about you?

Why do you write?


Wendy said...

I found you via Beth Trissel's Tweet so we are 'friends' once removed. How I wish I had time to chat over coffee on this entire post. Loved it. Have a different take, though. (I should be writing but once again have found an excuse not to. Your fault! hehehe.)

How I envy the writers who write because they simply have no choice. They must. This brings tears to my eyes. Truly. I write because I want to but most of the time I can't bring myself to open my wip because I feel none of them are good enough to edit; they'll need to be rewritten from scatch if they are to meet the standard I wish to read and enjoy.

I write because I'm happiest when the right words are flowing freeling and I'm not wasting time. I write because I love reading what I've written, when it works.

This is my answer to your question. Definitely not looking for a pep talk. Mine are the only ones I listen to, and the only ones that work. :)

It's funny you should mention 'electro magnetic fields'. In my Historical Fantasy, The Unhewn Stone, my modern Swiss boy goes back to 1307AD where he is mistaken for an alchemist, by a shape-shifting sibyl. While in the alchemist's lab, he explains away the strange reaction to his body (hair shooting out at all angles & palpitations) as being the result of entering a magnetic field. Similarly, he uses modern science to explain the total solar eclipse.

I guess some writers love creating believable magic and others, like me, like to try explain it. Of course there is room of all of us.

I wonder if there are other writers who 'struggle to get on with it' because they are the ones standing in their own way.

Mirriam Smyth said...

Why do I write?

It's a great question, one I've been asked plenty of times by other writers/authors, friends, and family.

I write because I have to. There's a story inside my head, complete with scenery and character chatter, that just needs to be told.

I've made the mistake of not listening before. The story invaded my dreams. I "talked out" character dialogue in the shower, in the car, when I walked during lunch. I finally wrote the story down and felt relieved beyond words.

So I write because I have to, because I want to, because I love to.

Sky Purington said...

Nice to 'meet' you, Wendy! It's always nice to befriend other authors. Glad you enjoyed the post. I can relate with sometimes not wanting to open your wip. We writers can be our own worse enemy. We're so self-critical. But I think that's half of what improves our work and makes us shine. Your story, The Unhewn Stone sounds amazing. BTW, love that title!

Sky Purington said...

Hello Mirriam! Stories invade my dreams as well if I don't get them out. I thought I was the only one. Though I haven't talked dialogue out in the shower yet, I have (just a few weeks ago) had a one sided conversation with my husband. I literally spoke, answered for him, spoke, did it again. He stared at me slack-jawed. I shrugged and said sheepishly, "Sorry hun. I'm used to talking for everyone." *grins*