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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where Ghosts Come to Play. Sexy Paranormal Excerpts. 3 of 3.

The weekend's almost over, but there’s still spooky fun to be had at A Writer’s Mind. Over the past few days I’ve shared excerpts from my recent release, The Victorian Lure. To wrap things up, I thought I’d turn up the ‘sexy’ a notch.

WARNING: This excerpt is intended for a mature audience. Some of the language and actions may be considered offensive.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a free Ecopy of The Victorian Lure. Okay, here we go. Some of the far naughtier things that can happen during a paranormal investigation…

Leathan followed Dakota into the kitchen where she started to pull the cabinets open.

“You doing okay?” He leaned against the counter; unable to miss the way her perky breasts lifted even higher when she grabbed a pan from a taller shelf.

With a light clank, she placed the pan beneath the faucet and shrugged. “Yeah, as good as to be expected. Thanks.”

Beating around the bush had never been his style. “What did you think about what happened outside?”

A small smile curved her lips and a becoming stain of pink dusted her cheekbones. “Honestly? Though it was unnerving…I enjoyed it.”

“You worried about that white-robed guy?”

“Not so much.” She gave a soft smile. “He feels…different. Safe.”

He agreed. She turned and his eyes fell to her heart-shaped ass. Mmm. He remembered exactly how it’d felt in his hands. Smooth, taut…perfect. One foot in front of the other, close the distance. That’s all it would take. Then he could hold and kiss her. He wanted to so bad, Leathan wasn’t surprised when blood rushed to his groin. Heavy and underused, his instant arousal pressed uncomfortably against his too tight jeans.

“Be back.” He turned and headed for the cellar door. The last thing Dakota needed to see right now was the blatant lust she’d see in his eyes…and his obvious erection. Maybe it was the age difference, but Dakota made him feel like a teenage boy again. He opened the door, flipped the switch to turn on the power and headed down into the dank recesses below.

Cobwebs dusted his face as he descended. Thankfully, the camera they’d set up down here still sat, facing toward the main center area. As many houses of this period, the stone cellar split into various rooms, some used for storing canned goods. He walked into the first room and clicked on his flashlight as many of these smaller rooms weren’t lit. With a grin, Leathan eyed the rows upon rows of canned goods. At the very least, for now, they had extra food.

Continuing into the next room, he found random things scattered about. There was little of value since cellars became too moist. They would need to explore the attic soon. He suspected that would be where they might find more clues to the original owner and possibly the builder of this place.

After passing through the center area, he entered a larger room and sighed with relief. Stacked high, against two walls, was chopped wood. About to pull a piece free he stopped. Had he heard a giggle? Pushing the wood back, he spun the flashlight toward the entrance. Nothing. Bound to have an over active imagination down here. After all, this replicated the spooky cellars from the best horror movies. Light on, he clipped the flashlight to his hip pocket and grabbed the piece of wood again.

Three pieces of wood in hand, Leathan shivered. Brrr. Prepared, he held the wood in one arm, reached into his pocket, pulled his digital temperature gage and held it in the light. As hairs rose on the back of his neck, he watched the reading drop from thirty-five degrees to thirty-two, then thirty-one. He started counting. Within seconds it dropped to twenty-five. Ready to pull a recorder from his other pocket, Leathan froze when a black figure caught the corner of his vision from deeper insidethe room. Carefully, he set the wood aside.

His flashlight dimmed then snapped off without him touching it. Those in the paranormal world speculated spirits drew energy from their surroundings to manifest. He waited and watched.


He snatched Dakota from the doorway, brought her between him and the wood and brought a finger to her lips. “Quiet,” he whispered close to her ear.

“Heard you the first time,” she whispered back.


No time to wonder what she meant. Somethingwas happening in the corner. With a protective arm around Dakota, he peered into the dark recesses of the room. Someone whispered. She trembled. He peered closer. Nothing. The temperature rose, returned to normal. Leathan stroked her shoulder reassuringly. Whatever it had been hadn’t stuck around long. While he wanted to explore the area more the feel of her long body against his drove all logical thought from his mind. Her heart pounded against his. Breath rushed from their lungs. They were caught in a heady mix of adrenaline combined with lust.

At last she spoke. “Did you see anything?”

What scent was she wearing? It smelled sweet and inviting. “Nay.” He continued stroking her shoulder, then the side of her neck. “You okay? Frightened?”

“At first,” she admitted, her body relaxed and pliant between his and the wood stack.

Without consciously realizing it, he had her sandwiched; his front nestled against hers, his renewed arousal pressed against her with interest. Spirit activity, no matter how slight, usually had him interested. Right now, nothing but the feel of her lithe body flattened against his mattered.

Leathan pressed closer, gently kissed the side of her neck, said very softly, “Does this frighten you?”

“What do you think?”

Hungry, eager, he found her mouth. Willing, her lips opened beneath his and as before, her hands came around his neck. Wedging a knee between her legs, he found her backside and lifted until he held her locked and secure, inescapably lodged between him and the woodpile. Her firm backside filled his palms perfectly. Her slender athletic thighs straddled his leg. Heat emanated from her core, and he nearly groaned. Tilting his head further, he explored her mouth, their tongues and lips in perfect unison. He could kiss her forever and never get bored.

Grinding his thigh against her, he protected her backside with his hands. The ache rose sharp and hard when he felt the heat increase between her legs, when a small whimper left her lips. All he could imagine was the moist clinging heat within her. What would she taste like? Feel like?

Sky here. Hope you enjoyed! Not ready for the party to be over? Check out The Victorian's Lure book trailer. Speakers up. Kevin McLeod's dark and delicious music gets ya in the mood. *Evil grin*


Unknown said...

Really Sky???? That's where you're leaving us!?!
I have to say from the three excerpts this book looks to be smoking hot!
Thank You so much for sharing!!!!

Sky Purington said...

So glad you enjoyed, BJ! Thanks for popping in everyday!!! :-)