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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mega Christmas Blog Event. Ruby Vines. It Begins NOW!!!!

Season's Greatings! At long last my ‘What Every Woman Wants Beneath Her Christmas Tree Blog Event’ has arrived. If you’re joining me at A Writer’s Mind for the first time this event is all about what we girls REALLY want beneath our trees this year. Not sure about you, but books and jewelry sound great to me. That in mind, I’ve decided to host an event that welcomes sixteen authors and jewelry vendors within thirty days. Prize after prize after prize. All for the taking. All for you. Every two days, a new face and a new goodie to be won! Don't forget, everyone who comments is also entered for a chance to win the grand prize on Christmas Day, a $100 gift certificate to Amazon!

Each visitor will be sharing a holiday story or blurb that they hold close to their hearts. Did I hand select these ladies to share in such a momentous event? You bet. Each and every one is incredibly talented. So wrap a warm fuzzy around your shoulders, crank up that holiday music, bury yourself in a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy.

Today, I’d like to welcome the fabulously talented Ruby Vines (AKA- Alisha Paige).

From her lips to this blog…

Christmas and romance tend to go hand and hand for me, let me tell you about it.

It was early December when I went into labor with my baby boy. I woke up on a Sunday morning with serious labor pains. My husband rushed me to the hospital and we were both very nervous because the baby was breech. Once at the hospital they prepared me for an emergency C-Section. This was my third baby but I had had a VERY DIFFICULT birth experience with my second daughter so I was pretty much a fraidy cat. BTW, I had my second daughter totally natural and it wasn’t by choice either…and because she was eight years after the birth of my first daughter, the doctor said it would be like a first birth again, a very long labor. Put it this way, I arrived at the hospital near midnight with my first daughter and she was born five hours later. That isn’t a tough first labor so I was NOT prepared for the nineteen hours of labor from hell when I had my second child..so yeah…I was scared to death.

I remember being in pretty terrible pain sitting on the edge of the bed as my husband held my hands while the anesthesiologist stuck needles in my spine for my epidural. Tears started to flow and I was shaking like a leaf. My husband was so adorable in his scrubs and blue cap. He wore a mask too and all I could see was his big chocolate brown eyes staring back at me. He said, “Don’t be scared, baby.” About that time I felt warm liquid entering my spine. My husband kissed me through the mask as they laid me down. He squeezed my hand and I squeezed back, holding on. His strength gave me strength and I could just feel his love surrounding me. Or maybe it was the good drugs..nope..I’m pretty sure it was him..lol.

Pretty soon I couldn’t feel anything on my lower half and the doctor and nurses came floating in. Everyone was talking about Christmas shopping and seemed to be in a cheerful holiday mood. The doctor told a nurse to put the Christmas CD on. All of the sudden I heard the voices of angels singing.

It was beautiful.

Almost spiritual.

Wait. It WAS spiritual. I felt like it was a message from God that everything would be okay. My husband looked down at me and smiled with his eyes. I told myself I could do this. As they cut into my belly, the nurses and doctors continued to blab about the holidays as if they weren’t cutting into a human body. Within five minutes, they were trying to pull my son out but he was stuck. The cord was wrapped around his neck. The doctor instructed them to put him back in. Really? How crazy is that? And then the doc told a learning intern to roll the baby over and try to pull him out again and I’m not kidding when I say that the doctor checked his freaking black berry at this point and then glanced over to nod, as if everything was okay. Pretty soon I heard my son cry and they handed him to my husband.

The angels kept singing and my husband smiled over at me as he held our new born son in his arms. That was hands down the most romantic moment of my life and the most spiritual moment. It was like I was in a room with God AND my husband AND my new son. Benjamin was absolutely the best Christmas present ever!!! And three days later as my husband wheeled me out in a wheelchair to our waiting car with my son in my lap, we passed enormous Christmas trees in the lobby. The wide doors swung open and a gust of cold air hit us. Yep. Getting a baby for Christmas is just about the coolest thing ever. And I will never ever forget the romantic moment my husband and I shared. I swear, with each kid, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with this special man. A nurse commented that she’d never seen a more in love couple. I have to agree. Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope your Christmas is full of love and romance and you get all your heart desires!

~Alisha Paige/Ruby Vines

Sky here. What a wonderful story! I got chills reading it. Absolutely astounding. Your son was indeed a wonderful Christmas present. Wishing you and yours many, many more wonderful holidays together, Alisha.

Ruby Vines/Alisha Paige's Website ~ Blogspot ~ Twitter: @Alishawriter

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Swing back in Sunday, November 27th as I welcome author Hywela Lyn to A Writer's Mind, Christmas Blog Event. Lyn's Prize: A paperback copy of Dancing with Fate and a hand-crafted tree ornament from the Christmas Tree Farm in The United Kingdom.

Happy Holidays,


Sky Purington said...

Thanks for being here this Christmas blog event, Ruby! What a wonderful story you shared. Thank you. Merry Christmas! :-)

Author Roast and Toast said...

Good morning Sky dear friend and 'muse sister' and my other 'muse sister' Alisha.

What a touching story, Alisha, I'm so thanksful everything was went all right for you and your baby - and your lovely husband. What a wonderful way to remind us that Christmas isn't just about trees and tinsel and fairy lights - but the gift of a very special baby, sent by God himself. How lovely to give birth to the songs of angels, you and your family sound truly blessed.

Chicks of Characterization said...

What a touching story! AND a wonderful Christmas Gift!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Andrea :O)

The Scarf Princess said...

What an amazing story! As a woman who's never had children, I'm in awe of those who do, considering all the pain labor brings.

Thanks too for the awesome giveaway!

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Alisha said...

Thanks for having me, Sky! What a fun event! I'm so excited to be a part of it!

Sweet Lyn! Thank you for stopping by. So true. Christmas is a reminder of that special baby. ;)

Andrea! Yes, Benjamin was the best gift ever! Thank you for stopping by. :)

Joder, so happy you are here. Make sure you stop by to read all the fabulous blog posts to come!

mamabear said...

I don't qualify for the book since I edited it and already have it, but I wanted to say hi and that Benjamin AND hubby are adorable! I had my own romantic baby...he was born on Valentines day! 6 whole hours of labor and for 5 I said "I think I might be in labor..." NOTHING has been easy with him since, lol! Loved reading Benjamin's story!Thank you for sharing!

Steph said...

My eldest son, also a Benjamin, will be twenty in a few days time! I still remember his birth as though it were yesterday.
It was lovely to read the account of your Benjamin's arrival. And I'd love to win your book!

Alisha said...

Cathy! My most fabulous editor! Thank you for stopping by! I love those holiday babies! They make the special days sublime! :)

Hello, Steph! Benjamin is such a strong name. We just love it. I know time has flown for you. Kids grow up way too fast! My Benjamin will be 4 on Dec. 9th but I also have a 15 year old and a 7 year old. Seems like they were both born yesterday too. Babies make the world go round! Happy Birthday to your Benjamin! I'm so happy you stopped by for this fun Christmas blog event. You won't want to miss the wonderful posts to come. :)Merry Christmas, everyone!

Alisha said...

Sorry to be late in announcing my winner of a copy of Deadly R&R. My computer was down for several days. I'm in a generous mood so I'm going to give a copy to Joder and a copy to Steph! I'll be sending you your ebooks today. Check your email! Merry Christmas and don't forget to stop by to read all the fabulous blog posts to come! :)

Alisha said...

Steph, I tried to email you your book but the email bounced back. Please email me at alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com with a working email addy so I can send you your prize. :)

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