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Friday, November 4, 2011

Character Blowout. Day #2. Like Greek Mythology? Hero Myrddin is Interviewed. Two Chances to Win!

Welcome to the second day of A Writer’s Mind’s END OF WEEK CHARACTER BLOWOUT. This blog event gives you a more in-depth look into the characters from some of your favorite romance tales. Sort of like The Newlywed Game done blog style.

This week it’s my pleasure to interview Terpsichore (Muse of Dance) and Myrddin ab Morfryn. I got to know these characters a few years ago when Lyn and I were part of The Song of the Muses Anthology. I can’t tell you what a truly wonderful story this is and I don’t just say that because Lyn is a dear friend, but because this story will ‘wow’ you. I never expected this tale to go where it did and by the end I had chills running through my body. The good kind! Lyn’s imagination ties in so well with folklore, it’s downright awe-inspiring.

CONTEST ~ Comment on any of Hywela Lyn’s posts this week and be entered for a chance to win an Ecopy of Dancing with Fate. Two winners will be drawn!

Okay, ready to relax? It’s time to grab a hot cup of tea (or whatever your device) and enjoy a superb interview with the hero from Dancing with Fate. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Terpsichore. As you’ll see I added snippets from her interview alongside Myrddin’s.

SKY: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Myrddin.

MYRDDIN: I was born in Carmarthen, Wales, in the 5th Century AD. I had a fairly unconventional childhood and I always felt a little different. It wasn’t until I met Terpsichore and her half brother Apollo, however, that I realized what an amazing destiny was in store.

(Terpsichore’s response… I’m one of the nine daughters of Zeus. I inspire people to dance - I’m sure you’ve heard of me and my eight sisters. After all, we’re with you all at various times in your life even though you may not realize it.)

SKY: Ah, a Welshman. *Sky fans herself and tries not to swoon.* Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on Terpsichore, what thoughts come to mind?

MYRDDIN: She was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. I thought for a moment I was imagining this perfect woman who stepped out from the waterfall and began dancing like I’d never seen anyone dance before.

(Terpsichore’s response… I was dancing at the time - and I’d been bathing in the falls so I wasn’t actually wearing any clothes. I wondered how long he’d been watching me. It wasn’t that I minded, but my instructions were not to draw attention to myself, and he was staring!)

SKY: She has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? Hands down, she appreciates one of your traits…what do you think that is?

MYRDDIN: Apart from her sense of humour, her sweetness, her perfect figure and beautiful face, her hair fascinates me. It reaches her feet and is as soft as a Welsh mist caressing the tips of the mountains.

She always gazes into my eyes as if she can see eternity in them – perhaps she can, all I know is we can spend hours just holding hands and gazing into each others’ eyes.

(Terpsichore’s response… I love his humility - and his gentleness. He didn’t seem to realize the power he had within him at the time - and even if he did he didn’t make a song and (if you’ll exuse the pun) dance about it. I think what he likes most about me is that I make him laugh - that and my looks I suppose, after all the daughters of Zeus are goddesses and as such very beautiful)

SKY: So romantic! She has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? You figure there’s probably a trait she might want to change about you… care to share?

MYRDDIN: She is so impulsive. I wish she’d be a little more cautious, it gets her into trouble sometimes, but I have to admit she keeps things interesting!

(Terpsichore’s response… He’s pretty near perfect in my eyes – but he can be a bit over protective at times, even now. )

SKY: Love is in the air. What is the single most romantic thing you’ve done for her?

MYRDDIN: I’d like to turn that around if I may. The single most romantic thing she’s ever done for me was to sacrifice her beautiful long hair when she thought it would save my life. She was so proud of her hair, thank the gods it grew again, even thicker and longer than before. In return I do my best to ensure every single moment is magical and full of romance for her.

(Terpsichore’s response… He was nearly killed trying to protect me, can’t get more romantic than that!)

SKY: She has a feature that draws your eye every time. Care to share? She can’t stare at you enough… but where is she staring? Now’s the time to gloat about your thick head of hair. *Sky sniggers* Truth! Do you think it’s your eyes? Chest? Etc.

MYRDDIN: Funnily enough she gazes at my eyes more than any other part of me. (Well most of the time, anyway.)

(Terpsichore’s response… My eyes are always drawn to his eyes. They are the most subtle shade of blue, like Aegean sea beneath the softest summer sky – oh and his voice, it still sends shivers of delight through me, so rich and mellow. For him, I suppose it’s my hair, it’s really long, you see, down to my feet and he loves to run his hands through it.)

SKY: How do you think Terpsichore would answer the following… Our favorite thing to do together is…?

MYRDDIN: Oh, it’s difficult to choose just one. There are so many things we enjoy doing together. Making love in the moonlight has to be tops, followed by long gallops through the woods - and she’s taught me some of her dances, although of course I’ll never dance the way she does, but any excuse to hold her in my arms, the thrill never wears off!

(Terpsichore’s response… *Giggle* You mean besides the obvious? Well, dancing together of course, I’ve taught him steps he’d never even heard of before. Apart from that we love riding the horses, Sal and Harri, and racing each other across the Elyssian fields, and afterwards bathing in the Spring of Hippocrene together before – well you get the picture!)

SKY: You and Terpsichore don’t see eye to eye on what issue?

MYRDDIN: She loves water – well the muses are water nymphs so I suppose it’s only natural – but I wish she’d cover up after bathing when there are other Olympians around. I know they believe clothing is superfluous, but she has such a lovely body and I admit it – I get jealous and want it to be for my eyes only!

(Terpsichore’s response… There aren’t many things we don’t agree on, although I don’t think he really approves of me bathing naked in the falls if there’s anyone else around. He doesn’t mind if it’s just him of course, but he’s never really got used to the fact that we Greeks are proud of our bodies and enjoy showing them off!)

SKY: She said one thing to you that you’ll never forget. What was it?

MYRDDIN: She told me "I would stay with you as a mortal myself, and not count it a sacrifice.” How amazing that she would was willing to give up her immortal life for me!

(Terpsichore’s response… He told me: “I love you, with all my heart and soul, more than life itself.” What woman or goddess wouldn’t want to hear those words?)
What an utterly romantic interview! Thank you so much for joining me today, Myrddin.

If you haven’t read this wondrous story yet, pick up your copy now at Smashwords and Amazon.

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Sky Purington said...

Myrddin... you're something else! *Sky's still fanning herself* Perfect interview. ;-)

Mary Preston said...

Wonderful thank you. I enjoyed this.


Hywela Lyn said...

Good day My Lady Sky.Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to be at your Blog today. Terpsichore and I are delighted to be here and appreciate your wonderful hospitality.

(Myrddin presents Sky with a bunch of wild Welsh daffodils)

Hywela Lyn said...
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Hywela Lyn said...

it is indeed an honour to have you come visit. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with us.


Francine Howarth said...

Hi Sky and Lyn,

TO live within stone's throw of Merlin's well (believe it exists or not), I can relate to mist drifting o'er Carmarthen vale and clouds, which mask Pembs nearby peaks. So when Myrddin and Terpsichore materialise from the shadows, it all seems, quite natural.

Sounds like a wonderful book! ;)


Hywela Lyn said...
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Hywela Lyn said...

Lady Francine - please accept my apologies, for not replying before, my beloved Terpsichore was so enamoured of this ingenious messaging device that she used it all weekend to talk to her sisters to discern whether it is better than telepathy!

I am so happy to a countrywoman ah the mist drifting over the mountains of Caerfyrddin (Carmarthenshire) so romantic and evocative!

Thank you so much for your message - and Terpisichore, Lyn and I would all like to thank the beautiful and gracious Lady Sky for having us as her guests these past few days.

Diolch yn fawr, Sky
(Thank you in Welsh)

Hywela Lyn said...

sorry Lady Francine, I meant to say "so happy to 'meet' a fellow country woman." Perhaps I've partaken a little too much mead so early in the morning! :)


Mary Ricksen said...

You my friend are one amazing author. Great blog Sky! How are you!