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Thursday, May 26, 2011

CHARACTER BLOWOUT. Heroine's Interview. Alisha Paige's, CIRCLE CITY. Win, win, win!!!

It’s that super fun time of the week again! A Writer’s Mind's, End of the Week CHARACTER BLOWOUT. For those of you joining me for the first time, this event is all about the heroines and heroes from some of your favorite stories. Thursday, I interview the heroine. Friday, the hero. Ever heard of The Newlywed Game? Well, this event is kind of like that. We get to see how well the characters really know one another. It's a total blast!

This week I’m beyond thrilled to welcome over Zoe O’Brian and Axl Wolfdorn from Alisha Paige’s, CIRCLE CITY: Lord of the Wolfen ~ Book I.  Alisha and I were part of the fabulous team of authors in The Song of the Muses Anthology years ago and I can assure you, she’s one extremely talented writer. Just wait and see how dynamic her characters are! While she's visiting I'd like to give Alisha a HUGE round of applause and congrat's for becoming a BESTSELLING AUTHOR. Doesn't surprise me in the least. You go girl!

Before we continue I’d like to remind everyone that a contest is running. One lucky commenter will win an ebook of CIRCLE CITY. The winner will receive a coupon from Smashwords for a free book, available in any ebook format.

A bit about CIRCLE CITY…

On the edge of civilization, there is a place called Circle City, Alaska. The last town before the Yukon Flats gives way to frigid desolation. When Zoe O'Brien, a secluded widow, kills a crazed mother wolf and saves the only cub from sure death, she ignites a war between the Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan. The wolf people have been enemies of the dog people for centuries and the cub she takes in is heir to the Wolfen throne. Taken prisoner by the Wolfen for murder and kidnapping, Zoe is forced to see and do things with creatures she never knew existed, held against her will in a world she both desires and fears. Axl Wolfdorn is coming of age, ready for his Unleashing and on the hunt for his Moonswan, the female he will choose for the Chase and the royal Feral Consummation. But how can he consider bonding with a mate when the only scent deep within his nose is the tangy scent of the woman who saved his life, the very woman who forced his clan into war, the woman he must now kill to avenge his mother's death?

Okay, who’s ready to have some fun??? Time to interview Zoe!

SKY: Zoe, tell us a little bit about you.

ZOE: I’ve had a hard life. I was married to the man of my dreams with a precious two year old son. My life changed one tragic night when our car wrecked, falling off the side of a bridge. I survived but sometimes I wish I was dead too. My husband was found down stream. Dead. I never saw my son again. Grief is so hard to live with. It nags at me night and day. I became a hermit, rarely leaving my rustic cabin in the woods. Well..until one day…and then my life changed again….

SKY: So sorry to hear about your son. I can’t even imagine. *Sighs* But I see you're a survivor and I know Axl coming into your life helped a lot. Remembering the moment you first laid eyes on him, what thoughts come to mind?

ZOE: **giggle** Okay, this isn’t going to be your normal response but here goes. I thought, oh my goodness, I have to save that sweet baby wolf! He was so furry, so tiny, so cute. He was the first thing I cared about since losing my family. He gave me hope. A reason to live.

Oh…you probably want to know what it was like when I first saw him as a man, right? Gotcha. My heart races just thinking about it. I’d been held captive by the Wolfen for so long, I had no idea what day it was. He had no idea I was kept in solitary but the day he found out, he forced a servant to take him to me, rushed inside and held me to him. It wasn’t really his fault. He had no idea I’d start a friggin war. And I had no idea he was part human. I mean, seriously…okay, I know the Wolfen don’t call themselves werewolves but people who can shift into wolves at will…that’s a freakin werewolf! I hadn’t been touched by another human in God knows when and all of a sudden, this very tall, very muscular man with all this fragrant blond hair is breathing me in. Uh..yeah…he was breathing me in, telling me he was sorry, comforting me. (The Wolfen are big on sniffing their females.) Not only was it the first time I’d seen him as a man but the first time I’d touched him as a man. We were both stuck in a situation we didn’t know how to get out of. I had saved his life from sure death but I’d killed his crazy mother in the process. Can you spell R-A-B-I-D? Yeah..it was bad. So I shot her to save him from the same fate his brothers and sisters had suffered. Now I was in Wolfen prison and his grandfather ordered it “his duty” to kill me to avenge his mother’s death. Problem was, he fell in love with me long ago and seeing him in the flesh…well, let’s just say that if a dead woman could come back to life, that did it. I was alive again, even though I was sentenced to die.

SKY: Wow! Intense! Axl has one trait you adored from the start. What is it? You know without doubt he appreciates one of your traits. Share what you think that is.

ZOE: His heart. He’s always worried about me. If I’m comfortable, if I’m happy, if I’m hungry. He’s a sweetheart. He treats me like a princess. Oh yeah, now I am one..**snicker**. Catherine isn’t the only commoner to become a royal. So hard to believe this wonderful man loves me so much. I’m a lucky girl.

SKY: Sounds it! WTG Axl! He has one trait you’d change if you could. What is it? Oh yeah, there’s a trait you know he’d change about you…fess up!

ZOE: Hmmm…..well, he tends to be a tad stubborn. When the man’s mind is made up, there’s really no talking to him. I really wish he’d be less of an alpha when it comes to opening up his mind to other thoughts and ideas unlike his own. That’s really his biggest flaw. He closes his mind sometimes and it really gets under my skin. I DO know how to punish him when he does that though.

SKY: Would love to know how you punish him. *Wink and a chuckle* Guess I'll find out in CIRCLE CITY. Love is in the air. What is the single most romantic thing he’s done for you?

ZOE: Well…that’s a bittersweet memory. He wanted to surprise me by taking me back to my old cabin, surrounding me with all my old stuff for a romantic evening. I was so touched. We would have had a great time but someone crashed our party. We’ll have to go back soon for a redo.

SKY: He has a feature that draws your eye every time. Care to share? His eye constantly roams to a particular part of your person. Tell, tell!

ZOE: That’s a hard one! I really love the entire package! But if I had to pick one feature, it would be those big guns of his…sigh…nothing like being wrapped up in his rock solid arms. And his eyes…wow…he has one blue eye and one brown eye. I get lost. I really do. Okay, that was two things. Well, I did narrow it down.

Where do his eyes roam? To my lips. Always. He says they taste like candy. The man will suck on them…okay, this might be TMI but we’re all girls here, right? ***giggle*** He sucks on my lower lip and oh my…..(deep sigh)…he’ll linger there forever, just nibbling, licking and the sexy sounds he makes..okay, next question…I’m getting all fidgety just thinking about his warm, sweet kisses…mmmm! (Zoe’s eyes snap open.) Okay, I’m good. Refocusing. Hit me, Sky!

SKY: *Thwack!* Hope that didn’t hurt. Damn, woman, you’re getting us all hot and bothered. We’ll never survive the interview with Axl tomorrow if you keep this up! Alright, back to business. How do you think Axl would answer the following… Our favorite thing to do together is…?

ZOE: (Clears throat and tosses hair over her shoulder) I’m pretty sure I’ll get this right. If he were to answer this question he’d say our favorite thing to do together is to relive the Chase. For those of you who don’t know, the Chase follows the Unleashing of male Wolfen and ends in the Feral Consummation. Let me put it in lay terms for you. He chases me into the woods until he catches me and once he does, he…uh…well, I’ll let you take a guess. Nothing will get me running faster into the woods than those multi-colored eyes staring me down. He’s all business when he orders me to run. Oh yeah, I have to say, The Chase is probably his favorite thing in the world when it comes to sharing time with me. And if the Aurora Borealis are glowing, even better! It only adds to the romance.

SKY: Woot! Not sure I’d run all that fast. This chase sounds like my cuppa tea. Holy steamy! You and Axl just don’t see eye to eye on what issue?

ZOE: On war. I’m all peace and love. Work it out with your enemies. Don’t hold grudges. But not Axl. He’s ultra territorial. Even though there are some Kontar who have meshed well into our society, including his own father, he detests most people of the dog. I think we should all try to get along.

SKY: Yep, he definitely sounds ALL alpha! Axl said one thing to you that you’ll never forget. What was it?

ZOE: He called me his Moonswan. That is the most lovely word in the world. Becoming his wife was a dream come true and to hear that word leave his lips and use it to refer to me was one of the happiest moments of my life.

SKY: Awe, soooo sweet! Zoe, it was a pleasure having you over. You certainly set the stage for Axl tomorrow. I’d imagine any hot blooded woman reading this interview is counting down the minutes. But no worries… we all know he’s yours! :-)

Read an Excerpt from CIRCLE CITY.

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Don’t forget there’s a contest running. One lucky commenter will win an ebook of CIRCLE CITY. The winner will receive a coupon from Smashwords for a free book, available in any ebook format. Contest ends 12 AM EST, Sunday, May 29th.

Be sure to return tomorrow as I welcome so-sexy-it-hurts, Axl Wolfdorn to A Writer’s Mind. Ladies, this is one interview you DON’T want to miss!!!

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C’ya tomorrow!



Sky Purington said...

Welcome, Zoe! (AKA-Alisha) I adored this interview. You're one hellava woman. Soooooo.... care to share a few more details about that first 'chase?' *Wicked grin* Dang girl! Throw us a bone!

Alisha said...

Tee hee! Hi, Sky! Thank you for having me and Zoe over today! Ooooh, the Chase is so yummy! Nothing like running into the wild and having your man catch you and tumble with you onto soft green moss...blades of sunlight shooting through the trees, the smell of fresh earth, birds singing..just nature and me and him. Glorious..sigh..nope..you'll have to read the book to get more. ;)

*yadkny* said...

I'm with Sky... I would love to hear more about the Chase:) Maybe Axl will shed some more light for us tomorrow. Axl sounds like a really great guy and I can't wait to meet him.

Congrats Alisha on what is sure to be an awesome series!


Cherri Galbiati said...

Hi Sky and Alisha!
Ooooh, more details, more details on the 'chase'. Just a morsel of a love-nip will do. lol


Alisha said...

Thanks for stopping by Yadkny and Cherri! You will have to read Axl's interview tomorrow. He may be able to shed a little bit more light on the Chase. ;)

AllureVanSanz said...

Hi, Alisha!

Goodness. I just learned a lesson in skimming. Haha! Reading the interview questions my heart was in my throat for a minute there.

Yikes...anyway, great blog. I enjoy the character interview idea; what fun!

Sounds like a great book, and I wish you the best of success with it.

All my best,
Allure Van Sanz

Alisha said...

Thank you for stopping by, Allure! Interviews are always so much fun! :)

Sky Purington said...

Ha! Looked like Zoe remained tight-lipped to the end about the 'chase.' Darn! ;-)

Alisha said...

Tee hee...she's a very shy lady...sorry, Sky. ;)

Texas Book Lover said...

Ooh this sounds great, I have added it to my TBR list...Please include me! Thank you!


Alisha said...

Hi Maria..ooooh...what a very pretty, original name but I'm sure you had to correct every single teacher while you grew up..lol! I'm so happy you stopped by! Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.