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Saturday, May 14, 2011

TREAT YOURSELF. Book Trailer Breather. Rae Summers', Let's Misbehave.

The weekend's finally here! Today launches my TREAT YOUSELF. BOOK TRAILER BREATHER blog feature. Grab a cup of java and relax. It’s all about kicking back and enjoying a great book trailer.

This week I’ll be featuring the trailer for Rae Summers', LET’S MISBEHAVE.

From Rae's lips to my blog…

This story came to me as I was driving home from work one evening, singing along to the song Let’s Misbehave written by Cole Porter. The song is an integral part of the story, and I’m extremely grateful to Alfred Publishing for giving me permission to use it. When it came to making a book trailer, that song was, of course, my starting point.

Let’s Misbehave is set in London in the 20s, so I knew I wanted to make the trailer look like a silent movie of that period. Finding the footage was the most fun part of the process. I spent hours surfing rare film footage from the 20s, and the documentary entitled ‘Looking for Lulu’ about 20s actress Louise Brookes was a godsend. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube!

[Disclaimer: using pictures, videos or music you find online may be a breach of copyright. And my apologies if I have inadvertently breached copyright by using any of this footage!]

I’m very lucky in that I work in the film industry, so I know the basics of editing and have access to people with knowledge, but really this trailer was quite simple to make and anyone could do it, given time and patience. I cut it together using nothing more than Windows Movie Maker, which comes standard with many computers, and it was huge fun just playing around and learning as I went along.

Having trouble viewing this video? Click HERE.

Sky here. Rae, thanks so much for sharing. I LOVE this trailer! We’re going to have to chat about how you did that with the videos! Back to business. Here’s a bit about LET’S MISBEHAVE…


Gabrielle is the quintessential Flapper, a wild child who turns her back on home and a resentful and unloving mother to become a nightclub singer. She wants nothing more from life than freedom and pleasure.

Sebastian is a dutiful son, following in his father’s footsteps and on the verge of marrying a suitable bride. But as the Twenties roar to their conclusion, he finds himself torn between duty and the urge to indulge his adventurous streak.

From the moment Gabrielle and Sebastian meet, the tension between them simmers. When he rescues her from a boorish suitor, Gabrielle discovers a kindred spirit beneath Sebastian’s serious demeanour, and she sets out to seduce him into one last passionate fling before he settles for a loveless marriage.

But the fire that burns between them threatens to consume her. Will Gabrielle survive falling in love with the one man she cannot have?

Purchase links for LET'S MISBEHAVE can be found at Wordpress. What they’re saying about LET’S MISBEHAVE…

From The Romance Reviews: 4 Stars

“LET’S MISBEHAVE displays the excellence every novella should aspire to. The writing is clear, sharp, and precise with wonderful description.“

“The story may be short, but it’s sexy, fun and entertaining. If you are looking for a quick read that will sweep you away into a dramatic yet amazingly sweet love story, LET’S MISBEHAVE is the story you need to read. The jazzy world Rae Summers creates will please you immensely and it is hard not to love this story about two complete opposites finding love.”

You can read more reviews HERE.

Read some excerpts… Opening…. Further along….

Enjoy a wonderful weekend everyone!



Sky Purington said...

Love this trailer! Thanks for visiting, Rae. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sky - Thanks so much for having me here today!