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Saturday, May 28, 2011

BOOK TRAILER BREATHER. Time to kick back! Alisha Paige's, CIRCLE CITY.

We’ve arrived! It’s finally the weekend. A very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND to all!

Saturdays are lazy, relaxed days at A Writer’s Mind. I hope you’re kickin’ back, slippers on, with a cup of whatever your device firmly tucked in your hand because it’s all about watching a good trailer today. Aye, you’ve arrived at this blog’s BOOK TRAILER BREATHER.

If you’re joining me for the first time, allow me to catch you up on things. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of welcoming over best selling author Alisha Paige this past week. On Monday, she dished out about the ‘story’ behind her cover for CIRCLE CITY: Lord of the Wolfen ~ Book I. Heck, this cover’s worth drooling over. Click HERE to check it out. At the end of the week I welcomed over Zoe O’Brian and Axl Wolfdorn. The fabulous hero and heroine from Circle City. We all enjoyed two days worth of interviews done in The Newlywed Game style. We had SO much fun! Click HERE to check out Axl’s interview. From there you can view Zoe’s. Naturally, there’s a CONTEST running. Read the end of this post to find out the details.

I loved every minute of having Alisha visit. Not only is she a wonderfully talented author but someone I consider a dear friend. One of those people I just know is a ‘keeper.’ You might think to yourself that I rave about Alisha’s work simply because she’s a friend. Nope. She was writing best sellers long before we met! You’ll see. Proof’s in the pudding when it comes to her stories.

Well, I’ve stolen the floor long enough. Sorry, I get chatty over coffee. *Winks* Time to hear from Alisha. Here goes…

“Hey, Sky! Thank you so much for having me all week! I’ve had a blast chatting with you, fellow writers and readers. Well, as I write this it is 3 am. I forgot how much of a pain it is to create a book video but it really can be a lot of fun once you choose all the photos, write your script and choose the music. Book videos really do make your story come to life in a big way. I haven’t made a book video in two years. Luckily the software has improved, making it easier. I had fun choosing the pictures and listening for a couple of hours to different music. I hope you and everyone else will enjoy the book video for Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen ~ Book I. Hugs!”

Sky here. Alisha, I so ‘hear’ you. Book trailers are a lot of work. I plan at least four hours when I create one. Tiring but well worth it I think. LOVE the music in your trailer. Kevin McLeod rocks! As does this trailer. Alisha did a fantastic job. Check it out!

Having trouble viewing this video? Click HERE.

Lord of the Wolfen is the first book in the wild, passionate Circle City series about a secret clan of Wolf people living on the edge of the Yukon Flats. Dark, edgy, sexy and adventurous, Lord of the Wolfen is about an underground world where the Wolfen reign in remote Alaska. Their enemies, the Kontar, people of the dog, ignite a war when a Wolfen princess marries a Kontar man and a widow living nearby in the woods is caught up in the middle by saving a baby Wolfen from sure death.

5 Stars! ~ Reviewed by Evie Seo of Bookish Blog in Vancouver:

"Lord of the Wolfen by Alisha Paige is the first book in the wildly sexy series, Circle City. It's a delightful, spicy and very sensual read, with very likeable and well developed characters. It's a perfect book for chilly spring evenings, it will most definitely keep you warm!…Alisha Paige has written an unbelievably fascinating and captivating paranormal romance. She created an amazing, mesmerizing world, filled with beautiful, sexy creatures, burning desires and steamy fantasies. This book is erotic, fast paced and enthralling. Paige brings the reader into a fantasy world of Wolves and Dogs, a world of passion and eye-popping rituals."

Read an Excerpt from CIRCLE CITY.

Book Profile Page with BUY Links to Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords

Alisha’s Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook

Follow Alisha on Twitter @Alishawriter

CONTEST! One lucky commenter will win an ebook of CIRCLE CITY. The winner will receive a coupon from Smashwords for a free book, available in any ebook format. Contest ends 12 AM EST, Sunday, May 29th.

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Enjoy your weekend!



Sky Purington said...

It was great having you over this week, Alisha!

Wishing everyone a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! :-)

Hywela Lyn said...

Happy Memorial Day to you Sky, and Alisha and everyone else in the States.

We don't celebrate it here in the UK, but it is a Bank Holiday (and wouldn't you know the weather's turned cold and wet!)

I love your trailer Alisha. I know what you mean about them being time consuming, but they are very rewarding, especially when done as well as this one! I use Kevin Mcleod too, he has music for every mood and every genre!

Congratulations on your book and wishing you much success with it.


Becky said...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Alisha, I loved the book trailer.

Alisha said...

Thank you so much for having me all week, Sky! I have had an absolute blast hanging out with you! I've been at the lake all day with my family but popping in to catch up tonight. I hope you're having a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Lyn!!! Thank you for stopping by today! Sorry the weather is so icky across the pond. It was a gorgeous day here. I spent all day at the beach watching my babies swim and dig in the sand. Isn't Kevin McLeod talented? I don't think he can possibly realize how much authors love him for his variety of beautiful musical musical.

Becky, I'm so glad you enjoyed the trailer! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)